Exercise 1 Underline the verbs in the following text. Does a fish drink? All living things must drink, and they require a fresh supply of water often. A person can go without food for many days, but he or she cannot go for long without water. Fishes drink and fishes that live in salt water must drink salt water. However, when we watch them in an aquarium and see them opening and closing their mouths, we must not assume that they are drinking. Fishes need water for its oxygen. The water that they seem to be gulping gives them oxygen, which is in the water. On the other hand, when a fish drinks, it swallows water, just as we do. Exercise 2 Put the words in brackets into the gaps. Mind the positive or the negative forms. Example: _____ your books. (to open) Answer: Open your books. 1) upstairs. (to go) 2) in this lake. (not/to swim) 3) your homework. (to do) 4) football in the yard. (not/to play) 5) your teeth. (to brush) 6) during the lesson. (not/to talk) 7) the animals in the zoo. (not/to feed) 8) the instructions. (to read) 9) late for school. (not/to be) 10) your mobiles. (to switch off)

Let's watch TV. 8. . Let's clean his car. I am thirsty. you can (2) … TV until late if you wish but remember to (3) … all the lights and (4) … the alarm before you (5) … to bed. 6. Let's buy a cake for her. It's very cold here. Let's do some exercise. Let's buy one ticket for you and one for me. 12. we will back by two in the morning. Let's look at the calendar.Exercise 3 Fill in the gaps with the correct verb from the line below: lock bring turn on drinks watch open go (2X) turn off be Hello Anna. Let's close the window. 2. Let's go to the cinema. 5. Make sure my son Todd is asleep before you (5) … to bed. 13. he always (8) … it before falling asleep. Let's telephone her. and I forgot. I have to go now. Ahh. I will see you at two. (9) … a good girl and don't (10) … any people in the house. 14. Todd's milk is inside the refrigerator in a small bottle. _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ 10. Let's dance. Exercise 4 Match the imperative with the sentences. 7. Let's take an umbrella. 9. Let's eat a sandwich. 11. 4. Let's drink some water. It's very hot. I haven't visited Granny this week. 3. do not (1)… the door to any body please. Let's sit on that bench. here are the keys for the house. and (7)… the doors. 1.

Dad's car is very dirty. I want to see the film "Avatar". 6. ask/it/do/about/her ! 12. We are going to Oxford by bus. 7. What's the date today? It's raining. them/our/sleep/let/bedroom/in ! . I want to be healthy and fit I am so hungry Exercise 5 Example: me/don't/alone/leave . It's mum's birthday today. the/you/ladder/will/fetch ? him/it/try/let/again ! use/umbrella/do not/my/him/let ! first/the/take/on/right/the/turning ! mistake/us/not/make/let/a ! do/seatbelt/your/fasten ! quickly/it/you/will/do ? about/protest/let's/don't/it ! car/my/in/jump ! 10. It's raining. We can't play outside. 1. 5. I like this music a lot and I feel so happy.Don't leave me alone. 2.. I am tired of walking around the park.. 8. 9. 3. tell/things/me/such/don't ! 11. 4.

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