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Evolution of the Concepts presented by
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27th, 1936. He was only 50 years old, he left behind him several lifetimes' experience and effort, and a system of medicine that is now used all over the world.

Dr Bach passed away peacefully on the evening of November Dr Edward Bach studied medicine at the University College

Hospital, London, and was a House Surgeon there. He worked in general practice, having a set of consulting rooms in Harley Street, and as a bacteriologist and later a pathologist he worked on vaccines and a set of homoeopathic nosodes still known as the seven Bach nosodes.

He wrote 22 books which remain as best sellers in the area of
Flower remedies
12/26/2011 Dr.Deepak


. During his medical training he noticed that Mental and Emotional Conditions   Influenced the Course of Recovery Effected the Efficiency of Administered Medicines.Deepak 6 .Edward Bach: (1886-1936). 12/26/2011 Dr.

That the mind and emotions played an important role in process of disease and cure 12/26/2011 Dr. . .He concluded .Deepak 7 .

He identified 7 major types of personalities. .After completion of his medical training and branching in to Bacteriology««. . He now began to study closely the mental and physical differences of these 7 types which he had identified.  Dr.Deepak  12/26/2011 8 .

Each type of personality had its own distinct specific intestinal flora.  12/26/2011 Dr.Deepak 9 . indicating that  intestinal flora not only mirror physical health but also have an affinity with the type of personality and its major mental / emotional tendencies.

respiratory troubles. Delicate appearance. constipation. Edematous appearance. Gall bladder Dr. constipation. Duodenal ulcer. insomnia. Enuresis. ulcers. anger. Asthma. 12/26/2011 Bach Nosodes Bacillus No. Rheumatism. pale appearance. Deficient digestion MORGAN Depression. weak muscle. increased mucosa. lack of confidence. Edematous. FAECALIS ALKALIGENES Impatience. liver troubles. cramps. COLI MUTABILE Changeability of mood. non alertness. DYSENTRY Fear. restlessness. Red/Blue appearance. grief.Deepak 10 . food allergies. Eczema. Liver. Kidney problems. Anxiety. Emaciated appearance. worse damp. thyroid trouble. yellowish appearance. migraine. cyclic headaches. GAERTNER Hypersensitivity.7 Mental prostration and weakness. nausea. Increased warmth.Developed Vaccines PROTEUS Irritability.

12/26/2011 Dr.The new theory was accepted readily in the early 20s and pointed that Intestinal toxemia.Deepak 11 . that is caused by non-lactose fermenting organisms are the leading cause of chronic diseases.

Deepak Mental imbalance 12/26/2011 Ch. Disease 12 . Intestinal Toxemia Chronic disease  While studying the responses he was increasingly convinced that true origin of disease lay in Mental and Emotional imbalance with the intestinal toxemia arising there from. Intestinal Toxemia Dr. Accordingly Bach Bowels Nosodes (based on personality traits) were administered to cleanse the system from within and help body ward off symptoms of chronic diseases.

That all chronic diseases start in the mind and emotions. unless obvious external factors were responsible He Finally Formulated the theory 12/26/2011 Dr. the Nosodes were recognized and used toward cure of physical diseases alone. He felt his current theory neglected this important aspect. Instead of concentrating on the mind as a causative factor.Deepak 13 .

He felt that much physical suffering 12/26/2011 Dr.could be prevented if Remedies akin to the Nosodes were found that were prescribed on mental / emotional characteristics thereby preventing physical symptoms.Deepak 14 .

. Took inspiration from Homoeopathy and made changes in his method- ‡ Moved away from syringes to pill form of administration of medicines. ‡ Moved away from usage of Nosodes (made from diseased product) to natural healing plant for healing 12/26/2011 Dr.Deepak 15 . .Search intensifies .

sleepiness and absentminded ness and dreaminess 16 Impatiens Clematis 12/26/2011 Dr. Gaertner Faecalis and Proteus Baccilus No 7 Fear apprehension. anger impatience and nervous strain Non alertness. Depression Anxiety Introspection and grief Dysentry.Star of Bethlehem Mimulus Morgan Shock. nervousness and Shyness Irritability.Deepak .

He abandoned his use of Nosodes completely and concentrated his efforts in identifying the foremost mental/ emotional imbalances found in man while collecting and researching possible corresponding healing plants. He was able to identify 12 outstanding states of mind or 12 personality types basic to humanity. He integrated the earlier 7 types of personalities that he had identified initially in to his new perspective. 12/26/2011 Dr.Deepak 17 .

