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Federal Register / Vol. 68, No.

12 / Friday, January 17, 2003 / Notices 2501

of publication of these final results of responsibility concerning the return or FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
review. We will direct the Customs destruction of proprietary information Jeffrey Anspacher, Director, Office of
Service to assess the resulting disclosed under APO in accordance Export Trading Company Affairs,
assessment rates against the entered with 19 CFR 351.305, which continues International Trade Administration, by
customs values for the subject to govern business proprietary phone at (202) 482–5131, (this is not a
merchandise on each of the importer’s/ information in this segment of the toll-free number) or by E-mail at
customer’s entries during the review proceeding. Timely written notification
period. of the return/destruction of APO SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Title III of
Cash Deposit Requirements materials or conversion to judicial the Export Trading Company Act of
protective order is hereby requested. 1982 (15 U.S.C. 4001–21) authorizes the
The following deposit requirements Failure to comply with the regulations
will be effective upon publication of Secretary of Commerce to issue Export
and terms of an APO is a violation Trade Certificates of Review. An Export
this notice of final results of which is subject to sanction.
administrative review for all shipments Trade Certificate of Review protects the
We are issuing and publishing this holder and the members identified in
of structural steel beams from the determination and notice in accordance
Republic of Korea entered, or the Certificate from state and federal
with sections 751(a)(1) and 771(i) of the government antitrust actions and from
withdrawn from warehouse, for Act.
consumption on or after the date of private treble damage antitrust actions
publication, as provided by section Dated: January 9, 2003. for the export conduct specified in the
751(a)(1) of the Act: (1) the cash deposit Faryar Shirzad, Certificate and carried out in
rate for each of the reviewed companies Assistant Secretary for Import compliance with its terms and
will be the rate listed in the final results Administration. conditions. Section 302(b)(1) of the
of review (except that if the rate for a Export Trading Company Act of 1982
Appendix 1-- Issues In The Decsision
particular product is de minimis, i.e., and 15 CFR 325.6(a) require the
less than 0.5 percent, no cash deposit Secretary to publish a notice in the
will be required for that company) see Comment 1: Affiliation between INI and Federal Register identifying the
19 CFR 351.106(c)(1); (2) for previously Hyundai U.S.A./Hyundai Corporation applicant and summarizing its proposed
investigated companies not listed above, Comment 2: Reimbursement Provisions export conduct.
the cash deposit rate will continue to be when INI is both Exporter and Importer
Comment 3: Recalculation of U.S. Request for Public Comments
the company-specific rate published for
the most recent period; (3) if the Imputed Credit Expenses (for field Interested parties may submit written
exporter is not a firm covered in this CREDIT2U) Using Hyundai U.S.A.’s comments relevant to the determination
review, a prior review, or the original Interest Rate whether an amended Certificate should
less than fair value (‘‘LTFV’’) Comment 4: Entered Value for Certain be issued. If the comments include any
investigation, but the manufacturer is, Observations privileged or confidential business
the cash deposit rate will be the rate Comment 5: INI’s Cost of Production information, it must be clearly marked
established for the most recent period Comment 6: Interest Revenue on Home and a nonconfidential version of the
for the manufacturer of the Market Sales comments (identified as such) should be
merchandise; and (4) the cash deposit Comment 7: Payment Date Cap For included. Any comments not marked
rate for all other manufacturers or Certain Sales After the Sale Date privileged or confidential business
exporters will continue to be the ‘‘all Comment 8: Ministerial Error in the information will be deemed to be
others’’ rate of 37.21 percent, which is Draft Liquidation Instructions nonconfidential. An original and five (5)
Comment 9: Issuance of Automatic copies, plus two (2) copies of the
the all others rate established in the
Liquidation Instructions for Non- nonconfidential version, should be
LTFV investigation.
These deposit requirements shall reviewed Companies submitted no later than 20 days after the
remain in effect until publication of the [FR Doc. 03–1150 Filed 1–16–03; 8:45 am] date of this notice to: Office of Export
final results of the next administrative BILLING CODE 3510–DS–S Trading Company Affairs, International
review. Trade Administration, U.S. Department
of Commerce, Room 1800H,
Notification of Interested Parties DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE Washington, DC 20230. Information
This notice also serves as a final submitted by any person is exempt from
reminder to importers of their International Trade Administration disclosure under the Freedom of
responsibility under 19 CFR Information Act (5 U.S.C. 552).
Export Trade Certificate of Review
351.402(f)(2) to file a certificate However, nonconfidential versions of
regarding the reimbursement of AGENCY: International Trade the comments will be made available to
antidumping duties or countervailing Administration, Commerce. the applicant if necessary for
duties prior to liquidation of the ACTION: Notice of application to amend determining whether or not to issue the
relevant entries during this review an Export Trade Certificate of Review. Certificate. Comments should refer to
period. Failure to comply with this this application as ‘‘Export Trade
requirement could result in the SUMMARY: The Office of Export Trading Certificate of Review, application
Secretary’s presumption that Company Affairs (‘‘OETCA’’), number 88–6A012.’’
reimbursement of the antidumping International Trade Administration, The National Tooling and Machining
duties or countervailing duties occurred U.S. Department of Commerce, has Association’s (‘‘NTMA’’) original
and the subsequent assessment of received an application to amend an Certificate was issued on October 18,
double antidumping duties or Export Trade Certificate of Review 1988 (53 FR 43140, October 25, 1988)
countervailing duties. (‘‘Certificate’’). This notice summarizes and last amended on March 7, 2002 (67
This notice also serves as a reminder the proposed amendment and requests FR 11981, March 18, 2002). A summary
to parties subject to administrative comments relevant to whether the of the application for an amendment
protective orders (‘‘APOs’’) of their Certificate should be issued. follows.

VerDate Dec<13>2002 18:24 Jan 16, 2003 Jkt 200001 PO 00000 Frm 00018 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\17JAN1.SGM 17JAN1
2502 Federal Register / Vol. 68, No. 12 / Friday, January 17, 2003 / Notices

Summary of the Application: Accudynamics, Inc., Middleboro, MA Akron Steel Fabricators Company, Akron,
Applicant: National Tooling and Accura Industries, Inc., Rochester, NY OH
Machining Association, 9300 Livingston Accurate Grinding & Mfg. Corp. & Accurate Akron Tool & Die Company, Inc., Akron, OH
Road, Ft. Washington, Maryland 20744. Fishing Products, Corona, CA Albert Seisler Machine Corp., Mohnton, PA
Contact: Thomas H. Garcia, Manager, Accurate Machine Co. Inc., Indianapolis, IN Albertson & Hein, Inc., Wichita, KS
Accurate Manufacturing Company, Glendale, Albion Machine & Tool Company, Albion, MI
Marketing Programs, Telephone: (301) CA Alco Manufacturing, Inc., Santa Ana, CA
248–6200. Accurate Products Co., Tucson, AZ Alfred Manufacturing Company, Denver, CO
Application No.: 88–6A012. Accurite Machine & Mfg. Inc., Louisville, KY Alger Machine Company, Inc., Rochester, NY
Date Deemed Submitted: January 6, Accutronics, Inc., Littleton, CO All Five Tool Company, Inc., Bristol, CT
2003. Ace Manufacturing Company, Cincinnati, OH All Tool Company, Union, NJ
Proposed Amendment: NTMA seeks Ace Specialty Company, Inc., Tonawanda, All Tools Company, Oklahoma City, OK
to amend its Certificate so that the NY All Tools Texas, Inc., Houston, TX
attached list will constitute the Ackley Machine Corporation, Moorestown, All Weld Machine, Milpitas, CA
‘‘Members’’ of the Certificate within the NJ All-Tech Machine & Eng., Inc., Fremont, CA
meaning of section 325.2(1) of the Acme Metal Works, Gilbert, AZ All-Tech Machining, Inc., Wilmer, AL
Acraloc Corporation, Oak Ridge, TN Allen Aircraft Products, Inc., Ravenna, OH
Regulations (15 CFR 325.2(1)). Acro Industries, Inc., Rochester, NY Allen Precision Industries, Inc., Asheboro,
Dated: January 9, 2003. Acro Tool & Die Company, Inc., Akron, OH NC
Jeffrey Anspacher, Actco Tool & Mfg. Co., Meadville, PA Allen Precision Machining Co., Angleton, TX
Director, Office of Export Trading Company Action Die & Tool Inc., Wyoming, MI Allen Randall Enterprises, Inc., Akron, OH
Affairs. Action Machine L.L.C., Glendale, AZ Alliance Machine Tool Co., Inc., Louisville,
Action Mold & Machining, Inc., Grand KY
Attachment Rapids, MI Allied Mechanical, Ontario, CA
b & b Tool Company, Inc., Rockford, IL Action Precision Grinding Inc., North Allied Screw Products, Inc., Mishawaka, IN
bmc Industries, Bakersfield, CA Tonawanda, NY Allied Tool & Die Company, LLC, Phoenix,
A & A Industries, Inc., Peabody, MA Action SuperAbrasive Products, Brimfield, AZ
A & A Machine Company, Inc., OH Allied Tool & Die, Inc., Cleveland, OH
Southampton, PA Action Tool and Manufacturing, Inc., Allied Tool & Machine Company,
A & A Machine Shop, Inc., La Marque, TX Rockford, IL Kernersville, NC
A & B Aerospace, Inc., Azusa, CA Acucut, Inc., Southington, CT Allied Tool & Machine, Inc., Saginaw, MI
A & B Machine Shop, Rockford, IL Acutec Precision Machining Inc., Allied Tools Of Texas, Houston, TX
A & B Tool & Manufacturing Corp., Toledo, Saegertown, PA Alloy Metal Products, Livermore, CA
OH Adams Engineering, Division of Allstate Tool & Die, Inc., Rochester, NY
A & D Precision, Fremont, CA Manufacturing Technology, Inc., South Alpha Mold West Inc., Broomfield, CO
A & E Custom Manufacturing Technologies, Bend, IN Alpha Mold, LLC, Huber Heights, OH
Inc., Kansas City, KS Adaptive Technologies Inc., Springboro, OH Alpha Precision Machining Inc., Kent, WA
A & E Machine Shop, Inc., Lone Star, TX Addison Precision Mfg. Corp., Rochester, NY Alpha Tooling, Inc., Santa Fe Springs, CA
A & G Machine, Inc., Auburn, WA Adena Tool Corporation, Dayton, OH Alro Specialty Metals, St. Louis, MO
A & S Tool & Die Company, Inc., Admill Machine Company, Newington, CT Alt’s Tool & Machine, Inc., Santee, CA
Kernersville, NC Adron Tool Corporation, Menomonee Falls, Alton Products, Inc., Maumee, OH
A A Precisioneering, Inc., Meadville, PA WI Alves Precision Engineered Products Inc.,
A B A Division, A B A—P G T, Inc., Advance Manufacturing Corp., Cleveland, Watertown, CT
Manchester, CT OH Amatrol, Inc., Jeffersonville, IN
A B C O Tool & Engineering, Phoenix, AZ Advanced Composite Products & Ambel Precision Mfg. Corp., Bethel, CT
A B Heller, Inc., Milford, MI Technology, Inc. (ACPT Inc.), Huntington American Machine & Gundrilling Co., Inc.,
A B R Enterprises Inc., Temple City, CA Beach, CA Maple Grove, MN
A C Machine, Inc., Akron, OH Advanced Machine Inc., Rochester, NY American Mfg. & Machining, Inc., Racine, WI
A E Cole Die & Engraving, Columbus, OH Advanced Machine Programming, Morgan American Precision Machining, Inc.,
A E Machine Works, Inc., Houston, TX Hill, CA Phoenix, AZ
A F C Tool Company, Inc., Subsidiary of F Advanced Machining Corporation, Salisbury, American Precision Technologies, Inc., San
C Industries, Dayton, OH NC Fernando, CA
A I M Tool & Die, Grand Haven, MI Advanced Measurement Labs, Inc., Sun American Tool & Die, Inc., Toledo, OH
A J L Manufacturing Company, Inc., Valley, CA American Wire EDM, Inc., Placentia, CA
Rochester, NY Advanced Mold & Tooling Inc., Rochester, Amerimold, Inc., Mogadore, OH
A M C Precision, Inc., N. Tonawanda, NY NY Amity Mold Company, Tipp City, OH
A M Machine Company, Inc., Baltimore, MD Advanced Precision Engineering, Ipswich, Anchor Lamina Inc., Madison Heights, MI
A S C Corporation, Owings Mills, MD MA Anders Machine and Engraving, Div. of Ad-
A. C. Cut-Off, Inc., Azusa, CA Advanced Tooling Specialists Inc., Menasha, Tech Machine & Tool, Rochester, NY
A-G Tool & Die, Div. of Seilkop Industries, WI Andrew Tool Company, Inc., Plymouth, MN
Inc., Miamitown, OH Advanced Tooling Systems, Inc., Comstock Anglo-American Mold, Inc., Louisville, KY
A-Line Tool & Die, Inc., Louisville, KY Park, MI Anmar Precision Components Inc., North
A-RanD, Inc., Phoenix, AZ Advantage Mold & Design, Meadville, PA Hollywood, CA
Abbott Machine & Tool, Inc., Toledo, OH Aero Comm Machining, Wichita, KS Anmark Machine, Tempe, AZ
Abbott Tool, Inc., Toledo, OH Aero Engineering & Mfg. Company, Valencia, Anoplate Corporation, Syracuse, NY
Ability Tool Company, Rockford, IL CA Apex Machine Company, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Able Wire EDM, Inc., Brea, CA Aero Gear, Inc., Windsor, CT Apex Machine Tool Company, Farmington,
Abrams Airborne Manufacturing, Inc., Aerostar Aerospace Inc., Phoenix, AZ CT
Tucson, AZ Aetna Machine Company, Cochranton, PA Apex Precision Technologies, Inc., Camby,
Absolute Grinding Co., Inc., Mentor, OH Aggressive Tool & Die, Inc., Buckner, KY IN
Absolute Turning & Machine, Tucson, AZ Aggressive Tool & Die, Inc., Coopersville, MI Apex Tool & Manufacturing, Inc., Evansville,
Acadiana Hydraulic Works, Inc., New Iberia, Ahaus Tool & Engineering, Inc., Richmond, IN
LA IN Apollo E.D.M. Company, Fraser, MI
Accu Die & Mold Inc., Stevensville, MI Aimco Precision, Inc., Phoenix, AZ Apollo Precision, Inc., Plymouth, MN
Accu-Met Laser, Inc., Cranston, RI Ajax Tool, Inc., Fort Wayne, IN Apollo Products Inc., Willoughby, OH
Accu-Roll, Inc., Rochester, NY Akro Tool Co., Inc., Cincinnati, OH Applegate EDM, Inc., Dallas, TX

