Notes on oral sex, from a woman who considers herself an artist on the subject

Men like a woman to play with their penis. To them it is their most important appendage and needs lots of attention by their lover. If you've never just taken the time to look at the male member, I suggest asking your man to get naked and lay on the bed while you inspect it. Feel free to ask him questions about it. I've never met a man who doesn't like to show himself off, and when you do it for the first time, this type of foreplay can lead to very satisfying sex for both of you. It is my opinion that most women don't have a clue what makes a man tick sexually. I've learned over the years that we women take it for granted that whenever we lie on our backs and offer ourselves to our men that they will do what comes naturally. This is true, but even the hottest sex life can become humdrum with repetition. I believe the reason for so many divorces these days is simply that couples are lazy about their sex lives. Good oral sex can keep a man satisfied and faithful to you even when the wrinkles start to come and intercourse isn't what it used to be. Oral sex should be even better than intercourse; it should be so intense that your man ends up whimpering for mercy, and he ends up curling up into the fetal position. I know that I can do that to a man, and if I can so can you.

There are four important rules that any woman who wants to really please her man in bed should adhere to. Rule 1. Worship his penis.
Get to know his penis. As I mentioned before, every man likes to have his penis played with. If you haven't been interested in playing with his penis in the past, get that way now. When you're both naked try spending time playing with it. Just tell him that you want to play with it for a while, he won't stop you. Make him hard by slowly jacking him with your hand. Never squeeze too hard, but always hold him firmly and move the skin of his penis against the substructure of his shaft. There's a good reason why men like to masturbate, it's because it feels good. You can make him feel good too. Ask him what he likes. A woman who can jack her man off to orgasm will be his best lover ever. Play with it, feel it, kiss it, jack it, talk to it. Press it to your breasts; rub it against your face and lips. Tell him how beautiful it is, even suck on it. It's easy to be considered a fantastic lover when you worship your man's penis. You'll also have great sex afterwards. When you worship him, you have to really mean it. Faking will be obvious. If you don't like your man enough to worship his penis, then you're with the wrong man.

Feel free to wipe the froth off with your hand. when you're "inspecting" your man's equipment. don't stop what you're doing. The best sex I've ever had was when both of us were intent on pleasing the other. keep the rhythm going. As an example. It has been my experience that there is enough selfishness in sexual relationships to go around. and besides if you love him you'll learn to love his natural odors and lubricants. I've performed oral sex on a man right after he's emptied himself in my pussy. I am not talking about fresh natural lubricants when I mention stink. he'll love you for it. If you approach your lover with the thought of.Rule 2." and mean it." Implying that the man is the selfish one. (After all. If you want to be a good oral lover you have to accept the natural excretions that a man exudes. but don't get too fastidious or you'll blow the mood. Experimenting and variety is great. Many lovers are just plain selfish. There is nothing more erotic to a man than to see his lover take his used penis into her mouth and give him another erection when only moments before he thought it was all over. Thank You Maam.) If you can't take natural body tastes and odors then give up being a good cocksucker right now. My suggestion is to try it in little increments. he'll tell you. or shallow thinkers. A selfish lover is someone who was brought up poorly by his or her parents and they are usually self-centered selfish people in most things they do. Rule 3. If he wants you to do something else. and no I didn't have a moist towel to clean him up first. Rule 4. you'll be surprised how much he will respond in kind. Don't Be Overly Squeamish Don't expect anyone to be sexually attracted to you if you stink. and you'll see that it doesn't taste bad all at the same time. It should be obvious to the demist bulb out there when her man is about to reach his peak. squeeze out some of that nice clear pre-cum of his. Don't automatically expect anything in return. yours and his. If your man is ready to cum. but as the moment of orgasm approaches. The old cliché is "Slam Bam. Both men and woman. . no matter how messy his penis has become. keep the pressure up. it's only the natural excretions from sex. If you make a show of it for him. Lap it off with your tongue. "I only want to please you. Everything a man excretes is harmless. Selfish lovers usually are miserly friends. I firmly believe that selfishness has nothing to do with gender. Don't Stop! This might be the most important rule of them all. so a big drop stands out from his pee-hole. it's a society-thing not a gender-thing.

