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Transport Policy - FAQs 1. How to apply for the bus pass?

Go to myWipro My Requisitions My Transportation Request Bus Pass Create Permanent / Temporary pass. 2. Where can the bus pass be collected? Once your request is approved, the details will be sent through an autogenerated mail. 3. Is bus pass mandatory to utilize the bus facility? Yes, bus pass is mandatory to utilize bus facility. 4. Can we reserve seats prior to our travel? No, its on first come first serve basis. 5. Difference between Temporary & Permanent bus pass? Temporary bus pass can be applied for a day or up to 7 days. Permanent bus pass can be utilized for as long as an employee desires. For temporary bus pass the charges are ` 100/- per day. Permanent bus pass charges are ` 1475/- per month, ` 740/- per 15 day block basis i.e. 1st to 15th & 16th to 30th/31st. 6. Is bus pass transferable? No, bus pass is not transferable. 7. Can we change routes without modifying our bus pass? No, you need to modify your pass failing which you will be penalized ` 100/per trip utilization. 8. I have lost my bus pass - how can I have a duplicate one issued? Go to myWipro My Requisitions My Transportation and apply for a duplicate bus pass. Duplicate bus pass will be issued at a cost of ` 100/-. 9. Where can I view the route details? Go to myWipro My Requisitions My Transportation View route details. 10. How do I modify my bus pass? Go to myWipro My Requisitions My Transportation Request bus pass Modify. 11. How to cancel the bus pass? Go to myWipro My Requisitions My Transportation Request Bus Pass Cancel.

12. Do I need to return the pass after cancellation? Yes, otherwise the deductions in the payroll would continue. For effective approval, surrender your pass to location transport admin. 13. Will there be a deduction if the bus pass is not surrendered on time? If yes how much? Yes there will be deduction. You have to cancel the pass before 30th of the month to avoid deductions. If you cancel it after 30th (beginning of the following month, 1st till 15th) you will be charged ` 740/- and if you cancel it after 15th of the following month you will be charged ` 1475/-. Deductions will stop only on surrendering your bus pass. 14. Even after canceling the bus pass, amount is been deducted from the salary, how can this be reimbursed? Please attach the pay slip where the deduction (only the deduction part can be sent) is mentioned along with your employee number and send a mail to the transport mail IDs applicable to your location. Your case will be looked into and verified and reimburse if found valid. The reimbursement would be made in the following months pay slip. 15. Where I can find the location admin contact details? Go to myWipro My Requisitions My Transportation Admin Details. 16. When bus pass is returned do we get any acknowledgement for it.? Yes, on returning the bus pass to location admin, a duly signed acknowledgement receipt is issued. 17. Do we need to renew our bus pass? Yes, renew your bus pass every six months from the date of Issue. 18. If we shift to another location what is the process? If you are willing to continue the transportation at the new location, you may modify your bus pass accordingly. 19. If we move onsite, what is the process? Before moving onsite please ensure you cancel and surrender the pass to your location admin for effective approval. Reimbursement claims will not be entertained otherwise. 20. Can I stand and travel in any of the Wipro shuttle services? No, as per the RTO norms, traveling standing is not permitted in PSV permit vehicles.

21. Do we need to have a bus pass to travel in the late evening shuttles? Late evening services are provided to cater for employees who have had to work for the extra hour at office. Bus pass is mandatory to avail late evening services, for temporary usage employee needs to apply temporary bus pass at myWipro. Pass needs to be applied for the corresponding route taken in regular shuttles. 22. I have a temporary pass till valid toady. For the next day, I am unable to generate another temporary or permanent pass. Error message says I have already a pass. I tried canceling, it still doesn't work. What can be done? Employees can apply for a pass on the last day of the existing temp pass. In case of any issues please contact transport admin for help. 23. Where can I view my payroll deduction details towards the bus pass? Go To myWipro My Requisitions My Transportation Bus Pass History Payroll History. 24. Where can I view my bus pass history details, including the current one? Go to myWipro My Requisitions My Transportation Bus Pass History Pass History. 25. Are there any shuttle services on Weekends? Yes, shuttles are available. For details please visit myWipro My Requisitions My Transportation View route details. 26. I am a contract employee and am not able to access My Transportation application? Contract employees may contact the location transport team for transport related issues. 27. I am not able to access the functionalities present in the left menu and expand the tree structure in the My Transportation home page? Please go through the following steps : a). Open a new browser window. b). Go to Tools ->Internet Options-> Privacy-> Click on Sites. c). Type in the Address of Web Site field, click on Allow and finally click on Ok. d). Now open a new browser instance and check. e). If the problem persists, please contact IMG for browser settings. 28. I am unable to take a Print of my temporary pass. You will be able to take print only after admin approves the request which will be sent through an auto generated mail.

29. Bus pass cancellation request is approved. But the status of WBP remains active. Please raise a call in Service Connect by selecting WBP Category. 30. I do not have a permanent bus pass. If I use the weekend/holiday shuttle services will there be any charges? No, there would be no charges.