Water Violet 12/26/2011 Dr.Deepak 18 .-------Rock Rose Mental torture-----------..--Impatiens Over enthusiasm-------------.Fear and shyness---------------Mimulus Terror--------------------.--Cerato Impatience--------------------.-----Scleranthus Indifference or boredom-.---Clematis Doubt an discouragement ----Gentian Over concern for welfare of others-Chicory Weakness to willing servitor--Centaury Self distrust------------------.-Vervain Pride or aloofness------------.------Agrimony Indecision-----------------.

12/26/2011 Dr. He named them ³Helpers´ or those that are complementary to the core 12 states.Helpers  Over years he identified 7 more additional states.Deepak 19 . which complimented the basic 12.

Helpers not only help mental states but also temporary upsets.Whereas the 12 Healers address major parts or personality traits Helpers deal with long standing states of mental and emotional suffering that have become entrenched in the character as a whole and have begun to over shadow the true personality.Deepak 20 . 12/26/2011 Dr.

Lack of motivation 18. Hard master on to self with (Rock Water) urge to inspire others (Wild oat) 17.Deepak 21 .THE HELPERS 13. Despondency from over work (Oak) 15. Self centered talkativeness (Heather) 16. Hopelessness (Gorse) 14. Mental/Emotional and (Olive) physical weakness 19. Domination of others (vine) 12/26/2011 Dr.

they can be part of personality for prolonged periods of time but are not considered typical characteristic traits.  The last 19 states were temporary states of mind that arise due to the Circumstantial experiences of life. Dr. These were prepared from bushes and trees.Deepak 12/26/2011 22 .

27. 32. 33. failure to learn from mistakes Vexations and jealousy Easily impressionable Shame or feelings of uncleanness Resentment and bitterness Sadness and grief Despair and faith less ness Being overwhelmed Guilt and self blame Intolerance and criticism (Cherry Plum) (Aspen) (Red Chestnut) (Horn Beam) (Honey Suckle) (Wild rose) (White Chestnut) (Mustard) (Chest nut bud) (Holly) (Walnut) (Crab apple) (Willow) (Star of Bethlehem) (Sweet chestnut) (Elm) (Pine) (Beech) 12/26/2011 Dr. 35. 21. 37. Fear of losing mental balance Vague fears and forebodings Fear for other¶s welfare Mental fatigue Longing for past happiness . 29. 28. 23. 22. 31.20. 30. 38. 34.Deepak 23 . 36. 24. nostalgia Feeling of powerlessness Lack of mental tranquility Depression and gloom Immaturity. 26.

Beech. Scleranthus. Red chestnut FOR THOSE WHO SUFFER UNCERTAINITY Cerato. Pine. Olive. Cherry plum. Vine. Willow. Walnut. 12/26/2011 Dr. White chestnut. Gentian. rock Water.Deepak 24 . Aspen. Holly DESPONDENCY OR DESPAIR Larch. Centaury. Crabapple OVERCARE FOR THE WELFARE OF OTHERS Chicory. Hornbean. Heather OVERSENSITIVE TO INFLUENCES AND IDEAS Agrimony. BACH divided these 38 remedies into 7 groups which represent 7 major areas of Consciousness Each GROUP except for the 6th contain one or two of the Basic (Core) type FOR THOSE WHO HAVE FEAR Rock Rose. Wild rose. Oak. Vervain. Impatiens. Chestnut bud LONELINESS Water violet. Elm. Wild Oat NOT SUFFICIENT INTEREST IN PRESENT CIRCUMSTANCES Clematis. Sweet Chestnut. Star of Bethlehem. Mustard. Mimulus. Gorse.These 38 remedies covered the whole arena of Mental/Emotional suffering of man. Honeysuckle.

and the mind is racing also. Rock Rose treats sensitive nervous systems and states of chronic anxiety. the mind is struggling to hold down threatening impulses from the unconscious. Goal: courage self ± transcendence. Goal: facing feared events with courage and trust.Deepak   12/26/2011 25 . non. In chronic cases. and learning to integrate them into the conscious mind in a healthy.For Those Who have Fear  Rock Rose : Rock Rose heals acute states of extreme fear and terror and their after effects. During an acute state. Goal : Learning to understand the true meaning of the impulses arising from the unconscious.threatening way. Mimulus treats concrete fears of known objects. or people. there may be feeling of great danger. There is anticipatory fear that the impulse will win and control will give way. Dr. because he/she knows them to be wrong and does not want to engage in them. Cherry Plum : In the negative cherry plum state. sometimes with the urge to run. true heroism Mimulus : The mind goes forward anticipating fearful events and shrinking away from them with a sense of dread. There may be fear of death. situations.

