Jim Bennett: Sower of many kinds of seeds

By Midge Rothrock

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Where does one begin telling the story of such a fascinating man? Start with minister, or gardener, or chef, or family man, or humorous public speaker? Let us explore and decide. Maybe you know Jim Bennett from his nine years as Head Pastor at Charles Wesley UMC on Trolley Line Road here in Aiken. Or, since April of this year, The Reverend Jim Bennett now serves as a part-time minister at St. John’s UMC in downtown Aiken. For those needing a nurturing touch, Jim often visits hospitals, area nursing homes, and assisted living centers. Always so neatly dressed, he is either sporting one of his signature Save the Children ties with a crisp dress shirt and sports coat, or the more formal black pastor’s robe. Still others may recognize him from early-morning visits of recent years back to the Farmer’s Market, where bottles of his powerful and popular Preacher Jim’s Hot Sauce were sold. There was a time when Jim was declared, “America’s most recognized gardener”. Yes,

Jim Bennett working in his garden.
he is that guy. In the khaki slacks, plaid shirts, Wellington boots, and yellow suspenders, Jim was a familiar sight on TV for 13 years, as producer and host of America’s “The Weekend Gardener”, which emanated from right here in Aiken. In Congressional Record entries from that time, our then-Senior Senator Strom Thurmond heaped well-deserved praise upon Jim Bennett, and his 52-shows-a-year television hit. This popular show became a nationally and

internationally syndicated program. In fact, there was a time Jim received more than 60,000 pieces of mail per year. He also was the publisher of The Weekend Gardener Journal, a magazine crammed full of appealing articles, practical ideas and delicious recipes. People just could not get enough of Jim’s enlightening avenues for gardeners to be informed, always served with a dose of humor. So many awards and honors have been bestowed, not only for his “best gardening show in America”, but also for his illustrious career at Southern Living Magazine, and as a landscape designer. Along the way, he was even invited by Queen Elizabeth to tour the gardens of the royal grounds. Pretty heady stuff! With all that, you want to know the title Jim values the most? Reverend. This versatile person was born in Edison, Georgia. He has been crazy about a certain gal named Mattie, whom he met at Mississippi State University, where she was a student, and he was in the
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The past year at the SeniorNet Learning Center on the campus on USC Aiken was another successful one with more than three hundred students in our regular eight and four-week courses. That’s over three hundred seniors learning new skills for using their computer, whether beginners or advanced! So isn’t it time for you to think about taking a computer course with other inquiring seniors so you can better use your computer? The courses we offer for those with an advanced skill level are eight week in length, each course meeting for one twohour class period per week. In each of our advanced courses the student is given a detailed manual that lays out each lesson and clearly walks the student through the steps needed to be followed in order to master a particular skill. Also there are exercises provided that you can save on your flash drive. This allows you to repeat the exercise and the skills it uses when you are at home. It is important to practice the newly learned skills so that they become your own. And when all else fails, a student can come to the Wednesday afternoon Open Lab from 3 to 5 to get their computer or specific lesson questions answered by one of the volunteers. The eight week courses are as follows: Word Processing with Word 2007 – learn how to use Microsoft Word 2007 word processor to create, format,

