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To sponsor a bulletin, please send an email to, along with the requested week.

Benjamin Yudin, Rabbi 28 Kislev, 5772 Dec 24, 2011 Andrew Markowitz, Assistant Rabbi

Erev Shabbat Candle - Lighting: 4:14PM Mincha: 2:45PM / 4:19PM Daf Yomi 8:00AM Shacharit 7:45/ 8:45/ 9:00AM Sof Zman Kriyas Shema: 9:37 AM Sisterhood Rosh Chodesh Shiur at 4:00 pm with Devora Levin "Chanuka and how it relates to Cheyt Ha'agel and the subsequent building of the Mishkan. The shiur is sponsored by Roza Gandelman in memory of her mother Esther Liah Luba bath Beniamin. Pre Mincha Shiur w/ Rabbi Yudin - 3:15PM Mincha: 4:00 PM Dvar Torah at Seudah Shlishit w/ Elia Rackovsky Brother of Chosen Shabbat ends: 5:27 PM

Parsha: Artscroll: p222 The Living Torah: p200 Hertz:p155 / Haftorah: Artscroll: p1210 The Living Torah: p1361 Hertz:p987
Join Dinner Honorees Hope and Norman Beckoff and the David I. Goldberg Ohr HaChessed Awardee Arlene Glassman and the Young Leadership Honorees Renee and Michael Zimbalist at Shomrei Torahs 37th Annual Dinner on March, 18th, 2012. Dinner information and add forms have been mailed.
Kiddush: Chanukah Sponsors: Rachel and Mikki Friedman, Arlene Glassman, Jane and Steve Kovel, Maxine and Richard Levitan

and family, Elaine and Irwin Markow, Rabbi and Shevi Yudin

Simcha Kiddush Sponsores : Malvina and Mikhail Abraizov in honor of their grandson Davids birthday, Rebecca and Ari
Ashkenas in honor of their daughter, Moriya Ashkenass first birthday, Anonymous in honor of the eternal Chanukah light, Marilyn and Roy Barth in honor of the birth of their grandchildren Sophie and Bella and on the marriage of David and Dorya, Hope and Norman Beckoff in honor of the births of their new grandchildren Elijah born to Shaina and Joshua Bloom and Simone born to Bonnie and Jason Beckoff, Golda and Michael Breban in gratitude to the whole congregation and especially to Rabbi Yudin and Shevi, Lina and Yefim Fleyshmakher in honor of the marriage of their daughter Svetlana to Yaniv Harel, the Gertsley, Cohen and Rabinowitz families in honor of Robert and Grandmas Special birthday, Sharon and Michael Glass in honor of their grandchildrens birthdays, Myrna and Barry Gore in honor of their grandson Zachs 18th birthday, Bea and Harry Knopf in honor of their wedding anniversary and Beas special birthday, Laurie and Stephen Kern in honor of their 35th anniversary, Beth and Alan Levin in honor of their daughter Devora home for winter break and giving the Rosh Chodesh shiur, Ann and Joel Pogolowitz in honor of Judah Maccabee and his mighty crew, Laurie and Jay Tepp in honor of Jonathan and Rebeccas birthdays and to thank Hashem for Jays new job. Youth Kiddush: Sponsored by the Fishweicher family in honor of the marriage of Dana to Ori Rackovsky Seudah Shlishit: Sponsored by Renee and Abe Fishweicher in honor of Dana and Oris Sheva Barachot and the entire Rackovsky family.

