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Electronic Manufacturing Services Provider

Electromechanical Semiconductor Box Builds

Business Challenges
ESI has taken advantage of ControlTeks breadth of supply chain services to enable improved cost and lead-times for key assemblies. ControlTek provides materials procurement, unit assembly, test, packaging and shipment of ESI products. These services entailed sourcing all materials (including long range material planning) for PCBs, cable/harnessing, mechanical components, custom metal and plastics. ControlTek developed full assembly documentation and the appropriate test strategy to ensure ESIs products met the highest quality standard. ESI was able to leverage ControlTeks supplier relationships and bonding programs, ability to locate hard-to-find items, and inventory control processes to overcome supply chain challenges.

ControlTek plays an integrated role in ESIs supply chain by providing proactive support throughout the product lifecycle.
PJ Pingle, Purchasing Manager, ESI - www.esi.comf

ESI and ControlTeks materials management program is highly successful due, in part, to ControlTeks aptitude in the following areas... Bill of Materials Analysis
Our experienced purchasing department uses our diverse distribution relationships and attacks each BOM with vigor. Each and every item must be analyzed for cost, lead-time, life cycle, MPQ, EOQ, and NCNR status. If a part presents itself as a challenge, we will leverage our in house component engineers to find a solution that better fits our customers requirements. If a components life cycle is nearing end of life or reached the obsolete stage and it cant be crossed, our buyers have excellent contacts for sourcing hard to find parts.

ESI is a leader in laser-based microengineering solutions

ESI is a leading supplier of innovative laser-based manufacturing solutions for the microtechnology industry. Their systems enable precise structuring and testing of micron to submicron features in semiconductors, LEDs, MLCCs and other high-value components. They partner with their customers to make breakthrough technologies possible in the semiconductor, microelectronics and other emerging industries.

Understanding the Customers Delivery Requirements

Based on the BOM analysis and subsequent feedback from the customer, the supply chain can begin to be linked together. In some cases strategic buys are required to ensure uninterrupted product flow. In other cases bond programs can be utilized or better yet supplier KAN BANS allowing parts to be available with a moments notice. In any case, by working closely with the customer we can meet the desired material requirements.

Production Flow
Again, understanding customer requirements are important in deploying a production strategy that allows for cost effective and efficient manufacture. Through time-tested processes our production and manufacturing engineering staff will deploy the manufacturing strategy that best fits the customers needs. Kan ban, JIT, batch, or progressive assemblies are all models that are currently being used at ControlTek. Each of these models can be tailor made by utilizing our experienced staff and flexible information systems.


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