Focus on the young person Questioned revisted at the dinner table students begin to think about college Question

1: Why? Why do you want to go to college Barely half of the people actually graduate. Suggest that a lot of young people go to college for the sake of it. Stop and think about why you are doing this. How will you know what is a good education? Learn lecture hall or in the lab? College searchs begin to look different. Become the driver in the process. Be student centered. Often directions of what we need to do, without considering what the young person needs we miss. Pyramid of Selectivity. – Very sharp point at the top. Some schools its 1/13. How important is – depends on where you think you want to go. The further up the pyramid the more pressure they feel. Pyramid sees the relative importance when applying to schools. Selectivity is the relationship with the ratio of applied/get in. Selectivity is the relationship between those two numbers. Colleges are trying to create the most distance to be more selective and move up the pyramid. Some colleges admit 2000 because they forecast only 500 will actually come. Early Decision – all enrolmen management tools to hit your numbers. Many colleges are trying to waive application fees to increase application growth. VIP applicants don’t have to send in letters, applications an all that if invited.

Some of you get packets of applications already filled out. They do that because of SAT/ACT/PSAT etc. Everytime you register they ask information from you. Lead Generation – colleges are spending hundreds of dollars to buy information about you from tests. Net Price Calculator – End of October will have all colleges in which their will be a tool on all college’s of the total cost, government action. College are going to collect more information about you on this new net price calculator. As you get all this information, it will go to your head. This will be good because they don’t know you. What they want is your application. They they will know you and ask you application VIP applicants great, but don’t grow your list because it wont cost you anything, and it also says you wont do as a great job with your other applications.

They are the ones that told the admission community what students they want. If you apply on the playing field. want you as a success. The professors did the recruiting. you have hope. the further up the playing field the more you have hope. Some students from different states. They give the agenda. Many students that are very bright – levels of achievement come and go. some can build libraries. You become one of many applicants. and the top are those who will be the high lists and also JGB. some with musical abilities. They can do the work. Now on academic terms you can see what the competition looks like. They got the goods but they choose not the use it. They will look at your number and see if you hit their index. Once on the playing field anything can happen. Professors are making their way known of the admission process. There is a group of people on a college campus is the most interested – not coaches as commonly believed. They will admit you and they will invest in your success. They give which people they like and that is what influences the admission community. Flaw in logic of accepting the “good ones” is that the diversity is implicit and that good is subjective. five elements: Other four are in the workbook but the one is: place that values you what you have to offer. Only 2000 get in for instance. The admission committee regards this not only on purely academic terms. 90% of the students that apply are “good”. They decide how it will be taught. How do you define good. Diversity is key. Competitive playing field. 90% of 8000 is 7200 applications. and SAT. Collegues talk and the professors are the ones who influence the decision. Define what colege’s are looking for. They will only look at those because that is the most efficient. . but rather professors. GPA. College campus has seen what you have done and want you to continue to do that. If you look at it logically.Finding a good college fit. It’s a good fit. Still there is never garuntee. If you find 6/8 colleges and you apply. Sense of their reality. there are underachievers. The schools at the top have an academic index – Subject Tests. Might value the development of our arts programs.if you do it all on academic terms. Scale of Acceptability. Not randomly choosing you. just got bye. Lack of a better term. Many of you are interested in schools at the top of the pyramid.

If there is a student that has the money. Gifts that allow you grow. Admission officers know the probability people have it. you need to look at the money. College admissions are investors. Lenses of geographic background. Everyone is somehow different and gifted. The decisions are now looking at calculations of finances. Each of you has the capacity of bringing diversity to college campus. If you admit her. The mystery is using it. Some people see life from different lenses. College will look at money. When deans of admission come they want you to get good grades. Aside from the academic definition of giftedness. You each have the opportunity to your eye to diversity.000 dollars of assitence. Professors will say they want diversity. I am very happy to do that. Find colleges that value you when you get in. you have a credential. you want different students who see life from different sets of lenses. There are other factors that tell you what to get in after the other factors are discovered. If you need assistance. he will bring the money. You were revealing your gifts. If you need $40. There is an idea that you might want to . Code for they want students of different ethinic background? But proffesors give another position: when you bring them in. This allows you to share it. OI – return on investment. what do we get? It is assumes on the playing field. the expectations go down. Hidden Agenda: Three elements of the hidden agenda First: Money: One of the biggest changes is the money. Every college and university wants to make sure all of the academic programs are populated. Admission officer will see you credentials and see you as good.Important message: the mystery is not who has it. We value diversity of thought. If you are fortunate to be financially self sufficient. What is diversiy of thought? It is that part of your DNA that sets you apart. If you find places that want you. things get more complicated. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Before they put you in they want to see the economic advantages. If you are into a program that is UNDERPOPULATED you have the big advantage. We could reveal your gifts. College has morphed into businesses. Its incumbent on you to take academic responsibility now. He will make sure his return is commenced on his investment. Revealing the things that give you joy in life. Use it well all the time. but its more of what the college gets.

