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ICT - Grade 1 over view

Teachers Name: Strand: Information Skills Standard

Students produce brief information texts that can be understood by others. They recognise the purpose of a given task and the information needed to complete the task. They locate relevant information, organise it into simple formats, and talk about what the information means.



Topic: Strand: Information and Communication Technology Standard

Students follow instructions about ICT use. They become more familiar with the computer keyboard. They use the technology to produce basic texts for specific audiences and they understand the need to correct and improve texts. They create and use visual elements in their work.

Indicator: Students will be able to,

recognise some of the ways in which information is arranged and presented

Indicator: Students will be able to, perform basic operations using a limited range of ICT to carry out simple information and communication tasks students explore human, cultural, and societal issues related to technology. Content: Information and Communication Technology
identify and demonstrate the uses of the basic computer components and some computer applications, such as word processing, and drawing and presentation software logon and logoff a computer with help recognize and navigate desktop features and icons explore the use of drop-down menus and special keys such as the shift key, arrow keys, Delete and Backspace load programs from a disc and a CD-ROM into the correct drives create, edit, modify, save and print images and text with a paint/draw application, using simple tools, shapes and objects recognize and use the common word processing terms: font, upper case, lower case, bold, italics and underline discuss the purpose and use of a web browser and navigate a limited range of sites recognize and use a digital and video camera, data projector, portable media player, CD player and DVD player, across all curriculum areas use and create multimedia products with support; for example, a video presentation, a slide presentation and a web page discuss correct and responsible use and care of technology know possible consequences of inappropriate use explain why there are rules for using technology at home and at school demonstrate knowledge of ergonomics and electrical safety when using the computer demonstrate positive social and ethical behaviors when using technology

Content: Information Skills

identify what they need to do to complete a given task identify what they already know about the task, and what they still need to find out recognise how information is presented, by listening to, looking at and discussing the structure and features of simple non-fiction books on a topic related to the task find suitable information for the task from a limited number of books, pictures, posters and audiovisual texts prepare and deliver a presentation by speaking or writing a text, drawing a simple picture sequence, making a model, or through role-play discuss what they have learnt about finding and using information.

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discuss the use of technology in todays world