SKENARIO 3 A man (26 years old) pulled his tooth out in a clinic of a dentist where an internship dentist who replaced

the dentist in service carried out the treatment. In the time of pulling out the tooth, the tooth was broken. The man then was allowed to leave the clinic back home and given a prescription of antibiotic,painkiller, and high doses of seductive tablets without any explanation for home treatment. In the following day, the man got bleeding and cheek bruise. His body feel weak due to the influence of the medicine he took. Consequently he should be brought to hospital. In hospital, he was treatedby a speciality of mouth surgery and the specialist gave information that the piece of the left tooth should be taken out. If the man was ready to undergo the operation, he should sign the letter of conscience first. And after he got recovery,he might bring the case before the law.

Are there laws for internship doctor/dentist? C. Letter of conscience : inform consent 3. How to prove that a case is a malpractice? 8. and it kinds! 12.Explain about the definition of inform consent. What is the definition of malpractice? 2. 2. wrong at treatment . Prescription : a letter for take drugs in drugstore B. sleepy. How many kinds of malpractice? (with the explanation) 4. Intentional : purposefull offense b. function. CLARIFY THE TERM 1.Nonfeasance : do nothing . .negligence : an accidentally action when do the treatment .Explain about the seductive tablets! 13. Kind of malpractice : a. Negligence . What is the cause of malpractice? 5.malpraktice : an extreme negligence that cause harm and damage and its criminal 3.Explain and mention about mistake in scenario! 15.A. and dependecy 2. DEFINE THE PROBLEM 1.Mis feasance : right decide. How to prevent and solve malpractice claims? 7. Malpractice is doctor’s error in treat the patient that cause harm for patient and that doctor. What are the laws of malpractice? What is the sanction if we strike that laws? 10.May the patient ask accountability to the doctor who do the malpractice? 14. What is the impact of malpractice for the patient and doctor? 9.Explain about professional standard of a doctor! 11. ANALYZE THE PROBLEM 1. What is the difference between malpractice and negligence? 3.Maleficence : wrong at decide . When was a case could be called a malpractice? 6. Seductive tablet : the drugs that can makes anxious.

Do the inform consent .Lack of knowledge .Upgrade of knowledge .Negligence .Act bellow the standard .Work in calm Solve : .Lack of competence . Lack of skill : less of competence Kind of malpractice by normatif a.Employ a competent doctor .Criminal : against the law .Wanprestasi .There are harm or damage in patient .c. Malpractice requirement .Respect the patient right .Miss behavior .Do something that against the law 5. Cause of malpractice : .There are fact about it 6.Dentist’s duty for the patient .Civil : wanprestasi/not do the duty .Be carefull in all ways .Face the case in calm .Doctor against SOP . Law . Prevent the malpractice claims .Make medical record .Prepare the medical record and inform consent . Ethic : against the professional code ethic 4.Administrative : against the state structure’s law b.

Professionalism . 4 – 9 months in jail 10.7. .For doctor : Untrust from people Maximum sanction : revocation of STR and SIP Get some sanction/punishment/warning . 1 – 5 years in jail .Pasal 360 ayat (2) : mild neglignece.Pasal 40 : about announcement subtitute doctor . Direct causalship 8. Impact of malpractice .Pasal 5 ayat (1) : about accountability of patient . 30 millions in fine (about employ uncompetence person) . mental. charge.Pasal 360 ayat (1) : extreme negligence.Morality and ethics behavior .Competence .Pasal 350 KUHP : 5 years in jail .Friendliness . The law of malpractice .Good facilities . Prove a malpractice case There are 4 component : a.Relation between doctor and people .Pasal 80 : 10 years in jail. etc Death 9. Damages d.For patient : Disability of physics.Professional standard of a doctor : guidelines that has to be used for the doctor as an act guide. Duty b. Dereliction/carelessness c.

Seductive tablets  Seductive tablets in high doses can make : . 12. 14.Dependency 13.Verbal .As patient protector from the disagreement treat by patient ..Mistakes in scenario .Failed in making decision .Somnolent . Presume consent : agreement that taken by the doctor for safe the patient in emergency case.Inform consent : agreement which given by patient after get the explanation about the treat that will be done by the doctor.Treat the patient according to the standard .The doctor employ an uncompetence person . Purpose : .Normal condition . Expressed consent : the stated medical treatment agreement .As doctor protector from adverse event Kind : a.Written c.There are no inform consent .Anxious .Anesthetized .Patient can ask accountability to the doctor who do malpractice because it is pure of doctor’s error.Make medical record and inform consent 11. Implied consent : the implicit medical treatment agreement .Emergency situation b.

Laws for internship doctor There are some laws that manage the uncompetence person. not just internship doctor : .. 100 millions in fine . 150 millions in fine or 5 years in jail D.The treat is not fit with the prosedure 15.Pasal 76 : about don’t have SIP person.Pasal 77 : acting like doctor/dentist. CONCLUSION DEFINITION LAWS KIND OF Malpractice INFORM CONCENT and REKAM MEDIK CHARACTERISTIC THE CAUSE .