VerDate Dec<13>2002 18:24 Jan 16, 2003 Jkt 200001 PO 00000 Frm 00019 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\17JAN1.SGM 17JAN1
Federal Register / Vol. 68, No. 12 / Friday, January 17, 2003 / Notices 2503

Applied Engineering, Inc., Yankton, SD Bachmann Precision Machine, Products Bratt Machine Company Inc., No. Andover,
Arc Drilling Inc., Garfield Heights, OH Corp., South El Monte, CA MA
Arco Industries, Inc., Dayton, OH Badge Machine Products, Inc., Canandaigua, Brij Systems, Wichita, KS
Arco Metals Corporation, Baltimore, MD NY Brinkman Tool & Die, Inc., Dayton, OH
Ardekin Machine Company, Rockford, IL Bahrs Die & Stamping Company, Inc., Brittain Machine, Inc., Wichita, KS
Area Tool & Manufacturing, Inc., Meadville, Cincinnati, OH Broadway Companies, Inc., Englewood, OH
PA Baker Hill Industries, Inc., Coral Springs, FL Brogdon Tool & Die, Inc., Blue Springs, MO
Argo Tool Corporation, Twinsburg, OH Banner Machine Inc., Phoenix, AZ Brookfield Machine, Inc., West Brookfield,
Arkansas Tool & Die, Inc., No. Little Rock, Barberie Mold, Gardena, CA MA
AR Barnes Aerospace-Apex Mfg., Phoenix, AZ Brooklyn Machine & Mfg. Co., Inc., Cuyahoga
Arlington Machine & Tool Company, Baumann Engineering, Claremont, CA Heights, OH
Fairfield, NJ Bawden Industries, Inc., Romulus, MI Brooklyn Scraping & Re-Machining, Inc., W.
Armin Tool & Manufacturing Co., Inc., South Baxter Machine Products, Inc., Huntingdon, Lafayette, IN
Elgin, IL PA Brooks Machine Tool Corporation dba, Time
Armstrong Machine Works, Inc., Rogersville, Beach Mold & Tool, Inc., New Albany, IN Machine & Stamping, Phoenix, AZ
TN Beacon Tool Company, Inc., Whittier, CA Brown-Covey, Inc., Kansas City, MO
Armstrong Mold, Machining Div., East Beaver Tool & Machine Company, Inc., Brownstown Quality Tool & Design,
Syracuse, NY Feasterville, PA Brownstown, IN
Armstrong-Blum Mfg. Co., Mt. Prospect, IL Bechler Cams, Inc., Anaheim, CA Budney Overhaul & Repair, LTD., Berlin, CT
Arnett Tool, Inc., New Paris, OH Becker, Inc., Kenosha, WI Buerk Tool LLC, Buffalo, NY
Arro Tool & Die, Inc., Lakewood, NY Becksted Machine, Inc., Tucson, AZ Buiter Tool & Die, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI
Arrow Diversified Tooling, Inc., Ellington, Bedard Machine, Inc., Brea, CA Bundy Manufacturing Inc., El Segundo, CA
CT Bel-Kur, Inc., Temperance, MI Burckhardt America, Inc., Greensboro, NC
Arrow Grinding, Inc., Tonawanda, NY Belgian Screw Machine Products, Inc., Burger & Brown Engineering, Inc., Olathe, KS
Arrow Sheet Metal Products Co., Denver, CO Concord, MI Burgess Brothers, Inc., Canton, MA
Artisan Machining, Inc., Bohemia, NY Bell Engineering, Inc., Saginaw, MI BMCO Industries Inc., Cranston, RI
Ascension Industries, North Tonawanda, NY Bellco Precision Manufacturing, Inc., BPS Industries Inc., Baltimore, MD
Ash Machine Corporation, Pataskala, OH Melissa, TX BSB Products Corporation, Buffalo, NY
Associated Electro-Mechanics, Inc., Beloit Precision Die Co. Inc., Beloit, WI BT Laser, Inc., Santa Clara, CA
Springfield, MA Benda Tool & Model Works, Hercules, CA C & C Machine Company, Akron, OH
Associated Technologies, Brea, CA Bendon Gear Machine, Rockland, MA C & C Precision Machining Inc., Mesa, AZ
Associated Toolmakers, Inc., Keokuk, IA
Bennett Tool & Die Company, Nashville, TN C & G Machine & Tool Co., Inc., Granby, MA
Astley Precision Machine Co., Irwin, PA
Bennett Tool & Machine, Fremont, CA C & J Industries Inc., Meadville, PA
Astro Automation, Inc., Irwin, PA
Benning Inc., Blaine, MN C & R Manufacturing, Inc., Shawnee, KS
Astro Machine Works Inc., Ephrata, PA
Bent River Machine Inc., Clarkdale, AZ C & S Machine & Manufacturing,
Atec Engineering, Phoenix, AZ
Berman Tool & Die, Waldorf, MD Corporation, Louisville, KY
Athens Industries, Southington, CT
Atkins Tool Company, Riverton, NJ Bermar Associates, Inc., Troy, MI C A R Engineering & Mfg., Victor, NY
Atlantic Precision Products Inc., Sanford, ME Bertram Tool & Machine Co., Inc., Farrell, PA C B Kaupp & Sons, Inc., Maplewood, NJ
Atlantic Tool & Die Company, Strongsville, Bertrand Products, Inc., South Bend, IN C B S Manufacturing Company, Inc.,
OH Best Tool & Manufacturing Co., Inc., Kansas Windsor, CT
Atlas Machine & Supply, Inc., Louisville, KY City, MO C D M Tool & Mfg. Co., Inc., Hartford, WI
Atlas Tool, Inc., Roseville, MI Bestway Industries, Inc., Cleveland, OH C J Winter Machine Technologies, Inc.,
August Machine, Inc., Phoenix, AZ Beta Machine Co. Inc., Cleveland, OH Rochester, NY
Austin Machine Company Inc., O’Fallon, MO Bilar Tool & Die Corporation, Warren, MI C M Gordon Industries Inc., Santa Fe
Autocam Corporation, Kentwood, MI Billet Industries, Inc., York, PA Springs, CA
Automated Cells & Equipment, Inc., Painted Bishop Steering Technology, Inc., C M Industries, Inc., d/b/a Custom Marine,
Post, NY Indianapolis, IN Inc., Old Saybrook, CT
Automated EDM Incorporated, Ramsey, MN Black Creek Mold & Tool, Rainbow City, AL C N C Precision Machining, Inc., Comstock
Automation Tool & Die, Inc., Brunswick, OH Blackwood Grinding Inc., Hurst, TX Park, MI
Automation Tool Company, Cookeville, TN Blandford Machine & Tool Co., Inc., C T D Machines, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
Axian Technology, Phoenix, AZ Louisville, KY C V Tool Company, Inc., Southington, CT
Ay Machine Company, Ephrata, PA Blue Chip Mold, Inc., Rochester, NY C. G. Tech, Inc., Phoenix, AZ
Ay-Mac Precision, Inc., Yorba Linda, CA Bluegrass Forging, Tool & Die, Shelbyville, C-Axis Inc., Hamel, MN
ACMT, Inc. dba A C Tool & Machine, Co., KY C–P Mfg. Corp., Van Nuys, CA
Louisville, KY Bob’s Tool & Cutter Grinding, Inc., Caco Pacific Corporation, Covina, CA
ALKAB Contract Manufacturing, Inc., New Indianapolis, IN Cadco Program & Machine, St. Charles, MO
Kensington, PA Bohler Uddeholm North America, Santa Fe Cal-Weld, Fremont, CA
B & B Machine & Grinding Service, Denver, Springs, CA Calder Machine Co. (CMC), Florence, SC
CO Boice Industrial Corporation, Ruffsdale, PA California Wire EDM, Santa Ana, CA
B & B Manufacturing Company, Largo, FL Bolt Industries, LLC, Phoenix, AZ Calmax Technology, Inc., Santa Clara, CA
B & B Precision Mfg., Inc., Avon, NY Bosma Machine & Tool, Corporation, Tipp Cambridge Specialty Company, Inc.,
B & G Quality Machine & Tool, Company, City, OH Kensington, CT
Inc., Baltimore, MD Boston Centerless Inc., Woburn, MA Cambridge Tool & Die Corp., Cambridge, OH
B & H Fabricators, Inc., Wilmington, CA Bourdelais Grinding Co., Inc., Chatsworth, Cameron Machine Shop, Inc., Richardson,
B & H Tool Co. Inc., San Marcos, CA CA TX
B & H Tool Works, Inc., of Rockcastle Co., Bowden Manufacturing Corp., Willoughby, Campbell Grinding & Machine, Inc.,
Richmond, KY OH Lewisville, TX
B & L Tool and Machine Company, Boyce Machine, Inc., Cuyahoga Falls, OH Campro Manufacturing, Inc., Phoenix, AZ
Plainville, CT Boyle, Inc., Freeport, PA Camtec, Inc., Traverse City, MI
B & M Machine Corporation of Racine, Bra-Vor Tool & Die Company, Inc., Canto Tool Corporation, Meadville, PA
Racine, WI Meadville, PA Capitol Technologies, Inc., South Bend, IN
B C D Metal Products Inc., Malden, MA Bradford Machine Company Inc., Brattleboro, Capitol Tool & Die, L. P., Madison, TN
B. Radtke & Sons, Inc., Round Lake Park, IL VT Carboloy Inc., Warren, MI
B-W Grinding Service, Inc., Houston, TX Bradhart Products, Inc., Brighton, MI Cardinal Machine Company, Inc.,
Bachman Machine Company, Inc., St. Louis, Bramko Tool & Engineering, Inc., O’Fallon, Strongsville, OH
MO MO Carius Tool Co., Inc., Cleveland, OH

VerDate Dec<13>2002 18:24 Jan 16, 2003 Jkt 200001 PO 00000 Frm 00020 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\17JAN1.SGM 17JAN1
2504 Federal Register / Vol. 68, No. 12 / Friday, January 17, 2003 / Notices