The advantage to this vegetable is that it most mimics the feel of a penis and is usually smaller than the real thing. NOTE: Speaking of sucking. The rest of my remarks will be confined to technique. THE GAG REFLEX: Almost anyone can learn to control their gag reflex. all I'm saying is that if you want to get him off. A good blowjob is all about friction. Just barely cover your teeth with your lips. Even the smallest scrape by a sharp bicuspids can end the whole thing. (Hold the pickle stationary and "bob" your head. If you want to try the technique out in private and don't have a vegetable oil lubricated dildo. I suggest a large pickle. don't stop! *** Okay. The next step is to try it out. It doesn't take a rocket scientist for give good head. Sucking is just a term. *** After getting to know and love your man's penis. It is good to know and REMEMBER these simple things: ABOUT YOUR TEETH: Always remember your teeth. enough for rules. forming your mouth into an "O" and try slipping the pickle in. which is a must. such as "sleeping with" refers to making love. it'll take a lot more than just suction to do the job. That is a misnomer. In time.but if it looks like he's ready. keep practicing until you're sure you have it down. not sucking. moist lips are the perfect friction that will drive him wild. he will be on his best behavior because he will be eager for the promised pleasure. But over time you'll learn a few things that make it better and better. On the other hand. mixed with some philosophy about men and what they like. with the exception of those few . Keep in mind that a male penis is more comfortable and much more pleasurable to suck on than a pickle. which of course you should. if you do. I'm not saying that you can't suck on your man's erect penis. when you tell him he'll be getting some head.) See if you can feel your teeth touching the skin of the pickle. What you are trying to accomplish is to recreate the vagina with your mouth. while "sucking cock" just means oral sex with a male.

even experienced ones have only received a little sucky-kissy. Just be sure that you are in control and can back off at will and everything will be fine. in relation to your windpipe. I had to learn that for deep penetration before it finally became comfortable for me. or a wet piece of liquorish. It hasn't happened often. Most men. I've actually made some men cry. THE DEEP THROAT: . I would stick my finger in my mouth and tickle the back of my throat. you can control your gag reflex. When you find that with practice. Unlike those porno stories where the woman learns how to control her gagging while a man is plowing away at her throat. At this stage there is something to remember for your own safety before trying the real thing. This is even more important when you're new to it. A plus about that technique is that it feels real good to your man while it helps you perform better. If you can swallow a pill using water. You cannot breathe with a big stiff cock jammed down your throat. Most things can go down your throat just fine. the best way to learn is not with your partner. it is long enough to maintain a good grasp on with your fingers so it won't become lodges in your windpipe if misdirected. your gag reflex is greatly suppressed. and that's all they expect. Your understanding man will help you here. He'll be so fascinated by the fact that you want to experiment with oral sex and are trying to do it right that he'll want to cooperate in any way he can.people who have an over active gag reflex. You don't have to get the gag reflex completely conquered before trying out a real live penis. I've never met a man who expected me to take them all the way in. (Just make sure that whatever you use. Just remember that if you throw up on your man it will take a little something away from your sex act. But let me tell you. when I get to work on them they never forget the experience. they are two different things. If your finger isn't long enough I suggest using a dildo. you must discern where your throat is. you will truly be on the way to giving a superior blowjob. win situation. which is probable less than 1/100th of a percent of the population. First. you can control your gag reflex well enough to take your man at least to the back of your mouth. I learned the technique at the early age of 18 by using my finger. a win. Always allow yourself a way to disengage. but there has been a party girl or two who have suffocated because of an over excited face fucking jerk who wouldn't stop when she started flailing her arms and legs in protest. but only air will go into your windpipe without causing great anguish. I had a boyfriend that I wanted to please so it was important to me to learn how to do fellatio well.) A secret that no one told me about is that if you learn how to swallow when he thrusts in.

but be assured that in time it will become almost second nature to you. *** Just so you know. and swallow when his thrusts in. Now I'm going to tell you that teeth can . fast and slow friction. Soft most friction. Once you know what you're doing you'll be able to take him into your throat even in the "submissive" kneeling position. It's easy to panic and lose it if you don't concentrate. If he grabbed a couple of handfuls of hair he could ride your face with the potential of really making things uncomfortable for you. textured friction. It takes practice.I first learned the deep-throat technique with a favorite boyfriend. In the next few paragraphs I will tell you about the secret weapon that you have at your disposal to make your man cum in your mouth every time you want him to. The head being pulled back almost straightens the throat into an open tunnel without having to bend the penis too much to fit. I read up on all the different ways to do it and decided to try it like this: I lay on my bed and my boyfriend got several phone books and a towel to cushion his knees and elevated himself to the right height so that his erect penis was aligned with my mouth. *** YOUR TEETH: I told you earlier to be careful with your teeth. it's all about friction. BREATHING: Breathing while your man makes love to your mouth can be a challenge. with just a little more consideration for the fact that you have to breathe through the same hole that he's making love to. What I don't like about this for the beginner is that if your partner is inexperienced (or a jerk) he might not stop when you signal him to. Lying stomach down and bending my head back to face his crotch I let him slowly feed himself to me. The position can also be reversed so that the woman is laying on her back with her head hanging over the edge of the bed. Oral sex is more than just the insertion of the penis into the mouth. the ultimate goal for a good oral sex practitioner is to be able to allow your partner to use your mouth and throat just like he would your pussy. The advantage to this position for the beginner is that it lines up the man's erect penis with your throat. but can be easily accomplished with concentration. Breathe when he has pulled back. tactile and visual stimulation too.

