Rebuilding the America We Love Requires Jobs and Growth
Republicans Should Choose a Candidate Who Has Always Championed the Proven, Pro-Jobs and Pro-Growth Policies of Ronald Reagan


The Architects of Supply-Side Economics Have Praised Gingrich’s Pro-Growth Commitment for Decades
  “Newt Gingrich understands that the only real way to cure unemployment and inflation is trough economic expansion and real growth in the private sector. What's hurting us is that the government is taxing away incentives of workers, savers and investors. Newt Gingrich understands what is wrong and what we must do to make America right again. He understands that lower taxes and private enterprise jobs are the answer -- not higher taxes and more government jobs. – Jack Kemp, letter on behalf of Gingrich 1978 campaign for Congress, June 23, 1978 “I write to congratulate you, [Mr. Gingrich], on the stand you have taken about the so-called budget agreement. We need lower taxes, not higher taxes; less government spending, not more government spending presented as less by virtue of treating prices paid by recipients as if that was simply a reduction in expenditures.” – Milton Friedman, letter to Gingrich regarding his leadership in standing against the 1990 tax hike, October 4, 1990 “We have House Minority Whip Newt Gingrich to thank for pulling the nation back from the brink of disaster…The best news for us… is the emergence of Newt Gingrich as a world-class leader…Gingrich has established himself so thoroughly as a growth force to be reckoned with that it is now hard to imagine a prolonged U.S. economic decline.” – Jude Wanniski, newsletter regarding Gingrich’s stand against the 1990 tax hike, October 9, 1990

Gingrich has Fought Tirelessly for Pro-Growth Policies Since the 1981 Reagan Tax Cuts, which brought 25 Years of Jobs, Growth, and Prosperity
“Newt Gingrich says working Americans deserve a raise. Newt says we can fight inflation and fight unemployment. Newt says we need to cut wasteful government spending and cut taxes -- he has specific proposals to do both.” -- Gingrich 1980 campaign brochure discussing Newt’s steadfast support for what would become the historic 1981 Reagan tax cut. "If you work hard and make money, you have more right to that money than does the government. This is a radical idea in Washington. Some liberals actually think they've loaned you the money, and you ought to be grateful to them because they let you take some of it home. They think it's their job to take as much of your money as possible and spend it for you because you're too stupid to spend it for yourself. 'It's your money and you ought to keep it,'. . . that is what the Reagan administration is saying." – Speech to 1981 Carroll County Republican Convention, discussing the upcoming fight over the Kemp-Roth tax cut bill.

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