SeniorNet gets ready for Fall courses
edit, save, and print a document. Many other skills are taught such as changing font and alignment, setting tabs, use of tables, insert clip art and pictures, and much more. Digital Photo Editing – Learn to use the powerful Adobe Photoshop Elements (Version 8) program to organize, manage, improve, and modify your photos. It also deals with getting photos into your computer, organizing them, retrieving and printing them. Excel – Learn the basics of spreadsheet development using Microsoft Excel 2007. Class exercises will teach how to track investment, keep records, make and address book, to enter, manipulate, and sort data, and much more. Exploring Window 7 – Learn to use the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system to customize and use you computer efficiently and effectively. Learn to modify settings, use folder libraries, find & launch programs, use the new task bar, find & organize all your information on the hard drive, & much more. Email & the Internet – Learn to use Gmail and Hotmail, including sending and receiving photos and files. Learn to use Internet Explorer 8 and how to protect yourself from identity theft, viruses, worms, spam, and other harmful elements. Also learn to surf the ‘net to shop online, use a favorites list, to explore other contemporary Internet tools, and much more. Exploring Google – Learn that Google is more than just a search engine. Explore Google Maps, Google Images, Picasa, Google calculator, Google Earth, Google Mail, Google Books, and many of the Google lookup functions. Two courses are offered for those still using a computer with the Windows XP OR the Windows Vista operating system are offered. They are Windows XP and Windows Vista. Each of these courses are similar to the Windows 7 course in that they teach the use how to get the most from your computer that uses that particular operating system.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Finally, there is one four week course that is very popular. It is Pictures Using Picasa. This course uses Google’s free Picasa photo management and editing program. You learn how to load pictures from your camera into your computer and to organize them on your computer. Also learn how to edit your photos including fixing lighting and contrast, resizing, cropping, and improving the general appearance of your pictures. The fee for all eight week courses is $80. The fee for the four week course is $45. As stated above, a detail manual is included and use of the Wednesday afternoon Open Lab. Registration for Fall courses will be taken once our full page ad appears in the Aiken Standard in August. More about our new courses, SRN 101 Beginning Computer (4 week course), and SRN Computer Basics (8 week course) will be in the July issue of Mature Times. Make sure to watch for all of our Fall session information in the Aiken Standard or visit our web site www.aikenseniornet.com.


is online at

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

St. John’s United Methodist Church
Call 648-6891 or visit our website at www.stjohns-umc.com
Richland Avenue & Newberry Street, Downtown the church with the fountain

such as, Beauty of Holland, The Mikado, Quaintance, Orchid Pink, With about 20,000 varieties of and Spring Sonnet. Dr. H.G. Mealing Camellia Japonica, do you have a of Look-Away Hall in North Augusta favorite one? It’s an easy answer was able to register new varieties, for me. 1875 was the year this old Look-Away, Colonial Lady and North historic variety came to Sacramento, Augusta from his Herme (which he CA from Japan. Over the years as called Jordan’s Pride). Herme makes it was propagated across America, a wonderful addition to your garit had several names, Hikru-Genji, den. It’s a vigorous, upright growing Souvereign D’Henri Guichard, small tree. After about 20-30 years it Jordan’s Pride and Herme which is will spontaneously produce different the official designated name of this colored blooms called “sports”. Our variety in America. The Camellia tree blooms as half solid pink and half Nomenclature book describes Herme pink striped flowers. It’s a very relias a medium sized, semi-double pink able bloomer, cold hardy and easy to bloom with an irregular white borpropagate. der and deeper pink streaks thru out. The big box stores usually don’t Sometimes you can get a whiff of a carry Herme so you’ll have to depend slight spicy fragrance from Herme on the internet to track down a source although the Nomenclature Book does or that kind neighbor of yours. Good not mention it. Herme has inspired luck in your search. Here’s hoping to several new varieties over the years see you along the Camellia trail.
By: Rio Grande Dave

Camellia Daze

Under the Direction of Colonel Gary Lamb, former conductor of The US Army Chorus. We will recognize those who served
Enjoy an Old Fashioned Picnic Lunch afterwards for all in Gym with no reservations required, at no charge

spend the 3rd of July as part of our Family In this special celebration
One Service at 10:3 0 July 3 rd

Shellhouse Funeral Home, Inc.
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Booming Briefings
Q. My mother was the widow of a veteran for many years and raised us children alone. Several years ago she remarried. Is she entitled to any pension assistance now that she needs assisted living? A. The pension eligibility criteria for surviving spouses include the following: Can be any age, whereas a veteran applying must be 65 years or older or 100% disabled; Must have been married to the veteran for at least one year or had a child with the veteran, if married less than one year. Must have lived with the veteran throughout the marriage and at the time of death (this does not require physically being in the same location because soldiers and sailors are often on duty in distance locations; AND TYPICALLY NEVER REMARRIED, however there is one rare exception under Title 38, Chapter 1, Part 3, §3.55. If a second marriage took place on or after January 1, 1971 and ended such that the divorce began on

