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A Training report On

Advertisement Strategies of Verona vitrified pvt Ltd, morbi

Prepared by M.B.A.(B.A.) Roll No. Guided by Institute

: NIRAJ O. AGHARA : ACADMICYEAR 2010 -11 : 53 : Prof. M.M.Pole : Institute of management and entrepreneurship Devlopment College, pune.

Submitted to : bhartividyapeeth University, pune.

I, the undersign Niraj O Aghara. Student of MBA(.B.A) here by declare the project work presented is my own work and has been carried out under the supervision of. This work has not been previously submitted to any other university for any examination. At the successful completion of my internship study, I would like to extend my gratitude to all those without whose valuable guidance and support it would have not been possible. With all sincerity and respect, I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Pankaj p. kundariya (marketing manager) for giving an opportunity to have Corporate Exposure and Learning at Verona Granito Pvt. Limited. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of the Faculty members of Department of commerce and management for helping me in various aspects of the study. I am very thankful to the management and staff of Verona Granito Pvt. Limited for their friendly nature and invaluable co-operation during my study.

In the present world with lots of odds & with decreasing importance of education & the decreasing loyalty towards education. There is a need to revies the method of educated employed one of the method is to accompany practical study with the theoretical method. This would strengthen the principles & concept of theoretical education & would become world applicable. In the present day the business would become a highly complicated faculty which has to undergo staff competitior & has to operated in such an environmental where there is no look back formula to sucess. Thus Bhartividyapeeth University has been running a business management faculty under the degree of M.B.A. to keep the student interested in it which has practical study under the subject, Practical Training. This practical study is useful to determine the parameters between the theoretical study and the actual situaltion. It is useful to increase the knowledge and teh foreshight of the student and they provide them actually step into the dynamic. Everchanging, world of business. I have taken opportuniy to undergo practical training during the year 2010 in Verona vitrifiedI have done my research in Morbi city.


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Project at Glance
Name of the Firm Year of Establishment Form of Organization Company Type Location of Factory : : : : : VERONA VITRIFIED PVT. LTD. 01/09/2003 Private limited. SMEs VERONA VITRIFIED PVT. LTD.

8-A, National Highway, Makansar, Morbi-2

Phone Number (office) Contact no Fax Number E-mail Product Management Certification Name of Promoters : : : : :

02822-283761 9898020561 02822-283541

Vitrified tiles Others-ISO 9001:2000 Mr. MAVJIBHAI PATEL Mr. PANKAJ P. KUNDARIA Mr. PANKAJ PATEL


I.C.I.C.I Bank S.B.I. Bank H.D.F.C. Bank

Objective of the Organization

To became the highest selling and manufacturing of vitrified tiles in vitrified world.

Product Range
Vitrified Tiles vitrified Tiles Of Soluble Salt Technology, Nano Technology Are Available In Various Colors And The Sizes Are Ranging From 300 X 600, 600x600 Mm & 800x800 Mm. full Body Nano Technology Polished With Special Effects Including Double Charge, Italian Marble Finishes Are A Users Delight Of Highest Order.

No. of Employee
51-100 Employees

45 Crores

National and international


History And Development Of The Unit

The Prince Cement is a private company which produces cement. It was established in 1997 contain when the firm was impropriate, who were the raise what way its purpose, what are the product, manufactured by them etc. The Samay company has commenced production from 01-10-1998 with magnificent opening ceremony. The plant way inaugurated by chief minister of Gujarat Shri. KESHUBHAI PATEL in the presence of eminent minister and statesmen. To enter into the vitrified field, the incorporation of ANTIQUE VITRIFIED PVT. LTD. has oven the last one year acquired a reputation of quality product and complete customer satisfaction in the vitrified floor tiles. In 01-10-2003, they have also started another industry under the name and style of VERONA VITRIFIED TILES PVT. LTD. This industries product is to manufacture vitrified tiled only. It is good for them that they dont have to find another young team because it is already well equipped with the family members. Verona tiles Finishing touches to your dream, The face of all desires The face of your desires.. We are the leading manufacturer of vitrified wall and floor tiles, providing service to both the commercial, retail and residential segments with equal lan and quality. Located at the hub of ceramic tile manufacturing location, we provide supreme quality advantage much beyond comprehension. We have over the years excelled in design, color, quality and finish. Verona Vitrified Tiles produces a very wide range of products in the Ceramic Range with products such as Ceramic Wall and Floor Tiles, High Gloss Tiles, Floor mosaics, and Borders & Corners. TO add all product categories our efforts have been to design and innovate. As a ISO 9001:2001 certified ceramic industry we constantly pursuit excellence in quality to match and perform at global standards. History Vision Products Verona Vitrified Tiles is a pioneer in making mirror finish vitrified tiles. A product set to revolutionize the definition of ultra luxury living and space creation.

