‘Feel great’ at nothing short of your navel ‘Feel great’; when just spoken like any other word

is merely as if throwing a bullet upon someone by hand. Bullet if thrown by hand is like hurling a stone… a stone h urled by hand shall not leave much impact upon the target except than producing some bruise. Whereas the same bullet when charged into a pistol; triggered it le aves fatal conclusion. The idea here is not to emphasize upon a pistol shot but to explain the impact of the bullet merely thrown by hand and the same bullet wh en passes through a pistol… it acquires phenomenal ability to pierce. Similarly wh en we merely affirm the emotion of ‘feel great’ within ourselves, then the ambiguous mind with its devilish counsel named intellect shall turn the impact as ridicul ed… and on the other hand when the same affirmation of ‘feel great’ is triggered right at the depths of our navel… i.e. immersion into the essence of that affirmation o f feeling great; leaving no room for any scepticism and doubt then the entire bo dy chemistry, circuit of the mind and intellect respond entirely in a different manner. There is an ancient saying drawn out of the ancient wisdom; as mentioned under U panishads. It says in Sanskrit… ‘Aham Brahmasmi’; a simple translation of these two wo rds is an affirmation that ‘I behold the potential of the creator itself’. There is not even an infinitesimal room for any doubt or fallacy of these words… they stand true in their entire scope and aspect. The science of this age too now has pass ed an endorsement to the fact that this universe is a hologram… which means that w hatever is contained in the macrocosm is also borne in the microcosm. The compre hension of these words from the corridors of science can be well understood when we comprehend them through an illustration; that a single drop of human blood c ontains the entirety of his/her structural formation in form of genetic coding o r DNA within the same single drop of blood. It also goes the same for the sea; a ny single drop from the ocean is borne with its absolute essence… this makes the s tatus of the drop of a blood or a drop of an ocean as a hologram (all that is co ntained in the macrocosm is also there in absolute terms within the microcosm to o). Similarly when the great ancient seer pronounces ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ i.e. ‘I behold the p otential of the creator itself’… he is merely standing as testimony to the eternal t ruth. Such pronouncements are not made at the peripheral ends of one’s brain… instea d they are utterances of the observance by someone that experiences them within. The same should be understood in the light of ‘feel great’. When encircled by sever al issues tormenting one’s harmony are close door then this observance is really n ot that easy to experience because those moments the devilish adversity is engul fing the insight with its dense fog leaving no room for any kind of wisdom find its access within the seat of understanding. Such observance i.e. feel great are peace time exercises that actually construct the foundation and structure of an unfathomable soldier that can endure through any test of the times. No army can ever claim to have gathered its power to com bat during the hours of war… all sweat is an exclusive peace time activity… as the s aying goes with the army that sweat more during the peace time in order to save blood during the war. Similarly learning should be drawn from the saying of the military and any incumbent that deeply aspires to live the spirit of this affirm ation; ‘feel great’ should start with the practice and assimilation of its sense dur ing peace times on regular basis. Peace times shall enable the essence of the af firmation gather adequate grounds within our belief system and shall trigger whe n the time is appropriate for its demonstration. Feel great; is the right of any being upon this planet since it (we all) is the direct creation of the cosmic mind. And the creation of the cosmic resolve is se cond to none in this cosmos. Start the practice that leads to the true observance of this emotion by merely c

oncentrating upon your ongoing thoughts… observe them and with a light note pass o n a decree within that now this room should be left vacant for some important ac tivity. Initially the result to your command may not find appropriate results bu t with some passage of practice and time your decree shall gather its due impact . The unnecessary brain chatter shall seize to operate and the insight shall be left for your exclusive agenda. During those moments of inner interlude one must pass these words of ‘feel great’ and at the same time render the substantive reason for feeling great. The most substantive reason for anyone on this planet to fee l great is to observe it for a single reason that he/she is the creation of the cosmic mind. The parents were facilitators but the actual existence is under the direct command and the system of the cosmic will. Therefore we have this fundam ental right for such observance… the more you immerse within this observation the more is the access given to the divine light to find way within us and transform all dark corners within our existence. Start practicing it the way suggested an d come back without any hesitation to learn more about the same. Desire2will.com . dinesh kumar (learning under discipline)