MARKETING STRATEGY OF “KWALITY WALL’S” (A brand under the parent company “UNILEVER”



beverages. Pepsodent. 1996. BBLIL merged with HLL. HLL’s brands like Lifebuoy. Brooke Bond. In July 1993. Brooke Bond India and Lipton India merged to form Brooke Bond Lipton India Limited. cleaning agents and personal care products. Pond’s. Rin. Unilever entered into a strategic alliance with the Kwality Ice cream Group families. Lux. . with effect from January 1. Surf excel. It launched Wall's range of Frozen Desserts in 1994 & by the end of the year. Sunsilk. Lakme.Annapurna. without any constraints on production capacity. Uniliver is India’s largest Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). Close-up. Wheel. Kissan. Clinic.ABOUT UNILEVER HISTORY OF UNILEVER: Unilever ( is a British-Dutch multinational corporation that owns many of the world's consumer product brands in foods. Fair and Lovely. HISTORY OF HUL: The liberalization allowed Unilever to explore every single product and opportunity segment. Knorr. Kwality Wall’s etc.

Launch Dairy Classic as a fighter brand ABOUT KWALITY WALL’S: KWALITY Walls. The global leader in ice cream . Kwality Wall’s currently commands a market share of more than 50 per cent of the organised Indian ice-cream sector. launched in 1995. It was the first in the region to . the company has been renamed to "Hindustan Unilever Limited" to strike the optimum balance between maintaining the heritage of the Company and the future benefits and synergies of global alignment with the corporate name of “Unilever” The strategies to overcome barriers & limitations are: Increase off –season sales Expand the overall size of the market Increasing involvement with the brand Promote brand consumption of ice cream Efficient distribution network. It was founded in 1956. KWALITY WALL’S.In February 2007. which has been identified as one among the 30 power brands of FMCG giant Unilever.with a deep insight of the Indian market. is the company's master brand for ice cream.

creamy flavours. BRAND STRATIGIES OF “KWALITY WALL’S”: Kwality Wall’s is not just a brand – it is the ice-cream associated with the Indian summer. First choice in icecream for any child or adult. In 1995 Kwality entered into an agreement with Lever as a result of growth in frozen foods market. PRODUCT TYPE:  Ice candies  Frozen desserts with ice candy  Frozen desserts  Ice creams . Kwality ice-creams are trusted for their rich.import machinery for the mass production and sale of ice cream on a commercial scale. their trusted quality and nutritious food value. Kwality Wall's ensures that each of its offerings is unique in taste and flavour.

PRICE AND POSITIONING: Price Range 20.strawberry) Chocobarnova Choco Brownie Butterscotch.25.10 Brands Cornetto(flirt. chocolate.30 10 30 18 15 99 99 120 5.Kesar pista Feast Chocolate excess Fruit Fusion Fruit & nut Vanilla. strawberry Product form Novelty Novelty Novelty Novelty Novelty Take home Take home Take home Mainly cups .

Pot kulfi.  Young adults. etc.Min Milk. Super premium. Top10. Ice Candies. movie houses.Cornetto. etc. Kwality Wall’s the king of frozen desert market: BASES OF MARKET SEGMENTATION: INCOME:Base. etc.Chocobar. BASES OF MARKET SEGMENTATION: AGE: Adults.nothing. Medium. Cassatta. grossorys.  Teenagers. . etc.Dairy classic range.Feast.PLACE: It is available in almost in every subway stations. Split. super markets. Feast.Chocobar etc. Premium. etc. Cornetto.

Mini Milk.Pot kulfi. push carts)Entire range. Children.Dairy Classic Range. Hattrik. SPARKEL. ETC OUTLETS: Ice-cream Parlours. Dairy classic range etc. ETC DAIRY CLASSIC CASSATTA. Solo. CORNETTO. FEAST. etc OCCASSION OF CONSUMPTION REFRESHMENT SNACKS DESSERT WATER ICE. etc. Paddle Pop.  Take Home.  On the premises consumption (like retailers.  Hotel and restaurants. Sundaes. etc. ETC CHOCOBAR. .Dairy classic range.

