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Goodwood drew a varied set of

cars to Sussex on 6 November to mark flve years of its Breakfast Ctub meetlngs. Classics on show spanned everythlng from a superb Ferrari Daytona (above) to a pair of Mercedes Unimogs, on hand as part of the a[[-whee[-drive theme.

Clockwise, from left: wild Holden Hurricane got its

post-restoration debut;
Best in Show Bentley on the Tour Classica; classics and visitors packed Royal

Exhibition Hall, Melbourne

Holden concept steals Aussie show

The second RACV Motorclassica
drew 16,000 visitors to Melbourne's Royal Exhibition Hall from 2l-23 October. Star exhibits included the post-restorarion debut of the 1969 Holden Hurricane concept, its first public outing for nearly 4}years.

reverberated to the sound of the 1987 Le i\[ans Porsche 962, on loan from the factory museum and
steered into the r-enue br- uinning

driver and Stuttgarr hero Deref,

Bell. He

joined br-


TB21 RoadsteE a Porsch egllRSR and a 1973 Citrodn DS23 Pallas Prestige, one of seven Chapronbuilt cars and winner of theModern European & British caregory.
But it was more than just a static display: some 78 cars took parr in
the Tour Classica from the Australian GP pitlane at Nbert Park into central Melbourne, along a 6.9l,rrt route to the Exhibition Flall. The sights of cars such as a Lamborghini Miura SV Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing and Facel Vega going


in Show from the hotly

Hours victor and Aussie racing

of standout cars among the 1 10 enrries for the
Australian International
great Vern Schuppan. There \ -ere plenn-

Grry McMillan's Bentley Speed Six, first delivered to Oswald J Syme rn'27 with a Mulliner saloon body, but now sporting Vanden
Plas Le Mans-sryle coachwork.

contested concours was awarded to

- with a combined

C oncours d'Elegance & Classic -\Iotor Shou,

R6tromobite, the premier Parls[an show, w[[tfocus on amphibious cars from 1-5 February. Stars will inctude a 1932 Combte, a 7942 Hydromobile and a 7937 Trippet SG6, along with more familiar machines such as the Amphlcar (above). See

value of more

The show got off ro a thunderous start, as the historic building

than AU$ 1 0Omillion (86 -; m). Therz

ranged from the oldest Benz in Australt\ an 1896 \-elo. ro an drts

toe-to-toe u,ith traffic


a treat

for spectators and drivers alike.


A festive competition to go with our Chrlstmas issue, but why [s Father Christmas ln a

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A consultation has begun


lkswagen Golf ca brio Iet? Send your qulps to Caption Competition (January) at the pB address by 5 January or e-maiI captioncom p.cerscp Please include your fu[[ postal address so we can send you your prize.

Top honours at the 1Oth Hitton Head lsland Motorlng Festivat er Concours d'Elegance went to an ex-Le Mans 1937 BMW 328. People's Choice at the 28 October6 November event in S Carollna, USA went to Chartes Mistele's

936 Auburn Bs2Speedster.

whether to scrap -\IoG for pre-'60 cars. Greg Knieht. chair of the AII

^ry cles Group, has ri-elcomed the

arli amenran- FIi s tori c Vehi -

move: "Ffaving an annual test for a car that may onlv trar-e-l 500 miles a year is an unnecessan- bureaucratic hurdle." The Government is seekingviews on whether rhe eremption date should be earlier, and the test frequency is being reviewed for all ages - a move opposed bymotoring organisations. Flave your say at wuur. cl as si c an d sp orts car. com/fo rum s

NOVEMBER'S COMPETITI ON Plenty of sexlsm for this shot of a special Lotus road car, but a fair number were politlca[[y correct. We liked Dave Massey's: "My first day of valet parking, and what do I get?" and Jim Hepburn's:"This is what happens when I rub my Seven's bonnetl'We don't ncrmatly reward smutty answers [n this section, but on this occasion we couldn't resist so our winner [s Angus Roper, for: "Thanks for the lift, Mr chapman. Now I know why you catt it a Lotus ct[max!"

t"{ft::i"i$.,. Former Rolls-Royce and Jensen sales and marketing director Richard Graves (above, on right)
passed away in October. Graves gave his fina[ lnterview to CbSC's Jon Pressne[[ shortly before he died; read it in fu[[ next month.