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Behind Enemy Lines

A Warhammer 40,000 Event

Behind Enemy Lines is a 1 day 4 game Warhammer 40k event.

Awards 1St Overall 1st Place combined score from Battle, Sportsmanship and Painting The following restrictions are in place: 2nd Overall 2nd Place combined score from Battle, All armies must comply with the 1000 point Sportsmanship and Painting limit 3rd Overall 3rd Place combined score from Battle, th Sportsmanship and Painting Warhammer 5 Edition Rules and all current rulebook and codex FAQs will be used Best Sport Individual with the highest Sportsmanship Score Any current 40k Codex released before In the event of a draw Sportsmanship then painting January 2012 can be used. Forgeworld except for units using Structure scores will be used for countback. Points, Flyers and Gargantuan Creatures Scoring rules can be used. No Apocalypse units or data sheets can be Battle: Win: 15pts used. All armies must be WYSIWYG. Models must Draw: 10pts Loss: 5pts be modelled appropriately in accordance Kill an enemy HQ unit +5 Bonus Points to the relevant codex. (Minor things like modelling grenades, side arms and other Sportsmanship: small objects will be overlooked. All armies must comply with the standard After every game each player will answer the 5 questions below regarding their opponents sportsmanship force organisation chart. attributes throughout the game. A player's tournament points for sports are calculated by their opponent's Event Format responses to these questions. 4 games with a 1hr 30min time limit will be played 1. Were all rules queries resolved amicably and without using a variety of mission combinations from the 5th too much argument? Edition rule book. 2. Did your opponent always state what they were doTime and Place ing clearly before proceeding rolling dice and/or movWhen: Sunday January 15 2012 ing models? Where: The Artie Kerr Building 130 Kingaroy St, Kinga- 3. Did your opponent move their units correctly? I.e. roy did they not use a "rubber ruler" and therefore moved their units the correct distance each time? Doors open at 8:00am with registration starting at 4. In your opinion, did your opponent play the game in 8:15am. the right spirit? Did they maintain a sensible approach and demeanour when things were not going their way? Time Table 5. Would you be happy enough to play your opponent again? Maybe not today but at another tournament 8:15 8:45 Registration perhaps? 9:00 10:30 Game 1 10:45 12:15 1:00 2:45 4:45 12:15 1:00 2:30 4:15 5:00 Game 2 Lunch Game 3 Game 4 Presentations Painting: The organiser will inspect each army on the day and mark the painting on the following criteria: Is the army fully painted (3 colours minimum)? 2 points Are the bases flocked? 1 point Does the army look like a cohesive force? Consistent colour scheme etc. 2 points

Cost: $10 Entry Fee

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