Anagha Uday Gokhale Associate Professor, Vishwakarma Sahajeevan Institute of Management,Khed Mob:9850890382

Role of Government in commercialization and Globalization of Fruit Processing Industry
ABSTRACT This article made an attempt to review the Government’s role in commercialization and Globalization of Fruits Processing Industry. Article analyzes government’s policy measures, fiscal reliefs and incentives offered, setting up of Agri-Export Zones (AEZ), proactive support through National Horticulture Board(NHB), Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) , Ministry of Food Processing Industry (MOFPI), National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development(NABARD), Export-Import Bank of India (EXIM Bank), World Trade Organization(WTO) provisions and other institutes. Research finds the answers for: Why Government’s role is significant in value addition to Food Processing Industry? What is the role of government in value chain of FPIs? What type of strategies undertaken by the government to achieve lead in global business? Are there new opportunities created in FPI due to government policy initiatives and other initiatives? Fruits processing is now regarded as the upcoming sector of the Indian economy in view of its large potential for growth and likely socio economic impact specifically on employment and income generation. In India, this sector accounts for a major percentage of employment and contribution to GDP. India is the 2nd largest producer of fruits and vegetables (F&V) in the world with 150 MT of F&V produced annually. But only around 2.2% of fruit and vegetable is processed as compared to countries like USA 65%, China 23%, so this presents enormous opportunity to companies looking at investing in this sector. This research will guide the domestic and foreign investors, entrepreneurs and corporate interested in doing investment in this sector. This article is purely secondary research article based on earlier researches and material available on this subject. Data is collected from books, journals, websites and government reports. The scope is restricted to food processing industry and not covered the government policies, schemes and exemptions given to agriculture and horticulture sector. This research explores government’s role as a major service provider to the Food Processing Industry. Key Words: Government policy initiatives and other schemes, Fruits Processing Industry, Strategies towards globalization

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