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Quick Installation Guide
Thank you for purchasing the ATRIE IPAM-4800 ADSL2/2+ IP DSLAM. Following the Quick Installation Guide, your can quickly deploy this device in several minutes. For getting advanced information, refer to the user manual.

Check Your Package Contents


CD-ROM (containing Manual QIG, EMS and Warranty)

Ethernet Cable (CAT5 UTP Straight-Through)

AC Power Cord

RS-232 cable

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Setup the ATRIE IPAM-4800 IP DSLAM

The ATRIE IPAM-4800 can be installed in a standard 19-inch rack, by using the mounting brackets provided. Mount the shelf on the rack using the large screws provided. The procedure to connect and wire the system is as follows.

Rear Panel Connection

The following figure shows the rear panel connection of ATRIE IPAM4800:

Step 1: Ground the ATRIE IPAM-4800 by connecting a grounded wire Step 2: Connect the ADSL line connector, a 50-pin centronic connector, of ATRIE IPAM-4800 to CPE by using telco cable. Each line connector supports 24 ports of ADSL/ADSL2/2+ for Data path from MDF(Main Distribution Frame). Step 3: Connect the phone connector, a 50-pin centronic connector, of ATRIE IPAM-4800 to Exchange/PBX by using telco cable. phone connector is an optional module supporting Voice path to Exchange/PBX; it must be along with Line Connector. Step 4: Connect the power adapter and plug it into an outlet.

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Front Panel Connection

Connect to another ATRIE IPAM-4800 Management Station

EMS Configuration

This section shows how to prepare the system to perform basic communication functions through Element Management System (EMS). Perform initial configuration procedures as follows: 1. 2. Click the EMS button on the screen of autorun to install EMS into your PC. Before you start to connect to EMS, it is necessary that your PCs IP and ATRIE IPAM-4800s IP are in the same group. Note: ATRIE IPAM-4800s default MGNT IP is Create management IPs into the ATRIE IPAM-4800 so that the authorized IP agent can manage ATRIE IPAM-4800 through EMS. Connect to ATRIE IPAM-4800 with RS-232 or Ethernet cable, and then write the IPs into ATRIE IPAM-4800 by telnet or CLI. Input the following commands sequentially:


a. create snmp comm community public b. create snmp host ip 10.90.91. xxx community public, where is the IP of your PC. c. create snmp traphost ip community public version v1, where is the IP of your PC. Note: if to use CLI, bits per second, data bits, parity, and flowcontrol should be set as 9600, 8, none and 1 respectively.

Atrie Technology Pvt. Ltd. 4. Launch the EMS and then log in with the Admin for both user name and password. Click on system. to enter the EMS

5. Add the IP address of ATRIE IPAM-4800 into the Agent manager.


Then the IP address and alias name will be displayed on the Agent Desktop. Double click the ATRIE IPAM-4800s IP address in the Agent desktop.

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After that, you could enter the main menu of EMS for your configuration.

Default Setting
Click on the Default Setting from the ATRIE IPAM-4800 main menu. The Default Setting window will be displayed.

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Configure the System

Click on the System Information from the ATRIE IPAM-4800 main menu in which some parameters related to the system are available for configuration. The ATRIE IPAM-4800 System Information window will appear as follows:

Configure DSL Profile

Click on the DSL from the Configuration menu. The ATRIE IPAM-4800 DSL menu tree and related

Line Profile Configuration Alarm Profile Configuration Port Configuration

To browse and create ADSL line profiles. To browse and create ADSL alarm profiles. To display, modify or delete the status of the port. It provides the configuration of a ports status.

windows will appear as follows:

Atrie Technology Pvt. Ltd. Line Profile Configuration window

Alarm Profile Configuration window

Port Configuration window

Advanced Setting
For more detailed information about complete configuration, please refer to the Users Manual on the support CD

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