If you just kneel and bob. Many women hold the penis too lightly or too tight. The contrast of the hard smooth porcelain of the front of your teeth. The tongue is the secret weapon to any great oral sex. don't despair. The FRONT of your teeth. SWALLOWING: . An uneven rhythm is best. It plays to the "cock-worship" stimulation. That is usually because she doesn't know how and has never REALLY tried to do it right. You can get around this by licking him like a lollypop. it has both the physical and visual aspects that make the difference between a humdrum blowjob and a great one. If you have a big mouth like mine it can be done. The secret to get a man to shoot off is "variety". then sink down on him as far as your can. it heightens the friction and brings your man closer to orgasm faster. but I doubt if he will have an orgasm. Feel the skin. it should move against the substructure of his shaft smoothly. with the soft smooth giving texture of your lips and the hot moist slipperiness of your tongue combine to make oral sex something that can be mind blowing if used in the proper sequence. Licking is something you should do whether or not you can swirl your tongue around his shaft with it embedded in your mouth. Lick him -. MASTURBATION: Masturbation is also an important part of oral pleasurable to your man during oral sex. But you have a big advantage too. don't try to compete with his own technique because you'll lose. rub the underside of the head and shaft against the flat of your teeth. He has the advantage of knowing how he feels and what turns him on. you turn him on just by being naked and worshiping his penis. Licking and head kissing-sucking is important. (Barring first times of course. Most women can't swirl their tongue around their man's shaft while it is in their mouth. (You'd be surprised how many woman have never actually been able to get their men off with masturbation. Even he can't do that as well as you can. he'll most likely let you.swirl your tongue around and around the head. almost like pudding. And the man gets the added "visual" stimulation so everyone wins.) The proper masturbation technique is important. and swirling it around his sensitive head. suck on the head with your moist lips. not the biting edge.) YOUR TONGUE: You should start off your oral sex using your tongue. But if you don't.

With a new lover I suggest finding out were he stands sexually. let him "see" you worshiping his penis. If you've just given him the blowjob of his life and he's accepted your gift. you will be rewarded a million times over by a most grateful lover. pull out all the stops to please him. If you don't mind looking slutty. variety and good mouth work. I'm sorry.) *** There are more techniques that make a girl a real pro at oral sex. It smells like bleach. A man's sperm is 98% protein. A brilliant smile at this moment will be appreciated. and it's tasteless. Although good oral sex is about friction." Never a truer statement was made. My suggestion is to let him see that you are swallowing his cum. well. visual stimulation is as important at the sex act itself. I will tell one more secret though. doesn't mean you should. "Just because you can. . starting our hot encounter over again. The key is your imagination. But once you do know him. I can't emphasize this enough. but not gross. and is slippery like clams. and it is the most important thing to know of all. you'll succeed swimmingly. my rule of thumb is. (And I enjoyed the cum swapping too. Act sexy. Is he a giver or not? CUM SWAPPING: When I get to know a man I finish off with a french-kiss to send all french-kisses. if you don't.In my opinion swallowing is important. unless he seems eager for it. (High in Protein) and it can't hurt you and it is the final affirmation that you think he's hot. Make sure you know your partner before becoming too experimental. The other half (and believe me when I say this) is visual stimulation. I've armed you with all the knowledge that you'll need to be the best little cock sucker he'll probably ever know. My feeling is that if you've been "sucking" your man's dick long enough to make him cum. about 25% of the men I've been with didn't mind tasting their own cum. Let him "see" you sucking on him. Submit to his wonderful instrument. (And I don't) let some of his precious cum slide out between your lips and then suck it back in and swallow it. but I think I'll let you find these out for yourself. see how he reacts next. it amounts to only half of what's needed to make a man blow his load. if you've got it. why stop there? A man's cum is actually good for you. just do the best you can.) You might be surprised. (Not suggested for a first time sexual union. I read a book once that said if you didn't want to swallow. you could always spit it out on a towel. let him "see" you enjoying his equipment. caress it. but it's pretty nice once you get used to it. You can make quite a scene swallowing it. and some of them enjoyed it immensely. make love to it. Make sure that he knows with certainty that you love him and his equipment.

