ACT I OPENING TEXT: Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 INT.

MICHAEL'S HOUSE Michael and Christopher are asleep in Michael's room. In the background, we hear a TV. Michael's alarm clock sounds, the song 'Earth Angel' by Marvin Berry plays. They both get up and stretch. They walk into the media room and sit on the couch. INT. MEDIA ROOM Christopher picks up the remote and pushes 'power.' The TV turns on and plays an ad for Back to the Future Blu-Ray 25th anniversary release. MICHAEL Those are good movies. CHRISTOPHER Yep. (sing-song) And look what I've got! (holds up box set) MICHAEL Great scott! How do you have that already? CHRISTOPHER My uncle works at Universal, it's no biggie. MICHAEL Let's watch it now! CHRISTOPHER First, let's get breakfast. MICHAEL You go get something downstairs. I'm gonna see what's on the news. CHRISTOPHER Media nut! MICHAEL Whatever! Christopher exits. Michael switches channels. NEWS REPORTER (O.C.) We are here at the scene of a crime, a midnight murder, if you will. John Smith, a 17 year old

boy, has been murdered, drowned in his own pool. Police estimate the time of death as 11:39 last night. MICHAEL Holy shit, is this live? NEWS REPORTER (O.C.) Police suspect that the murderers were these two teenagers, Michael Pemberton and Christopher Rittard, two 17 year old boys. We now show you the breaking in of their house, live, on channel 7 news. MICHAEL Wait, what?!? The door slams open, heard off screen. POLICEMAN #1 Police! Come out with your hands up! You're under arrest for suspicion of the murder of John Smith! MICHAEL What the fuck... Cut to black. Back to the Future theme is heard, title card is shown in same font style as BTTF. INT. MICHAEL'S LIVING ROOM Michael is pacing back and forth. He walks in front of the camera, out of focus, while the camera focuses on Christopher's bummed face. CHRISTOPHER House arrest until the trial, can you believe this? MICHAEL I know, we should be in a cell or something. CHRISTOPHER No, I mean, dude, we've been framed for MURDER. We've never killed anybody! Ever! How the fuck is it that we ended up getting framed for it? MICHAEL Maybe we killed him, snorted coke, and then forgot all about it. CHRISTOPHER

...I doubt that's what happened. MICHAEL Then what did we do, man? CHRISTOPHER Nothing! MICHAEL Are you sure? CHRISTOPHER Yeah, I'm fucking sure! Jesus Christ, man, I'm pretty sure I'd remember if I murdered somebody! MICHAEL Shit.... What do we do? We're fucked! There's no way out of this, man! This isn't like throwing someone naked into a locker room, this is fucking jail for us! For life! CHRISTOPHER I get it, man! We're fucked! But what do you expect me to do about it? Go back in a time machine and prevent him from getting killed? MICHAEL (worried look fades, gets a lightbulb above his head) Actually, that's exactly what we're gonna do. CHRISTOPHER (puzzled) ...Qué? MICHAEL ...Follow me. CUT TO: INSIDE MICHAEL'S ATTIC Michael opens the door, flips on the light switch, and walks in, Christopher follows. CHRISTOPHER Why are we in here? MICHAEL Give me a second, let me find it. CHRISTOPHER Let me guess, you've got a time machine in a box somewhere that you saw in an ad in a magazine, and you wanted to buy it to see if it'd work, and now you wanna show it to

me. MICHAEL Actually, (sets down time machine that IS stole from my genius cousin that actually box) I have a a box that I of an engineer does work.

CHRISTOPHER Wait a second, are you telling me that you built a time machine... out of a-MICHAEL Yes, a box. Not a DeLorean, a box. CHRISTOPHER Well, where's the flux capacitor, man? MICHAEL I don't have time to explain how it works. All I have time to do is show you that it DOES work. (pulls out his phone) My phone. Michael places his phone in the box. He selects 1:21 on the phone. CHRISTOPHER What is the point of this? MICHAEL My phone is set at 1:19, which is now. At 1:20, I'll send the machine one minute into the future. If this thing works, the phone should read 1:20 when it gets here. CHRISTOPHER ...Whatever, man. MICHAEL It'll be 1:20 in ...3....2....1.... A flash of light and wind blows, signaling the departure of the box. The ground is shown, empty. CHRISTOPHER ...What the fuck... MICHAEL Shit, it actually worked. CHRISTOPHER You telling me that you had no idea that it would actually work? MICHAEL Maybe.