HCL filed by Nehmer class members (Vietnam Veterans on the land and Blue Water Veterans from January 9, 1962 to May 7, 1975 and their survivors) and provide retroactive benefits. This requirement involves claims filed or denied from September 25, 1985 to the effective date of the VA final regulation establishing a presumption of service connection for the disease claimed. Be sure to check The Nehmer Guide to see what constitutes a claim and spousal eligibility. Three diseases were added to the list of diseases associated with Agent Orange/herbicide exposure, namely – Parkinson’s disease, an ischemic heart condition (angina, heart attack, hardening of the arteries), and hairy cell and other chronic B-cell leukemia . If you think you or a parent qualify you can still apply through August 10, 2011 and possible go back 25 years!
If you have a question for Boomer Briefings: Write to Attorney Knapp at P.O. Box 714, Barnwell, SC 29812 or fax a question to 803-541-7677 or e-mail her at lfknapp@bellsouth. net. Questions may be rephrased and all answers will be addressed only in Boomer Briefings articles.

Be sure to give them details on your Father’s death and military service history. The Dependency and Indemnity Compensation Program (DIC) allows a surviving spouse to keep benefits from the first spouse if married after the age of 57 on or after December 16, 2003. Alternatively, the widow may reapply for benefits if the second marriage ends due to death or divorce. The basic DIC rate for a qualified surviving spouse is $1,154.00, but can be increased if the surviving spouse is homebound or in need of Aid and Attendance. DIC at lower rates is also available for parents of a single veteran who died during service or of a service related connected condition. The definition of parent also includes grandparents and aunts and uncles who actually raised a Attorney Linda Farron Knapp is a child, but never formally adopted the member of the National Academy deceased veteran. Very few eligible of Elder Law Attorneys. parents know of this program. Certain dependent children might qualify as or before November 1, 1990 and the well. surviving spouse is now single, then a Under a US District Court decision surviving spouse previously married to a for the Northern District of California in veteran may qualify. Nehmer vs. U.S. Department of VetHowever, you should speak directly eran Affairs, 712 F. Supp. 1404, (N.D. with a VA certified attorney or VSO Cal. 1989), the VA must re-adjudicate about other programs your Mother may previously denied claims for IHD, PD or qualify for, either now or in the future.

Buy Nine Items and Get the Tenth Item Free.
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jim bennett...from page 1
military, attending school part time. When both were 20, their love story began, nearly 49 years ago. Now, they can boast of two grown daughters, Jennifer and Rebecca, and three grandchildren, all living in Aiken. In fact, the day of this interview, Jim wanted to keep his date with his bride to enjoy lunch out together, something they have done 3 or 4 times a week at least, for lots of years. Jim says it has to be at one of the “world famous roadside cafés”, like Chick-Fil-A, or Wendy’s, McDonald’s or Taco Bell. In this simple luncheon ritual or of shared trips to grocery shop, one might find a clue for what makes folks still so happy to be together, all these years later. Shortly after Jim and Mattie became newlyweds, he was aboard a military transport when they encountered some very rough weather. Thinking it might just be time for fervent prayer, this airman petitioned to God. One of the reasons? Jim knew Mattie would really be mad at him, if after only six weeks of marriage he failed to return home. Years later, this memory flew back into Jim’s consciousness while he was preparing a recent sermon. Feeling somewhat sanctimonious, Rev. Jim thanked the Lord for hearing his prayers that day to keep that crew safe. Then, a voice inside him was heard, reminding him he was not the only person in prayer on that aircraft that fateful day! That is what folks really enjoy about Jim: a self-deprecating and razor-sharp wit, coupled with homespun delivery, and always that killer smile. Like Mattie, Jim grew up on the family farm, where his love affair with gardening began. Jim was the oldest of 4 sons, and his father, a Colonel in the USAF, expected these sons to keep things orderly, to say the least. Jim spent 8 years in the USAF himself and two of his brothers completed careers as highly decorated veterans. During the TV show days, Jim was often invited to sit on the stage at the Grand Ole Opry. With him on those famous benches were luminaries like former seed salesman and comedian Jerry Clower and Miss Minnie Pearl, both of whom became great friends. Miss Minnie, as the story familiar to many here in Aiken goes, appeared with the traveling entertainers, playing stops like our town. When this troupe got word Aiken would be their last performance, they decided to abandon the script, and just plain “cut up”, doing those things they always wanted to try on stage. For Minnie Pearl, that including the donning of her famous hat with the ever-present price tag, purchased right here. Little did she know this night when they threw caution to the wind that in the audience specifically present to scout her with an eye toward a major role in Oklahoma was its producer. So disgusted was he with the free-wheeling performance that he left early, leaving Minnie to her comedic role, including her ever-present Aiken hat, and him to find another star for his musical. Minnie loved Jim, and when she found out about his Aiken roots, she shared from that hard lesson learned: “No matter what you do, no matter if it is your last performance, do it the best you can”. During these media years, Jim was in charge of an All-American Garden test site, only one of two in this area, with Park Seed Company in Greenwood. The task was to grow seeds, write reports on how they fared in this climate, and send word to New York for consolidating with other test sites. Produce could be given away from these sites. Unfortunately, when three kinds of peppers were sent to Jim for testing, there were no takers for the abundance of red peppers. Being a frugal sort, Jim decided to work with Ball Canning Company, where together they developed “Preacher Jim’s Hot Sauce”, still produced and sold to this very day. You can contact Jim, if you wish to partake in this devilishly delicious taste treat, available in mild and not so mild varieties. At one time Jim wanted to get his product into WalMart, and found out the requirements. After locals tested and agreed it was delicious, they had to decline, since this politically-incorrect Preacher Jim label might not suit (even though there was no PC-based objection to stocking another brand deemed to be “Hellishly Delicious”). The career he now finds so fulfilling is that of minister. This one has been his title of preference for nearly 20 years, and it suits him just fine. When at Southern Living, in parallel with the