The folds of skin that cover the relaxed penis head. But lately some parents are starting to rethink the decision to have their male children circumcised. THE UNCIRCUMCISED PENIS: I didn't mention the un-cut penis previously because I don't really care which a man has. If he's not. You'd be better off with the single girl next door than the handsomest man in the world if he's a jerk. About the author Reader Comments: (Comments moderated. you have to determine that. If I am able. Generally uncircumcised men will not last as long as circumcised men will during the first sexual encounter of the night. One final note: All of the above presupposes that you're with a worthy man. I will answer your questions. The majority of men in the US are circumcised. you're headed nowhere. One is that masturbating an uncircumcised man is easier. they're both beautiful in their own way. If you have any that I've missed that are of interest to you. The advantages of non-circumcision are that the man's organ will be more sensitive. You'll know that you've got it right when you and your man are still together after all of your friends have broken up and moved on. But then. But there are some different techniques that could be employed to enhance your uncircumcised companion. all I can tell you for sure is that there are some "real men" out there.You'll know when you've got it right -. and there's more to play with. no matter how great you are in bed. ones that you could grow old with if you don't neglect them.) Here are some additional topics suggestions by readers. There are several things that you need to know about uncircumcised men that are pretty irrelevant with circumcised men. more responsive to touch and he will receive a higher level of pleasure. You don't have to worry about skin burn because the foreskin is a great protector of the extended portion of the penis shaft. But my experience has been that they will ultimately have just as much stamina over the long run. .when you feel a throb and then a hot gush of jism between your lips. be sure to let me know. a man that is worthy of your talents. shield it against much daily stimulation so when it peeks its head out from between the folds of flesh protecting it. This is due to the fact that most hospital birthing units recommend the practice. it is super preconditioned for the pleasure experience.

if you plan on just sucking your man's penis. But again. It is basically a miss alignment of the jaw and can cause great discomfort not even talking about oral sex. Where a circumcised man can get away with being a little ripe. it also collects old excretions.I especially enjoy playing with the foreskin. "One that can stay hard long enough to give me an orgasm!" LOCKJAW OR JAW FATIGUE: One reader asked me to talk about jaw fatigue during oral sex. If you suffer from this problem you'll need to see your dentist because I have no fix for it. then you've been doing the same thing too long. It is a syndrome that is becoming epidemic in our society. then I suggest that you reread my little guide and try some variety. This is something that you can easily correct. Mother Nature gave us some great tools. I personally have never experienced any significant jaw fatigue giving oral sex. and I don't know a man who would object while you took a break from sucking and rubbed his manly shaft against your nipples. Size might have something to do with it. But I know after talking to friends and comparing notes that about half of the women I talked to have fatigue if they perform Fellatio for more that 5-minutes continuously. fingers. yes it can be that sensitive to a man. I can suggest that offering variety. it's almost like an extension of the penis head. and men with one like it when you lick it and pull gently at it with your lips or teeth. but even if your man has a jumbo penis there are many different things you do than just suck. and girls don't forget those tits. If you've tired your jaw out from having to open-wide. breasts. but it usually isn't enough stimulation to get him off. and uncircumcised man can't. there is much more to a great blowjob than just the mouth. The second problem is TMJ (Temporo-Mandibular Joint). So if you are so fatigued that you can't bring things to completion. The foreskin is very sensitive. Someone once asked me which type of penis I liked the best and my answer was. Mother Nature knew what she was doing when she created the male sex organ. toes and any other part of your body as a stimulant will even out the strain on your jaw . As I outlined earlier. The first one is just plain fatigue. Apparently his partner often experienced the problem and he wanted to know if there was an exercise to combat the problem. or did some kissing while slowly jacking him off. but uncircumcised men should always be meticulous about cleanliness. you can rotate through your bag of tricks and give your jaw a rest. After some research I've found that there are two conditions to be aware of. and nothing that is more of a turn off than a grubby one. Where the foreskin protects. which is the other prevalent problem at least in America. As I've tried to make plain. he won't stop you. There's nothing sexier than a clean uncircumcised penis. tongue. You need to combine you mouthwork with handwork. Apparently it causes headaches and sleep disorders. lips. eyelids .

Phoebe . Thanks for your comments.and your man will gain more pleasure than just a plainjane blowjob that leads nowhere.

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