Red Chestnut: The Aspen :The  mind goes out to a loved one with fear that something bad or dangerous might befall him/her.For Those Who have Fear  mind is in a fearful state with a sense of foreboding without knowing what exactly threatens.Deepak 26 . Goal: Releasing the other to his destiny with faith. 12/26/2011 Dr. there may be great nervousness and agitation. Vague spooky feelings and superstitions are easily stimulated. With this state. Goal : faith that one is safe and guarded. There is free ± floating anxiety and a feeling of being vulnerable to outside forces that are sinister and out of one¶s control. Typically the loved one is removed and out of the immediate watch ±care of the one in fear. and there is the feeling that one is out of control of the situation and cannot guard the other.

Typically there is flooding of the mind with details and arguments. usually of some magnitude.Reliance on inner wisdom. Faith in general 12/26/2011 Dr. Often there is lack of inner assuredness of lack of self ± confidence . increasing intuitive powers. of having to let go of one option which might have been the better one in hindsight. Goal : faith in one¶s ability and perseverance. Goal : Lifting the mind to a higher vantage point so that a new perspective and overview can be gained . Goal : Inner assuredness and wisdom . One¶s own ability to make decisions is not trusted and others are often asked for advice.  Scleranthus : Uncertainty results from having to choose between two options.Deepak 27 . In the negative gentian state. one is easily discouraged and often gives up an activity when obstacles arise. and one loses perspective. There is dread of making the wrong decision.  Gentian : Uncertainty extends into the area of action and doing.For Those Who Suffer Uncertainty  Cerato: within oneself. and not being able to make up one¶s mind. there is uncertainty and lack of decisiveness.

one is in.Deepak Wild oat: In the negative wild oat state. The mind . Goal : New hope. there is loss of certainty and hope that Hornbeam : Uncertainty lies in the inability to focus the mind with clarity and power of concentration to the tasks at hand. since certainty of endeavor and true satisfaction are missing daily chores may be accomplished with a sense of boredom or with aversion . and to some extent also the body. There may be a passing interest in various activities which are abandoned. there is uncertainty in the area of 28 . Inner certainty in one¶s quest for actualization of one¶s potentials. prone to procrastination and bent on avoiding prolonged effort. 12/26/2011 Dr. Goal : Mental clarity and joy of attending to one¶s tasks.  Gorse : In the negative gorse state. Goal : Rekindling of joy and incentive while engaging in current activities deemed necessary or worthwhile.  motivation and incentive in regard to choosing a current activity or a whole life path. seems tired.For Those Who Suffer Uncertainty  anything can be done to be saved or to save oneself from the undesired condition.

Deepak 29 . There is daydreaming and absent ± mindedness. Goal : To feel empowered again in regard to changing one¶s lot 12/26/2011 Dr. Gratitude for previous happiness.Not sufficient interest in present circumstances  Clematis : one does not believe that happiness can be found in the present.  Honeysuckle : In the negative Honeysuckle state. As a consequence one loses interest in the present and experiences apathy and lack of involvement.  nostalgic feelings in the memories of happiness once experienced in the past. one dwells with Wild Rose : The present denotes hardship and unhappiness that one feels powerless to rise above. and the mind wanders with longing to a time in the future when fulfillment is hoped for. Goal : Trust that present and future promise and hold new happiness. believing that the present or future will never duplicate that happiness. Goal : Trust that happiness is to be found here and now and that one can reach for it.

