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See notes at end of article before using this procedure ! Contains SP2 and Ad-aware Cautions January 3. It ncorporates an internal resource script compiler and decompiler and works on Win95.Recommended: Click here to run a FREE system scan Change Text on XP Start Button . As you can see from the screen capture above it would seem that the five character limit isn‟t etched in stone. I always wondered if this was true or just an assumption someone made because the default „start‟ just happened to fit the button size. There are some issues with this procedure that have been addressed and corrected in a new tutorial that is located at "Change Text on XP Start Button . so I wasn't aware. --.exe located at C:\Windows needs to be edited. Resource HackerTM is a freewareutility to view. That's true. Win2000 and WinXP operating systems. I‟ve been using the system for a few weeks now with no adverse effects.res).exe as Virtu Size . rename. 2008 .Version II" and not the procedure listed below. the instructions follow. As far as I know there are no other caveats associated with the modification. WinME. That‟s not to say I won‟t discover something down the road a bit. Win98. If you‟d like to try the procedure I used. Step 1 – Modify Explorer. the Search function from the Start Button (right click) context menu ceases to function. Since explorer. I don't use it. For purposes of this article I have used Resource Hacker. So. --Note: A number of users have written to say that when the text on the Start Button is changed. Navigate here to download Resource Hacker. it does. add. but now you've been warned. I decided to run a test and see if there really was a five character limit. and if I ever used that particular function I'd have been aware of the problem. WinNT. On more than one occasion I‟ve seen references to a five (5) letter limitation when the button is renamed. Place it in a folder somewhere on your hard drive where it will be safe. 2008 note above before proceeding.exe is a binary file t requires a special editor. I‟ve read a number of articles on the internet about changing the text on the Start button in XP. delete and extract resources in 32bit Windows executables and resource files (*.The original article starts here .This is the original "Change Text on XP Start Button" page published back in 2002. I've left this page intact as a reference.Version I For Windows XP Home and Professional Versions Very Important .exe File In order to make the changes.Read the January 3.exe located at C:\Windows\explorer. but for now I feel comfortable with the changes. use the "Change Text on XP Start Button . the file explorer.Version II". The button expanded to accept the text I entered with no problem.exe located at C:\Windows\explorer. but if you are going to make the changes. Servi Articl Guide Share XP H The first step is to make a backup copy of the file explorer. Start Resource Hacker and open explorer. modify.

Expand it by clicking the plus sign then navigate down to and expand string 37 followed by highlighting 1033. The right hand pane will display the stringtable as shown in Fig. 02 There is no magic here. -M -M - Tro Fig. Defra Comm Fig. They need to remain in place. currently showing the word “start” just as it displays on the current Start button. Just double click on the word “start” so that it‟s highlighted. 02. making sure the quotation marks are not part of the highlight.shown in Fig. 03. We‟re going to modify item 578. use number 38. 01 The category we are going to be using is String Table. Go ahead and type your new entry. In my case I used ElderGeek as shown in Fig. If you are using the Classic Layout rather than the XP Layout. surrounding the new text that you‟ll type. Ti Sea Pro . 01.

04. Do not use the Save command – Make sure to use the Save As command and choose a name for the file. 03. 02 is now active in Fig. but just in case t‟s a temporary memory lapse. go to Start (soon to be something else) Run and type regedit in the Open: field. Navigate to: Micro A Gu This Featu Regis . 04 Step 2 – Modify the Registry The ' Folde What room Now that the modified explorer. 03 and you‟ll notice that after the new text string has been entered the Compile Script button that was grayed out in Fig. If you don‟t know how to access the registry I‟m not sure this article is for you. I won‟t get into what‟s involved in compiling a script. Bare Tried insta Fig. Click Compile Script and then save the altered file using the Save As command on the File Menu.Wi ce H Fig. Save the newly named file to C:\Windows. 03 Compare the screen captures in Fig. See Fig. 02 and Fig.exe has been created it‟s necessary to modify the registry so the file will be recognized when the user logs on to the system. but suffice it to say it‟s going to make this exercise worthwhile.