Organization Chart



















Products OF THE UNIT

VERONA VITRIFIED TILES are manufacture tiles having various categories and sizes. 605mm 605mm 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 ivory accord galaxy jupiter yello atlanta bianco milano pine classic carpet darwin olympus parleto teakwood

In marble series they are having following range. titan jaiselmer milky white s&p black black Venus etc.

Production Process

Production Process of VITRIFIED TILES Clary and Mineral Slurry Feeding Air Heading Spray Drying of Slurry Storage of Powder Sieving Power Feeding Fettling Loading into dryer Drying Unloading of Trans. Fer car Screen Printing of Tiles Firing Polishing Sorting & Packing Finished Goods Dispatch


Companys Vision Objectives of the Unit

The management of VERONA has committed it self to six long term objectives. Excellence in quality. Ceaseless quest for higher productivity. Maximum customer satisfaction. Development indusive of employees growth Fair return to shareholders Vigilant search for opportunity for growth and fulfillment of social objectives.


Location And Site Preference

The site of the unit is located at 8/A National highways, which is only 21 km. Away from MORBI city. Site is vitrified zone with numbers of other vitrified unit. Other three unit named RCC CEMENT, ANTIQUE VITRIFIED and SPANISO VITRIFIED are located here, so promoters can easily concerned on this plant very effectively and efficiently. As this is well developed Industrial zone, power connection from Gujarat Electricity Board is available very easily. And get easily industrial gas by Gujarat government. The site is very near to Machchhu River and dam, so here by plenty of water is available at very low depth. As MORBI is very famous for its roofing tiles, floor-tiles, glazed-tiles, sanitary-wares so direct consumer of these product visit morbi for their requirement over and above dealer network. As in this area there are more than 50 units engaged in the same line, raw material suppliers and machinery suppliers used to visit this area 50 raw material availability became easy. Experienced and skilled machinery repairs and technocrat are available here.



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Introduction Significance Of Marketing Department Marketing In Past And At Present Marketing Competitiveness Marketing Mix
a) Introduction b) Product c) Price d) Promotion e) Place

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Promotion Mix Advertisement Staretgies


marketing is a social process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating offering and freely exchanging products and services of value with other. - Philip kotler. Marketing is a comprehensive team and it induces all resources and a set of activities necessary to direct and facilities the flow of goods and service from the producer to consumer in the process of distribution. Businessmen refer marketing process as distribution process. Human efforts, finance and management constitute the primary resources in marketing. The American marketing association offers the following definitions. Marketing management is the process of planning and executing the company pricing, promotion and distribution of create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational goals. Thus, marketing includes all resources of objective, which facilitate the place of goods and services from the manufactures to the end person.


Significance of Marketing Department

It is obvious that marketing is a comprehensive term and it includes all resources and a set of activities necessary to direct and facilitates the flow of goods and service from the producer to the consumer in the process of distribution. Businessman refers marketing process as distribution process. Human efforts, finance and management constitute the primary resources in the marketing. Marketing is a social process by which individual and group, obtain what they need and want through creating offering and freely exchanging products and services of value with others. Marketing is the goal of any business. Marketing ensures effective and productive utilization of corporate resources. It helps in providing standardized channel for promotion and selling goods and services. It helps in brand building. It becomes instrument in raising capital output. Thus marketing management is the communication channel between the company and society. Marketing also helps in increasing per capital income, which leads to increase in standard of living. It also helps in increasing the competence of the firm and increase the national income. Thus, the key to achieve organizational goals consist of being more effective than competitions in integrating marketing activities towards determining and satisfying the needs and wants of target market.


