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Oilexco Incorporated (OIL–T, $7.

J. Frederick Kozak, P.Eng. (403-509-1938,
David Warkentin, P.Eng. (403-509-1926,
August 4, 2006 MEMBER CIPF

Investment Brief – Oilexco is a public international junior oil and gas exploration company that is focused on opportunities in the
U.K. North Sea. Through a carefully thought-out and executed strategy, the Company has discovered an oil field due to come onstream
in Q4/06 at approximately 30,000 bbl/d and has unrisked exposure to significant incremental production from new exploration projects.

Rating SECTOR OUTPERFORM Nicol Production Well Tested – Results Confirm

OIL is a Radar Portfolio Selection and 2006 Top Pick Productive Capability for Q4/06 Onstream Date
Target Price C$12.00 ƒ Oilexco announced test results from the Nicol production well
The well tested at a maximum rate of 10,165 bbl/d of light sweet oil. The
Current Price C$7.13 test rate was higher than originally expected and represents an
Return (incl. dividend) 68% approximate production rate of 12,000 bbl/d at the formation, at 8%
52-Week High / Low C$7.17 / C$3.10 reservoir drawdown.
Shares O/S 195.2M (basic) / 212.7M (F/D) ƒ Production testing confirms Nicol field potential
Market Capitalization $1,239 million The test results were limited by equipment available on the Sedco 712, as
Enterprise Value $1,339 million well as U.K. government restrictions on the amount of oil that was
Daily Volume 518,000 permitted to be burned during testing. However, the flow rate is slightly
Currency US$ unless noted
better than we had expected and more than supports our 2007 production
forecast for Oilexco.
Company CEO Arthur Millholland
Company Web Site ƒ Combined production potential of 56,000 bbl/d
With the completion of drilling and testing of the first four production
Financial Forecast 2006E 2007E 2008E 2008E/2007E wells in the Brenda/Nicol field, Oilexco has a total combined production
Liquids (bbl/d) 6,760 30,487 33,994 12%
Natural Gas (mmcf/d) 0.0 0.0 0.0 154% potential of 56,000 bbl/d. However, we note that the production is
Total (boe/d) 6,768 30,490 34,001 12% unlikely to ever reach that rate as Oilexco is committed to maximizing
% Liquids 100% 100% 100% (0%)
Cash Flow ($M) 115.0 530.4 434.8 (18%) reserve recovery, which means production rates in the 30,000 bbl/d to
F/D CFPS $0.54 $2.50 $2.05 (18%) 35,000 bbl/d range.
F/D EPS $0.30 $1.79 $1.23 (31%)
Capital Expenditures ($M)
Net Debt ($M)
ƒ Production is on track for Q4/06 start-up
WTI (US$/bbl) $67.50 $65.00 $65.00 0% All wells have now been drilled for initial production to start up later this
AECO ($/GJ) $6.67 $7.51 $7.51 0%
Valuation Parameters year. We note, however, that Oilexco has one more Brenda horizontal
Price/CFPS (multiple) 11.8 2.5 3.1 22% production well in inventory to be completed in Spring 2007 and suggest
Price/EPS (multiple) 20.8 3.5 5.1 45%
EV/boe/d $43,908 $39,374 (10%) that a second Nicol well is now also possible, as there would appear to be
Source: Oilexco and Haywood Securities more reserves than previously expected in the Nicol pool.

Price Performance Expectations – Based on the test results to date, Brenda could exceed our
2007 production estimates as previously published. However, until we have
Oilexco Incorporated (OIL-TSX)
sufficient production history, our estimates remain unchanged.
Valuation – Our target price of $12.00 represents a 4.3x multiple of 2007
fully diluted CFPS. We note that the upside potential is still significant, as
there is no exploration success factored into our estimates. We also note that
other international producers command multiples of as much as 10.0x CFPS.