There is great fatigue with the urge to remove from involvement in present circumstances and give in to the need to rest. and life¶s lessons and experiences may not be grasped in their deeper meaning. too restless to attend to the circumstances of the present. Mustard : The mind is overshadowed by depression and gloom. Goal : To bring light and incentive to the mind so life appeals again. Goal : To strengthen and revitalize mind / emotions and body.Not sufficient interest in present circumstances  Olive : Mind and body are too exhausted to attend with full capacity to the tasks at hand. there is lack of depth ± involvement with issues at hand. White Chestnut : The mind is preoccupied with worrisome thoughts of a serious nature that have more impact than the circumstances of the present moment and remove the person there from. Dr. Chestnut Bud : The mind is unsettled and impulsive. Goal : To increase serenity of mind so that worrisome thoughts can be kept at bay and free the mind devotion to the present. Making it almost impossible for the person to find joy in the present circumstances. Goal : To find calm and deepen understanding and learning of life¶s lessons.Deepak     12/26/2011 30 . As a consequence.

Loneliness  Water violet : Loneliness of mind and heart that arises from removing self from people and putting oneself above them. Instead. µwe are all created equal . one is overly concerned with one¶s own affairs and needs. their personal pace and individual natures into account.¶¶ Impatiens : Inner loneliness exists because one is quick in thought and action and urges others on to follow. Goal : To become a good listener and tune in to other¶s problems. and one gives in to the strong urges to talk about them. easy opening up toward others. instead of tuning in to inner natures and bonding with them. Goal : To allow others to unfold according to their individual pace. Heather : Inner loneliness comes from not connecting fully with others and their personal needs. Dr. patience based on inner kindness. which leads to de ± emphasis of one¶s own concerns. without taking their inner needs.Deepak   12/26/2011 31 . Goal : spontaneous affection.

while upholding one¶s good intentions and joy of service. enhanced by one¶s desire to love and serve.Deepak 12/26/2011 32 . Goal : To give inner stability. and the need to µ¶fight back. plus the effort to find peace within one¶s own mind .¶¶ Emotions of a strong and vehement nature are easily stirred up and may turn the person away from kindheartedness.Oversensitive to influences and ideas     Agrimony : The mind is overly sensitive to discord and disharmony in the environment. or to personally perceived circumstances of threat. Goal :To keep one¶s own needs in mind. Goal : To strengthen inner peace so that outside discord is not too disturbing Centaury : Over sensitivity comes from being too open and receptive to the expectations and demands of others. forbearance Dr. Walnut : The mind is overly sensitive to all impressions and influences from the outside. reduce vulnerability to impressions that may disturb inner balance and deter from the state of being true to oneself. especially since there is already internal restlessness and worry. especially during transitional stages of life when the person leaves behind a definite structure of living and is open to new impressions. irritation. Holly : The mind / emotions and body are overly sensitive to upsetting circumstances within the environment. Goal : To stay focused on love and kindness . that create vexations. if only temporarily.

Pine :Despondency and despair center around guilt feelings that one feels unable to rise above. or the bad effects from trauma cause despondency or despair. Star of Bethlehem : sadness . since one does not feel empowered or in charge enough to get a handle on things. Goal : To have faith and trust in a meaningful universe and be open to guidance by one¶s inner truth and love. Sweet chestnut : Despondency and despair arise from not seeing meaning in life and giving one¶s thoughts to faithlessness and nihilism. grief. Elm : The mind feels overwhelmed by tasks or happenings. Self blame and regret may be high. Goal : To give inner calm so that tasks can be mastered one at a time. and a state of despondency or despair may come on. Goal : creating balanced and sturdy self-confidence by reducing focus on oneself and devoting to people and tasks. possibly leading to despondency and despair. Preoccupation and worry about self may further prevent healthful engagement and stabilized self ±esteem. Goal : To soothe and comfort the heart and release trauma. Goal : Resolve to not repeat the same fault and forgive oneself. Self ±forgive others with similar faults.For Despondency or Despair       Larch : shaken self ±confidence.Deepak 12/26/2011 33 . Willow : Despondency and despair arise from the perception of not being dealt with fairly and feelings resentment toward those at Dr. arises from lack of those joyful and devoted experiences with people and tasks that would improve self-esteem and knowledge of one¶s capacities.