Marketing In Past And Marketing At Present

The essence of marketing and exchange of product and the transaction is to satisfy the human needs and wants. It may be defined as the process of exchange between the buyers and sellers, it includes a number of activity designed to plan, promote, distribute and price of a product or service in order to meet the wants and needs of both the parties in exchange transactions. In the past marketing was attached with selling concept where it was founded that the consumers are not aware with the product. So they have to be forced to purchase the product. But at present the concept is totally changed. Total marketing refers to identifying the consumer and converting those needs and wants of product and service and they in turn creating the demand for the product. Because some people are not aware of the product. So the manufacturers are now producing the product as per the demand of the consumer. In VERONA VITRIFIED PVT. LTD. Marketing plats an important role to develop the unit. These companies always think to develop a product keeping in mind and they requirements and wants of the consumers. So in past, the had to ascertain the buyers class wants and requirements. At present VERONA VITRIFIED PVT. LTD. Marketing is expanded in many countries, Previously it was not than much expanded. In India, it has divided into various zones like north zone, south zone, east zone and west zone. The company has expert direct marketing representatives the company has provided a website facility by which customer can take all the information about the product.


Market Competitiveness
COMPETITION FACED: Market competitiveness refers to how the company is performing in relation to its competitions in the market. Today each and every business has to face the competition and it has became a part of business. VERONA VITRIFIED PVT. LTD. Has also to face the competitions and they have competitions like. 1. KAJARIA. 2. VARMORA. 3. H.B. JOHNSON. The company is in the position to face the competition because of maintaining their quality of product and customer satisfaction. The company does not believe in any compromise with the quality of their product and service.

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. VERONA VITRIFIED PVT. LTD. Is unique amongst vitrified manufacture because of their quality of products and customers. It is ahead because of their trends of renovating the technology.


Marketing Mix
INTRODUCTION:A successful marketing strategy must have a marketing mix as well as a target market for whish the marketing mix is prepared. The elements of variables that make up only four. Decision on product or service. Decision on price. Decision on promotion. Decision on distribution or place.

The four element of the marketing mix are shown in the given below.

PRODUCT MIX. Brand Style Color Design Product mix Warranty Label

PRICE MIX Pricing strategy Pricing policy Basic price Terms of credit Allowance


PROMOTION MIX Personnel selling Publicity Sales promotion Consumers Dealers

PLACE MIX Distribution channel Wholesalers Retailers Merchant / Agents Physical distribution Order processing Warehousing Transportation Inventories


Promotion Mix
Promotion mix is a layman language means all the efforts made by the company to sell its product. Efforts are necessary not only to sell the products but also to maintain current sales and retain and grow market share. Promotion in dudes all the activity which the company undertakes to communication and promote its product to the target market. The company tries to come out of the competition clutter by pushing the product and pulling the customer. Promotional efforts can be divided into following four categories.






A perfect blend of the above four in a company marketing policy will definitely lead to growth and development. in case of vitrified, promotion of various pillars is as under. ADVERTISING - 50% SALES PROMOTION - 40% PUBLICITY 10%

Since is an industrial product the proportion of personal selling is almost nil. Today recession is prevailing in the market. Therefore only those firm will survive which concentrate on planned and systematic promotional efforts.




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PARTICULARS Introduction Concept Of Advertising Importance Of Advertising Purposes Of Advertising Advertising Agency Advertising Center Of Marketing VERONAs Advertising Strategies




Developing And Managing An Advertising Program

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The 5 Ms Of Advertising Money Budget Allocation Advertising Layout Layout Of Advertising In VERONA Advertising Media Media Used By This Company Media Scheduling VERONA Vitrified And Advertising Mission Message Measurement


Now a day marketing plays an important role for the entire organization marketing is very much important for all the products as without marketing the consumer will have luck of information about the products. Thus to make the consumers aware of product marketing is done. Advertising is one such form of impersonal mass communication. It is a major promotion tool in the hands of the organization. It is used to direct persuasive communication to target buyers and general public. It is a cost effective way to disseminate massage and is countries of the world. Advertising is also a measure of growth of civilization and indication of the striving of the human race for betterment and perfection.


Concept Of Advertising
Advertising has become an inevitable part of business in the present competition age. The present age is the age of advertisement. Advertisement is one of the most common tools companies use to direct persuasive communication to target buyer and public. Advertising is a form of mass communication. Various authors have given different definitions of advertising. One of the most representative and widely accepted definitions has been given by American marketing association. Awarding to them, Advertising is any paid form of non personal presentation and promotion of ideas goods or service by an identified sponsor. Advertising is in one form or another is used by most organizations. Advertisement is paid for by a sponsor who wants.