CHRISTOPHER Well, now it does work. Or, at least we know that it can depart, but how do we know if it comes ba-Another flash of light and wind, the box appears in front of them. Michael reaches in the box and gets out his phone. MICHAEL Holy shit, it works! The phone says 1:20! That means that it traveled through time instantaneously! CHRISTOPHER Yeah, just like the dog in Back to the Future. So, awesome! We have a working time machine! What exactly are we supposed to do with it? MICHAEL Go back in time and prevent him from being killed. You had the idea in the first place. CHRISTOPHER (realizing) Oh, yeah! MICHAEL Let's do this. They get in the box. CHRISTOPHER This is kind of uncomfortable. MICHAEL Hey, it was built for time travel, not leisure. I'm setting the time for 11:34 last night, that's 5 minutes before Wesley was killed. We'll go to his house, find out what killed him, and stop it, so we don't get framed for murder. CHRISTOPHER Wait, I left my phone downstairs. MICHAEL Phones? Where we're going, we don't need... phones... CHRISTOPHER We're going back like 14 hours... MICHAEL You know what I mean. CHRISTOPHER

Nevermind, let's go. Michael taps the phone, and the time machine flashes, and they disappear. ACT II 14 hours earlier, 11:34 P.M. The time machine flashes, and appears instantaneously in the attic. They get out of the box. MICHAEL You know the plan? CHRISTOPHER Yeah, uh, one thing. MICHAEL What? CHRISTOPHER Isn't time travel supposed to be freezing cold? Like why isn't the box covered in ice? MICHAEL Oh, Chris. Don't believe everything you see in movies. CHRISTOPHER ....Okay... CUT TO: THE BOTTOM OF MICHAEL'S STAIRS Over the shoulders of Michael and Christopher, we see Michael and Christopher from the night before walking out the kitchen door with the red dye. MICHAEL Now, we have to follow them and see how Wesley was killed. CHRISTOPHER Right! CUT TO: THE TWO WATCHING THEIR PAST SELVES PULL THE PRANK CHRISTOPHER We are idiots. MICHAEL Hey, we're investigating the scene of a crime here, not pointing out how stupid we are! CHRISTOPHER Right, sorry. MICHAEL

Now, look, we fill the pool with dye. Their past selves giggle like little girls while filling the pool. They then run away. MICHAEL And then we ran in through the garage. The garage door closes. They look back. MICHAEL No sign of Wesley. It's already 11:38! CHRISTOPHER He needs to hurry up and die. MICHAEL For real. They see two other people inside Wesley's house. MICHAEL Who are those guys? CHRISTOPHER I dunno, maybe they're related to him. It is his family's house. Wesley walks out on his porch, and sees the red dye in his pool. CHRISTOPHER (whispers) There's Wesley! MICHAEL He's so.... not dead. WESLEY WHAT THE FUCK!! WHO THE FUCK DID THIS SHIT? GODDAMMIT! THIS IS FUCKING BULLSH-Wesley is suddenly suffocated by a dark figure in a black robe. MICHAEL Holy shit! Wesley's getting the fuck choked out of him! Wesley dies, and the figure leaves in a hurry. CHRISTOPHER Shit, man! He's dead again, and we're still to blame! MICHAEL

Fuck, man, we gotta get outta here before we get seen! CUT TO: INSIDE MICHAEL'S ATTIC CHRISTOPHER Holy shit! Whadda we do? MICHAEL We uh.. we uh... I got it! We go back to 11:29, 5 minutes before our last time travel. We go to Wesley's house, and prevent him from getting killed by making sure he doesn't go outside. CHRISTOPHER Perfect! CUT TO: CLOSED DOOR OF THE ATTIC, FLASH OF LIGHT Michael and Christopher run out. Cut to: Knocking on the door of Wesley's house. MICHAEL Now remember, just act natural. Wesley answers. Michael and Chris have big stupid grins on their faces like Abed and Troy when they first answer the door in the episode of Community where they have dinner with the study group at their new apartment. WESLEY Hey, aren't you my neighbor? MICHAEL I sure am, Wesley! Wanna hang out? WESLEY It's 11:30 at night! CHRISTOPHER But you're still up! Hi, I'm Chris. (grabs Wesley's hand and shakes it hard) WESLEY Hi. Well, I'm not supposed to have anyone over because my parents are out of town, so... MICHAEL What are you, some kinda mama's boy? The night is young! Come on, man! WESLEY Ok, come on in.

