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Through the Eyes

of a Raven

A cold nostalgic heart
Yearning for a warm haven
Walking alone in the dark
With only the cry of a raven

It stares at her with ravenous eyes
Eager to rip into her flesh callously
Thirsty for her flow of warm blood
Watching her every move closely

Frozen she is with deep trepidation
As she sees the black bird on the tree
Hypnotised by its demon stare
She entrancedly gazes at it helplessly

It spreads its flawless wings
Under its spell she is, a prey
Aiming for the instinct kill
Before night turns into day

it draws near her Its wings flutter with fear and go wild A walking tomb with vacant eyes it sees A lifeless body in the guise of a child Far from the unknown stranger Away it flees into the night sky The raven she can no longer see Only hear its gravelly raucous cry Her heart a hardened vacuum A body with no soul she has become Cold blood coursing through her veins Suddenly immortal and so numb Through the eyes of a raven She sees the world as her prey A cold and dark soul of the night A dark phantom in a world so grey April 2003 .Eye to eye.