Importance Of Advertising

Give broad perspective of purpose of advertising are as followed:

1. INFORMATION TO THE CUSTOMER Customer need information about various goods and services. Due to ignorance, a consumer may purchase an inferior product pay higher prices or the event not know that the product exists.

2. BRAND IMAGE BUILDING Very often advertising is using to build a brand image. Images are mental picture of brand that may appeal to the different segments of the target audients in varying degrees. Favorable image will help in generating brand loyalty and dis position to buy that the brand in preference to the another.

3. INNOVATION Advertising is seen to the perform this task most effectively for new products. In a way it reduces the risk of the innovation can be more than revered by the sales which advertising may generate and this encourages manufacturers to under take the research and development.

New Product Launch

Various strageties in duding the advertising are employed to make the potential buyer aware of new product. VERONA VITRIFIED PVT LTD. Given advertising in broadcast media.



The real purpose of advertising sell the product through effective communication. Advertising is also employed to promote the bright image of the firm in the society. Advertising programmed as an integral part of the promotion company in may have one or more of the specific objectives. An advertising goal is a specific communication task and achievement level to be accomplished with a specific audience in a specific period of time. - WLLEY Advertising object an be classified according to

TO INFORM Telling the market about a new product. Suggesting new uses for a product. Informing the market of a price change. Correcting false impression. Reducing buyers fears. Build a company image.

TO REMIND Remind buyers where to buy it. Keeping it in buyers mind during off seasons. Maintaining its op of mind awareness.

TO PERSURDE building brand preference. Encouraging switching to the brand. Changing buyers perception of product attributes. Persuading buyers to purchase now. Persuading buyers to receive a sale all.


VERONA VITRIFIED has selected the following as its advertising objectives. To increase sales. To counter competition. To enter a new market. To create and retain customers. To increase replacement rate. To support the sales force. To support the dealers. To obtain immediate buying action. To position the brand in target market. To increase populations of companys product.


Advertising Agency

An advertising is an independent concern action as a specialist in advertising. It acts as an agent or consultant of the advertiser who is a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer. Also, it acted as a space brokers for the media owner, e.g. newspapers today, they are advertising experts or specialist in planning, creating and placing of Advertisement. They plan and expiate entire advertising companies. They conduct market research on behalf of business enterprise. They select the media of advertisement.

BENEFIT OF ADVERTISING AGENCY. 1. The company can-not have all types of specialists such as copy writers, artists, design staff, market research experts etc. the agency can have these highly paid specialists on a payment basis. 2. The agency can see the product its merits and demerits through the eyes of buyers who are also outsider. 3. Companys own department may not have that much time to produce the results the agency feels a greater pressure for giving effective performance. 4. Finally the agency is paid by the media owner. VERONA VITRIFIED has selected add agency for its national level advertising. The Rajkot branch of the company appoints any one of the load ad agencies. Which it finds best for its advertising program.


Advertising Center of Marketing

Advertising is used to direct persuasive communication to target buyers and public. There will be hardly a field of business in which advertising is not used for sales expansion. there is no exaggeration in saying that modern age is the age of advertising It is a strong media for maintain producer and consumer. According to the marketing manager of VERONA VITRIFIED, they have already established brand image in the minds of consumers. Has over the year won high level of consumer acceptance. At present they are trying to continue brand image and attract more potential consumers and the aim of advertising is to motivate the people, motivate here means convert desire stage into action stage. In short, Advertising communicates the present and commits the future. To communicate about his product or service to his customer. The sponsor wants to persuade and induce the readers viewers or listeners to take some action. Thus, advertising is purposeful communication designed with a view to achieving specific objectives.


Verona Vitrifieds Advertising Strategies

Since the inception of VERONA VITRIFIEDS advertising the company has used the following strategies. - corporate advertising - co operative advertising

CORPORATE ADVERTISING It means that all the expenses of advertising are borne by the company it self. The proportion of this type of advertising is 60+ in its total investment towards advertising by the company. It include Newspapers Magazines Posters Boards Wall painting Electronic display Circular Price list Cards Catalogs Folders Personal letters, TVs CO OPRATIVE ADVERTISING It means that cast of advertising will be borne by dealers as well as the company. In VERONA VITRIFIED cost borne by dealers is 30% and by the company is 70% its proportion is 40% in total investment towards advertising.