12/26/2011 Dr. Conversion disorders. IDDM. sexual disorders. Clematis ± Brain Fag. drug rehabilitations. Long standing viral infections. Liver disturbances. Ch poisonings. Removes impurities from wound if applied on bandage. Vertigo. Somatoform pain disorders. gestures etc. sleepiness. Peptic ulcers. sleeping disorders. Beech ± Egoistic. People who frequently raise eyebrows. Obsessive compulsive disorders. Mental and emotional withdrawal. Ch. Cherry plum ± Extreme Nervousness. withdrawn look. Disorders where restlessness or hyperactivity is a concomitant. comatose states. Chicory ± Fussy mannerisms. Cheering others despite pain and internal torture. Uncleanliness. anorexia. Immune regulated disorders.Deepak 34 . Cerato ± Unsteady gait or posture. haughty with rigid body postures. Recklessness. threatened breakdown. Centaury-Lack of stamina. Hyperthyroidism.Episodes of trembling. Chestnut bud ± Impulsiveness.Diarrhoea. acne. RA. Aspen. Symptoms from suppression or denial from emotions. anorexia. Calming of nerves. Bronchial asthma with expiratory wheeze. Bulimia. elimination disorders. Hurt look. Brain fag. nightmares. Ch constipation. bulimia. Nervousness. Nervous system disorders ± Speech disorders .         Agrimony ± Hurry. tic disorders. Somatization disorders. Psychosomatic ± hypertension. Soft tissue rheumatism with psychosomatic origin. soft tissue rheumatism. Vague fears. Craving for stimulants. Hypochondriasis. nervous twitches.

Mimulus ± Fear felt in the stomach. Bulimia. Duodenal ulcers.F after Head injuries. Impatiens ± NERVOUS TENSION. IBS. pruritis. Nervousness. Pine ± Depressions. migraine. Hornbean ± Lethargy. Organic mental disorders. leading to High Blood pressure Heart trouble. during physical rehabilitation after accidents or surgery or old age when every move frightens. Tension Headaches. Long standing states of fear. OCD. Dr. Anorexia Nervosa. Holly ± Nervousness. Mustard ± Depressions. A. Ch fatigue. Psychosomatic illnesses Honeysuckle ± Lethargy sleepiness. Sleeping disorders. Effects of obsessive guilt. drooping sensations. Hysterical Asthma or hyperventilation. Mental retardation. Ch diarrhoea. Obsessive anxieties. craving excitement and nervous tension. ch diarrhoea. Olive ± weariness and tiredness of whole being needing rest.Deepak 12/26/2011 35 . Oak ± Mental / emotional and physical tiredness. mild depressions. Small pains intimidate. diminished vitality can be concomitant symptoms. People prone to Rage and violence. Rigid introversion and self blame. Nervous breakdown. weary legs.Depressions Heather ± Factitious and somatoform disorders.             Gentian ± Lowered physical stamina due to physical or mental illnesses Gorse . weariness from overwork. Larch ± lack of energy.

Ulcerative colitis. advanced Nervousness.Coronary Heart disease ± due to extreme overstrain and ambition. Wild Rose ± Tension Headaches. Ch insomnia. Pulmonary TB. Wild Oat ± Depressed moods. Gastralgia. Peptic ulcer. ch cough. MR. Star of Bethlehem ± A. Hyperventilation syndrome. Insomnias. Sweet Chestnut ± Physical side effects of Depression. Allergies. Hyperkinetic Heart syndrome. For Refractive errors.F Head injuries. White chestnut ± tension Headaches. Depression. Ch. Post traumatic stress disorders. Vervain ± Excessive will power taking its toll on nervous system.Deepak 12/26/2011 36 . Conditions where Physical agony is unbearable. Lights etc. Ulcers. IBS. Hyperthyroidism. After spinal manipulations. Shock Grief. Enterocolitis. Panic states. Dr.F extreme emotions . Gastric and duodenal ulcers..Hypersensitive to Radiations. Duodenal ulcer. crohn¶s disease. Walnut. Rock Water ± Excessive will power may result in inner tension and strain.            Elm ± Brain Fag conditions Rock Rose ± Acute anxiety disorders. OCD. A. Anxiety disorders. Manic and Catatonic states Vine. NIDDM. drug abuses. Scleranthus ± Conversion disorders.

Suggested .Deepak 37 . STOP ILLNESS AT ONSET Threatened acute illness can be resolved by treating those mental/emotional states accompanying the onset of illness TREATING WHEN ILLNESS HAS BEGAN Overall cure is assisted by easing pain and discomfort during Illness.R 12/26/2011 Dr. HELP WITH CHARACTER TRAITS THAT BRING UNHAPPINESS Dispositions found undesirable can be made +ve that allow for personal growth and better I.4 ways of using Remedies PREVENTION Keeping strong in mind/Emotions and Body by treating Mental/emotional states as they arise.P.