college will begin a data file for you. Holiday trip. If you look to box number 1. college’s and universities that doesn’t do the card thing. It will represent the campus experience you had from 9 to 0 and also your interest. don’t make me scroll down. Demonstrate interest – if you see college interest. Brief email. after you applied they will bother. Take the 60 seconds in filing out the card because then you get credit for attending that conversation. Your application will be read by a guy like me on my laptop. There needs to be a garuntee that they will actually show up. but they will bother. See a lot of college refs. this is how you think about getting it. Not only you are on my playing field but you have stuff that you want. you are higher on the playing field. vacation trip… etc. Why not extend yourself with a question. and sometimes it happens. Waitlisted immediately. Two or three times before you applied that a cyber relationship . that’s it. Another question occurs to you. Those important projects from the interest problems. Ask the likely hood that this student will enroll. and they will offer alumni interviews. Admission officer wants to know all of that. College and universities just only offer alumni interviews just to see who shows up. Ref says would you like to see this response for me. From the institution process. The best time to visit is when you can… doesn’t matter when.go to certain places but you need the money. The best way to demonstrate interest is to go visit the college. and those boxes will have nothing to do with ti. Go when you can. now you bcome a scholarship candidate. Just be attentive to opportunity to your interest in the college. First place you want to go is to indicate you are there. Just looks to show if you arrived for that alumni interview. Applying to a bunch of those schools will also make the application come across as whimsible. If your on the bubble. Nobody knows otherwise. and they got those card. It happens most at the higher up schools. All the caveats. See who recruits from here. you will get a letter in a mail. Get the info and you expressed interest.. Just started a conversation. At first they see two boxes. just a brief email. you resend them an email. The Second Element: Yield: As soon as you begin to express interest. on the margin. You cant begin with the assumptions that one college will give you financial aid. When you are at the top of the playing field. If you need and want assitence. the digit is 2 and 0.

Differnet program evaluations. They just like big numbers.00. Private. . I am not interested in becoming your college counselor. This shows you can improve results but after the 3rd test save your money and have a life. Academic interest is seen if we have underpopultions. it’s a factor that gets you in. See which test suits you best. There are now 850 test optional without test results. Have an opportunity to provide yoru name and your email to me. sister/brother. they are available on the internet.continues. NCAA division 3. Mobile Alabama does. If you share info I will protect info. The ACT is not an SAT clone. It satisfies a requirement but that’s it. If you need financial aid. The first hotspot is the point of origin (diversity). The ACT is more of a subject based test. and they realize the SAT makes no difference. The most important legacy is mother. They look at both interchangeably. If you want to know more about the test options. $20. The SAT is grossly misused but you do need to worry about it. The ACT is a wonderful option for a number of reasons. you say yes. At the end of the day we saw the average score was identical. I am simply happy to be a friend in this process. father. but they will be on the waitlist. SAT or ACT. It’s a diagnostic test. Take it no more than 3 times. Two options. Its almost like a win win. org. Try one of each and see how it goes. Canton Ohio is no diversity. it won’t hurt you. On the Easton Application: Assume Easton is in Ohio. They look for trends. and your scores are below their averages. Resume is your academic honors: if we admit this student to Easton. The hurdle goes down. They might be 1 in the class. Demonstrating the interest is not a garuntee defeats the question mark Last: SAT: The SAT exists today only to allow admission directors who can do the work. Most important hotspots is all of the academic history. Its honestly useless. then don’t send it in. Ghost applicants are random applicants. Personal essay is one of the useless parts of the application. Provide a weekly blog. If you are looking a college that is test optional. 1/3 of them don’t apply and 2/3 will apply and then demonstrate they wont need (they discriminate later…) Not based on this yes. what do we get. its called fair test . The odds are the first person who reviews your application is someone you may have contacted. College planning workbook. if your interested. They can brag that the SAT is a “universal metric” though it is not. its free.

Not what makes sense for your friend. Is there evidence of technical merit And then evidence of creative merit. interview. No evidence of that. Do you really want good enough to represent you in life. If you college advisor does not agree with you. Choose a topic which you were expert. Connection between aspirations. Find your voice. you need to explain why. He sees they are SLACKING OFF senior year. ESSAYS ARE ARBITRARY OFTEN Realize that you create a barrier if you are reluctant to making an essay. Easton is seeing him take Psychology instead of Math. Demonstrate he is using math in the classroom. Choose courses that make sense. Must connect the dots. your voice is like your DNA. Essay A lot of essays seem to be written by Reluctant essays. If you want to achieve you want to get behind that barrier. Worthless. You want them to read the whole thing. Why is he taking Spanish senior year? Big problem overlooked by students. so much negative essay on talking about I can’t. He could attack these problems with a note. Still puzzled with a 720 on math? Cant do physics without math? But that is not the question. See him in his lectures of together. Show commitment.Hooks used to prove interest. This guy however *Austrin. You want to relax. Many students makes the mistake by going out randomly. Else you must guess. Packages himself well. if there should be irregularities in your program. Valued by the institution. Admission directors are cynics. has no Math. If your essay is regurgitating things. but you should also choose a topic which you can write confortably about it. you must explain. Your voice is fine. but connect the dots. Always choose the course that makes sense to you. the question is how does he use it in the Math Curriculum. . You get to choose. She gives credit for literary magazine but she also is missing Math. Choose college’s that value you for what you have done. When an admission officer sees good enough they go right by it. If things are not the way you like them to be. Good Essay….

Do we know that about josh? He probably goes to Korea.A lot of multicultural candidates – now how will he share those cultural heritage will help him. but he doesn’t share it. .

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