Hattrik and solo.  Dairy Classic targeted.  Dairy classic take home range was targeted at the urban woman.TARGETING:  For higher end products like cornetto.the typical adult ice cream consumers who don’t like experimenting. .Its meant for occasions more substantial than those warranting the consumption of a soft drink.  Split.  specific positioning. POSITIONING:  Cornetto. Or we can say art of making great ice cream.As pure indulgence.  Dairy classic. But use of strong use of colours and visual appeal.Was positioned as a rich. Hattrik and solo are targeted at children. creamy ice cream with the finest ingredients.  Feast targeted. Uniliver targetedwell off urban teenager in the metro cities.urban teenagers and young adults. and working class.  Split.

Idea was to introduce trials. The communication strategy was mainly for:  Cornetto  & Fest  Advertising through:  Half page colour ads in national and regional newspapers. This was accomplished by various methods like: .  Associating feelings and emotion. Dairy classic take home range.On rich creamy attribute.  Inducting impulse.  For dairy classic:  Outdoor hoardings. in an easy to store and use packaging. ADVERTISING: The communication model used focused  Developing and changing attitudes. SALES PROMOTIONS: Uniliver introduced promotional activities for: Cornetto.

 Feast. which was 33% less than the price for two individual cornetto. .the innovative promotional methods was:  Festival of vanilla where the plain cup was spruced up with various toppings like chocolate.  Dairy classic. pista and other flavours. Two pack at a price. KWALITY WALL’S ADVERTISING STRATEGY: BRAND WISE ANALYSIS: Include study of 4 brands under Kwality Wall’s: The house brand.  The mega cup offer where 125 ml cup was offered for the price of 100ml.  Cornetto  & Dairy Classic.


BRAND WISE ANALYSIS OF KWALITY WALLS MARKETING.ADVERTISING POLICY: Kwality Wall’s follow the policy of seasonal advertising. ADVERTISING &MEDIA STRATEGIES: HOUSE BRAND: MARKETING STRATEGY -To increase occasions of consumption and to introduce ice-cream as a snack rather than a treat.  ADVERTISING STRATEGY -The advertising for the brand focuses on the aspect of the joys of life and ice-creams .

 MEDIA STRATEGY. MEDIA STRATEGY – So far the ads have mainly been in print.To position the brand as “A macho chocolate snack for teenagers with attitude”. FEAST:  MARKETING STRATEGY.  Target audience consists of young adults.To focus on television advertising specially on prime time satellite channels during shows that have high viewer ship amongst the target. and the target segment consists of young adults. CORNETTO: CORNETTO“A togetherness treat”  Marketing strategy  Merging flavours and textures in the ice cream justifies its togetherness image.being one of them and a part of the snacking habit of the Indian market.  ADVERTISING STRATEGY.To introduce a novelty element into the brand in order to appeal to the target segment. . so as to enable the company to show the whole range of icecreams together with the price in full color half page advertisements.

 Promotions are advertised in print.  Personal value is of shared companionship.  Media strategy  Product is advertised on television during popular TV shows.  Consumer profile definition: • Has two young children • Probably works • Is in tune with the times. DAIRY CLASSIC: MARKETING STRATEGY  Target segment consists of young housewives and mothers. aware.  ADVERTISING STRATEGY  Advertising aims to create emotion associations with the brand. reads a lot • Likes doing things for her family . The product is very attractively presented.  Brand is also advertised in theaters.

 Hoardings near offices and airport to encourage fathers take home dairy classic as treat.  Product is heavily advertised through hoardings.• Conscious of family’s health • Dresses well • Almost definitely has received college level education ADVERTISING STRATEGY:  Advertisement for the brand has been done only in print. .  To induce the housewife to make an impulse purchase of the brand on the home.  To reinforce personal values of caring for the family. MEDIA STRATEGY  Advertised through print medium.

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