HOW DOES IT WORK IN VERONA VITRIFIED ? All the dealers are allowed to take part in advertising function and they are reimbursed 70% of the expense incurred by them and remaining 30% is to be borne by the dealer. All the dealer are given minimum limit of Rs. 3000 and maximum limit of Rs. 7000 for such reimbursement expenses are allowed depending on capacity of dealer.


Developing & Managing

AN ADVERTISING PROGRAM. In developing a program marketing manager must always start by identifying the target market and buyer motives. Than aim market the five major decisions in developing an advertising program known as the 5 ms

Mission Money Massage Media Measurement

: : : : :

What Are The Advertising Objective? How Much Aim Be Spent? What Massage Should Be Used? What Media Should Be Used? How The Reject Should Be Evaluated?


The 5 Ms Of Advertising

1) MISSION Objective of Advertising 2) MONEY Factors to be considered Competitions clutter Advertisement frequency Product substitutability Market share and consumer bases 3) MESSAGE Message Evaluation And Selection Message Exertion Social Responsibility Review Message Generation 4) MEDIA Major media types Specific media venires Geographical media allocation Reach, frequents. Impact. 5) MEASUREMENT Sales impact Communication impact


Money represents the budget of advertisement. It is also called as advertising appropriation. Having established the advertising objective the next important managerial task is to determine the advertising appropriation for budgeting periods. There are many methods for determining advertising budget, which are as under. As you can afford method Percentage on sales method Competitive party method Return on investment method Objective and task method By VERONA VITRIFIED no specific method is adopted but they use two ways.

PAST SALES Past 4-5 year sales turnover or of estimated sales, turnover for current year is decided and on that basis estimated budget is prepared. After approval of appropriate top authority, spent is decided.

FUTURE DEMAND It is also considered many factory like clumity, demand by particular segment etc. are considered which fixing advertising is required and vise versa.

FACTORS CONSIDERED. Financial strength is important factor while deciding companys ability to spend. If financial position is strong more funds is available for advertising VERONA VITRIFIED has a huge network and sales turnover usually goes for budget in crores.

SALES The sales of product in past also determines share of funds available in the next coming years. TOTAL DEALER NETWORK Expansion of dealer network calls for more advertising and there by more spending on it.


NUMBER OF DEALER For co-operatively ads all the dealer are given limit of Rs. 3000 to Rs. 7000. Hence, by cal elating total number of dealer with maximum limit the budget for co-operative ads can be deeded. ESTIMATES BY THE AD AGENCY However, many other factory also affect advertising budget formulaic depending on current passion and need of advertisement. VERONA VITRIFIED has about dealer in Gujarat and out of Gujarat. Out of which 40% of network takes active part in advertising program. Yearly advertising budget is prepared by particular branch only.


Budget Allocation
Total advertising for the year 2008-09 is Rs. 4 crores. Percentage share of different media and other relative costs are us under. MEDIA Wall Painting Hoardings Newspaper TV advertising Others Total SHARE 50% 25% 15% 5% 5% 100% COST(Rs.)in lacks 200 100 60 20 20 400

Depending on requirement of particular area the advertising budget is changed.


Advertising Layout
Alternative layout deal with proper and attractive physical arrangement for the best presentation of the message or sales communication. A visual layout of an advertisement has the following elements. headline illustration color body copy or text slogan 1. HEADLINE Headline must put for the main theme or appeal in a few words. It should be clear, simple, short and attractive to hold attention of the prospect. It should be printed in prominent manner. 2. ILLUSTRATION They provide line drawings, cartoons, pictures, symbols, photographs, for attracting interest. It is the best and most effective way of communication of ideas. 3. COLOR It is an importune ingredient of an advertisement. Color has great attention attracting power. Color contrast is more attractive and pleasing to our eyes. 4. BODY COPY OR TEXT. It is called the heart of advertising copy. It will point out the selling points of the selling points of the product, when it can be secured, what benefits the product will offer ? what its price ? how it is to he used ? 5. SLOGAN A slogan should be a fundamental sales argument for a product or service, expressed in few words; it should contain brand name and name of company.