Carlson Capital Manufacturing Co., Rockford, Colonial Machine Company, Kent, OH Custom Tool & Model Corp., Frankfort, NY
IL Colorado Surface Grinding, Inc., Denver, CO Cut-Right Tools Corporation, Willoughby,
Carlson Tool & Manufacturing, Corp., Comet Tool, Inc., Hopkins, MN OH
Cedarburg, WI Command Tooling Systems, Ramsey, MN Czech Tool, Saegertown, PA
Cass Screw Machine Products, Company, Commerce Grinding, Inc., Dallas, TX CB Quality Machining & Engineering Inc.,
Brooklyn Center, MN Commercial Grinding Services, Inc., Buffalo, MN
Catalina Tool & Mold, Inc., Tucson, AZ Cleveland, OH CDL Manufacturing, Inc., Rochester, NY
Cates Machine Shop, Inc., Tyler, TX Commonwealth Machine Co., Inc., Danville, CHIPSCO, Inc., Meadville, PA
Cee-San Machine & Fabrication, Co., Inc., VA CNC Corp., Colorado Springs, CO
Houston, TX Competition Tooling, Inc., High Point, NC CNC Precision Manufacturing, Inc., Farmers
Centaur Tool & Die, Inc., Bowling Green, OH Competitive Engineering Inc., Tucson, AZ Branch, TX
Centennial Technologies, Inc., Saginaw, MI Complete Tool & Die, Inc., St. James, MO CPC Tooling Technologies, Columbus, OH
Center Line Industries, Inc., West Composidie, Inc., Apollo, PA D & H Manufacturing Company, Fremont, CA
Springfield, MA Compu Die, Inc., Wyoming, MI D & N Precision, Inc., San Jose, CA
Center Line Machine Company, Lafayette, CO Compumachine Incorporated, Wilmington, D & S Manufacturing Corporation,
Center Line Tool, Freeport, PA MA Southwick, MA
Central Mass. Machine, Inc., Holyoke, MA Computech Manufacturing Co., Inc., No. D M E Company, Madison Heights, MI
Central States Machine Service, Elkhart, IN Kansas City, MO D M Machine & Tool, Kennerdell, PA
Central Tools, Inc., Cranston, RI Computerized Machining Service, Inc., D M Machine Company, Inc., Willoughby,
Century Mold Company, Inc., Rochester, NY Englewood, CO OH
Century Tool & Engr., Inc., Indianapolis, IN Conco Systems, Inc., Verona, PA D P I, Inc., Huntingdon Vly, PA
Cer-Mac Inc., Horsham, PA Condor Engineering, Inc., Colorado Springs, D P Tool & Machine Inc., Avon, NY
CertainTeed, Auburn, WA CO D S A Precision Machining, Inc., Livonia, NY
Certified Grinding & Machine, Inc., Coney Tool Inc., Independence, MO D S Greene Company, Inc., Wakefield, MA
Rochester, NY Connecticut Jig Grinding, Inc., New Britain, D. F. O’Brien Precision Machining & Tooling,
Certified Industries, II, LLC, Phoenix, AZ CT Santa Fe Springs, CA
Chadakoin Interactive, Thompsons Station, Connolly Tool & Machine Co., Dallas, TX D-K Manufacturing Corporation, Fulton, NY
TN Conroy & Knowlton, Inc., Los Angeles, CA D-Velco Manufacturing, Phoenix, AZ
Chance Tool & Die Co., Inc., Cincinnati, OH Consolidated Mold & Mfg. Inc., Kent, OH Daca Machine & Tool, Inc., Dutzow, MO
Chandler Tool & Design Inc., Rockford, IL Conti Tool & Die Company, Akron, OH Dadeks Machine Works Corporation,
Chapman Engineering, Inc., Santa Ana, CA Continental Precision, Inc., Phoenix, AZ Houston, TX
Charmilles Technologies Corporation, Continental Tool & Machine, Strongsville, Daily Industrial Tools, Costa Mesa, CA
Lincolnshire, IL OH Dan McEachern Company, Alameda, CA
Chase Machine & Mfg. Co., Rochester, NY Continental Tool & Manufacturing, Inc., Danco Precision, Inc., Phoenixville, PA
Chelar Tool & Die, Inc., Belleville, IL Lenexa, KS Dane Systems, Inc., Stevensville, MI
Cherokee Industries, Hampshire, IL Cook Machine and Engineering Corporation, Danly IEM, Div. of Connell Ltd. Partnership,
Chicago Grinding & Machine Co., Melrose Gardena, CA Cleveland, OH
Park, IL Coosa Machine Company, LLC, Rainbow Data Machine, Inc., Adamsburg, PA
Chicago Mold Engineering Co., Inc., St. City, AL Data Mold & Tool, Inc., Walbridge, OH
Charles, IL Corbitt Mfg. Company, St. Charles, MO Datum Industries, Kentwood, MI
Chickasha Manufacturing Company, Inc., Cornerstone Design, LTD., Franksville, WI David Engineering & Mfg., Corona, CA
Chickasha, OK Cornerstone Screw Machine Products, Davis Machine & Manufacturing Company,
Chippewa Tool & Manufacturing Co., Burbank, CA Arlington, TX
Woodville, OH Corning Gilbert Inc., Glendale, AZ Davis Tool & Die Company Inc., Fenton, MO
Chopper Guys Biker Products, Inc., Vallejo, Corry Custom Machine, Corry, PA Dayton Progress Corporation, West
CA Cosar Mold, Inc., Brimfield, OH Carrollton, OH
Christopher Tool & Manufacturing, Solon, Costa Machine, Inc., Akron, OH Dayton Reliable Tool & Mfg. Co., Dayton, OH
OH Covert Manufacturing, Inc., Galion, OH DaCo Precision Manufacturers, Sandy, UT
Cindex Industries Inc., Ludlow, MA Cox Mfg. Co. Inc., San Antonio, TX Dearborn Precision Tubular, Products, Inc.,
Circle-K-Industries, K-Form Inc., Sterling, VA Cox Tool Company, Inc., Excelsior Spring, Fryeburg, ME
Clark Automation Manufacturing Company, MO Deck Brothers, Inc., Buffalo, NY
Inc., Pleasanton, CA Craig Machinery & Design, Inc., Louisville, Deep Holdings, Inc., dba Deephole Machine,
Clark-Reliance Corporation, Strongsville, OH KY Houston, TX
Clarke Engineering, Inc., Clarke Gear Co., Creative Machining & Mfg., Inc., St. Deeter’s Tool & Mfg., Inc., Erie, PA
North Hollywood, CA Petersburg, FL Dekalb Tool & Die, Inc., Tucker, GA
Class Machine & Welding, Inc., Akron, OH Creative Precision, West, Phoenix, AZ Delco Corporation, Akron, OH
Classic Tool, Inc., Saegertown, PA Creb Engineering, Inc., Pascoag, RI Dell Tool, Penfield, NY
Clay & Bailey Mfg. Co., Kansas City, MO Crenshaw Die & Manufacturing, Corp., Irvine, Delltronics, Inc., Englewood, CO
Cleveland Electric Laboratories, Company, CA Deltron Engineering, Burbank, CA
Inc., Twinsburg, OH Crest Manufacturing Company, Lincoln, RI Demaich Industries, Inc., Johnston, RI
Clifton Automatic Screw, Machine Products, Criterion Tool & Die, Inc., Brook Park, OH Dependable Machine Company, Inc.,
Inc., Lake City, PA Critical Operations, Inc., Santa Ana, CA Indianapolis, IN
Cloud Company, San Luis Obispo, CA Cross Tool & Manufacturing, Inc., Flagstaff, Desert Precision Mfg., Inc., Tucson, AZ
Coast Cutters Company, Inc., South El Monte, AZ Designs For Tomorrow, Inc., Maryland
CA Crossland Machinery, Kansas City, MO Heights, MO
Cobak Tool & Manufacturing Co., St. Louis, CrossRidge Precision, Oak Ridge, TN Detroit Tool & Engineering Co., Lebanon, MO
MO Crown Mold & Machine, Streetsboro, OH Deutsch ECD, Hemet, CA
Coffey Associates, Washington, DC Crucible Materials Corporation, Camillus, NY DeKing Screw Products Inc., Chatsworth, CA
Coil Pro Machinery, Southington, CT Crush Master Grinding Corp., Walnut, CA Di-Matrix, Phoenix, AZ
Colbrit Manufacturing Co., Inc., Chatsworth, Custom Engineering, Inc., Evansville, IN Dial Machine Company, Andalusia, PA
CA Custom Gear & Machine, Inc., Rockford, IL Diamond Lake Tool, Inc., Anoka, MN
Collins Instrument Company, Angleton, TX Custom Machine, Inc., Woburn, MA Diamond Tool & Engineering, Inc., Bertha,
Collins Machine & Tool Co., Inc., Madison, Custom Machine, Inc., Cleveland, OH MN
TN Custom Tool & Design, Inc., Erie, PA Diamond Tool, Inc., Euclid, OH
Colonial Machine & Tool Co., Inc., Coventry, Custom Tool & Grinding Inc., Washington, Die Cast Die and Mold, Inc., Perrysburg, OH
RI PA Die Products Company, Minneapolis, MN

VerDate Dec<13>2002 18:24 Jan 16, 2003 Jkt 200001 PO 00000 Frm 00021 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\17JAN1.SGM 17JAN1
Federal Register / Vol. 68, No. 12 / Friday, January 17, 2003 / Notices 2505

Die Quip Corp., Bethel Park, PA Ehlert Tool Co., Inc., New Berlin, WI F G A Inc., Baton Rouge, LA
Die Solutions, Inc., Washington, MO Ehrhardt Tool & Machine Company, Granite F H Peterson Machine Corporation,
Die Tech Industries, Ltd., Providence, RI City, IL Stoughton, MA
Die-Matic Corporation, Brooklyn Heights, OH Eicom Corporation, Moraine, OH F K Instrument Co., Inc., Clearwater, FL
Die-Matic Tool and Die, Inc., Grand Rapids, Ejay’s Machine Co., Inc., Fullerton, CA F M Machine Company, Akron, OH
MI Elcam Tool & Die, Inc., Wilcox, PA F N Smith Corporation, Oregon, IL
Die-Mension Corporation, Brunswick, OH Electra Form Industries Inc., Vandalia, OH F P Pla Tool & Manufacturing Co., Buffalo,
Die-Namic Inc., Taylor, MI Electric Enterprise Inc., Stratford, CT NY
Diemaster Tool & Mold, Inc., Macedonia, OH Electro-Freeto Manufacturing Co., Inc., F S G Inc, Mishawaka, IN
Dietooling, Div. of Diemolding, Wampsville, Wayland, MA F T T Manufacturing Inc., Geneseo, NY
NY Electro-Mechanical Products, Inc., Denver, F Tinker & Sons Company, Pittsburgh, PA
Digital Tool & Die, Inc., Grandville, MI CO F W Gartner Thermal Spraying Co., Houston,
Distefano Tool & Mfg. Company, Omaha, NE Electro-Tech Machining, Long Beach, CA TX
Distinctive Machine Corporation, Grand Electroform Co. Inc., Machesney Park, IL F-Squared, Inc., Tarentum, PA
Rapids, MI Elite Tool & Machinery Systems, Inc, Fabricast, Inc., So. El Monte, CA
Diversified Engraving Stamp, & Machine O’Fallon, MO Fabritek Company, Inc., Winchester, VA
Company, Akron, OH Elizabeth Carbide Die Co., Inc., McKeesport, Fairbanks Machine & Tool, Raytown, MO
Diversified Manufacturing, Incorporated, PA Fairview Machine Company, Inc., Topsfield,
Lockport, NY Elliot Tool & Manufacturing Co., St. Louis, MA
Diversified Tool & Die, Vista, CA MO Fairway Molds, Inc., Walnut, CA
Diversified Tool, Inc., Mukwonago, WI Elliott’s Precision, Inc., Peoria, AZ Falls City Machine Technology, Louisville,
Dixie Tool & Die Co., Inc., Gadsden, AL Ellis Machine and Fabrication Inc., Buffalo, KY
Double D Machine & Tool Company, NY Falls Mold & Die, Inc., Stow, OH
Fremont, OH Ellis Tool & Machine, Inc., Tom Bean, TX Fame Tool & Manufacturing Co., Cincinnati,
Doyle Manufacturing, Inc., Holland, OH Elrae Industries, Alden, NY OH
Drabik Tool and Die Inc., Brook Park, OH Emmert Welding & Manufacturing, Inc., FamPEC Technology LLC, Murfreesboro, TN
Drewco Corporation, Franksville, WI Independence, MO Fargo Machine Company, Inc., Ashtabula,
Drill Masters Inc., Hamden, CT Empire Die Casting Co., Inc., Macedonia, OH OH
Dugan Tool & Die Company, Toledo, OH Empire Manufacturing Corporation, Farrar Corporation, Norwich, KS
Dun-Rite Industries, Inc., Temperance, MI Bridgeport, CT Farzati Manufacturing Corp., Greensburg, PA
Dunn & Bybee Tool Company, Inc., Sparta, Engineered Pump Services, Inc., Pasadena, Faustson Tool Corp., Arvada, CO
TN TX Fay & Quartermaine Machining Corp., El
Dura-Metal Products Corporation, Irwin, PA Entek Corporation, Norman, OK Monte, CA
Durivage Pattern & Mfg. Co. Inc., Williston, Enterprise Tool & Die, Brooklyn Heights, OH Fay Tool & Die, Inc., Orlando, FL
OH Ephrata Precision Parts, Inc., Denver, PA Feedall, Inc., Willoughby, OH
DuWest Tool & Die, Inc., Cleveland, OH Epicor Software Corporation, Minneapolis, Feilhauer’s Machine Shop Inc., Cincinnati,
Dynamic Engineering, Inc., Minneapolis, MN MN OH
Dynamic Fabrication, Inc., Santa Ana, CA Erickson Tool & Machine Company, Fenton Manufacturing, Inc., Ashtabula, OH
Dynamic Machine & Fabricating, Phoenix, Rockford, IL Fenwick Machine & Tool, Piedmont, SC
AZ Erie Shore Machine Co., Inc., Cleveland, OH Feral Productions LLC., Newark, CA
Dynamic Tool & Design, Inc., Menomonee Erie Specialty Products, Inc., Erie, PA Ferriot Inc., Akron, OH
Falls, WI Estee Mold & Die, Inc., Dayton, OH First International Bank, Hartford, CT
DynaGrind Precision, Inc., New Kensington, Esterle Mold & Machine Co., Stow, OH Fischer Precision Spindles, Inc., Berlin, CT
PA Estul Tool & Manufacturing Co., Inc., Fischer Tool & Die Corporation, Temperance,
Dysinger Incorporated, Dayton, OH Matthews, NC MI
Dytran Instruments, Inc., Chatsworth, CA Evans Tool & Die, Inc., Conyers, GA Five Star Tool Company, Inc., Rochester, NY
E & S Precision Machine, LLC, Modesto, CA Ever Fab, Inc., East Aurora, NY Fleck Machine Company, Inc., Hanover, MD
E B & Sons Machine Inc., Aliquippa, PA Ever-Ready Tool, Inc., Largo, FL Foresight Technologies, Tempe, AZ
E C M of Florida, Jupiter, FL Everett Pattern and Mfg., Inc., Middleton, Forster Tool & Mfg. Inc., Bensenville, IL
E J Codd Co. of Baltimore City &, Codd MA Fortner & Gifford, Inc., Prescott, AZ
Fabricators & Boiler Co., Inc., Baltimore, Ewart-Ohlson Machine Company, Cuyahoga Fostermation Inc., Meadville, PA
MD Falls, OH Fox Valley Tool & Die, Inc., Kaukauna, WI
E K L Machine Company, Inc., Andalusia, PA Ex-Cel Machine & Tool, Inc., Louisville, KY Franchino Mold & Engineering, Lansing, MI
E R C Concepts Company, Inc., Sunnyvale, Exact Cutting Service, Inc., Brecksville, OH Frasal Tool Co., Inc., Newington, CT
CA Exact Tool & Die, Inc., Brook Park, OH Frazier Aviation, Inc., San Fernando, CA
E W Johnson Company, Inc., Lewisville, TX Exacta Machine, Inc., Wichita, KS Fre-Mar Industries, Inc., Brunswick, OH
E.T. Precision Optics Inc., Rochester, NY Exacta Tech Inc., Livermore, CA Fredon Corporation, Mentor, OH
E-Fab, Inc., Santa Clara, CA Exacto, Inc. of South Bend, South Bend, IN Free-MaDie Company, Kittanning, PA
Eagle Mold Company, Inc., Carlisle, OH Excaliber Precision Machining, Peoria, AZ Freeport Welding & Fabricating, Inc.,
Eagle Precision Tooling Inc., Erie, PA Excel Manufacturing Inc., Seymour, IN Freeport, TX
Eagle Technologies Group, St. Joseph, MI Excel Manufacturing, Inc., Valencia, CA Fries Machine & Tool, Inc., Dayton, OH
Eagle Tool & Machine Company, Inc., Excel Precision, Inc., Tempe, AZ Frost & Company, Charlestown, RI
Springfield, OH Excel Stamping & Manufacturing, Inc., Fulton Industries, Inc., Rochester, IN
East Side Machine, Inc., Webster, NY Houston, TX Furno Co. Inc., Pomona, CA
East Texas Machine Works, Inc., Longview, Executive Mold Corporation, Huber Heights, Future Fabricators, Phoenix, AZ
TX OH Future Tool & Die, Inc., Grandville, MI
Ebway Corporation, Fort Lauderdale, FL Ezell Precision Tool Company, Clearwater, Fyco Tool & Die, Inc., Houston, TX
Eckert Enterprises Ltd., Tempe, AZ FL FCMP, Inc., Buffalo, NY
Eckert Machining, Inc., San Jose, CA EDM Supplies, Inc., Downey, CA FRB Machine Inc., Emlenton, PA
Eclipse Mold, Inc., Clinton Township, MI EROWA Technology Inc., Arlington Hts., IL G & G Tool Company, Inc., Sidney, OH
Eclipse Tool & Die, Inc., Wayland, MI EWT, Inc., Rockford, IL G & K Machine Company, Denver, CO
Edco, Inc., Toledo, OH F & F Machine Specialties, Mishawaka, IN G & L Tool Corp., Agawam, MA
Edge-Tech, Inc., Redmond, WA F & G Tool & Die Company, Dayton, OH G B F Enterprises, Inc., Santa Ana, CA
Edwardsville Machine & Welding, Company, F & S Tool, Inc., Erie, PA G B Tool Company, Warwick, RI
Inc., Edwardsville, IL F D T Precision Machine Co., Inc., Taunton, G H Tool & Mold, Inc., Washington, MO
Egli Machine Company, Inc., Sidney, NY MA G M T Corporation, Waverly, IA

