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May ALLAH give her the reward which she deserves. He is also the most merciful. Indeed. who best owed on me the potential.Marketing Plan Dawlance refrigerators Acknowledgement All praises and thanks to Almighty Allah. The Lord and Creator of this universe by whose power and glory all good things are accomplished. without her kind guidance we may not be able to even start this project. We are also grateful to all those members who are related to dawlance0 15 . WE are grateful to our respected teacher Miss Shumaila Anwar who guided us in each and every step of this project. ability and an opportunity to work on this project.

Present Market Share of Dawlance product is: refrigerators 65%. was established in 1980. Executive Summary Dawlance is a big local manufacturer of refrigeration industry in Pakistan. It is the Largest Company in Pakistan engaged in appliance business. Present market share of Dawlance refrigerators is 65% 15 . either local or from importers. Its refrigerator Factory is located in Hyderabad. Washing Machines 35%. The main Objectives are to provide dependable and reliable product at reasonable price to majority of Pakistanis and to enhance their quality of Life. Chest Freezers 45%. Microwave Oven 40%. upper-middle and upper class. Air Conditioners 15%.Marketing Plan Dawlance refrigerators Introduction Dawlance United Refrigeration Industries Ltd. they don't feel any threat from any of their competitors. It has got all engineering capabilities and very good finance and of course technical know-how to produce internationally accepted quality refrigerators locally Since Dawlance has very strong industrial base as well as deep-rooted marketing network in Pakistan. Dawlance stands for durable & reliable household appliances. All Dawlance products are made for middle.

Marketing Plan Dawlance refrigerators Table of Contents Content Mission Vision Current Marketing Situation Market Description Product Review Competitive Review Distribution Review SWOT Analysis Positioning Target Market Marketing Mix Page 5 5 6 6 7 10 11 11 12 12 12 15 .

or we can say that it is targeting Pakistani market.Marketing Plan Dawlance refrigerators Mission “Be a Reliable and yet profitable major supplier of household appliances in the region” Vision “To win the utmost satisfaction. 15 . Dawlance is successful in Pakistan due its comparatively low prices and the other reason is natural climate of Pakistan which is mostly hot and dry. trust and loyalty Of our valued customers” Current Marketing Situation Currently dawlance is operating in Pakistan only. because refrigerator is such type of product which comes in basic needs of people. There are no specific segments of dawlance target market.

Marketing Plan Dawlance refrigerators Currently. Dawlance is using both TV commercials and print media for its advertisements. Lifestyle: Dawlance has segmented its products on the basis of life style. Socioeconomic Classification: Dawlance target market is usually middle and upper-middle class. dawlance products are much cheaper. As compared to other multinational brands. In order to satisfy the needs of its target customers Dawlance has segmented its market into different segments. Because these people cannot afford hi fi and other imported brands. Product Review Currently dawlance carries the following product lines: • • Refrigerators Freezers 15 . People who are very modern and up to date likes dawlance products because its products are very much stylish and good looking. On the basis of following variables Dawlance has segmented its market: Income: Dawlance has segmented its market on the basis of income. targeting Pakistani customers which are very much price conscious and economical. dawlance is the market leader of refrigeration industry of Pakistan with 65% share. Dawlance advertisements communicate that dawlance is a reliable brand which is clear from its latest slogan or tag line “kyu k dawlance reliable hay” Market Description As Dawlance is up to date and modern company.

Stylish design adds glamour to your home Anti Fungus Gasket. Active Deodorizer ensures odour free storage Durable shelves . Refrigerators • H-Zone Series Features • • • • • • • • Health Light ensures bacteria free storage & doubles the duration of food preservation Fan ensures uniform circulation of cool air 5 Pipe oil cooled compressor for faster cooling.Marketing Plan Dawlance refrigerators • • • Air Conditioners Washing Machines Microwave Ovens Now we will discuss each product line in detail. Wide body design for maximum storage at eye level. Thick insulation provides cooling retention for 4-5 hours in case of power failure. 15 . Wide body design for maximum storage at eye level. Anti Fungus Gasket Monogram Series Features • • • • • 5 Pipe oil cooled compressor for faster cooling. Thick insulation provides cooling retention.can hold weight up to 60 Kgs.

Reflection Series Features • • • • • • • Unbreakable & Scratch Free Glass Nano Silver Technology 5 Pipe oil cooled compressor for faster cooling. Anti Fungus Gasket. Anti Fungus Gasket.can hold weight up to 60 Kgs. Wide body design for maximum storage at eye level. Thick insulation provides cooling retention for 4-5 hours in case of power failure. Thick insulation provides cooling retention. Designer Series Features • • • • 5 Pipe oil cooled compressor for faster cooling. Anti Fungus Gasket. Thick insulation provides cooling retention for 4-5 hours in case of power failure.Marketing Plan Dawlance refrigerators Aero Design Series Features • • • 5 Pipe oil cooled compressor for faster cooling. Durable shelves . Wide body design for maximum storage at eye level. 15 .

Marketing Plan Dawlance refrigerators Horizontal Refrigerator Features • • • • • • Refrigerator plus Freezer Front drain Fan cooled condenser Thick insulation / Long cooling retention Rust resistant body Handle with lock Freezers Vertical Freezer Deep Freezer-Single Door Air Conditioners H-Zone Monogram Profile Designer Washing Machines Front Load Top Load Semi Automatic Washer 15 .