Layout Of Advertising In Verona Vitrified

Ads of VERONA VITRIFIED can be found always in the background of symbols of ivory white color. The color and arrangement of words and pictures affect the most to the perception of viewers.

Reasons For Effectiveness Of Advertising Copy Of Verona Vitrified COLOR SLOGAN Milky white The face of all desire.

Uniformity Of Advertisement
VERONA VITRIFIEDs advertisement are uniform everywhere, moreover there have been very minute changes in advertisement copy since the beginning.

Message Of The Ads

The message always concentrate on strength of tiles and new technology of tiles. There fore it has created a strong brand image.


Advertising Media
In Marketing Media Decision There Are Many Factors. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The financial allocution for advertising The nature of product and the demand for it. The type of prospect their location and other characteristics. The nature of competition and extent of coverage required. Cost of media, co-operation and promotional aids offered by media relation.


PRINT MEDIA News paper Magazines Trade journals and specialists.


TRANSIST Railways Buses Airplanes Car cards subw ays

OUTDOOR OR RURAL Poster Hoarding Sky ads Sandwich Men Electronic sign

BROAD COST MEDIA Radio Television Screen slides

OTHER FORMY Window display Point of purchase material Exhibitions Director

Cirallural sales letters

Price list

Catalogues / fatlets pamphlets / brochures

Other direct mail


Media Used By This Company

1. PRINT MEDIA. With the development of information technology. There has been an explosion of information. Moreover it provides more utility in less as compared to other medium. VERONA VITRIFIED considers some important point while selecting news paper like eiralation of newspapers and quality of service. After considering these points, particular newspaper is chosen. 2. BROADCASTING MEDIA Television and radio are the popular media of advertising. Which are also called broadcasting media. It is a wonderful means of muss communication for creating. 3. OUTDOOR MEDIA VERONA VITRIFIED pays the almost attention to outdoor media VERONA VITRIFIED has adopted posters, hoardings and wall paintings as media of outdoor advertising. The philosophy of the company is that company wants to create a strong brand image through hoardings and wall painting. The VERONA VITRIFIED uses most of available media as under its advertisings.

AT BRANCH LEVEL Level newspapers Hoardings Hand bills, pamphlets etc. Mobile phones Posters Boards Electronic display Demonstration AT HEAD OFFICE LEVEL National newspapers Magazines Major TV channels Catalogues Advertising specialty Internet Folders Personal letters


Methods For Shceduling Media

After selecting the appropriate media the planer decides how many space or time units of each product to buy and schedules theme for release over a period of time. The major goal is to schedule advertising when consumers are most apt to buy. The methods for advertising schedule are follows 1. CONTINUES SCHEDULE In this method advertising run steadily and varies little over the campaign period. It is the best way to build continuity. Advertising usually follow this scheduling pattern for products consumer purchase regularly. 2. FLIGHTING SCHEDULE Flighting alternates periods of advertising with period of no advertising. This intermittent schedule makes sense for product and services. 3. PULSING YEAR It mixes continues and fighting strategies. The advertiser maintain a law level of a advertising all year but uses periodic pulses to HEAVY UP during peak selling periods. In the VERONA VITRIFIED they adopt the flighing schedule media because in this method they gives advertise in the seasonal periods i.e. Summer, Vinter and in the festival like Diwali, Navaratri etc.


Verona Vitrified And Advertising

VERONA is the pioneer in marketing of tiles industry. The company need not used to give any brand name to his product. Tiles are such a product that demand can be created and one can insist others to buy it. But they can motivate the customers to buy their product. VERONA VITRIFIED also set the trend and implement concept of modern marketing. Now a days, VERONA VITRIFIED used to advertise in metro city, than after some time they started in every big city and than start small villages also.


The objective with which advertising is done is called MISSION an advertising objective is a specific communication task and achievement level to be accomplished with a specific audience in a specific time. The VERONA VITRIFIED the sole main objective of creating a strong brand image in the minds of customers. Advertising objective of VERONA VITRIFIED is.

IMAGE BUILDING Advertising should be such that occupies distinct place in the mind of consumer. Today brand image of VERONA VITRIFIED is very strong. Their corporate advertising campaign ULTIMATE FLUORING IDEA is also constituted on the basis of image only.