50 Day M.A.
Catalysts – Our forecast for 2006 is based on a conservative estimate of
200 Day M.A.
initial production rates from the Brenda field. Better than expected
Dec-04 Mar-05 Jun-05 Sep-05 Dec-05 Mar-06 Jun-06 production results would have a positive effect on our view of Oilexco.

Volume in Millions
However, should the onstream timing of the Disraeli/Sheryl discovery occur
0.0 in 2007, it would have a positive impact on our view of the Company.

Source: Bloomberg

Industry & Company Profile Revisions, Date of Record Risk Profile Moderate
Oil and Gas – Oilexco is a junior oil and gas exploration Rating – New, September 28, 2005 Forecast Risk Moderate
company that is focused on oil and natural gas in the U.K. Target – Increased to $12.00 from $8.00, August 2, 2006 Financial Risk Moderate
North Sea. Forecast – Revised 2006, 2007, and 2008 estimates, August 4, 2006 Valuation Risk Moderate
Please see rating structure, important disclosure, risk profile parameters, disclaimers,
and notes on pages 7-10 of this report.
Oilexco Incorporated

Oilexco Incorporated (OIL–T)

Rating: SECTOR OUTPERFORM One-Year Target Price (C$): $12.00
Current Price (C$) $7.13 Market Capitalization ($M) 1,238.7
Current Shares Outstanding (million) 195.2 Dilution Current Net Debt (est.) ($M) 100.0
Fully Diluted Shares Outstanding (million) 212.7 9.0% Enterprise Value ($M) 1,338.7
Book Value ($M) 258.6 EV / BV (times) 5.2
Production 2005 2006E 2007E 2008E '07E / '06E '08E / '07E
Liquids (bbl/d) 261 6,760 30,487 33,994 351% 12%
Natural Gas (mmcf/d) 0.1 0.0 0.0 0.0 (65%) 154%
Total (boe/d) 270 6,768 30,490 34,001 351% 12%
Percent Liquids 97% 100% 100% 100% 0% (0%)
Percent Natural Gas 3% 0% 0% 0% (92%) 127%

Revenue ($M) 5.3 159.9 707.3 790.9 342% 12%

Cash Flow ($M) (0.0) 115.0 530.4 434.8 361% (18%)
CFPS Basic ($0.00) $0.59 $2.72 $2.23 361% (18%)
CFPS Fully Diluted ($0.00) $0.54 $2.50 $2.05 367% (18%)
Share % of CF
CFPS Sensitivity Oil (US$1.00/bbl) $0.046 2%
Gas ($0.25/mcf) $0.000 0%
100 bbl/d $0.004 0%
1.0 mmcf/d $0.005 0%

Earnings ($M) (16.3) 67.7 378.7 260.4 459% (31%)

EPS Basic ($0.12) $0.35 $1.94 $1.33 461% (31%)
EPS Fully Diluted ($0.12) $0.30 $1.79 $1.23 488% (31%)
Capital Expenditures ($M) 90.1 280.0 250.0 250.0 (11%) 0%
Reinvestment Ratio 243% 47% 57% (81%) 22%
Net Debt ($M) (89.1) 85.3 (195.0) (379.8) (329%) 95%
Debt / Cash Flow - Trailing (years) 0.7 (0.4) (0.9) (150%) 138%

Per BOE Analysis ($/boe)

Revenue $54.08 $64.74 $63.56 $63.56 (2%) (0%)
Operating/Transportation Expense $40.72 $6.17 $6.68 $6.68 8% 0%
Net Operating Revenue $11.21 $58.54 $56.88 $56.88 (3%) (0%)
G&A $173.01 $7.60 $1.62 $0.55 (79%) (66%)
Cash Flow ($161.80) $45.86 $47.66 $34.94 4% (27%)
DD&A $31.57 $13.63 $13.35 $13.35 (2%) 0%
Earnings ($182.65) $31.12 $34.03 $20.92 9% (39%)