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

height of the success for the TV show, the call to ministry was very strong for Jim. “There is a season for things,” the philosophical Jim mused, and “this TV show had run to a strong ending.” In North Georgia, as a Lead Elder in the Presbyterian faith, Jim was often called upon to assist. Unfortunately, though, the first couple of churches saw him more as a celebrity and a gardener, when the role he sought was that of pastor. Then, one of the pastors he admired and assisted died suddenly. The SYNOD called and asked him to help. 18 months later, he was still preaching! The next step, obviously, was to ask him to go to seminary. Interestingly, Jim was 48 at that time, and fortuitous for Methodists, the Presbyterians had a strict cut off at age 45 for entering seminary. Sharing his story over lunch with a Methodist minister colleague led to a call to the Methodist District Superintendent. Next, Jim was tested and assigned – just like that! In addition, he began studies at Erskine, while continuing to serve as a local pastor. Raising a family while studying, acquiring additional degrees, and serving a small church required Jim to continue plying his other skills to as-

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


sure an affordable lifestyle for his three ladies. That is why Jim continued to ply his gardening skills, now through landscape layouts. His is very witty, to boot, making him a favorite podium speaker for those able to convince him to talk about his gardening. Years ago, Mattie realized how relaxing cooking was for this man who has had a few health scares, by living such a busy and demanding lifestyle. That is why Jim added Family Chef to his long list of skills, and they agreed for Jim to be responsible for lunch and dinner for their household. Ask any of his three grandchildren (Matthew, 21, Mica, 17, and Emily, 10) and they will tell you they line up quickly for his specialties, which include Beef Tips and Noodles, Country-Fried Steak, or Roast Beef. He is not a boastful man, saying, “If you boast in anything, boast in the Lord”. Like the plants he tends, God called Jim to grow and changes with the seasons throughout his life. His suggestion about how we should perceive him? “Meet me and decide for yourself.”

AARP Driver Safety Program
The AARP Senior Driving Course will be offered during July at the following locations: Aiken Regional Medical Center on Friday, July 8, from 8:30am until mid-afternoon. To register, call the Medical Center at (800) 882 7445. Students may either bring a lunch or eat in the cafeteria. The Medical Center is located at 302 University Parkway - Aiken Windham House; Tuesday July 19 and Wednesday July 20. Class times are 1:00pm until 5:00pm both days. You must attend both days to be certified. To register, call Windham House at (803) 841 2334 Monday through Wednesday from 9am until 12 pm. Windham House is located at 100 Council Circle - Aiken The cost for the course is $14.00 ($12.00 for AARP Members with a membership card), payable on the day of the class. Please make checks payable to AARP. Completion of this course may make the driver eligible for a discount on their automobile insurance.