D. Anxiety++. Drinks more water+++ small quantities as thinks it will help.5 mg bd) NowFear of death. Dark.Diagnosis . Fear new places. 12/26/2011 Dr.Abd pain+++. Cr.Sweets++. mixing type.IBS. affectionate++. Fear of getting unconscious.P ± High 140/100 . Fear of crowds. Phobic Neurosis ( Zapic0. MB < . Anxiety in Abd.C room Partial > with Hom.O. What will Happen.C ± 30-9-02 Mrs. Dreams of .loose motions. S. Backache++. expressive++. Aged ± 37 Kannada Brahmin Mind ± A. Cant read or write. weepy+++. Loves company++. Breast heaviness+ pain+ Sleep ± Deep. Burning scalp. Sept ± 2001 : B. Diagnosis ± Anxiety Neurosis Oct 2001 . Anxious++ Nervous++ .Deepak 38 . very emotional. cant be alone.Death of relatives alive H/o ± Nightmares Chilly pt Fear of being alone+++. Fear in A. Giddiness. and Art of living Continuous thoughts worrying.F after Earthquake in Bangalore ± Feb 5th 2002 FEAR of earthquake.

Deepak 39 . Panic >++.Criteria ± Fear / Panic / Symptoms Constitutional ± Calc.Thuja of Anxiety / MB<     06/9/02 13/09/02 20/9/02 27/9/02 Fear s >++.Ph (d/d Kali carb) Intercurrent . > Pt feeling much better in all Symptoms Star of Bethlehem qds * 7 Ct all * 7 Ct all * 7 Calc.Ph 200 bd* 14 SB+WC+Aspen qds*7 SB+WC+Rock Rose qds*7 Ct all * 7 Ct all * 7     17/10/02 ± Symptoms reappearing 22/10/02 ± Symptoms mildly better 30/10/02 ± Feeling much better in all 4/10/02 - 12/26/2011 Dr.

O. All necessary tests are showing NAD.C ± 27/6/03. Has stopped working . Y  D.& Amlopres Perspiration ± Head ++. Has anxiety+++ about health. everything turning around. Clots++ dark red. chips Diarrhoea when tense Menses ± regular. Stains indelible. Appetite variable since 8 weeks. Sleep disturbed ± on Restyl. chats++.P from 11 yrs. Slightly better. Vegetarian.Mrs. MB< cramps and back pain. Tiredness+++. A. Sour++. unable to walk. Age 40 yrs        Since 2 months ± Exhaustion+++. 2 ---. Has B. Stays at home.Deepak 40 .F after Pregnancy taking Aten. Cr ±salty++. Dreams ± somebody dying. Rx Restyl since 3 weeks . Thermal ± Ambithermal 12/26/2011 Dr.Case.

N. Resentful++. Hypersensitive type.M. Mind .Deepak 41 .  B. Irritable.Fears+++ of failure.P ± on exam ± 142/92 Constitutional Plan ± Nat Sil d/d N. Crowded places. Elevator++. Thuja   12/26/2011 Dr. compassion for animals++.Ph Intercurrent ± Tub Bov. Heights+++. Passed out from NID (Ahbd) is brand creative consultant. Husband from NID one of the Top names in Design furniture in Karnataka. Feeling now that ³somebody is walking for me´. Anxious+++ type. cockroaches+++.

  27/6/03 03/7/03 .Ch / Olive *7  Ver / S.Deepak 42 . Tiredness>+. Pl 4 days Ver/ S. came only for acutes 12/26/2011 Dr.Sil 200 2 doses.Mind > ??. legs feel heavy++ B. BP ± 146/88 25/7/03 16/9/03 All > T Bov 1m.P ± 140/92 11/07/03 ± Appetite>2. Energy>++. Ch / Imp * 7 Ct all * 7   Pt feeling much better in all Symptoms Nat Sil 200 bd* 14 Patient stopped in Oct 03. N.

and Aspen for his general state of apprehension and dread. It is the case of a ten year old boy who could not get out of his home without having a bad bout of diarrhoea. shown by the fact that he wanted his father all to himself. since it illustrates the physical effects of being out of balance so clearly. I gave him Star of Bethlehem for the shock.Deepak 43 . Chicory was his type remedy.Few Cases Ten-year-old boy This is a case I like to mention when giving talks on the remedies. and was always seeking attention and bossing his brother around. It was found that this condition had started a little after his father had an almost fatal car accident. and had to spend a couple of months in hospital. I also gave him Larch to help him regain his confidence. Within a very short time he started to feel better and was soon living a normal life again 12/26/2011 Dr.