IT SHOULD BE RETAINED BY CONSUMER Advertising should be designed in a way that the message of advertiser is understood in a way as desired by VERONA VITRIFIED.

TO PERSUADE CONSUMER FOR BUYING Advertising should be persuade highlighting benefits & features of cement. It tries to convince consumer for favoring VERONA VITRIFIED. Thus, we can say that the objects of VERONA VITRIFIED are broadly classified into 3 main objectives. TO INFORM TO PERSUADE TO REMIND i.e. telling them about existence of your products. i.e. building brand preference for your product only. i.e. enlarging them for repeat purchase.

Thus, the main goal of advertising is to facilitate increase in sales, saving the interests of member unions of objectives of VERONA VITRIFIED.


All the advertisements foal on certain message. This message should be according to the mission decided, the target group & need of the organization. There fore an advertisement copy must be prepared considering the effectiveness of message.


The effect of advertisement on awareness, knowledge & preference should be measured as advertisement is taken as an investment. The return on investment should be measured by a proper way. VERONA VITRIFIED has a proper way to check in advertising program. Dealer & ad agency is required to give the proof of their & way. Measurement of effectiveness of advertisement is done through opinion collection of - Dealers - Existing customers - Probable customers - Advertising / expert Impacts of different media on different people.

PRINT MEDIA IT INCLUDES NEWSPAPER, JOURNALS, MAGAZINES ETC. Therefore a regular reader class can be covered. VERONA VITRIFIED targets on the consumers who are contractors, dealer, engineers, architects, ordinary people in general. The impact of print media remains fresher as compared to broadcasting media. A selected group can be targeted through specific trade journals or newspapers.

BROADCASTING METHOD Broadcasting media covers a mass of people over the country or countries at a stretch. It affects more to people as we remember more what we are instead of reading it. Thus, VERONA has now started giving advertisement on television in home town.

OUTDOOR MEDIA It affects to all people who are passes by of a particular place e.g. hoardings. Thousands of people come across a hoarding in a day. Hence exposed to number of times. Hoarding and wall painting affect the load people who can easily contact the dealer or distributors through a hoarding because each hoarding displays the name and address of authorized dealers / sub dealers of near by areas.


Swot Analysis

Swot analysis means the analysis of. S Strength. W Weakness. O Opportunity. T Threat.

STRENGTH 1. 2. 3. 4. WEAKNESS 1. Irregularity in time cost 2. VERONA industry entered late in the market OPPORTUNITY 1. Rapidly and continuous growth in the market. So company will think about expansion. 2. Growing rate of consumer awareness. THREATS 1. Highly competitive market against imported vitrified tiles. Strong market awareness Technology Reputation of company Develop rural area to reach at the global position


Future Plan
Future plane of VERONA VITRIFIED is to become leading companies in the vitrified tiles all over the world. They will be installing new latest machines for increasing productions and various designs and ran ges to meet the upcoming market needs. Also they wanted to try servicing those services. They will be starting new project of vitrified tiles in Morbi and the name is CASA VITRIFIED PVT. LTD.


Suggested Strategies
Some of the suggestive strategies to the marketing problems of VERONA VITRIFIED can be under. FREQUENT ADVERTISEMENTS

One of the best solutions to it marketing problems in frequent advertisement of the product of VERONA VITRIFIED in different TV programmers. It should specially select prime time to seek attention of major target audiences. There should be high only through television but also other medias like cell phones, radio, print media, outdoor media etc. due to high frequency of adopt the effects of carry over will also reduce to a greater extent. BUILD STRONG BRAND IMAGE

Previously the brand image of VERONA VITRIFIED was very strong due to lower frequency of advertisements the consumers brand recall ration reduced & as a result the brand image also become some what weaker. So frequent advertising &thus remarking of its products will help VERONA VITRIFIED to build up a stronger brand image Thus, there are some of my suggestive strategies to the marketing problems fuad by VERONA VITRIFIED.



I have visited VERONA VITRIFIED and got an experience will definitely help in my future. The co-operation of the employee is good. The management is also effective and efficient. All the departments are also handled by the authorized person who have great experience and it is one of the response of sues of the firm. So, I wish the company makes more and more profit, fulfill to future plans and get good global market.


Marketing Managements Philip Kottler. Advertising Management Mahenra Mohan & Areas Bovee.