VerDate Dec<13>2002 18:24 Jan 16, 2003 Jkt 200001 PO 00000 Frm 00022 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\17JAN1.SGM 17JAN1
2506 Federal Register / Vol. 68, No. 12 / Friday, January 17, 2003 / Notices

G R McCormick, Inc., Burbank, CA Grosmann Precision, Ballwin, MO Hillcrest Precision Tool Co. Inc., Haverhill,
G S Precision, Inc., Brattleboro, VT Grover Gundrilling, Inc., Norway, ME MA
Gadsden Tool, Inc., Gadsden, AL Guill Tool & Engineering Co., Inc., West Hillcrest Tool & Die, Inc., Titusville, PA
Gales Manufacturing Corporation, Racine, WI Warwick, RI Hilton Tool & Die Corporation, Rochester, NY
Gambar Products Company, Inc., Warwick, Gulf South Machine/Drilex Corp., Houston, Hittle Machine & Tool Company,
RI TX Indianapolis, IN
Garcia Associates, Arlington, VA Gurney Precision Machining, Saint Hobson & Motzer, Inc., Durham, CT
Gatco, Inc., Plymouth, MI Petersburg, FL Hodon Manufacturing Inc., Willoughby, OH
Gateway Metals Inc., Crestwood, MO Gustav’s Tool & Die, Inc., Seguin, TX Hoffman Custom Tool & Die, Newport Beach,
Gauer Mold & Machine Company, Tallmadge, H & H Machine Company, Whittier, CA CA
OH H & H Machine Shop of Akron, Inc., Akron, Hoffstetter Tool & Die, Clearwater, FL
Gaum, Inc., Robbinsville, NJ OH Holland USA, Muskegon, MI
Gear Manufacturing, Inc., Anaheim, CA H & H Machined Products, Inc., Erie, PA Hollis Line Machine Co., Inc., Hollis, NH
Geiger Manufacturing, Inc., Stockton, CA H & K Machine Service Co. Inc., O’Fallon, Holmes Manufacturing Corporation,
Gene’s Gundrilling Inc., Alahambra, CA MO Cleveland, OH
General Aluminium Forgings, Colorado H & M Machining Inc., Machesney Park, IL Homeyer Tool and Die Co., Marthasville, MO
Springs, CO H & M Precision Machining, Santa Clara, CA Hoppe Tool, Inc., Chicopee, MA
General Engineering Company, Toledo, OH H & W Machine Company, Broomfield, CO Horizon Industries, Columbia, PA
General Grinding, Inc., Oakland, CA H & W Tool Company, Inc., Dover, NJ Howard Tool Co. Inc., Bangor, ME
General Machine Shop, Inc., Cheverly, MD H B Machine, Inc., Phoenix, AZ Hubbell Machine Company, Inc., Cleveland,
General Machine-Diecron, Inc., Griffin, GA H Brauning Company, Inc., Manassas, VA OH
General Tool & Die Company, Inc., Racine, H D & K Mold Company, Inc., Hilton, NY Humboldt Instrument Company, San
WI H H Mercer, Inc., Mesquite, TX Leandro, CA
General Tool Company, Cincinnati, OH H R M Machine, Inc., Costa Mesa, CA Hunt Machine & Manufacturing Co.,
Genesee Manufacturing Company, Inc., Haberman Machine, Inc., St. Paul, MN Tallmadge, OH
Rochester, NY Haig Precision Mfg. Corp., Campbell, CA Hyde Special Tools, Saegertown, PA
Genesee Metal Stampings, Inc., West Hal-West Technologies, Inc., Kent, WA Hydrodyne Division of FPI, Inc., Burbank,
Henrietta, NY Hamblen Gage Corporation, Indianapolis, IN CA
Genesee Precision Mfg., Inc., Avon, NY Hamill Manufacturing Company, Trafford, Hydromat, Inc., St. Louis, MO
Gentec Manufacturing Inc., San Jose, CA PA Hygrade Precision Technologies, Inc.,
Geometric Tool & Machine Co., Inc., Hamilton Mold & Machine, Inc., Cleveland, Plainville, CT
Piedmont, SC Hytron Manufacturing Company, Inc.,
Hamilton Tool Company, Inc., Meadville, PA
George Welsch & Son Company, Cleveland, Huntington Beach, CA
Hammill Manufacturing Company, Toledo,
OH Ideal Grinding Technologies, Inc,
German Machine, Inc., Rochester, NY Chatsworth, CA
Hammon Precision Technologies, Hayward,
Germantown Tool & Machine, Works, Inc., Ideal Tool Co. Inc., Meadville, PA
Huntingdon Valle, PA Hanover Machine Company, Ashland, VA Imperial Die & Manufacturing Co.,
Gibbs Die Casting Corporation, Henderson, Hans Rudolph, Inc., Kansas City, MO Strongsville, OH
KY Hansen Engineering, Harbor City, CA Imperial Machine & Tool Company,
Gibbs Machine Company, Inc., Greensboro, Hanson Mold, St. Joseph, MI Wadsworth, OH
NC Hardy Machine Inc., Hatfield, PA Imperial Mfg., Santa Fe Springs, CA
Gilbert Machine & Tool Company, Greene, Hardy-Reed Tool & Die Co., Manitou Beach, Imperial Newbould, Meadville, PA
NY MI Imperial Tool & Manufacturing Co., Inc.,
Gill Tool & Die, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI Haumiller Engineering Company, Elgin, IL Lexington, KY
Gillette Machine & Tool Co Inc., Rochester, Hawkeye Precision, Inc., Gilbert, AZ Indiana Tool & Die Company, Die Sets Inc.,
NY Hawkins Machine Company, Inc., Coventry, Indiana, PA
Girard Tool & Die/Jackburn Mfg., Inc., Girard, RI Industrial Babbitt Bearing, Services, Inc.,
PA Hawkinson Mold Engineering Co., Alhambra, Gonzales, LA
Gischel Machine Company Inc., Baltimore, CA Industrial Custom Automatic Machine
MD Hayden Corporation, West Springfield, MA (ICAM), Dayton, OH
Givmar Precision Machining, Mountain Heatherington Machine Corp., Orlando, FL Industrial Grinding, Inc., Dayton, OH
View, CA Heinhold Engineering & Machine, Co., Inc., Industrial Machine & Tool Co., Inc.,
Glaze Tool & Engineering, Inc., New Haven, Salt Lake City, UT Nashville, TN
IN Heitz Machine & Manufacturing, Co., Industrial Machine Company, Oklahoma
Glendale Machine Company, Inc., Solon, OH Maryland Heights, MO City, OK
Glendo Corporation, Emporia, KS Hellebusch Tool & Die, Inc., Washington, MO Industrial Maintenance, & Electrical
Glidden Machine & Tool, Inc., North Helm Precision, Ltd., Phoenix, AZ Corporation, Lavergne, TN
Tonawanda, NY Henman Engineering & Machine, Muncie, IN Industrial Mold + Machine, Twinsburg, OH
Global Precision, Inc., Davie, FL Hercules Machine Tool & Die, Warren, MI Industrial Molds, Inc., Rockford, IL
Global Shop Solutions, The Woodlands, TX Herman Machine, Inc., Tallmadge, OH Industrial Precision Products, Inc., Oswego,
Godwin—SBO, L.P., Houston, TX Herrick & Cowell Company, Hamden, CT NY
Golis Machine, Inc., Montrose, PA Hetrick Mfg., Inc., Lower Burrell, PA Industrial Tool & Machine Co., Cuyahoga
Graham Tech Inc., Cochranton, PA Heyden Mold & Bench Company, Tallmadge, Falls, OH
Grand Valley Manufacturing, Company, OH Industrial Tool, Die &, Engineering, Inc.,
Titusville, PA Hi Tech Manufacturing, LLC, Greensboro, NC Tucson, AZ
Graybill’s Tool & Die, Inc., Manheim, PA Hi-Tech Machining & Engineering LLC, Industrial Tooling Technologies, Inc.,
Great Lakes E.D.M. Inc., Clinton Twp., MI Tucson, AZ Muskegon, MI
Great Lakes Metal Treating, Inc., Tonawanda, Hi-Tech Tool Industries, Inc., Sterling Ingersoll Contract Manufacturing, Company,
NY Heights, MI Rockford, IL
Great Lakes Tooling Inc., Cleveland, OH Hiatt Metal Products Company, Muncie, IN Injection Mold & Machine Company, Akron,
Great Western Grinding & Eng., Inc., Hickory Machine Company, Inc., Newark, OH
Huntington Beach, CA NY Inland Tool & Manufacturing Co., Kansas
Grind-All Precision Tool Co., Inc., Clinton High-Tech Industries, Holland, MI City, KS
Township, MI Highland Mfg. Inc., Manchester, CT Inline Inc., Phoenix, AZ
Grind-All, Inc., Cleveland, OH Hill Engineering, Inc., A Mestek Co., Villa Innex Industries, Inc., Rochester, NY
Grindworks Inc., Glendale, AZ Park, IL Integrated Aerospace, Santa Ana, CA

VerDate Dec<13>2002 18:24 Jan 16, 2003 Jkt 200001 PO 00000 Frm 00023 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\17JAN1.SGM 17JAN1
Federal Register / Vol. 68, No. 12 / Friday, January 17, 2003 / Notices 2507

Integrated Fabrication and Machine, K & H Precision Products, Inc., Honeoye L R G Corporation, Jeannette, PA
Sharpsville, PA Falls, NY L R W Cutting Tools, Inc., Phoenix, AZ
Integrated Machine Systems, Bethel, CT K & M Machine-Fabricating, Inc., Cassopolis, L T L Company, Inc., Rockford, IL
Integrity Mfg. L.L.C., Farmington, CT MI L. P. Engineering Co., Carson, CA
International Stamping Inc., Warwick, RI K & S Tool & Die, Inc., Meadville, PA Lake Manufacturing Co., Inc., Newburyport,
Intrex Corporation, Louisville, CO K & S Tool & Mfg. Company, Inc., Jamestown, MA
Iverson Industries, Inc., Wyandotte, MI NC Lakeside Manufacturing Company,
IDRAPRINCE, Holland, MI K L H Industries, Inc., Germantown, WI Stevensville, MI
ILM Tool, Inc., Hayward, CA K M S Machine Works, Inc., Taunton, MA Lamb Machine & Tool Company,
IMS, Inc., Decatur, AL K Mold & Engineering, Inc., Granger, IN Indianapolis, IN
ISO Machining, Inc., Pleasanton, CA K V, Inc., Huntingdon Valle, PA Lamina, Inc., Farmington Hills, MI
ISYS Manufacturing, Inc., Concord, CA K.C.K. Tool & Die Co., Inc., Ferndale, MI Lampin Corporation, Uxbridge, MA
ITM, Schertz, TX K-Form, Inc., Tustin, CA Lancaster Machine Shop, Lancaster, TX
J & A Tool Company, Inc., Franklin, PA Ka-Wood Gear & Machine Company, Lancaster Metal Products Company,
J & F Machine Inc., Cypress, CA Madison Heights, MI Lancaster, OH
J & G Machine & Tool Co., Inc., Walworth, Kahre Brothers, Inc., Evansville, IN Lancaster Mold, Inc., Lancaster, PA
NY Kalman Manufacturing, Morgan Hill, CA Land Specialties Manufacturing Co., Inc.,
J & J Tool Co., Inc., Louisville, KY Kansas City Screw Products Inc., Kansas Raytown, MO
J & M Machine, Inc., Fairport Harbor, OH City, MO Lane Enterprise, Rochester, NY
J & M Unlimited, Ashland City, TN Karlee, Garland, TX Lane Punch Corporation, Salisbury, NC
J B Tool Die & Engineering, Inc., Fort Wayne, Karsten Precision, Phoenix, AZ Laneko Engineering Company, Ft.
IN Kaskaskia Tool & Machine, Inc., New Athens, Washington, PA
J B Tool, Inc., Placentia, CA IL Laneko Roll Form, Inc., Hatfield, PA
J C B Precision Tool & Mold, Inc., Commerce Kaufhold Machine Shop, Inc., Lancaster, PA Lange Precision, Inc., Fullerton, CA
City, CO Kearflex Engineering Company, Warwick, RI Langenau Manufacturing Company,
J D Kauffman Machine Shop, Inc., Christiana, Keck-Schmidt Tool & Die, South El Monte, Cleveland, OH
PA CA Laron Incorporated, Kingman, AZ
J F Fredericks Tool Company, Inc., Kell-Strom Tool Company, Inc., Las Cruces Machine Manufacturing &,
Farmington, CT Wethersfield, CT Engineering, Las Cruces, NM
J I Machine Company, Inc., San Diego, CA Kellems & Coe Tool Corporation, Laser Automation, Inc., Chagrin Falls, OH
J K Tool & Die, Inc., Apollo, PA Jeffersonville, IN Laser Fabrication & Machine Co., Inc.,
J M Mold South, Easley, SC Keller Technology Corporation, Tonawanda, Alexandria, AL
J M Mold, Inc., Piqua, OH NY Laser Tool, Inc., Saegertown, PA
J M P Industries, Inc., Cleveland, OH Kelley Industries, Inc., Eighty Four, PA Latva Machine, Inc., Newport, NH
J M S Mold & Engineering Co., Inc., South Kelly & Thome, Pomona, CA Lavigne Manufacturing, Inc., Cranston, RI
Bend, IN Kelm Acubar Company, Benton Harbor, MI Layke Incorporated, Phoenix, AZ
J S Die & Mold, Inc., Byron Center, MI Kem-Mil-Co, Hayward, CA Layke Tool & Manufacturing, Inc., Meadville,
J W Harwood Company, Cleveland, OH Kemco Tool & Machine Company, Kirkwood, PA
J.B.A.T. t/a Cherry Hill, Precision, Cherry MO Ledford Engineering Company, Inc., Cedar
Hill, NJ Kenlee Precision Corporation, Baltimore, MD Rapids, IA
Jacksonville Machine Inc., Jacksonville, IL Kennametal Inc., Latrobe, PA Lee’s Grinding, Inc., Cleveland, OH
Jaco Engineering, Anaheim, CA Kennebec Tool & Die Co., Inc., Augusta, ME Leech Industries, Inc., Meadville, PA
Jaquith Carbide Corporation, Ipswich, MA Kennedy & Bowden Machine Company, La Lees Enterprise, Chatsworth, CA
Jasco Tools Inc., Cutting Tools Division, Vergne, TN Leese & Co., Inc., Greensburg, PA
Rochester, NY Kennick Mold & Die, Inc., Cleveland, OH Leggett & Platt, Inc., Whittier, CA
Jatco Machine & Tool Company, Inc., Kentucky Machine & Tool Company, Leicester Die & Tool, Inc., Leicester, MA
Pittsburgh, PA Louisville, KY Lenz Technology Inc., Mountain View, CA
Jena Tool Corporation, Dayton, OH Kern Special Tools Company, Inc., New Leonardi Manufacturing Co., Inc., Weedsport,
Jenkins Machine, Inc., Bethlehem, PA Britain, CT NY
Jennison Corporation, Carnegie, PA Keyes Machine Works, Inc., Gates, NY Lewis Aviation, Phoenix, AZ
Jergens Tool and Mold, Englewood, OH Keystone Machine, Inc., Littlestown, PA Lewis Machine & Tool Co. Inc., Cuba, MO
Jergens, Inc., Cleveland, OH Kimberly Gear & Spline, Inc., Phoenix, AZ Lewis Machine and Tool Company, Milan, IL
Jesse Industries, Inc., Sparks, NV King Machine & Engineering Co., Inc., Liberty Precision Industries, Ltd., Rochester,
Jet Products Co., Inc., Phoenix, AZ Indianapolis, IN NY
Jet Products, Inc., East Bridgewater, MA King Systems Corporation, Plastics Libra Precision Machining, Tecumseh, MI
Jewett Machine Mfg. Co., Inc., Richmond, VA Technology Division, Noblesville, IN Ligi Tool & Engineering, Inc., Deerfield
Jig Grinding Service Company, Cleveland, Klein Steel Service, Inc., Rochester, NY Beach, FL
OH Knight Industries Precision Machining, Inc., Lilly Software Associates, Inc., Hampton, NH
Jirgens Modern Tool Corporation, Corona, CA Limmco, Inc., New Albany, IN
Kalamazoo, MI Knowlton Manufacturing Company, Linmark Machine Products, Inc., Union, MO
JobBOSS Software/Exact, Edina, MN Norwood, OH Little Rhody Machine Repair, Inc., Coventry,
Johnson Engineering Company, Indianapolis, Knust—S B O, Houston, TX RI
IN Kordenbrock Tool & Die Company, Littlecrest Machine Shop, Inc., Houston, TX
Johnson Precision, Inc., Buffalo, NY Cincinnati, OH Lloyd Company, Houston, TX
Johnson Tool, Inc., Fairview, PA Kovacs Machine & Tool Company, Inc., Lloyd Tool & Manufacturing Corp., Burton,
Joint Production Technology, Inc., Macomb, Wallingford, CT MI
MI Krause Tool, Inc., A–Z Corp. Div. of Krause Lobart Company, Pacoima, CA
Joint Venture Acquisition Co., LLC, Tool, Golden, CO Loecy Precision Mfg., Mentor, OH
Saegertown, PA Kuhn Tool & Die Co., Meadville, PA Lordon Engineering, Gardena, CA
Jonco Tool Company, Racine, WI Kurt J. Lesker Company, Clairton, PA Loud Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc.,
Juell Machine Company, Inc., Pomona, CA L & L Machine, Inc., Ludlow, MA Ontario, CA
JBK Manufacturing & Development, Co., L & L Tool & Die, Gardena, CA Loyal Machine Company, Inc., Chelsea, MA
Dayton, OH L & P Machine, Inc., Santa Clara, CA Luick Quality Gage & Tool, Inc., Muncie, IN
J2 Precision CNC, Inc., Phoenix, AZ L A I Southwest, Inc., Phoenix, AZ Lunar Tool & Machinery Company, St. Louis,
K & E Mfg. Company, Lee’s Summit, MO L H Carbide Corporation, Fort Wayne, IN MO
K & H Mold & Machine Division, Akron, OH L P I Corporation, Hollywood, FL Lunar Tool & Mold, Inc., North Royalton, OH