Mazal Tov to: Renee and Abe Fishweicher on the marriage of their daughter Dana to Ori Rackovsky. Welcome and Mazal Tov to the Grandparents Ruth and Izaak Reifer and to Rabbi Israel Fishweicher. Welcome and Mazal tov to Oris parents Shelly and Noya Rackovsky and to Renees brother and niece from Israel Maxi and Ayelet Reifer. Lina & Yefim Fleyshmakher & Andy Harel on the marriage of their children Svetlana and Yaniv Harel. Thank you to the Following Families for dedicating the Washing Stations in Shul: Renee and Abe Fishweicher for dedicating the 3 sink Washing Station in honor of their parents Rabbi Israel and Sarah AH Fishweicher and for Ruth and Izaak Reifer. The Baron Family for dedicating the 2 sink washing station in loving memory of Bernard B. Baron AH. Thank You: Honey and Ralph Cheifetz for sponsoring Torah Tuesday on Thursday (12/22) to commemorate the yahrzeit of Esther Cheifetz AH, mother of Ralph Cheifetz. Anna and Boris Gulko for donating the cover for the Aron Kodesh in the Russian minyan The Baal Kriah Upstairs - Aron and & Zach Schrieber Young Couples - Daniel Krich Youth Minyan - Drew Heller, Aryeh Levin, Eric Brauner, Benji Kestenbaum, Yosef Robin, Corey Berman, Joseph Jarashow, Sam Eisenstadter. Refuah Shelaimah to: Bernice Grossman (Breina bat Leah), Judi Goldberg ( Yehudis Razal Bas Sarah), Leah Goldman (Leah Golda bat Esther Frimmet), Evelyne Hait (Esther Frimmet bat Raizel), Jerry Hait (Yehudah ben Gitel), Ceil Heller (Tzivia Rivka bat Naomi Chedvah), Regina Klepfisz (Rivka bat Tzipporah Sima), Jeff Packard (Chayim Zelig ben Sarah Rivkah), Stuart Schochet (Shimon Yaakov HaKohen ben Chava Sheindel), Lola Weisfeld (Leah Devorah bat Priba Tziral), Talya bat Yehudit Shlomit & Avichai ben Rivka. In Our Shul: Torah Tuesday on Monday Dec 26 is sponsored by the Daf Yomi Group in honor of the wedding of Yehuda Kravetz to Chana Hahn and to thank Yehuda for his giving of the Daf Yomi shiur on Monday evenings and is sponsored by Ann and Joel Pogolowitz to

commemorate the yahrzeit of Sylvia Pogolowitz AH, mother of Joel Pogolowitz. All are welcome to join for a special breakfast celebrating Chanukah and Rosh Chodesh. Torah Tuesday (12/27) is sponsored by Janusz Legutko in memory of Mel Bien and Irving Werner AH. Torah Tuesday on Thursday (12/29) is sponsored by Ceil and Sam Heller to commemorate the yahrzeit of Fanny Heller AH, mother of Sam Heller. A Yom Iyun is planned for this January. To sponsor please contact Golda Breban 201-398-1640. How well do you know your spouse? Find out on Motzei Shabbos, January 28th, at "The Wedding Game," an evening of dinner and entertainment! For details, or to volunteer, contact Yair and Aviva Oppenheim at 201-796-0639 or If you are interested becoming more involved and wish to volunteer for sisterhood please email Save the date: Shabbos Parsha Vayechi (January 6-7 ) Kollel Elyon Shabbaton. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the SCRIP program in Shomrei Torah. All local kosher merchants are part of the program as well as major chains such as Shoprite, CVS, and Staples. Please see Oren Hiller or Milty Frank for more information or go to

Please note the following Simcha Kiddushim dates: Feb 18, 2012, March 17, April 21, May 19 and June 16, 2012. To sponsor a Simcha
Kiddush, please contact Alla Kavesh or Lina Fleyshmakher.

Volunteers are needed to present and host the women's Rosh Chodesh Shiur. Please support the program and volunteer. Contact Roza
Gandelman at or (201)773-0030. To sponsor a Seudah Shlishit please call Esther Silvestri at 201 741-5341 Reminder: There is no parking in the mikveh spots after 7PM.