Not even kryptonite can beat these rates. How does a 6% CD for 6 years sound?
Aiken’s Safe Money Specialists
Jay W. Brooks, President




124 Laurens St. NW • Aiken, SC 29801 803-648-1003 office phone • 803-642-8665 office fax www.preserveyourmoney.com
*All securities are offered through Sicor Securities in Dayton, OH. Brooks Financial is a Registered Investment Advisor.



Have you created a necessary lie about your money?
By: Jay Brooks talking to ourselves, we are hardwired to excuse and defend our own behavUnrealistic expectations are indisput- ior. This tendency only becomes more ably one of the most common reasons pronounced in situations in which we why investors experience disappointfeel someone else might be judging our ment and concerns about their money. behavior. These are the times when we However, for the most part, these generously apply necessary lies. These expectations may never be verbalized. seemingly minor falsehoods let us off While an investor will react to the results the hook for doing what we know we of his portfolio based on an underlying shouldn’t. expectation, he may never consciously For example, if the imprudent berecognize the expectation. Therefore, havior is chronic overeating, the necesit is helpful to gain greater awareness sary lie might be, “I will start dieting by exploring this reality breakdown that tomorrow”. For persistent overdrinking, typically causes investors to make poor it might be “I will have just one more”. investment decisions. For gambling, it might be “I will only Necessary lies are the seemingly continue until I get even”. For imprudent harmless little things that we tell ourinvesting, the necessary lie might be, selves when we’re doing something “This time will be different”. we know we shouldn’t do. Inherently, The remedy to necessary lies is brutal we can sense when we are involved honesty. If you are ever going to be a in behavior that could be considered realistic investor, then you must be willreckless or irresponsible. After years of ing to admit your own falsehoods. Think conditioning, there is often an internal about your own investing situation. How voice whispering that we are breaking have you been fooling yourself? the rules. Natural responses to this kind Let’s look at the example of lying of self-condemnation are rationalization Larry. Larry had been working with and justification. Even if we are only his Financial Advisor for years now. Sometimes they played golf or had lunch together. They were friends. Larry thought he knew all about his portfolio and felt satisfied that he was earning the rate of return that he and his wife needed. But just last week, Larry added up all of his current contributions to his retirement account. Upon doing that he realized that his money wasn’t growing as well as it should be. Larry knew that his financial advisor would be willing to make changes but also questioned why his friend and advisor hasn’t already caught this. So as a way of preserving a relationship, Larry creates a necessary lie that says that his advisor was doing the best he could. Often times, individuals assume that nothing better could have been done. Therefore they stay with the same advisor that hurt their returns, simply because they told themselves a lie. It is unfortunate, but I often find that people refuse to admit that their advisor may be at fault in damaging their portfolios. It is not always the market or bad luck that hurts your returns. Maybe it is time to reevaluate whether we are fibbing to

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

ourselves about our advisor and ask a tough question. Is it time to get a second opinion and test whether better options exist? Wouldn’t it be better to know the truth?

Jay Brooks, owner of Brooks Financial.

803-648-7616 www.rightathome.net/csra


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kauffman Award presented to Kathy Schulz
Submitted By: LaVerne Speca member of the Curriculum Committee and as its chairwoman for two years. She The Earl Kauffman Award, presented has also served on the By-Laws Commitannually by the Academy for Lifelong tee and as a liaison with Cedar Creek for Learning, was awarded this year to classes held in their community facility. Kathy Schulz at a luncheon on the USCA For many years she has been the Acadcampus. This award, named in honor of emy’s organizer for the Fall Steeplechase Dr. Kauffman who founded the Acadeand holiday luncheon. She has been a my, is given to recognize an individual or member of the Board of Directors for six organization that has provided outstand- years, and is entering her fourth year as ing contributions to the Academy. Membership Chairwoman. Kathy is a native of Wisconsin. She Kathy and her husband, Jack, will was born in Oshkosh and attended Marcelebrate fifty years of marriage in  quette University in Milwaukee where January, 2012. They have three children she earned a degree in journalism. She -- Elizabeth, Susan and Thomas -- and then worked for the Post Crescent news- eight grandchildren. To her surprise, and paper in Appleton as Women’s Editor. delight, Susan and Thomas were able to When the family moved to New York, attend the Kauffman Award presentation. Kathy became highly involved in Girl In her pleasant manner, Kathy has Scouting and wrote and published a book presented her thoughts and ideas, and about it. When she moved from West offered her time and talent to benefit  Nyack, New York to Cedar Creek in the Academy. For these many years of 2001 that interest in Girl Scouts contindedication and unselfish service, Kathy is  ued through her service on the Board of well-deserving of this award. The AcadDirectors of the CSRA. emy is proud to have her as a member As a member of the Academy since and as this year’s honoree. 2001, Kathy has served as a continuing