VerDate Dec<13>2002 18:24 Jan 16, 2003 Jkt 200001 PO 00000 Frm 00024 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\17JAN1.SGM 17JAN1
2508 Federal Register / Vol. 68, No. 12 / Friday, January 17, 2003 / Notices

Lunquist Manufacturing Corp., Rockford, IL Master Cutting & Engineering, Inc., Santa Fe Mid-State Manufacturing, Inc., Milldale, CT
Lux Manufacturing, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA Springs, CA Mid-States Forging Die & Tool, Co., Inc.,
Lynn Welding Co. Inc., Newington, CT Master Industries Inc., Piqua, OH Rockford, IL
Lyons Tool & Die Company, Meriden, CT Master Research & Manufacturing, Inc., Midland Precision Machining, Inc., Tempe,
LOMA Automation Technologies, Inc., Norwalk, CA AZ
Louisville, KY Master Tool & Mold, Inc., Grafton, WI Midway Mfg. Inc., Elyria, OH
M & D Loe Manufacturing, Inc., Benicia, CA Mastercraft Mold, Inc., Phoenix, AZ Midwest Tool & Die Corporation, Fort
M & H Engineering Company, Inc., Danvers, Mastercraft Tool & Machine Co., Inc., Wayne, IN
MA Southington, CT Midwest Tool & Engineering Co., Dayton, OH
M & H Tool & Die, Inc., Gadsden, AL Mastercraft Tool Co., St. Louis, MO Mikron Machine, Inc., Cranesville, PA
M & J Grinding & Tool Co., Holland, OH Matthews Gauge, Inc., Santa Ana, CA Milco Wire EDM, Inc., & Milco Waterjet,
M & J Valve Services, Inc., Lafayette, LA Maudlin & Son Manufacturing Co., Inc., Huntington Beach, CA
M C Mold & Machine, Inc., Tallmadge, OH Kemah, TX Millat Industries Corp., Dayton, OH
M D F Tool Corporation, North Royalton, OH May Technology & Mfg., Inc., Kansas City, Miller Equipment Corporation, Richmond,
M F Engineering Co. Inc., Bristol, RI MO VA
M H S Automation, Round Lake Beach, IL May Tool & Die, Inc., North Royalton, OH Miller Mold Company, Saginaw, MI
M P E Machine Tool Inc., Corry, PA MaTech Machining Technologies, Inc., Milrose Industries, Cleveland, OH
M P Technologies, Inc., Brecksville, OH Hebron, MD Milwaukee Precision Corporation,
M S Willett, Inc., Cockeysville, MD McAfee Tool & Die, Inc., Uniontown, OH Milwaukee, WI
M. R. Mold & Engineering Corp., Brea, CA McCurdy Tool & Machine Inc., Caledonia, IL Milwaukee Punch Corporation, Greendale,
M-Ron Corporation, Glendale, AZ McGill Manufacturing Company, Flint, MI WI
M-Tron Manufacturing Company, Inc., San McKee Carbide Tool Division, Olanta, PA Minco Tool & Mold Inc., Dayton, OH
Fernando, CA McKenzie Automation Systems, Inc., Mission Tool & Manufacturing Co., Inc.,
Mac Machine and Metal Works, Inc, Rochester, NY Hayward, CA
Connersville, IN McNeal Enterprises, Inc., San Jose, CA Mitchell Machine, Inc., Springfield, MA
Mac-Mold Base, Inc., Romeo, MI McNeil Industries, Inc., Willoughby, OH Mitchum Schaefer, Inc., Indianapolis, IN
Machine Incorporated, Stoughton, MA McNeill Manufacturing Company, Oakland, Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool, Division-
Machine Specialties, Inc., Greensboro, NC CA Mittler Corporation, Foristell, MO
Machine Tooling, Inc., Cleveland, OH McSwain Manufacturing Corp., Cincinnati, Mod Tech Industries, Inc., Shawano, WI
Machine Works, Inc., Phoenix, AZ OH Model Machine Company, Inc., Baltimore,
Machinist Cooperative, Gilroy, CA Meadville Plating Company, Inc., Meadville, MD
MacKay Manufacturing, Spokane, WA
PA Modern Industries Inc., Phoenix, AZ
Maddox Metal Works, Inc., Dallas, TX
Meadville Tool Grinding, Meadville, PA Modern Machine Company, San Jose, CA
Magdic Precision Tooling, Inc., East
Mechanical Drive Components, Inc., Modern Machine Company, Bay City, MI
McKeesport, PA
Chicopee, MA Modern Technologies Corp., Xenia, OH
Maghielse Tool Corporation, Grand Rapids,
Mechanical Manufacturing Corp., Sunrise, FL Mold Threads Inc., Branford, CT
Magna Machine & Tool Company, New Mechanical Metal Finishing Co., Gardena, Moldcraft, Inc., Depew, NY
Castle, IN CA Moldesign, Inc., Knoxville, TN
Magnum Manufacturing Center, Inc., Mechanized Enterprises, Inc., Anaheim, CA Monks Manufacturing Co., Inc., Wilmington,
Colorado Springs, CO Medved Tool & Die Company, Elm Grove, WI MA
Magnus Precision Manufacturing, Inc., Menegay Machine & Tool Company, Canton, Monroe Tool & Die Co., Rochester, NY
Phelps, NY OH Monsees Tool & Die, Inc., Rochester, NY
Mahuta Tool Corp., Germantown, WI Mercer Machine Company, Inc., Montgomery Machine Company, Houston,
Main Tool & Mfg. Co., Inc., Minneapolis, MN Indianapolis, IN TX
Maine Machine Products, South Paris, ME Merit Gage, Inc., St. Louis Park, MN Moon Tool & Die Inc., Conneaut Lake, PA
Mainline Machine, Inc., Broussard, LA Merritt Tool Company, Inc., Kilgore, TX Moore Gear Mfg. Co., Inc., Hermann, MO
Majer Precision Engineering, Inc., Tempe, AZ Metal Form Engineering, Redlands, CA Moore Quality Tooling, Inc., Dayton, OH
Major Tool & Machine, Inc., Indianapolis, IN Metal Processors Inc., Stevensville, MI Moore’s Ideal Products, Covina, CA
Makino, Mason, OH Metal-Tek Machining Inc., Phoenix, AZ Morlin Incorporated, Erie, PA
Malmberg Engineering, Inc., Livermore, CA Metalcraft, Inc., Tempe, AZ Morris Machine Co., Inc., Indianapolis, IN
Manda Machine Company, Inc., Dallas, TX Metallon, Inc., Thomaston, CT Morton & Company, Inc., Wilmington, MA
Manetek, Inc., Broussard, LA Metalsa—Perfek, Novi, MI Moseys’ Production Machinists Inc.,
Manheim Special Machine Shop, Manheim, Metco Manufacturing Company, Inc., Anaheim, CA
PA Warrington, PA Mound Laser and Photonics Center,
Mann Tool Company, Inc., Pacific, MO Metplas, Inc., Natrona Heights, PA Miamisburg, OH
Manufacturing Machine Corp., Pawtucket, RI Metric Machining, Monrovia, CA Mountain States Automation, Inc.,
Manufacturing Service Corp., West Hartford, Metro Manufacturing, Inc., Phoenix, AZ Englewood, CO
CT Metz Tool & Die Works, Rockford, IL Mueller Machine & Tool Company, Berkeley,
Marberry Machine, Inc., Houston, TX Miami Tool & Die, Inc., Huntington, IN MO
Marco Manufacturing Company, Akron, OH Micro Facture LLC, Mountville, PA Muller Tool Inc., Cheektowaga, NY
Mardon Tool & Die Company, Inc., Micro Instrument Corporation, Boulder City, Multi-Tool, Inc., Saegertown, PA
Rochester, NY NV Mutual Precision, Inc., West Springfield, MA
Marini Tool & Die Company, Inc., Racine, WI Micro Manufacturing, Caledonia, MI Mutual Tool & Die, Inc., Dayton, OH
Marion Tool and Die, Inc., Terre Haute, IN Micro Matic Tool, Inc., Youngstown, OH Myers Industries, Akro-Mils Division, Akron,
Maris Systems Design, Inc., Spencerport, NY Micro Precision Company, Houston, TX OH
Markham Machine Co. Inc., Akron, OH Micro Punch & Die Company, Rockford, IL Myers Precision Grinding Company Inc.,
Marlin Tool, Inc., Cuyahoga Falls, OH Micro Surface Engineering, Inc., Bal-tec Warrensville Hts, OH
Marox Corporation, Holyoke, MA Division, Los Angeles, CA Myles Tool Co., Inc., Sanborn, NY
Marquette Tool & Die Company, St. Louis, Micro Tool & Manufacturing, Inc., Meadville, MCD Plastics & Manufacturing Inc., Piqua,
Marshall Manufacturing Company, Micro-Tronics, Inc., Tempe, AZ MCTD, Inc., Michigan City, IN
Minneapolis, MN Mid-Central Manufacturing, Inc., Wichita, KS MKR Fabricators, Saginaw, MI
Martinelli Machine, San Leandro, CA Mid-Conn Precision Manufacturing LLC, MPC Industries, Inc., Irvine, CA
Masco Machine, Inc., Cleveland, OH Bristol, CT MRC Technologies, Buffalo, NY
Massachusetts Machine Works Inc., Mid-Continent Engineering, Inc., N C Dynamics, Inc., Long Beach, CA
Westwood, MA Minneapolis, MN N E T & Die Company, Inc., Fulton, NY

VerDate Dec<13>2002 18:24 Jan 16, 2003 Jkt 200001 PO 00000 Frm 00025 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\17JAN1.SGM 17JAN1
Federal Register / Vol. 68, No. 12 / Friday, January 17, 2003 / Notices 2509