Valuation Parameters
Current Price / F/D CFPS (multiple) 11.8 2.5 3.1 (79%) 22%
Debt-Adjusted CF Multiple 1.7 1.2 (28%)
Target Price / F/D CFPS (multiple) 19.9 4.3 5.2 (79%) 22%
Current Price / F/D EPS (multiple) 20.8 3.5 5.1 (83%) 45%
EV/boe/d $43,908 $39,374 (10%)
Target EV/boe/d $62,685 $51,375 (18%)

Price Assumptions
Crude Oil WTI (US$/bbl) $56.54 $67.50 $65.00 $65.00 (4%) 0%
Company Average (C$/bbl) $53.92 $64.77 $63.56 $63.56 (2%) 0%
AECO (C$/GJ) $8.37 $6.67 $7.51 $7.51 13% 0%
Company Average (C$/GJ) $11.38 $6.09 $6.77 $6.06 11% (10%)
Source: Haywood Securities

J. Frederick Kozak, P.Eng. (403-509-1938, August 4, 2006 — 2

Oilexco Incorporated

Investment Thesis
Oilexco’s management is a well-experienced, hands-on team that has
developed and executed a strategy that is on the verge of returning great
success. Combining the operational and technical expertise of senior
management with the geological and engineering skills of the remainder of the
team, Oilexco will deliver meaningful production growth late in 2006, with
significant exposure to other high-impact projects in 2006 and beyond. We
recommend the Company to investors for this exposure. We are maintaining our
rating for Oilexco Incorporated (OIL–T) of SECTOR OUTPERFORM and our
12-month target price of $12.00 per share.

Operational Update
Oilexco announced the production test results for the final well drilled at
Nicol in the U.K. North Sea. The well flowed at 10,165 bbl/d on testing. We
note, however, that this rate was again limited by testing equipment aboard the
Sedco 712 semi-submersible drilling rig, as well as by restrictions imposed by
the U.K. regulatory authorities as to how much oil could be burned. The
following table summarizes all of the individual Brenda/Nicol wells’ test rates.

Brenda/Nicol Field Test Summary

Calculated Sand-face Rate
Test Rate (8% drawdown)
Brenda D1 Production Well 6,301 bbl/d 10,000 bbl/d
Brenda D2 Production Well 9,765 bbl/d 14,000 bbl/d
Brenda D3 Production Well 10,417 bbl/d 20,000 bbl/d
Nicol N1w Production Well 10,165 bbl/d 12,000 bbl/d
Total 36,648 bbl/d 56,000 bbl/d
Source: Haywood Securities

Combined with the three Brenda wells, the Nicol results are very positive for
Oilexco. We note that the Nicol test did not encounter any sand or water, and
neither did any of the three Brenda wells. Oil wells in the North Sea have the
potential for high decline rates as a result of water influx, and we are encouraged
there was no water or sand production, as both are indicators of early production
decline. All four wells have been completed with subsea wellheads and are ready
to be tied in to the production manifold, to be installed in September, with first
production on schedule for sometime in October.

While indicated test volumes are impressive, we note that the wells will not
be produced at these rates. Oilexco reiterated in the press release announcing
the Nicol test results that good reservoir management practices will be observed
in order to maximize the recovery of the oil reserves and prevent premature water
breakthrough. Oilexco has a state-of-the-art subsea manifold system whereby it
can test every well in “real time” and adjust each well’s production as required to
fully exploit the oil at Brenda and Nicol. Based on a 56,000 bbl/d total calculated
flow rate, we would expect that the four wells would be produced at 50% to 60%
of the 56,000 bbl/d total or 28,000 bbl/d to 33,600 bbl/d.

J. Frederick Kozak, P.Eng. (403-509-1938, August 4, 2006 — 3

Oilexco Incorporated

Revising 2006 and 2007 Production Estimates

As a result of the test data from the Brenda/Nicol field, we are adjusting our
production estimates up. Note that our 2007 estimates now include risked
production from the soon-to-be appraised Sheryl field. We have now deferred
production from the Black Horse discovery until the middle of 2008. As we
noted previously, our increased commodity prices result in Oilexco now
becoming taxable in Q4/07. For comparative purposes, we are also adding a
preliminary estimate of 2008 production and cash flow on an after-tax basis.