HarborChase of Aiken’s strawberry trip
By: Jessica Owens We took our residents to the Gurosik’s Berry Plantation in North Augusta. They really seemed to have a nice time. We got an early start so we could beat the heat. They had a huge selection of fruits that we could pick but they decided to stick with the strawberries. Our residents enjoyed picking and sampling the strawberries as they filled up their  buckets. Before we returned home everyone enjoyed delicious strawberry milkshakes. Yummy!

The McGrath SeniorNet Learning Center Next to the tennis courts at USCA Make sure to watch for our full Fall Schedule in the August 11th issue of the Aiken Standard For more information, visit our website www.aikenseniornet.com where the Fall schedule will be posted in early August


Resdients of Cumberland Village enjoyed a day at Edisto Beach. It was our Cumberland Village Beach Outing!

Cumberland Village beach outing

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jane Fall & Dorothy Kennedy

a Perle Hickman, Harold Smith, Genie Harvey, A’l Lloyd Willing, Josephine Pineo

Ann Miller

George Doolittle, An

n Miller, Genie Harvey

Jane Fall, Dorothy Kennedy & Ellen List

Jane Fall


ar ew C







Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Toll Free Number 855-541-7676.



IF YOU or someone you know is IS confronting Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to gather more information about the disease. The forth Alzheimer’s Education Conference is scheduled for Thursday July 14th from 8a.m. to 4p.m. at Newberry Hall downtown. The event features Teepa Snow, MS, OTR/L, FOATA. Snow is an occupational therapist working as a dementia care and dementia education specialist. She has more than 28 years of experience in geriatrics and has developed two training videos, published many articles and present nationally on a variety of topics to a wide range of audiences. During the conference, Snow will cover the following topics: improving your hands-on skills for giving care, how to care and live life in the early

Alzheimer’s Education Conference
stages of dementia, how to care and make life worth living in the mid-disease, how to provide late stage & end of life care that make sense and works. At the end of each topic, there will be a question and answer sessions. The conference is being coordinated by Assisted Living Concepts, Trinity Home Services and Hospice, Aurora Pavilion, Unihealth Post-Acute Care, Right at Home, and Daybreak Adult Care Services. In addition to the sponsors, a special thanks to Aiken Sertoma Club, fatz Café, and Wagner High School FFA for their generous contributions to this year’s conference. “Registration is required, as the response to the previous years have been overwhelming, said Christina Reed, Community Sales Manager of Hammond House Assisted Living. If you attended the previous year’s conferences, the topics covered this year will be different and are geared to help increase awareness and aid caregivers and family members in accomplishing a deeper understanding. To register, call 800-636-3346. Make checks payable to: Caregiver Seminar, 128 Walnut Lane, N. Augusta, SC 29860. For detailed information please call Christina Reed at 803-441-8441, The cost of the seminar is $25.00 and includes breakfast and lunch.



is online at

Dad always took care of you.
Let us help you take care of him.


Law Firm


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A Mother’s Legacy
A legacy is a gift handed down. Our family is blessed to experience a legacy of faith, of music, of prayer and generous spirit. A mother’s legacy weaves a thread through her family that carries on for generations. Celebrate your family’s legacy today from your mothers, aunts, grandmothers and beyond. Consider the common threads that run through your family.

DayBreak Services
Pet Care Respite Care Transportation Hospital Sitting Nursing Home Sitting

Companionship Meal Preparation Grocery Shopping Household Chores Laundry • Errands

Assisted Living Sitting Alzheimer's Care Bathing/Dressing Assistance Medicinal Reminders


Don’t forget to go to our website to vote to receive $500 for your charity!

Call (803) 226-0288 for a Free In Home Consultation
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