BOTH YES! ENTER: WESLEY'S HOUSE. They walk in and plop down on the couch. Laughter is heard from the TV. MICHAEL Oh, I love That '70's show! CHRISTOPHER Totally! Mike and Chris get interested in the show, laughing hysterically everytime someone makes a joke. The scene fades to 10 minutes later, and Wesley gets sort of uncomfortable looking. Text on screen: 10 minutes later.... WESLEY (standing up) I'm gonna go get some fresh air. MICHAEL (not paying attention, too involved in the TV) Oh, okay. CHRISTOPHER (same) Totally, man. Wesley walks outside. Christopher and Michael continue to watch the show, when a hooded figure walks behind them, and they don't even notice. All of a sudden, they hear a splashing sound, and look over. They get up to see what happened, and they see Wesley dead in the pool. CHRISTOPHER Oh, shit! We let him go outside! We were distracted again! What do we do? MICHAEL What we should have done all along... pan: up to Michael's face, in BTTF style. ACT III CUT TO: CLOSED DOOR OF THE ATTIC, FLASH OF LIGHT Michael and Christopher run out. They walk past an alarm clock that reads 11:24. They run outside, and look at the street. MICHAEL'S YARD CHRISTOPHER

What are we doing out here? MICHAEL The killer didn't show up until 11:39. It's 11:25 right now, which gives us 5 minutes to find him before we have to go back again. CHRISTOPHER Right. You always explain things so well. MICHAEL Thanks. Look! They look over at a car, where a man is stepping out in a dark robe and hood. MICHAEL There he is! CHRISTOPHER Who? MICHAEL The killer, you numbnuts! CHRISTOPHER Oh, yeah! MICHAEL Okay, follow my lead. They run over quietly, while the hooded guy is reaching in his car to get something. MICHAEL Hey! The hooded figure stands up, confused. MICHAEL Yeah, you! Put down the...wait, he doesn't have a weapon... well this seems like it would be kinda lame without a weapon. Michael pulls out a gun. CHRISTOPHER Where the fuck did you get a gun, Mike? MICHAEL Shut up! Now look, asshole, you're about to go kill that guy in there, right? Well guess what? We get framed for murdering him, and we came back to the past to prevent that from happening!

The figure unmasks himself. MAN That makes sense, considering we have the same DNA. MICHAEL Qué? MAN We have the same DNA, because I'm you. MICHAEL AND CHRISTOPHER What?!? MAN I'm you. I'm from the future, 2040 to be exact. MICHAEL ...Why are you here? MAN I'm here to kill the son of a bitch that ruined my life. 2 weeks from now, Taylor's going to cheat on us with Wesley. CHRISTOPHER Shouldn't a paradox be happening right now? MICHAEL So? MAN After she cheats, I become depressed for the rest of my life. I turn to drugs, get sent to prison for selling drugs, and then end up homeless on the street, all my possessions sold to the bank. All but one. My time traveling xB. MICHAEL Yeah, well, you killing Wesley sends you to prison earlier! MAN I haven't killed Wesley, yet, now have I? CHRISTOPHER He's got a point. MICHAEL Well, get back in the car, and go back to 2040! You're fucking up

your own life even more majorly by sending yourself to prison at age 17, you fucking idiot! And you know what? To prevent this from happening, I'm gonna break up from Taylor tomorrow, just so that doesn't happen. Got it? CHRISTOPHER He's also got a point. MAN Humph. Okay, then. The PRNDL changes to the + on the Drive lever, and he fades away in the xB. MICHAEL I'm hungry. You want some Mexican food? CHRISTOPHER Fuzzy's? MICHAEL Fuck yeah! ENTER: MEDIA ROOM, 14 HOURS LATER Text on screen: 3:33, the next day. Michael and Chris sit in the Media Room on the couch and watch TV. NEWS REPORTER (O.C.) A young teenage girl by the name of Taylor Halewood, granddaughter of the founder of the town of Halewood, has been found dead in her home, with a knife to the heart. Police have traced the DNA back to Wesley Smith, another 17 year old. CHRISTOPHER Should we do something about that? MICHAEL ...No. CHRISTOPHER Hmm. Credits.

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