Revisions to Estimates
2006E 2007E 2008E
Production Revised Previous Change % Revised Previous Change % New
Liquids (bbl/d) 6,760 6,460 300 5% 30,487 26,952 3,535 13% 33,994
Gas (mmcf/d) 0.0 0.0 0.0 0% 0.0 0.0 0.0 7% 0.0
Total (boe/d) 6,768 6,468 300 5% 30,490 26,955 3,535 13% 34,001

Sales Price
Liquids Price ($/bbl) $64.77 $64.77 ($0.00) (0%) $63.56 $63.56 $0.00 0% $63.56
Gas ($/GJ) $6.09 $6.09 $0.00 0% $6.77 $6.77 $0.00 0% $6.06
Equivalent ($/boe) $64.74 $64.74 ($0.00) (0%) $63.56 $63.56 $0.00 0% $63.56

Cash Flow ($M) $115.0 $108.9 $6.1 6% $530.4 $464.3 $66.1 14% $434.8
F/D CFPS $0.54 $0.51 $0.03 6% $2.50 $2.19 $0.31 14% $2.05
Earnings ($M) $67.7 $62.8 $4.9 8% $378.7 $328.7 $50.0 15% $260.4
F/D EPS $0.30 $0.28 $0.02 8% $1.79 $1.55 $0.23 15% $1.23
Net Debt ($M) $85.3 $91.4 ($6.1) (7%) ($195.0) ($172.8) ($22.2) 13% $379.8
Trailing D/CF (multiple) 0.7 0.8 (0.1) (12%) (0.4) (0.4) 0.0 (1%) (0.9)
Capital Expenditures ($M) $280.0 $280.0 $0.0 0% $250.0 $200.0 $50.0 25% $250.0
Source: Haywood Securities

2006 Outlook
The rest of 2006 will see significant news flow as Oilexco continues with
North Sea operations. We are again updating the previously published table
below with the results of the Brenda/Nicol production well testing. The
remainder of 2006 will be a mix of production and exploration news and
promises to provide positive support to Oilexco’s share price.

J. Frederick Kozak, P.Eng. (403-509-1938, August 4, 2006 — 4

Oilexco Incorporated

2006 Activity Calendar

Month Activity News Item Impact Comments
Expected flow rate range 7,000 bbl/d to 10,000 bbl/d.
June Test Brenda D1 production well Production test data Neutral Actual below low end
Expected flow rate range 7,000 bbl/d to 10,000 bbl/d.
June Test Brenda D2 production well Production test data Positive Actual at high end of range.
Expected flow rate range 7,000 bbl/d to 10,000 bbl/d.
June Test Brenda D3 production well Production test data Positive Actual exceeded 10,000 bbl/d
Expected flow rate better than 5,000 bbl/d. Actual
July Drill Nicol production well Production test data Positive exceeded 10,000 bbl/d
August Drill Sheryl (formerly Disraeli) Production test data Positive News in late August – will confirm size of Sheryl
appraisal well discovery
September Drill 100% interest Shelly prospect Results in October Depends Shallow prospect could be a field similar to Brenda,
but not factored into our estimates
October Drill 50% interest Kildare prospect Results Nov/Dec Depends Highly prospective target
December Drill Laurel Valley farm-in Results in early 2007 Depends Multiple horizon potential
Source: Haywood Securities

As previously noted, Oilexco has contracted the Sedco 712 semi-submersible

drilling rig through to 2010. The table above highlights activity only into early
2007, but Oilexco has significant drilling planned well into 2007. In addition, the
results of the 24th Licensing Round are due to be announced before the end of
Q3/06. As Oilexco is one of the most active independent operators in the U.K.
North Sea, we believe that it bid on prospective acreage and will also continue to
evaluate other farm-in opportunities.