Nashville Machine Company, Inc., Nashville, Obars Machine & Tool Company, Toledo, OH Perfekta, Inc., Wichita, KS
TN Oberg Industries Inc., Freeport, PA Performance Grinding & Manufacturing, Inc.,
National Carbide Die, McKeesport, PA Oconee Machine & Tool Company, Inc., Tempe, AZ
National Jet Company, Inc., LaVale, MD Westminster, SC Performance Machining Inc., Irwin, PA
National Tool & Machine Co. Inc., East St. Oconnor Engineering Laboratories, Costa Perry Tool & Research Inc., Hayward, CA
Louis, IL Mesa, CA Petersen Precision Engineering, LLC,
Nationwide Precision Products, Corp., Ohio Gasket & Shim Company, Akron, OH Redwood City, CA
Rochester, NY Ohio Transitional Machine & Tool, Inc., Peterson Jig & Fixture, Inc., Rockford, MI
Nelson Bros. & Strom Co., Inc., Racine, WI Toledo, OH Phil-Coin Machine & Tool Co., Inc., Hudson,
Nelson Engineering, Garden Grove, CA Oilfield Die Manufacturing Co., Lafayette, LA MA
Nelson Grinding, Inc., Fullerton, CA Omax Corporation, Kent, WA Philips Machining Company, Inc.,
Nelson Precision Drilling Co., Glastonbury, Omega One, Inc., Maple Heights, OH Coopersville, MI
CT Omega Tool, Inc., Menomonee Falls, WI Phoenix Grinding, Div. of Cal-Disc Grinding
Nerjan Development Company, Stamford, CT Omni Machine Works, Inc., Covington, GA Co., Phoenix, AZ
Neutronics, Inc., Phoenix, AZ Omni Tool, Inc., Winston Salem, NC Phoenix Metallics, Phoenix, AZ
New Century Fabricators, Inc., New Iberia, Optimized EDM, Santa Clara, CA Phoenix Tool & Gage, Inc., Phoenix, AZ
LA Osborn Products, Inc., Phoenix, AZ Piece-Maker Company, Troy, MI
New England Die Co., Inc., Waterbury, CT Overland Bolling, Dallas, TX Pinnacle Manufacturing Co., Inc., Chandler,
New England Precision Grinding, Inc., Overton & Sons Tool & Die Co. Inc., AZ
Holliston, MA Mooresville, IN Pinnacle Precision Co., Glassport, PA
New Standard Corporation, York, PA Overton Corporation, Willoughby, OH Pioneer Industries, Seattle, WA
Newman Machine Company, Inc., P & A Tool & Die, Inc., Rochester, NY Pioneer Precision Grinding, Inc., West
Greensboro, NC P & N Machine Company, Inc., Houston, TX Springfield, MA
Niagara Punch & Die Corporation, Buffalo, P & P Mold & Die, Inc., Tallmadge, OH Pioneer Tool & Die Company, Akron, OH
NY P & R Industries, Inc., Rochester, NY Pioneer Tool & Die, Inc., Meadville, PA
Nifty Bar, Inc., Penfield, NY P I A Group, Inc., Cincinnati, OH Piper Plastics, Inc., Chandler, AZ
Niles Machine & Tool Works, Inc., P. Tool & Die Company, Inc., N. Chili, NY Pitt-Tex, Latrobe, PA
Livermore, CA P–K Tool & Manufacturing Company, Plano Machine & Instrument Inc.,
Nixon Tool Co., Inc., Richmond, IN Chicago, IL Gainesville, TX
Noble Tool Corporation, Dayton, OH Pacific Bearing Company, Rockford, IL Plastic Mold Technology Inc., Grand Rapids,
Norbert Industries, Inc., Sterling Heights, MI Pacific Tool & Die, Inc., Brunswick, OH MI
Nordon Tool & Mold, Inc., Rochester, NY Pahl Tool Services, Cleveland, OH
Plastipak Packaging, Inc., Package
Noremac Manufacturing Corp., Westboro, Palma Tool & Die Company, Inc., Lancaster,
Development Plant 67, Medina, OH
Pleasanton Tool and Manufacturing, Inc.,
Norman Noble, Inc., Cleveland, OH Palmer Machine Company Inc., Conway, NH
Pleasanton, CA
North Canton Tool Company, Inc., Canton, Palmer Manufacturing Company, Malden,
Plesh Industries, Inc., Buffalo, NY
North Central Tool & Die, Inc., Houston, TX Pankl Aerospace Systems, Cerritos, CA Pol-Tek Industries, Ltd., Cheektowaga, NY
North Coast Tool & Mold Corp., Cleveland, Parallax, Inc., Largo, FL Polytec Products Corporation, Menlo Park,
OH Paramount Machine & Tool Corp., Fairfield, CA
North Easton Machine Co., Inc., North NJ Ponderosa Industries, Inc., Denver, CO
Easton, MA Parker Plastics Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA Popp Machine & Tool, Inc., Louisville, KY
Northeast E D M, Newburyport, MA Parr-Green Mold and Machine Co., North Port City Machine & Tool Company,
Northeast Manufacturing Co., Inc., Stoneham, Canton, OH Muskegon Heights, MI
MA Parris Tool & Die Company, Goodlettsville, Portage Knife Company, Inc., Mogadore, OH
Northeast Tool & Manufacturing, Co., Indian TN Post Products, Inc., Kent, OH
Trail, NC Parrish Machine, Inc., South Bend, IN Powers Bros. Machine, Inc., Montebello, CA
Northern Machine Tool Company, Pasco Tool & Die, Inc., Meadville, PA Powill Manufacturing & Engineering, Inc.,
Muskegon, MI Patco Machine & Fab, Inc., Houston, TX Phoenix, AZ
Northern Tool & Gage, Inc., North Royalton, Path Technologies, Inc., Mentor, OH Practical Machine Company, Barberton, OH
OH Patkus Machine Company, Rockford, IL Precise Products Corporation, Minneapolis,
Northwest Machine Works, Inc., Grand Patriot Machine, Inc., St. Charles, MO MN
Junction, CO Patten Tool & Engineering, Inc., Kittery, ME Precision Aircraft Components, Inc., Dayton,
Northwest Tool & Die Company, Inc., Grand Paul E. Seymour Tool & Die Co., North East, OH
Rapids, MI PA Precision Aircraft Machining, Co., Inc. dba
Northwest Tool & Die, Inc., Meadville, PA Peerless Precision, Inc., Westfield, MA PAMCO, Sun Valley, CA
Northwood Industries, Inc., Perrysburg, OH Pegasus/Triumph Manufacturing, Inc., East Precision Automation Co., Inc., Clarksville,
Norwood Tool Company, Dayton, OH Berlin, CT IN
Now-Tech Industries Inc., Lackawanna, NY Peko Precision Products, Rochester, NY Precision Balancing & Analyzing Co., Mentor,
Nu-Tech Industries, Grandview, MO Pell Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc., OH
Nu-Tool Industries, Inc., North Royalton, OH Pelham, NH Precision Boring Company, Detroit, MI
Numeric Machine, Fremont, CA Penco Precision, Fontana, CA Precision Components Group, Inc., Fremont,
Numeric Machining Co., Inc., West Pendarvis Manufacturing, Anaheim, CA CA
Springfield, MA Pendleton Tool Company, Inc., Erie, PA Precision Die & Stamping Inc., Tempe, AZ
Numerical Concepts, Inc., Terre Haute, IN Peninsula Screw Machine Products, Inc., Precision Engineering & Mfg. Co., PEMCO,
Numerical Precision, Inc., Wheeling, IL Belmont, CA Haymarket, VA
Numerical Productions, Inc., Indianapolis, IN Penn State Tool & Die Corp., North Precision Engineering, Inc., Uxbridge, MA
Numet Machine, Stratford, CT Huntingdon, PA Precision Gage & Tool Company, Dayton, OH
NuTec Tooling Systems, Inc., Meadville, PA Penn United Tech, Inc., Saxonburg, PA Precision Gage, Inc., Tempe, AZ
O & S Machine Company, Inc., Latrobe, PA Pennoyer-Dodge Company, Glendale, CA Precision Grinding & Mfg. Corp., Rochester,
O–A, Inc., Agawam, MA Pennsylvania Crusher, Cuyahoga Falls, OH NY
O E M Industries, Inc., Dallas, TX Pennsylvania Tool & Gages, Inc., Meadville, Precision Grinding Inc., Phoenix, AZ
O E M, Inc., Corvallis, OR PA Precision Grinding, Inc., Birmingham, AL
O–D Tool & Cutter Inc., Mansfield, MA Pequot Tool & Mfg., Inc., Pequot Lakes, MN Precision Identity Corporation, Campbell, CA
O’Keefe Ceramics, Woodland Park, CO Perfection Tool & Mold Corp., Dayton, OH Precision Machine & Instrument, Co.,
Oakley Die & Mold Company, Inc., Mason, Perfecto Tool & Engineering Co., Anderson, Houston, TX
OH IN Precision Machine & Tool Co., Longview, TX

VerDate Dec<13>2002 18:24 Jan 16, 2003 Jkt 200001 PO 00000 Frm 00026 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\17JAN1.SGM 17JAN1
2510 Federal Register / Vol. 68, No. 12 / Friday, January 17, 2003 / Notices

Precision Machine Company, Lancaster, PA Puehler Tool Company, Valley View, OH Republic Industries, Louisville, KY
Precision Machine Rebuilding, Inc., Rogers, Pullbrite, Inc., Fremont, CA Republic-Lagun, Carson, CA
MN PDQ Machine, Inc., Machesney Park, IL Research Tool Inc., East Haven, CT
Precision Machine Works, Aiken, SC PMR, Inc., Avon, OH Reuther Mold & Manufacturing Co., Attn:
Precision Manufacturing, Technologies, Inc., PQ Enterprise, L.L.C., Grand Rapids, MI Accounts Payable, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Grand Junction, CO PR Machine Works, Inc., Mansfield, OH Reynolds Manufacturing Co., Inc., Rock
Precision Metal Crafters, Ltd., Greensburg, Quality Centerless Grinding Corp., Island, IL
PA Middlefield, CT Rheaco Inc., Grand Prairie, TX
Precision Metal Fabrication, Dayton, OH Quality Grinding and Machine, Rainbow Rhode Island Centerless, Inc., Johnston, RI
Precision Metal Tooling, Inc., Oakland, CA City, AL Rich Tool & Die Company, Scarborough, ME
Precision Mold & Engineering, Inc., Warren, Quality Machine Engineering, Inc., Santa Richard Manufacturing Company, Inc.,
MI Rosa, CA Milford, CT
Precision Mold Base Corporation, Tempe, AZ Quality Machining Technology, Inc., Richard Tool & Die Corporation, New
Precision Mold Welding, Inc., Little Rock, AR Oakdale, CA Hudson, MI
Precision Products Inc., Greenwood, IN Quality Machining, Inc., Waunakee, WI Richard’s Grinding, Inc., Cleveland, OH
Precision Resource, California Division, Quality Mold & Engineering, QME Inc., Richards Machine Tool Company, Inc.,
Huntington Beach, CA Baroda, MI Lancaster, NY
Precision Resource Tool & Machine, Quality Tool & Die Inc., Meadville, PA Richsal Corporation, Elyria, OH
Division, Shelton, CT Quality Tool Company, Toledo, OH Rick Sanford Machine Company, San
Precision Resources, Hawthorne, CA Quick-Way Stampings, Euless, TX Leandro, CA
Precision Specialists, Inc., West Berlin, NJ R & D Machine Shop, Dallas, TX Rickman Machine Company, Wichita, KS
Precision Specialties, San Jose, CA R & D Specialty/Manco, Phoenix, AZ Rid-Lom Precision Tool Corp., Rochester, NY
Precision Stamping & Tool, Inc., Irvine, CA R & D Tool & Engineering, Lee’s Summit, MO Ridge Machine & Welding Company,
Precision Stamping, Inc., Farmers Branch, TX R & G Precision Tool Inc., Thomaston, CT Toronto, OH
Precision Technology, Inc., Chandler, AZ R & H Manufacturing Inc., Edwardsville, PA Riggins Engineering, Inc., Van Nuys, CA
Precision Tool & Mold, Inc., Clearwater, FL R & J Tool, Inc., Brookville, OH Right Tool & Die, Inc., Toledo, OH
Precision Tool Work, Inc., New Iberia, LA R & M Machine Tool, Freeland, MI Rite-Way Industries Inc., Louisville, KY
Precision Wire EDM Service Inc., Grand R & M Manufacturing Company, Niles, MI Riverview Machine Company, Inc., Holyoke,
Rapids, MI R & M Mold Manufacturing Co., Inc., MA
Preferred Tool Company, Inc., Seymour, IN Bloomsbury, NJ Riviera Tool Company, Grand Rapids, MI
Prescott Aerospace, Inc., Prescott Valley, AZ R & S EDM, Inc., W. Springfield, MA Robert C. Reetz Company, Inc., Pawtucket, RI
Pressco Products, Kent, WA R & S Redco, Inc., Rockland, MA Robert C. Weisheit Co., Franklin Park, IL
Prestige Mold Incorporated, Rancho R D C Machine, Inc., Santa Clara, CA Roberts Tool & Die Company, Chillicothe,
Cucamonga, CA R Davis EDM, Anaheim, CA MO
Price Products, Inc., Escondido, CA R E F Machine Company, Inc., Middlefield, Roberts Tool Company, Inc., Chatsworth, CA
Pride, dba Pride Industries, Brooklyn Park, CT Robrad Tool & Engineering, Mesa, AZ
MN R F Cook Manufacturing Co., Stow, OH Rochester Automated Systems, Inc.,
Prima Die Castings, Inc., Clearwater, FL R G F Machining Technologies, Canon City, Rochester, NY
Prime-Co Tool Inc., East Rochester, NY CO Rochester Gear, Inc., Rochester, NY
Primeway Tool & Engineering Co., Div. of R J S Corporation, Akron, OH Rochester Manufacturing, Wellington, OH
Cleary Developments, Inc., Madison R M I, Van Nuys, CA Rochester Precision Machine, Inc., Rochester,
Heights, MI R S Precision Industries, Inc., Farmingdale, MN
Pro-Mold, Inc., Rochester, NY NY Rockburl Industries Inc., Rochester, NY
Pro-Tech Machine, Inc., Burton, MI R T R Slotting & Machine Inc., Cuyahoga Rockford Process Control, Inc., Rockford, IL
Process Equipment Company, Tipp City, OH Falls, OH Rockford Tool & Manufacturing Co.,
Product Engineering Company, Columbus, IN R. W. Machine, Inc., Houston, TX Rockford, IL
Production Machining & Mfg., Dallas, TX R. W. Smith Company, Inc., Dallas, TX Rockford Toolcraft, Inc., Rockford, IL
Production Saw Works, Inc., North Rainbow Tool & Machine Co., Inc., Gadsden, Rockhill Machining Industries Inc.,
Hollywood, CA AL Barberton, OH
Production Tool & Mfg. Co., Portland, OR Raloid Corporation, Reisterstown, MD Rockstedt Tool & Die, Brunswick, OH
Producto Machine Company, Bridgeport, CT Ralph Stockton Valve Products, Inc., Rocon Manufacturing Corporation,
Professional Instruments Co., Inc., Hopkins, Houston, TX Rochester, NY
MN Ram Tool, Inc., Grafton, WI Rogers Enterprises, Rochester, NY
Professional Machine & Tool Co., Gallatin, Rapid-Line Inc., Grand Rapids, MI Roll Kraft, Mentor, OH
TN Rapidac Machine Corporation, Rochester, NY Romold Inc., Rochester, NY
Proficient Machining Co., Inc., Mentor, OH Ratnik Industries, Inc., Victor, NY Ron Grob Company, Loveland, CO
Profile Grinding, Inc., Cleveland, OH Rawlings Engineering, Macon, GA Ronart Industries, Inc., Detroit, MI
Proformance Manufacturing, Inc., Corona, CA Re-Del Engineering, Campbell, CA Ronlen Industries, Inc., Brunswick, OH
Progressive Concepts Machining, Pleasanton, Realco Diversified, Inc., Meadville, PA Rons Racing Products, Inc., Tucson, AZ
CA Reardon Machine Co., Inc., St. Joseph, MO Royalton Manufacturing, Inc., Cleveland, OH
Progressive Machine & Design, LLC, Victor, Reata Engineering & Machine, Works, Inc., Royster’s Machine Shop, LLC, Henderson,
NY Englewood, CO KY
Progressive Metallizing &, Machine Reber Machine & Tool Company, Muncie, IN Rozal Industries, Inc., Farmingdale, NY
Company, Inc., Akron, OH Reed Instrument Company, Houston, TX Ruoff & Sons, Inc., Runnemede, NJ
Progressive Tool & Die, Inc., Meadville, PA Reese Machine Company, Inc., Ashtabula, Ryan Industries Inc., York, PA
Progressive Tool & Die, Inc., Gardena, CA OH RRR Development Co., Inc., North Canton,
Progressive Tool Company, Waterloo, IA Reg-Ellen Machine Tool Corp., Rockford, IL OH
Promax Tool Co., Rancho Cordova, CA Reichert Stamping Company, Toledo, OH RTS Wright Industries, Nashville, TN
Prompt Machine Products, Inc., Chatsworth, Reitz Tool, Inc., Cochranton, PA RTS Wright Industries, LLC, Gilbert, AZ
CA Reko International Sales, Inc., Troy, MI S & B Tool & Die Co., Inc., Lancaster, PA
Proper Cutter, Inc., Guys Mills, PA Reliable EDM, Inc., Houston, TX S & R Tool Inc., Lakeville, NY
Proper Mold & Engineering, Inc., Center Line, Remarc Manufacturing Inc., Hayward, CA S C Manufacturing, Akron, OH
MI Remmele Engineering, Inc., New Brighton, S G S Tool Company, Munroe Falls, OH
Proto-Design, Inc., Redmond, WA MN S L P Machine, Inc., Ham Lake, MN
Protonics Engineering Corp., Cerritos, CA Reny & Company Inc., El Monte, CA S. C. Machine, Chatsworth, CA
ProMold, Inc., Cuyahoga Falls, OH Repairtech International, Inc., Van Nuys, CA Sabre Machining Center, Inc., Dayton, OH

