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CREATE TABLE emp ( empno NUMBER , ename VARCHAR2(30) , job VARCHAR2(30) , mgr NUMBER , hiredate DATE , sal NUMBER

, comm NUMBER , deptno NUMBER); CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE temp_emp IS PROCEDURE create_emp ( p_empno IN NUMBER ,p_ename IN VARCHAR2 ,p_job IN VARCHAR2 ,p_mgr IN NUMBER ,p_hiredate IN DATE ,p_sal IN NUMBER ,p_comm IN NUMBER ,p_deptno IN NUMBER ); END temp_emp; CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE BODY temp_emp IS PROCEDURE create_emp ( p_empno IN NUMBER ,p_ename IN VARCHAR2 ,p_job IN VARCHAR2 ,p_mgr IN NUMBER ,p_hiredate IN DATE ,p_sal IN NUMBER ,p_comm IN NUMBER ,p_deptno IN NUMBER ) IS BEGIN INSERT INTO emp (empno ,ename ,job ,mgr ,hiredate ,sal ,comm ,deptno ) VALUES (p_empno ,p_ename ,p_job ,p_mgr ,p_hiredate ,p_sal ,p_comm ,p_deptno ); EXCEPTION WHEN OTHERS THEN

NULL; END; END temp_emp; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1) Assign yourself Oracle Web ADI responsibility. It has three important functions . Create Document : Allows using existing Integrators or create custom Integrators Define Layout : Create a Layout for existing or Custom Integrators Define Mapping : Create Map for exiting or Custom integrator to load data using flat text files. 2) Update the "Oracle Web ADI Menu" menu to add the Integrator functions menu "H R ADI Seeded Integrator Form Functions" . Otherwise, we won't be able to use int egrators as permission is not granted. 3) Now, click on the Create Document option.

4) Select the Viewer, generally Excel, to generate the document (Reporting Check box is used when downloading 5) Next, select "HR Integrator Setup" to create a custom Integrator. 6) Next, select the layout as "Integrator Setup" . 7) Next, leave the content as "None". 8) Next, review and select "Create Document". 9) This action creates an Excel Spreadsheet. Make sure you "Enable Macros" when you open it. Now using this spreadsheet we can create New Integrators. Basically, WebADI uses data from this standard template/layout to create/upload details about new Inte grators. Complete the excel sheet with the Integrator Name. Column Meaning -----------------------------------------------Metadata Type CREATE : create new Integrator UPDATE : update an Integrator DOWNLOAD : download Integrator data Application Short Name Integrator User Name View Name ed for CREATE type. Form Name ate with Integrator API Package Name API Procedure Name Interface User Name integrator on layout page. Interface Parameter List Name age API Type API Return Type PROCEDURE or FUNCTION Procedure that inserts/uploads data. Interface name displayed on to the user for this Name for the parameter list displayed on Layout p PROCEDURE or FUNCTION Date, Number or Varhar2 Application Short Name, like AP, XXTEK Integrator User Name, Appear in the drop down list Name of the View used to download data, not requir GENERAL if don t associate Integrator with form LETTER for mail merge.Specific form name to associ

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1) Create a from function TESTEMP. 2) Repeat steps 3) and 4) of previous post to select another Integrator and sele ct "HR Maintain Integrator Form Function Associations". This is a standard integ rator that allows us to associate a Form Function with an Integrator. 3)Next, select layout "Form Function Association"(default standard). 4)Next, select "Form Function Association" (default standard)for content. 5)Next, give the Application Short Name and Integrator name (just create in step s earlier) Click continue, and on Review screen, click on "Create Document" button. This will generate the excel sheet with all the required details. Open the excel sheet. 6)Complete the excel sheet by entering the Form function name we created earlier . 7)Click Oracle -> Upload. This will create the association between Integrator an d the Form Function. 8)Now, add this function to the Menu (function security) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1) From Oracle Web ADI responsibility, click "Define Layout: function to create a Layout for existing or Custom Integrators. 2) Next select the Integrator we created in earlier steps. 3) Click Define Layout, give Layout a name and Layout Key. 4) Click Continue. The next screen shows all the procedure parameters. Choose as Header if the value should remain same for all data lines or Line if t he value changes for each line. See the screen shot below. Click Apply. For complex layouts, we need to first identify Header and Lines at the start its elf. 5) That's it !! We are done. And ready to use this custom integrator to load dat a into Oracle Apps without coding or programming anymoer.