Marketing Plan Dawlance refrigerators Microwave Ovens Cook King Series Classic Series Competitive Review In refrigerator business dawlance has the following competitors: • • • • • • • LG Haier Waves Orient Mitshbishi PEL Philips Three leading brands dominating 85% of the market share are Waves. All other imported brands (LG. Dawlance and Candy. Philips and Indesit. Dawlance ensures that its refrigerators are available almost in all appliances markets of Pakistan. Distribution Review Dawlance has got around 800 dealers all over the country. Waves is challenger. Haier. 15 . Waves as a challenger of dawlance is engaged in the frontal attack with full power and resources. while PEL is follower. ) are nichers. Mitshubishi. They have got 80% penetration in dealer sector. Dawlance is the market leader with highest market share(65%). One can get very easily their product in any city or small town of Pakistan. the purchases data of dealers surveyed in the top eleven cities indicate that Dawlance enjoyed highest market share followed by PEL.

2 It can capture more market share due to its market share. Threats: 1 Competitors are lowering their prices 2 Terrorism 3 Economic instability 15 .sperate humidity system for both vegetables and fruits in the current situation when there is every where the short fall of electricity and a positive political environment.Marketing Plan Dawlance refrigerators SWOT Analysis (refrigerators) Strengths: 1 Provide back up system when light is not available 2 It can store more things 3 It is environment friendly 4 Humidity Controlled Bin provides a high humidity environment for vegetables and low humidity environment for fruits 5 It is easily available in the market Weaknesses: 1 Price is bit high 2 It occupy more space 3 Consume more electricity Opportunities: 1The company must take full advantage of its back system. extra storage.

It provides its refrigerators. Recently dawlance launced H-zone technology which is environmental friendy and CFC free. Dawlance believe that whatever they provide to their customers should be durable and reliable. It is very clear from advertisements of dawlance.Marketing Plan Dawlance refrigerators 4 Short fall of electricity Positioning Dawlance has positioned its brand in the minds of customers as a very reliable brand having long life. Marketing Mix PRODUCT STRATEGY The objective of Dawlance is to provide refrigerator to all people who fall in lower middle. are durable enough and customer can keep on using them for quite many years without any problem. Dawlance has a slogan “ kyu k dawlance reliable hay” Target Market Dawlance refrigerator target market is households. which need in any such type of appliances. middle. Dawlance has got products. which Dawlance market. Dawlance remains engaged in increasing length of refrigerator line by utilizing latest technologies in its products. and upper middle class in this country such that most of the families should have refrigerators in their home because they enhance better quality of life. and free service in spare parts under normal use. In households focus of dawlance is on women and mostly house wives because women have more say in the purchasing of such household appliances. which are as per international standards and carry all the basic features. In dawlance commercials mostly female actors are seen in order to convince target women customers. 15 . Dawlance also focuses on line filling by adding different features in its product. vertical freezers etc. dawlance is offering its products in different colors and in different styles for example one door freezer. All the products. 3 years compressor guarantee and 1 year chest freezer.

their spending is more on consumer incentive schemes. they give uniform margin to their dealers irrespective of whether he is big or small. dawlance is using market penetration as its pricing strategy. Since it pay them and there is direct relationship between sales and consumer. Dawlance has got around 52 models in their refrigerator product line. They have got 80% penetration in dealer sector. It believes that their retail prices should be uniform all over the country irrespective of whether customers buy from Peshawar or Karachi. Dawlance consider pricing as one of an important element of marketing mix. "B-class" dealers are those 15 . they have some selected range for upper class as well. For this. From the price list and discussion had with their management. Dawlance has got a policy that their all product price should be the same in all cities and town in Pakistan market. They believe that print media and out door activity help them to reach to their target customer. This strategy of dawlance proved to be very successful and today it is the market leader of refrigeration industry of Pakistan with 65% market share. In order to maintain a uniform price all over the country. On promotion. However. it does not pay one unless you have very huge budget to spend on this media. 40% spending of their budget is Print Media. 20% goes on TV. Further. it appears that they have position their product pricing in such a way that their main focus is middle and upper middle class. Due to satellite transmission and having multi-channels. DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY Dawlance has got around 800 dealers all over the country. Dawlance bear transportation charges and make the product available at cost price at dealer premises. Dawlance bear freight cost and make their product available to their dealers irrespective of where they are located. One can get very easily their product in any city or small town of Pakistan. PROMOTION STRATEGY Dawlance promotion budget is around 1. Dawlance has got various types of dealers according to their potential. Dawlance ensures that its refrigerators are available almost in all appliances markets of Pakistan.75% of their turnover.Marketing Plan Dawlance refrigerators PRICING STRATEGY From its launch. Around 25% of dealers are "A-class" dealers who sell over 1000 units and above per year. 20% on Out door activity and balance 20% on Sales Promotion activity. it gives customer a direct benefit in shape of price reduction.

pk • Marketing Management 13e by Philip Kotler • 15 .com. They are around 50% in total dealer and the rest are in best 25% of "C-class" dealers sell from 200 up to 399 units per year.Marketing Plan Dawlance refrigerators dealers who sell from 400 units up to 999 units per year.dawlance. References www.

Marketing Plan Dawlance refrigerators 15 .

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