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CEIT 410 (Assess Teaching)


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Unit Name Lesson Title Lesson Author Grade Level Duration Sharing Information Computer Viruses Zakir Ravshanov 4th grade 40 minutes Realizes that data on computer should be secured against threats that may
come from different sources

Instructional Goal

Learning Objectives Pervious Activity Next Activity Instructional E-mail

Identifies viruses. Analyses how viruses can enter the computer. Explain the effects of computer viruses. Knows how to take precautions against viruses.

Collecting Data Teachers Computer


Projection Students Computer Internet Connection Browser application MS PowerPoint Application MS Word Application

4th grade students who are approximately 9-10 year old pupils and their characteristics: Learner Characteristics They can reason logically about actual objects and organize thoughts coherently They cannot handle abstract reasoning very well unless it relates to real experiences Learn best through active, concrete experiences Beginning to see and understand the perspectives of others Speaking and listening vocabularies are expanding rapidly; talkative Enjoy collecting, organizing, and classifying objects and information Developing a longer attention span Learning to plan ahead and evaluate what they do Less interested in fantasy; more involved in the real world Increased problem-solving ability
Time (min.)

0-5 5-20 20-35 35-40

A. Motivation & Introduction B. Recall prerequisites &

Time Chart

Presenting information C. Application D. Summarizing & Assessment


At the beginning of the subject matter to motivate students, teacher asks students whether they have been sick or get caught flu. Then he asks more detailed questions about being ill, such that what happens when you are ill?, What did you do when you were ill? and How you get well? While he will ask questions he will make eye contact so that all students will involve in given questions. After students responses he will summarize the main points answering these: how we get sick? What happens when we are sick and how we get better? Next when students are ready he will ask next question that will be: Are computers get sick as well? Just like us humans. By doing this he will raise a question that will make students curios so that they will willingly listen to the teacher and follow the lesson.

Motivating Students

This part is going to be displayed on the projection for the students after Informing Students motivation part and recalling prerequisites. They will be explained step by step in of the Objectives order to give students better idea of what they are going to be able to do after this lesson. This part the recalling prerequisites will be performed before the motivation part. Here teacher will help students to remember what they have learned in previous lesson and link it to the new topic that is going to be thought. It is going to be warm up part.

Helping Students recall prerequisites

Information Sharing and Application

In this part teacher will follow mainly presentation that will cover the learning objectives. After motivation and recalling prerequisites first of all teacher will start with slide show and explain what computer viruses are so that students will be able to cover the first objective. Then he continues on the slideshows; here he will introduce the ways that computer can be infected with viruses. After while teacher to cover 3rd objective he will explain main causes of viruses and their negative effects on computer software and operating system. Next teacher will give detailed information on how students can prevent their computers from viruses. During this presentation in order to enhance students involvement he will promote questions and give answers to the students questions. Then teacher passes to the practice. As a practice of students will be filling out digital handout that teacher provide it on their computers. It is a word document that students will work on subject

Presenting Information

Providing Practice

and Feedback

matter. As a feedback during the class there wont be formal one instead students will be able measure their success after teachers shows the right way this is said for handout practice.

The teacher will sum up the major points of what they have covered in the lesson. His summarization will help students to create new concept map of what they are able to do after this lesson. That is he is going to ask some key questions following what was thought in the class so that he will be sure that all the learning objectives are met. And here teacher will answer if there are questions that are asked by students so that all the newly gained information is to be clear for students.

Summarizing the Lesson

As the assessment teacher will collect the data which was done on practice part where students filled out the documents on their computers and evaluate them later on.