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Company Oilexco (OIL)

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Comment Blackhorse Well

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Oilexco (OIL) – Blackhorse well– FCAST: No Change, REC: BUY Oilexco’s Blackhorse well appears to have intersected at least 80 feet of gross hydrocarbon bearing pay in Jurassic aged sandstones. The questions are: how much of this is oil, how much gas? What are the flow rates? The answers should be known in three weeks when the tests on the well are concluded. It should be a pretty good bet that the prospect has come in – at least as well as could have been expected before drilling. To recap, Blackhorse was an old discovery with about 12 million barrels of probable reserves. Oilexco has earned a 40% interest in the field by paying a 60% share of the costs of an appraisal well to test an extension of the field to around 60 million barrels. At the upper end, the prospect should be worth about 50p per share to Oilexco, taking the NAV to 250p per share. The risks of disappointment, while not eliminated, are significantly reduced. Research Analyst - Tony Alves +44 (0)20 7418 8813

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