VerDate Dec<13>2002 18:24 Jan 16, 2003 Jkt 200001 PO 00000 Frm 00027 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\17JAN1.SGM 17JAN1
Federal Register / Vol. 68, No. 12 / Friday, January 17, 2003 / Notices 2511

Saeilo Manufacturing Industries, Blauvelt, Snyder Systems, Benicia, CA Superior Die Set Corporation, Oak Creek, WI
NY Solar Tool & Die, Inc., Kansas City, MO Superior Die Tool Machine Co., Columbus,
Sage Machine & Fabricating, Houston, TX Sonic Machine & Tool, Inc., Tempe, AZ OH
Sagehill Engineering, Inc., Menlo Park, CA Sonoma Precision Mfg. Co., Santa Rosa, CA Superior Gear Box Company, Stockton, MO
Saliba Industries, Inc., Lake Forest, IL Sonora Precision Molds, Inc., Mi Wuk Superior Jig, Inc., Anaheim, CA
Sanders Tool & Mould Company, Village, CA Superior Mold Company, Ontario, CA
Hendersonville, TN South Bend Form Tool Company, South Superior Thread Rolling Company Inc,
Sandor Tool & Manufacturing Co., Lawrence, Bend, IN Arleta, CA
MA South Eastern Machining, Inc., Pelzer, SC Superior Tool & Die Company, Bensalem, PA
Satran Technical Enterprises, Mayer, AZ Southampton Manufacturing, Inc., Superior Tool & Die Company, Inc., Elkhart,
Sattler Machine Products, Inc., Sharon Feasterville, PA IN
Center, OH Southeastern Technology, Inc., Murfreesboro, Superior Tool, Inc., Willow Street, PA
Sawing Services Co., Chatsworth, CA TN Supreme Tool and Die Company, Fenton,
Sawtech, Lawrence, MA Southern Manufacturing Technologies Inc., MO
Schaffer Grinding Company, Inc., Tampa, FL Surface Manufacturing, Auburn, CA
Montebello, CA Southwest Mold, Inc., Tempe, AZ Swiss Wire E D M, Costa Mesa, CA
Scheu & Kniss, The Elizabeth Companies, Space City Machine & Tool Co., Houston, TX Swissco, Inc., Bell Gardens, CA
Louisville, KY Spalding & Day Tool & Die Co., Louisville, Synergis Technologies Group, Grand Rapids,
Schill Corp., Toledo, OH KY MI
Schmald Tool & Die Inc., Burton, MI Spark Technologies, Inc., Schenley, PA Syst-A-Matic Tool & Design, Meadville, PA
Schmiede Corporation, Tullahoma, TN Spartak Products Inc., Houston, TX Systems 3, Inc., Tempe, AZ
Schmitt Machine, Inc., Ventura, CA Specialty Machine & Hydraulics, STADCO, Los Angeles, CA
Schneider & Marquard, Inc., Newton, NJ Pleasantville, PA STM Manufacturing, Holland, MI
Schuetz Tool & Die, Inc., Hiawatha, KS Speed Precision Machining, Phoenix, AZ T & S Industrial Machining Corp., Woburn,
Schulze Tool Company, Independence, MO Spenco Machine & Manufacturing, Temecula, MA
Schwab Machine, Inc., Sandusky, OH CA T J Tool and Mold, Guys Mills, PA
Schwartz Industries, Inc., Warren, MI Spex Precision Machine Technologies, T M Machine & Tool, Inc., Toledo, OH
Scientiam Machine Co., Harbor City, CA Rochester, NY T M S Inc., Technical Machining Services,
Seaway Industrial Products, Inc., Erie, PA Spike Industries, North Lima, OH Inc., Lincoln, RI
Sebewaing Tool & Engineering Co., Spiral Grinding Company, Culver City, CA T R Jones Machine Company, Inc., Crystal
Sebewaing, MI Springfield Manufacturing, LLC, Clover, SC Lake, IL
Select Manufacturing Company, Rainbow Springfield Tool & Die, Inc., Greenville, SC T. J. Karg Company, Inc., Akron, OH
City, AL Spun Metals, Inc., A Deakins Co., Brazil, IN T–K & Associates, Inc., La Porte, IN
Select Tool & Die—Tool Div., Dayton, OH Standard Die Supply of Indiana, Inc., T–M Manufacturing Corporation, Sunnyvale,
Select Tool & Eng., Inc., Elkhart, IN Indianapolis, IN CA
Select Tool and Die, Toledo, OH Standard Jig Boring Service, Inc., Akron, OH Talbar, Inc., Meadville, PA
SelfLube, Coopersville, MI Standard Machine Inc., Cleveland, OH Talent Tool & Die, Inc., Berea, OH
Selzer Tool & Die, Inc., Elyria, OH Standard Welding & Steel, Products, Inc., Tana Corporation, Toledo, OH
Sematool Mold & Die Co., Santa Clara, CA Medina, OH Tanner Oil Tools Inc., Houston, TX
Serrano Industries Inc., Santa Fe Springs, CA Stanek Tool Corporation, New Berlin, WI Target Precision, Meadville, PA
Service Manufacturing and, Engineering, Stanley Machining & Tool Corp., Taurus Tool & Engineering, Inc., Muncie, IN
Norwalk, CA Carpentersville, IL Team Tooling and Design, Incorporated,
Service Tool & Die, Inc., Henderson, KY Star Precision Products, Mentor, OH Shawnee, OK
Setters Tools, Inc., Piedmont, SC Star Tool & Die, Inc., Elkhart, IN Tech Industries, Inc., Cleveland, OH
Sharon Center Mold & Die, Sharon Center, Starn Tool & Manufacturing Co., Meadville, Tech Manufacturing Company, Wright City,
Shaw Industries, Inc., Franklin, PA State Industrial Products, Inc., Phoenix, AZ Tech Mold, Inc., Tempe, AZ
Shear Tool, Inc., Saginaw, MI Stauble Machine & Tool Company, Tech Tool & Mold, Inc., Meadville, PA
Sheets Tool & Manufacturing, Inc., Louisville, KY Tech-Etch, Inc., Plymouth, MA
Saegertown, PA Stelted Manufacturing, Inc., Tempe, AZ Tech-Machine, Inc., Colorado Springs, CO
Shelby Engineering Company, Inc., Sterling Engineering Corporation, Winsted, Techmetals, Inc., Dayton, OH
Indianapolis, IN CT Techni-Cast Corporation, South Gate, CA
Sherer Manufacturing Incorporated, Sterling Tool Company, Racine, WI Techni-Products, Inc., East Longmeadow,
Clearwater, FL Stevens Manufacturing Co., Inc., Milford, CT MA
Sherman Tool & Gage, Erie, PA Stewart Manufacturing Company, Phoenix, Technics 2000 Inc., Olathe, KS
Shookus Special Tools, Inc., Raymond, NH AZ Technodic, Inc., Providence, RI
ShopTech Industrial Software Corp., Stillion Industries, Ann Arbor, MI Tecno Troqueles Industries, Laredo, TX
Cincinnati, OH Stillwater Technologies, Inc., Troy, OH TecoMetrix, LLC, Tempe, AZ
Sibley Machine & Foundry Corp., South Stonewall Jackson Mold Inc., Annville, KY Tedco, Inc., Cranston, RI
Bend, IN Stoney Crest Regrind Service, Inc., Teke Machine Corp., Rochester, NY
Signal Machine Company, New Holland, PA Bridgeport, MI Tell Tool, Inc., Westfield, MA
Silicon Valley Mfg., Fremont, CA Streamline Tooling Systems, Muskegon, MI Tenk Machine & Tool Company, Cleveland,
Sipco Molding Technologies, Meadville, PA Strobel Machine, Inc., Worthington, PA OH
Sirois Tool Co. Inc., Berlin, CT Stuart Tool & Die, Falconer, NY Tennessee Metal Works, Inc., Nashville, TN
Six Sigma, Louisville, KY Studwell Engineering, Inc., Sun Valley, CA Tennessee Tool Corporation, Charlotte, TN
Ski-Way Machine Products Company, 24460 Subsea Ventures Inc., Houston, TX Terrell Manufacturing Inc., Strongsville, OH
Lakeland Blvd., Euclid, OH Suburban Manufacturing Company, Eastlake, Testand Corporation, Pawtucket, RI
Skillcraft Machine Tool Company, West OH Tetco, Inc., Plainville, CT
Hartford, CT Summit Machine Company, Scottdale, PA Teter Tool & Die, Inc., La Porte, IN
Skulsky, Inc., Gardena, CA Summit Precision, Inc., Phoenix, AZ Thaler Machine Company, Dayton, OH
Skyline Manufacturing Corp., Nashville, TN Sun EDM Inc., Gilbert, AZ The Baughman Group, Louisville, KY
Skylon Mold & Machining, Sugar Grove, PA Sunbelt Plastics, Inc., Frisco, TX The Bechdon Company, Inc., Upper
Smith-Renaud, Inc., Cheshire, CT Sunrise Tool & Die, Inc., Henderson, KY Marlboro, MD
Smith’s Machine, Cottondale, AL Sunset Tool Inc., Saint Joseph, MI The Foster Group, Rochester, NY
Smithfield Manufacturing, Inc., Clarksville, Super Finishers II, Phoenix, AZ The Goforth Corp., dba The Machine Shop,
TN Superbolt, Inc., Carnegie, PA Fremont, CA

VerDate Dec<13>2002 18:24 Jan 16, 2003 Jkt 200001 PO 00000 Frm 00028 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\17JAN1.SGM 17JAN1
2512 Federal Register / Vol. 68, No. 12 / Friday, January 17, 2003 / Notices