She lived in a remote area and. It happened that two days later the weather forecast was pretty grim and it seemed that heavy rains were on its way. the nursing staff. I went to meet her. Day after day went by and in the end it was a full ten days before the staff could get around to inducing her baby. They praised her. Once she was in the hospital the staff there decided to induce the birth. It seemed that she was very irritable with everyone around her and found herself shouting and becoming difficult to be with.IMPATIENS! 12/26/2011 Dr. were absolutely amazed at her patience and good humour. at her request. and P herself. But each time the day came for the procedure to start another pregnant lady arrived at the cottage. Nobody could do anything to satisfy her and she was in a hurry for the baby to arrive so that she could get on with her life. otherwise it might be difficult for travel to hospital when her labour started. She laughed each time another mum was brought in. who obviously had to be seen to first.Deepak 44 . The hospital decided that P should admit in at once. and she became a talking point amongst the staff. and she was pushed once more to the back of the queue. in full labour. I felt that Impatiens was the only remedy needed. This was P¶s first baby. She told them her secret . How did this impatient. irritable mother cope with the delay? Her family.New mother I was introducing the remedies to a µmother-to-be¶ who was becoming very temperamental high irritable and had a sharp tongue which her family feared during the last stage of her pregnancy.

and take four drops four times a day. and how are they caused? The Bach Flower Remedies work by flooding out negative feelings and emotions. you dilute two drops of each remedy that you need into a 30ml dropper bottle. Crab Apple. but remember he was seeing thousands of people over a period of many years. and this is the maximum we suggest people work with. and sip from that at intervals I know that is correct to put maximum five remedies in the same bottle. eg to Star of Bethlehem. Where such things do occur they can be disregarded and there is no reason to stop taking the remedies.Common Question and Answers    How does one use a remedy? Drink it? Sniff it? Apply it to the skin? The remedies come as a liquid. Dr. Dr Bach is known to have given nine remedies together on two occasions. or unexpected feelings may be stirred up. On very rare occasions this can take the form of a rash. But I want to know what is the right thing to do if someone needs more than five remedies? Is it right to put the extra remedies in another bottle and take them alternatively? What do you suggest? In fact it's quite usual to give six or seven remedies together at the same time. preserved in brandy. What is the likelihood of reactions and rashes.Deepak 12/26/2011 45 . Alternatively you can put the two drops into a glass of water. top up with mineral water. To take them. Sometimes the emotions that are dealt with have been repressed for some time and in order to clear them they have to be cleansed from the system.

and because the heat will evaporate the alcohol in the remedies it is a method we sometimes recommend to people who for one reason or another dislike the alcohol content Are there any combinations of remedies that should never be used? No. Help!    You always take two drops out of a single remedy stock bottle. tea. fizzy drinks etc. coffee. Simple! 12/26/2011 Dr.water. It all depends on the personality and current emotional states of the person being treated I get so confused how many drops to take out of different sizes of bottle. Even the remedies that might appear to be direct opposites (Vervain and Wild Rose. And you always take four drops out of a mixed treatment bottle. This will not affect the potency of the remedies. again whether you are putting it in your mouth or in a glass or in a treatment bottle.. and in this respect they are not like homoeopathic remedies.Common Question and Answers  Can you take Bach Flower Remedies in tea. for example. or Vine and Centaury) may occasionally be needed at once by the same person. coffee and so on? You can put the remedies in tea. you can put the drops into hot drinks . I would like to know if I can place the remedy drops into hot drinks without destroying their healing properties.Deepak 46 . coffee etc. whether you are putting it in your mouth or in a glass or in a treatment bottle. You always take four drops out of Rescue Remedy. Yes.

Deepak 47 .12/26/2011 Dr.

by Krishnamurthy 12/26/2011 Dr..by Cornelia Richardson Boedier  BACH FLOWER REMEDIES«.Deepak 48 .BOOKS THAT COULD BE HELPFUL  APPLYING BACH FLOWER THERAPY TO THE HOMEOPATH «..

12/26/2011 Dr.Deepak 49 .

12/26/2011 Dr.Deepak 50 .

Thank you for the patient listening 12/26/2011 Dr.Deepak 51 .

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