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And there are others that. there are some mistakes related to style that will make you look like an idiot if you’re not careful. Your expert in style. We men like clear and concise things. I give you full permission to print out this material. For this reason I’ve gathered from my experience. Ovidiu 2 Ovidiu G.. I advise you to evaluate yourself periodically to see if you follow them or not. my friends’ experience and from my observations on the street the most important ideas that you MUST consider.. Plus. steroids for style. if you follow them. Even so. These rules take time to enter your subconscious mind. It means showing the world who you are.Style is individuality. Lazăr | © www. no matter how advanced in style you may think you are.BeStylish.org | All rights reserved . If you’re a beginner and you think you may need it. will make the world of difference in the way others perceive you. You may think of them as.

The only exception is when you’re wearing white pants. broken. Don’t wear socks with sandals. 4.BeStylish. Always match your shoes with your belt. Don’t wear clothes that are in a poor condition. not washed and smelly clothes. 3. Lazăr | © www. Keep your white socks for when you jog or go to the gym.org | All rights reserved . stained. Never! 3 Ovidiu G. This is probably the worst mistake you can make when it comes to style.1. 2. This includes: old. Don’t wear white socks with shoes.

7. You don’t have to look like a parrot to look stylish! Always keep the last button unbuttoned for every suit or blazer that you wear. not your shoes. You can do with more but it get complicated. 8. 10. 4 Ovidiu G. because of the fact everyone has already matched them ever since… forever. If you don’t feel comfortable in them. And if they are long enough that they reach the middle of your calves then… you will look like Pinocchio.5. you have must feel comfortable in them. Wear low cut socks with shorts. you should choose blue socks. No matter what clothes you’re wearing. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear any other colors. They fit way better than regular ones. STOP WEARING THEM! Match your socks with your pants. if you’re wearing jeans. Wear a maximum of 3 colors on you at a time.BeStylish. 9.org | All rights reserved . it’s just that it’s harder to match them with the rest of your outfit. 6. Never match your pocket square and your tie. For instance. doing so today is considered amateurish behavior. you can break this rule – but not for now. It may seem that the two go together but. Once you start getting some deeper understanding of style. Stick to three and everything will be fine. Lazăr | © www.

trim your sideburns and shave the back of your head. should reach the middle of your belt while standing up. The length of the tie should be up to your belt. 5 Don’t mix gold accessories with silver accessories. 13. Shave regularly. Consider purchasing ties. choose something bigger. Lazăr | © www. 15. Wear accessories to express your personality. at least one light color in your outfit. Take care of your facial hair.org | All rights reserved . especially in casual situations. 16. You will feel less comfortable in your new acquisition and you can take it to the tailor’s for adjustments. I’m talking about the tip of the tie. These are details that matter. especially when you’re at an event. Don’t wear wrinkled clothes. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd! Ovidiu G. 14.BeStylish. scarves. Use at least hydrating cream to take care of your skin. Use.11. Find things that fit you and don’t restrain yourself to the sunglasses that any man can wear. ideally. 18. which. 12. bracelets rings etc. 17. If you have to buy something but can’t find anything on your size. vests. You may skip this step ONLY if you have oily skin.

Don’t wear dark brown and black. 20. Get a men’s bag. your pockets. Never tuck your casual shirts. Get rid of the clothes in your closet that you didn’t wear in a long time. It’s VERY stylish and it will empty all 21.Read and experiment the colors that fit you.BeStylish. Pick clothes that help you form a wardrobe that represents you. Don’t leave your formal shirts untucked. 24. never wear a black suit with brown shoes. Your hair surrounds your face and it can give you a decisive advantage if you know how to fix it.org | All rights reserved . 26. Choose one in neutral colors so you can match it with as many of your outfits as possible. then try them on and notice what works for you and what doesn’t. Ovidiu G. Lazăr | © www. 22. Get a great haircut. They take up space and give you the feeling you have a lot of choices when it comes to clothes. Also. 23. Don’t buy a coat just because it’s made by a famous designer or because it happens to be in style this year. This is the opposite of the rule above. 19. Don’t exaggerate with patterns – two of them should be more than enough. The contrast is terrible. 25. 6 Match patterns with solid colors.

a little below your ankle. 30. They’re very hard to 29. Short-sleeved shirts are considered casual and they demand casual ties. the collar (when fully buttoned) should be pretty narrow. 32.27. Lazăr | © www. The perfume should only be smelled to a distance of maximum 2 feet around you. Don’t wear too much perfume. use a special trimmer to remove the portion between your eyes. Ovidiu G. If you have one. 7 Don’t tolerate the unibrow. Wear formal ties only with long-sleeved formal shirts. The blazer’s sleeve should not go over the wrist. Break this rule only if you have a very wide constitution and a thin tie would make you look ridiculous. When trying on a new shirt. It should only allow you to put 1 or 2 fingers between the shirt and your neck.org | All rights reserved . Never wear pants in bold colors. match. It will have the opposite effect to those around you. Only break this rule if you really know what you’re doing. 33. 28.BeStylish. 31. This should make the shirt 1 or 2 inches visible. The length of the shirt’s sleeve should be a little over your hand’s writs. The length of the pants and that of the jeans should be. ideally.

Lazăr | © www. 36. you don’t have to wear the same color top to bottom. the shirt has small squares. Its role is to absorb perspiration and protect the shirt from stains.org | All rights reserved .34. choose sunglasses with round lens and oval or rectangle lens if you have an oval face. Match gradients of the same color. If you have a round face. 8 Ovidiu G. you can match it with a tie that has smaller ones of the same color. 35. So… don’t wear undershirt without a shirt on top of them. the tie should have large ones. however. If. if you have a shirt with big squares. Match the shape of your sunglasses with that of your face. 37. The rule is the same for stripes of different lengths.BeStylish. For instance. Wear your undershirt under your shirt only. Match larger patterns with smaller ones.

bestylish.bestylish.org . the most complete style manual for men. Lazăr | © www.org/ebook The blog where you will find TONS of free high quality info is located at http://www. You have at your disposal.org/blog .bestylish. The address where you can get the book is http://www.These rules are just the basics. I’ve put together a lot of resources for you.BeStylish. not just the formal stuff. For this I’ve created an entire community surrounding style.org | All rights reserved . It talks about what to wear to stand out on a day to day basis. risk free. The site’s main address is http://www. 9 Ovidiu G.

org/customized . based on your specific body type.bestylish.BeStylish.org .org | All rights reserved . You can find it at http://www. If you want to contact me. 10 Ovidiu G. Lazăr | © www.I also have an online tool for you which offers you free customized advice. you can do so at contact@bestylish.

I wish you good luck on your personal journey to finding your perfect style and individuality! Your expert in style.org 11 Ovidiu G.BeStylish.org | All rights reserved . Lazăr | © www.BeStylish. Ovidiu www.

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