for sending it along. Good evening.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows NT\ CurrentVersion\ Winlogon Back Regis Acces Repa Gene Conte Fig. 05). I would like to mention that your site helps me a lot in understanding Windows XP and suggest For m posti Tues has c . regarding an experience he had with this procedure. 06. enter the name that was used to save the modified explorer. In Value data: ine. Click OK.exe file. Thank you. Us Tips Here's an interesting note I received from Daniel B. If all went as planned you should see your new Start button with the revised text. Daniel. but it's worth adding it here as a caution. 06 U Close Registry Editor and either log off the system and log back in. 05 The " Add y locat more In the right pane (Fig. or reboot the entire system if that‟s your preference. I haven't verified this personally nor have I experienced the situation when running AdAware. double click the Shell entry to open the Edit String dialog box as shown in Fig. Cre Fig.

I restarted and got the same error. there is one thing that I believe needs mentioning. SP2 has worked like a charm ever since. after I entered my add a few lines to your article titled: Change Text on XP Start Button For Windows XP Home and Professional Versions I have executed the procedure to modify the text on the XP start button and it works fine. All was well until I decided to download the network installer for MS’ new SP2. Low and behold. Windows not starting. their computer will become unusable. Success! I was able to start a new task (regedit). Thank you Daniel B Micro of up other If you syste you w once Wind round upda As al read insta carry and h backu nece pre-p M B Hello. I followed your instructions and soon enough. I think it would be a very good idea to post an update to the text changing site telling users that if they run the update to SP2 with the modified Shell. It’s really too bad – I enjoyed the heck out of telling Microsoft where to stick their ‘Start’ button… Thanks for the great site and keep up the good work!!! Adam . I ran the installer with all virus scanning software off and updated my machine to SP2. I thought that maybe it was just something wrong with the update to SP2 and later tried to modify my Shell file again. Blah. my desktop came up and everything was normal. I did not delete it! I can only image what it would have done to windows if it had been removed. I did the initial Automatic Updates setup and prepared to boot into my desktop. you know the drill.exe. blah. right???). So I suggest a warning be added to your article to the effect that shell modifications and ad-aware could lead to …. blah. I have found your site to be very informative and helpful. Same thing. It appeared to be working except my desktop never fully loaded. So I restart. I had read before that it was possible to change the text that is displayed on your Start button. I got this message saying that Windows Explorer had encountered a problem and needed to close. I did that a week ago. Being curious by nature I looked at the scanned results before suppressing anything. point my Shell back to explorer. However. I was surprised to find that the shell modification used to change text on xp start button was picked up by adaware. the ‘Start’ button on my XP Pro SP1 said ‘stop’ instead (how clever. I thought I was in big trouble until I tried ctrl-alt-del. Today I downloaded Lavasoft’s Ad-aware freeware and ran it. and restart.

Doing it this way eliminates any AdAware issues /and/ keeps the right click menu intact.Thanks. Failure to do so can result in serious consequences. A Note from Ion I thought I'd have some fun and follow this guide.exe/ then rename the original file in the windows folder to /explorer.original /(or similar). Great (and dangerous?) little tool Resource Hacker. Next just copy and paste the renamed modified file into the windows directory and re-boot. Thanks for the inspiration.exe file that was backed up in Step 1 of the article. I've move on to changing the button colour now as well. Adam. and simply directly replaced the original explorer. The bottom line here is that you should revert back to the original explorer. .exe.exe file with my modified one (after backing up both of course). However I was far too lazy to do the reg hack. By replace I mean rename the modified file to /explorer.

Jim Foley/The Elder Geek. I've tried these tweaks and tips on many systems. Sometimes they work. You can still yell at me. in any form. nor offers endorsement of. Copyright © 2002/2003/2004/2005/2006/2007/2008/2009/2010/2011. All Rights Reserved Worldwide Reproduction. ensure you have a current. sometimes not. tested backup of all system and data files and understand how to restore the system in case something goes very wrong. this site. Microsoft is in no way affiliated with. of information on this site is prohibited without express written permission.h Important Information The Elder Geek sites contain many articles and suggestions for modifying the Windows operating system. . but I assume no responsibility for your actions and use of the information and disclaim any legal responsibility for any consequences of such actions. The point is.

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