To value Oilexco shares, we use a multiple of cash flow. The shares currently
trade at 11.8x our estimated 2006 fully diluted CFPS but only 2.5x our 2007 fully
diluted CFPS. Our production profile assumes production from Brenda/Nicol
coming on midway through Q4/06, with additional production from Sheryl
coming onstream in Q4/07. Our 12-month target reflects 4.3x 2007 estimated
after tax fully-diluted CFPS, but note that Oilexco becomes taxable in Q4/07
under our assumptions.

J. Frederick Kozak, P.Eng. (403-509-1938, August 4, 2006 — 5

Oilexco Incorporated

Valuation Comparison Table

Candax Oilexco PanOcean TransGlobe
(US$ Except Share & (US$ Except Share & (US$ Except Share &
Target Price) Target Price) Target Price)
Production (2007 estimate)
Oil and NGL (bbl/d) 2,200 30,487 29,935 4,450
Natural Gas (mmcf/d) 4.5 0.0 0.0 9.0
Total (boe/d) 2,950 30,490 29,935 5,950

Share Price $1.01 $7.13 $57.60 $5.36

2007 F/D CFPS $0.25 $2.50 $12.66 $0.93
Current P/CF Multiple (times) 4.0 2.6 4.1 5.8
Target Price $1.15 $12.00 $58.50 $8.50
Target P/CF Multiple (times) 4.5 4.3 4.2 9.1

Current Shares Outstanding (millions) 168.9 195.2 24.8 58.7

F/D Shares Outstanding (millions) 180.4 212.7 26.8 61.8

2007 Cash Flow ($M) 45.6 530.4 326 56.9

2007 Capital Expenditures ($M) 35.0 250.0 149 55.0
2007 Net Debt ($M) (63.3) (195.0) (98) (5.5)
Enterprise Value ($M) 103.9 1338.7 1408 271.9
Current EV / boe/d $35,212 $43,908 $47,045 $45,702
Target EV / boe/d $43,798 $62,685 $49,140 $82,046
Source: Company data and Haywood Securities

Valuation Comparison Table


Closing Price
$12.00 Target Price

Price ($CAD)













Source: Company data and Haywood Securities

J. Frederick Kozak, P.Eng. (403-509-1938, August 4, 2006 — 6

Oilexco Incorporated

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J. Frederick Kozak, P.Eng. (403-509-1938, August 4, 2006 — 7

Oilexco Incorporated

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r fo






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Coverage Dropped





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Risk Profile Parameters – Oil and Gas Sector

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raise expectations requires higher commodity prices or production that is ahead of guidance. Moderate –
Haywood forecasts are generally in line with guidance. The Company has a history of meeting or exceeding
guidance. Forecasts are consistent with current commodity pricing and production guidance. Hedging practices
are in line with peers. Low – Haywood forecasts exceed guidance. The Company has a history of meeting or
exceeding guidance. Forecasts allow for modestly lower commodity pricing or production levels. Commodity
hedging lowers volatility relative to peers.

J. Frederick Kozak, P.Eng. (403-509-1938, August 4, 2006 — 8

Oilexco Incorporated

Financial Risk: High – The capital expenditure program in the current year or the next year of the forecast is not
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Political Risk: High – Properties are located in an area with limited petroleum industry activity or infrastructure.
An environment unfriendly to the industry makes obtaining permits to drill or produce hydrocarbons challenging.
Significant government or local opposition exists. Moderate – Properties are located in an area with minimal
petroleum industry activity or infrastructure. An environment friendly to the industry makes obtaining permits
relatively straightforward. All levels of government are considered indifferent to hydrocarbon activity. Low –
Properties are located in an area with established petroleum exploration and development activity. Oil and gas
Production Sharing Agreements or Exploration Permits are in hand. Government at all levels supports the sector.

Valuation Risk: High – The current valuation is at the high end of historic levels and/or at a premium to peers.
The valuation reflects continued production growth and/or continuing strong commodity prices or further
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J. Frederick Kozak, P.Eng. (403-509-1938, August 4, 2006 — 9

Oilexco Incorporated

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