The Metalworking Group, Inc., Cincinnati, Trimetric Specialties, Inc., Newark, CA Van Engineering, R Vandewalle, Inc.,
OH Trimline Tool, Inc., Grandville, MI Cincinnati, OH
The POM Group, Inc., Auburn Hills, MI Trinity Tools, Inc., North Tonawanda, NY Van Os Machine Works, Inc., St. Louis, MO
The Ryan Group, Franklin, NJ Trio Manufacturing, Inc., Kent, WA Van Reenen Tool & Die Inc., Rochester, NY
The Sullivan Corporation, Hartland, WI Trio Tool & Die, Inc., Hawthorne, CA Van-Am Tool & Engineering, Inc., St. Joseph,
The Timken Company, Specialty Tooling & Triple-T Cutting Tools Inc., West Berlin, NJ MO
Rebuilding, Canton, OH Triplett Machine, Inc., Phelps, NY Vanderveer Industrial Plastics, Inc.,
The Will-Burt Company, Orrville, OH Trojan Mfg. Co. Inc., Piqua, OH Placentia, CA
Therm, Inc., Ithaca, NY Trotwood Corporation, Trotwood, OH Vanpro, Inc., Cambridge, MN
Thiel Tool & Engineering Co.,Inc., St. Louis, Tru Form Manufacturing Corp., Rochester, Varco Systems, Orange, CA
MO NY Vaughn Manufacturing Company, Inc.,
Thomas Machine Works, Inc., Newburyport, Tru Tool, Inc., Sturtevant, WI Nashville, TN
MA Tru-Cut, Inc., Sebring, OH Venango Machine Products, Inc., Reno, PA
Thornhurst Manufacturing, Inc., Zephyrhills, True Cut EDM Inc., Garland, TX Versacut Ind. Inc., Morenci, MI
FL True-Tech Corporation, Fremont, CA Versa Tool & Die Machining, and Engineering
Three-Way Pattern, Inc., Wichita, KS Trust Technologies, Willoughby, OH Inc., Beloit, WI
ThyssenKrupp Budd Company, Shelbyville, Trutron Corporation, Troy, MI Vico Louisville, Louisville, KY
KY Tschida Engineering, Inc., Napa, CA Viking Tool & Engineering, Whitehall, MI
Tipco Punch, Inc., Hamilton, OH Tucker Engineering Inc., Peabody, MA Viking Tool & Gage, Inc., Conneaut Lake, PA
Tipp Machine & Tool, Inc., Tipp City, OH Turn-Tech, Inc., Pinehurst, TX Vistek Precision Machine Company, Ivyland,
Titan, Inc., Sturtevant, WI Twin City Plating Company, Minneapolis, PA
Toledo Blank, Inc., Toledo, OH MN Vitron Manufacturing, Inc., Phoenix, AZ
Toledo Molding & Die, Toledo, OH Two-M Precision Co., Inc., Willoughby, OH Vitullo & Associates, Inc., Warren, MI
Tolerance Masters, Inc., Circle Pines, MN TAE Corporation, d/b/a T & E Manufacturing, Vobeda Machine & Tool Company, Racine,
Tomak Precision, Lebanon, OH Kent, WA WI
Tomco Tool & Die, Inc., Belding, MI TCI Precision Metals, Gardena, CA Vulcan Tool Corporation, Dayton, OH
TomKen Tool & Engineering, Inc., Muncie, TMI Industries, Inc., Temperance, MI W & H Stampings & Fineblanking, Inc,
IN TMK Manufacturing Inc., Santa Clara, CA Hauppauge, NY
Tool Gauge & Machine Works, Inc., Tacoma, TMX Engineering & Manufacturing, Santa W D & J Machine & Engineering Inc.,
WA Ana, CA Fullerton, CA
Tool Mate Corporation, Cincinnati, OH U F E Incorporated, Stillwater, MN W G Strohwig Tool & Die, Inc., Richfield, WI
Tool Specialties Company, Hazelwood, MO U M C, Inc., Hamel, MN W W G, Inc., Indianapolis, IN
Tool Specialty Company, Los Angeles, CA U S Machine & Tool, Inc., Murfreesboro, TN W. C. Kirby & Son, Inc., Noblesville, IN
Tool Tech Corporation, San Jose, CA Ugm, Inc., Salida, CA W.A.C. Consulting/Coss Systems Inc.,
Tool Tech, Inc., Springfield, OH Ultra Precision, Inc., Freeport, PA Northboro, MA
Tool-Matic Company, Inc., City Of Ultra Stamping & Assembly, Inc., Rockford, Wagner Engineering, Inc., Gilbert, AZ
Commerce, CA IL Wagner Engraving Co., Kirkwood, MO
Toolcomp Tooling & Components Co., Ultra Tool & Manufacturing, Inc., Waiteco Machine, Inc., Devens, MA
Toledo, OH Menomonee Falls, WI Waltco Engineering, Inc., Gardena, CA
Toolcraft of Phoenix, Inc., Glendale, AZ Ultra-Tech, Inc., Kansas City, KS Walter Tool & Mfg. Inc., Elgin, IL
Toolcraft Products, Inc., Dayton, OH Ultramation, Inc., Waco, TX Warmelin Precision Products, Hawthorne,
Toolex, Inc., Houston, TX Ultron, Long Beach, CA CA
Tools Renewal Company, Birmingham, AL Unique Machine Company, Waukesha Tool & Stamping Inc., Sussex, WI
Tools, Inc., Sussex, WI Montgomeryville, PA Wayne Manufacturing, Inc., Boulder, CO
Top Tool & Die, Inc., Cleveland, OH Unique Tool & Manufacturing, Randleman, Weco Metal Products, Ontario, NY
Toth Industries, Inc., Toledo, OH NC Wemco Precision Tool, Inc., Meadville, PA
Toth Technologies, Pennsauken, NJ Unitech, Inc., Kansas City, MO Wentworth Company, Glastonbury, CT
Tower Tool & Engineering, Inc., Machesney United Centerless Grinding, East Hartford, Werkema Machine Company, Inc., Grand
Park, IL CT Rapids, MI
Trace-A-Matic Corporation, Brookfield, WI United Machine Co., Inc., Wichita, KS Wes Products, Madison Heights, MI
Tracer Tool & Die Company Inc., Grand United Plastics Group, Anaheim, CA West Hartford Tool & Die Company,
Rapids, MI United Stars Aerospace, Inc., Kent, WA Newington, CT
Trademark Die & Engineering, Belmont, MI United States Fittings, Inc., Warrensville Hgt, West Pharmaceutical Services, Erie, PA
Tram Tek Inc., Phoenix, AZ OH West Valley Milling, Inc., Chatsworth, CA
Transmatic Manufacturing, Mesa, AZ United Tool & Engineering Co., South Beloit, West Valley Precision Inc., San Jose, CA
Treblig, Inc., Greenville, SC IL Western Air Products, Tucson, AZ
Trec Industries, Inc., Brooklyn Heights, OH United Tool & Engineering, Inc., Mishawaka, Western Mass. MechTech, Inc., Ware, MA
Tree City Mold & Machine Co., Inc., Kent, IN Western Tap Manufacturing Co., Inc., Buena
OH Universal Brixius, Milwaukee, WI Park, CA
Treffers Precision, Inc., Phoenix, AZ Universal Custom Process, Inc., Streetsboro, Westfield Manufacturing Corp., Westfield, IN
Tresco Tool, Inc., Guys Mills, PA OH Westfield Tool & Die, Inc., Westfield, MA
Tri Craft, Inc., Middleberg Heigh, OH Universal Precision Products Inc., Akron, OH Westlake Tool & Die Mfg., Avon, OH
Tri-City Machine Products, Inc., Peoria, IL Upland Fab, Inc., Ontario, CA Westool Corporation, Temperance, MI
Tri-City Tool & Die, Inc., Bay City, MI UAB Manufacturing Co., Inc., Southampton, White Machine, Inc., North Royalton, OH
Tri-Core Mold & Die, Machesney Park, IL PA Whitehead Tool & Design, Inc., Guys Mills,
Tri-M-Mold, Inc., Stevensville, MI USAeroteam, Dayton, OH PA
Triad Plastic Technologies, Reno, NV V & M Tool Company, Inc., Perkasie, PA Wiegel Tool Works, Inc., Wood Dale, IL
Triangle Tool Company, Erie, PA V & S Die & Mold, Inc., Lakewood, OH Wiesen EDM, Inc., Belding, MI
Tribond Industries, Inc., Phoenix, AZ V A Machine & Tools, Inc., Broussard, LA Wightman Engineering Services, Inc., Santa
Tricon Machine LLC, Rochester, NY V Ash Machine Company, Cleveland, OH Clara, CA
Tridecs Corporation, Hayward, CA V I Mfg., Inc., Webster, NY Wilco Die Tool Machine Company, Maryland
Trident Precision Manufacturing, Webster, V R C, Inc., Berea, OH Heights, MO
NY V.A.W. of America, Inc., Phoenix, AZ Wilkinson Mfg., Inc., Santa Clara, CA
Trimac Manufacturing, Inc., Santa Clara, CA Valley Machine Works, Inc., Phoenix, AZ Willer Tool Corporation, Jackson, WI
Trimble Navigation Ltd. Engineering & Valley Tool & Die, Inc., North Royalton, OH William Sopko & Sons Co., Inc., Cleveland,
Construction Division, Huber Heights, OH Valv-Trol Company, Stow, OH OH

VerDate Dec<13>2002 18:24 Jan 16, 2003 Jkt 200001 PO 00000 Frm 00029 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\17JAN1.SGM 17JAN1
Federal Register / Vol. 68, No. 12 / Friday, January 17, 2003 / Notices 2513

Williams Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc., Administrator (Administrator), and ADDRESSES: Initial applications may be
Chatsworth, CA subject to the availability of funds, to submitted by surface mail or e-mail.
Williams Machine, Inc., Lake Elsinore, CA provide matching grants of financial Submissions by e-mail are preferred. If
Williams Machining Co., Edinboro, PA
assistance for coral reef conservation submitting by surface mail, applicants
Windsor Tool & Die, Inc., Cleveland, OH
Wintech Industries Inc., Tempe, AZ projects under the Program. This are encouraged to include a copy of the
Wire Cut Company, Inc., Buena Park, CA document provides the specific Fiscal initial application in electronic format
Wire Tech E D M, Inc., Los Alamitos, CA Year (FY) 2003 Funding Guidance on disk or cd and mail both to: David
Wire-Tech, Inc., Tempe, AZ (Guidance) necessary to award Kennedy, NOAA Coral Reef
Wirecut Technologies Inc., Indianapolis, IN $5,590,000 in Federal assistance, of Conservation Program Coordinator,
WireCut E D M, Inc., Dallas, TX which NOAA is providing $5,240,000 Office of Response and Restoration, N/
Wisconsin Engraving Company/Unitex, New and the Department of the Interior ORR, Room 10102, NOAA National
Berlin, WI
(DOI)is providing $350,000, consistent Ocean Service, 1305 East-West
Wise Machine Co., Inc., Butler, PA
Wolverine Bronze Company, Roseville, MI with the NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Highway, Silver Spring, MD 20910.
Wolverine Tool & Engineering, Belmont, MI Grant Program Implementation Applications submitted by e-mail must
Wolverine Tool Company, St. Clair Shores, Guidelines (Guidelines) published in be sent to Fax
MI the Federal Register on Friday, April submittals will not be accepted except
Woodruff Corporation, Torrance, CA 19, 2002. The Guidelines can be found for the International Coral Reef
Wright Brothers Welding &, Sheet Metal, Inc., at The Conservation proposals, Section VII
Hollister, CA information published in this Guidance (Fax: 301–713–4389).
WADKO Precision, Inc., Eagle Lake, TX
includes: specific program eligibility FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
WGI Inc., Southwick, MA
WSI Industries, Inc., Osseo, MN criteria, Funding Availability, proposal Administrative questions should be
X–L Machine Company, Inc., Three Rivers, submittal and selection dates, and directed to Bill Millhouser, 301–713–
MI detailed application requirements and 3155, extension 189 or e-mail at
XLI Corporation, Rochester, NY Application Evaluation criteria. All
Yarde Metals, Inc., Bristol, CT applications submitted pursuant to this Technical point of contact for State
Yates Tool, Inc., Medina, OH notice must be consistent with the and Territory Coral Reef Management is
Yoder Die Casting Corporation, Dayton, OH requirements stated herein, the Bill Millhouser, 301–713–3155,
Youngberg Industries, Inc., Belvidere, IL Guidelines, and with ‘‘A National Coral
Youngers and Sons Manufacturing, extension 189 or e-mail at
Company, Inc., Viola, KS Reef Action Strategy’’ (Strategy),
Youngstown Plastic Tooling & Machinery, completed in September 2002. The Technical point of contact for State
Inc., Youngstown, OH Strategy can also be found at: http:// and Territory Coral Reef Ecosystem
Z & Z Machine Products Inc., Racine, WI Applicants Monitoring is John Christensen, 301–
Z M D Mold & Die Inc., Mentor, OH may also request copies of the Strategy 713–3028, extension 153 or e-mail at
Zircon Precision Products, Inc., Tempe, AZ from the contacts listed below. Funding
Zuelzke Tool & Engineering, Milwaukee, WI will be subject to the availability of Technical point of contact for Coral
4 Axis Machining, Inc., Denver, CO federal appropriations. Reef Ecosystem Research is Kimberly
[FR Doc. 03–1097 Filed 1–16–03; 8:45 am] DATES: Applications must be received Puglise, 301–713–2427, extension 199
BILLING CODE 3510–DR–P by NOAA before 5 P.M. Eastern Time on or e-mail at
the dates specified below. Initial Technical point of contact for General
applications can be submitted by either Coral Reef Conservation is Tom
DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE electronic mail (e-mail) or surface mail; Hourigan, 301–713–3459, extension 122
however, one original and two signed or e-mail at
National Oceanic and Atmospheric copies of the final application must be Technical point of contact for Projects
Administration submitted by surface mail. Applicants to Improve or Amend Coral Reef Fishery
should consider the delivery time when Management Plans is Tom Hourigan,
National Ocean Service submitting their applications from 301–713–3459, extension 122 or e-mail
[Docket No. 021226332–2332–01; I.D. international or remote areas. NOAA at
121202C] intends to provide funding to selected Technical point of contact for
applicants no later than September 30, International Coral Reef Conservation is
Coral Reef Conservation Grant 2003. The following review and Arthur Paterson, 301–713–3078,
Program Fiscal Year 2003 Funding selection timetable applies to all extension 217 or e-mail at
Guidance applications under the Program, except
the Coral Reef Research Ecosystem For general information on NOAA’s
AGENCY: National Marine Fisheries
Program (see section IV): Coral Reef Conservation Program,
Service (NMFS), National Ocean Service contact Roger Griffis, 301–713–3989,
(NOS), Commerce. Initial Applications due to NOAA–
March 14, 2003 extension 115 or e-mail at
ACTION: Notice of Availability of Federal
assistance for coral reef conservation NOAA returns proposal comments to
activities. applicants–May 9, 2003 SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: NOAA
Final Applications due to NOAA– announces the availability of $5,590,000
SUMMARY: This document advises the June 6, 2003 of Federal assistance in FY 2003 for
public that the National Oceanic and The NOAA Grants Officer will Coral Conservation Activities. NOAA is
Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is provide written notice to each providing $5,240,000 and DOI is
soliciting proposals for the NOAA Coral successful applicant with written notice providing $350,000. These funds will be
Reef Conservation Grant Program of the final funding selection on or used to support grants of financial
(Program), pursuant to the Coral Reef before September 30, 2003. It is the goal assistance under the following six
Conservation Act of 2000 (Act). The Act of the NOAA Program Officer to also program categories: State and Territory
authorizes the Secretary of Commerce provide notice to each unsuccessful Coral Reef Management; State and
(Secretary), through the NOAA applicant before September 30, 2003. Territory Coral Reef Ecosystem

VerDate Dec<13>2002 18:24 Jan 16, 2003 Jkt 200001 PO 00000 Frm 00030 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\17JAN1.SGM 17JAN1