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Leadership and Organizational Development

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If you were to hand select your top performing ten percent best employees and create a company that competed against your current company, who would you take? Would you know what to look for? Legacy Frontiers helps provide a proven blueprint that will help you develop, leverage, and retain the employees you cannot afford to lose to your competition. This twelve-month personal leadership coaching process is designed for your current and up-and-coming leaders who your company can't afford to lose. This five phase powerful process helps your leaders dig deep to bridge the gap between their leadership philosophy and actions. Leadership is personal and at the same time very public. The research tell us that there must be proper balance between one's leadership style and leadership approach. Leadership style is one's personal style and natural tendencies of connecting and leading others which rarely changes over time. It is our essence as a leader. Similarly, as humans go through predictable stages in their lives so do organizations go through predictable lifecycles or stages. We help leaders effectively understand their unique inherent style and gift of leading and at the same time understand the proper approach needed to insure a sustained healthy culture and corporate success. As one's essence rarely changes, one's leadership approach is fluid and dynamic and changes. The five phases are tailored to meet individual and organizational needs and are as follows:

Individual Leadership Coaching Architecture "Leadership is engaging people through courageous actions and inspiring them to do things they cannot see themselves doing" Jake Gibbs founder
Phase 1: Work Personal Inquiry and select personality and abilities assessments- Who am I? Where did I come from? What is my natural style and inherent natural abilities? Phase 2: Leadership and management competency 360 degree feedback and select skill building- What are my perceived leadership and management strengths and what skills are critical to my leadership? How am I perceived by others? Phase 3: Organizational Life Cycle assessment- An educational and diagnostic tool providing leaders a detailed analysis as to the health of the organization. We provide you insights into specific weaknesses and strengths to be aware of as your business goes through conscious and hidden changes in its organizational life cycle and provide you . Phase 4: Developing a powerful self-referencing powerful Leadership Map- clarifying beliefs, core philosophies and developing personal and organizational alignment goals. (See below) Phase 5: Key employee leveraging and coaching- helping you select, develop and retain a healthy and productive workforce utilizing the latest job profiling technology, selection tools and coaching methods. _________________________________________________________________________ Custom employee surveys Organizational/culture diagnostic assessments __________________

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Group Leadership Mapping:

A powerful Individual or Group Coaching Leadership Program

What is it: Leadership Mapping is a coaching process that helps participants stop, take stock and rediscover their
leadership Beliefs, Purpose, Values, Talents, Vision and Goals. The program provides a powerful Leaders Map to continually self- reference leadership capabilities.

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Who this is Leadership Mapping is designed for anyone who sets an example for someone else, especially for designed for: people seeking:
Insight regarding their leadership philosophy. Clarification about their essence-purpose, vision and values as a leader. The capacity to answer the questions that come from within.

Why leaders The ultimate leadership challenge is self-leadership. The common wisdom of recent decades "need" this regarding work and work styles is undergoing uncommon change. Leaders need to re-discover their program: roles as socio- economic factors continue to evolve and impact the workplace.
Leadership Mapping provides the capacity for self-referencing - the power to see ourselves-and strategies for sharing the discoveries with employees or those being served. Leading From Within gives leaders the time and the tools to think things through on their own and with others. While most workshops focus on the practice of leadership, Leadership Mapping focuses on who participants are as leaders and on developing the capacity for leadership within each individual.

Coaching Leadership Mapping focuses on four areas to develop a participant's sense of uniqueness and Architecture leverage in the organization.
Leading With Courage. Key issues such as personal purpose, vision, values and working with integrity and courage will be explored. Creating a Context for Growth. Participants use tools to develop an inside-out strategy for change and complete a leadership profile to assess their leadership philosophy in action. The Power of Purpose. Participants discover the importance of purpose-driven leadership which sets in motion the factors and forces to enhance effectiveness. Leadership Mapping. Participants create their Leaders Map, a tool that visualizes and applies the key outcomes of the workshop and creates a profile that captures the core of their own leadership philosophy and their answers to key leadership questions.

Deliverables: Leadership Mapping enables participants to:

Discover leadership from the context of courage and essence. Declare leadership purpose, values and vision. Develop a game plan for leadership integrity throughout the year.


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