In our Nursery School: Registration is open for 2011-12 school year. Special discount for shul members. Call Debbie (201)791-6744 for info.
Youth: Team Tefillah: All Girls in 5th thru 8th grade are invited to participate. We will meet this week at 10 am (Dec 24) at the home of Rabbi & Shevi Yudin. Fathers and Sons learning program for boys grades 3-5 on every Motzei Shabbos in the shul from 7-8 PM. There is a shiur on Pirkei Avos, story and snacks for boys, given by Rabbi Lenchins from Teaneck . Rabbi Aryeh Grinberg will give a shiur to the fathers at the same time. In Our Community: This Sunday, Dec. 25, 2011, its Chanukah! What will they serve for breakfast after davening at the Daughters of Miriam? Come and see! Davening starts at 8:45 AM , followed by breakfast and Bikur Cholim.Chesed hours available!! Meet at Shomrei Torah at 8:15 AM. Contact Sam Heller at or for information. On Tuesday evenings at the home of Mordechai and Ilana Krasnerman 26-19 Fair Lawn Ave, the Salant Foundation presents an evening on the teachings of the Rav Yisrael Salanter. Its purpose is to bring a healing spirit to the heart and soul by providing lessons from inspirational Mussar sources. All are invited to attend. Call Pamela Mazurek for information 201-797-1911 The Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey will hold its 74th annual dinner on Sunday, January 15th, 2012 at Congregation Keter Torah in Teaneck. This year's honorees are Eva and Mordy Rothberg, Guests of Honor and Rabbi Yitzchak Rosenbaum, Keter Shem Tov Award. For more information, please contact the school office at 201-986-1414. Clothing for Israeli Kids for Yom Tov Please help put a smile on a childs face. Make checks payable to Shomrei Torah Charity Fund.
SUN Dec 25 29 Kislev Chanukah MON Dec 26 30 Kislev Rosh Chodesh Chanukah TUES Dec 27 1 Tevet Rosh Chodesh Chanukah


6:18AM 9:37AM 6:30/ 7:00/ 8:00/9:00 AM 4:20PM 12:20PM 4:50/ 9:00PM
TUES 12/27

6:18AM 9:38AM 5:45/ 6:30/ 7:45AM 4:20PM 12:20PM 4:50/ 9:00PM

WED Dec 28 2 Tevet

THURS Dec 29 3 Tevet

FRI Dec 30 4 Tevet

SHABBOS Dec 31 5 Tevet Parshat Vayigash 6:20AM 9:40AM 7:45/ 8:45/ 9:00AM Mincha: 4:05 PM Shabbat ends: 5:32 PM
FRI 12/30 6:30AM 7:30AM Rabbis Shiur 3:20 PM SHABBOS 12/31 8:00AM

Earliest Tallis & Tephilin: 6:18AM SOF ZMAN K SHEMA: 9:37AM 6:30/7:00/ Shacharit 8:00/9:00AM Mincha: (Earliest) Maariv 2PM/ 4:20PM 4:50/ 9:00PM
SUN 12/25 7:45AM 7:30AM MON 12/26

6:19M 9:38AM 5:50/6:30/ 7:45AM 4:20PM 12:20PM 4:50/ 9:00PM

WED 12/28 6:30AM 8:00PM 7:30AM 8:15PM Men's shiur w/ Rabbi Markowitz 9:15PM Rabbi Yudin's Gemara Shiur

6:19M 9:38AM 5:50/ 6:30/ 7:45 AM 4:20PM 12:20PM 4:50/ 9:00PM

THURS 12/29 6:30AM 8:00PM 7:30AM

6:19M 9:40AM 6:00/6:30/ 7:45AM Candles: 4:18PM Mincha: 4:23PM


6:30AM 8:00 PM 7:30AM 9-11:00AM Torah Tuesday 8:15PM Women's shiur w/Rabbi Markowitz


MONDAYS: 9-11:00AM Torah Tuesday on Monday 7:30PM: Ladies Tehillim

9-11:00AM Torah Tuesday on Thursday 9:15-10:00PM Parsha Chumash and Rashi w/ Rabbi Yudin

Pachim KTanim from Rabbi Yudin: In honor of Parshas