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A nev/ Australian state best of 56 Austin-Healeys converged on the banks of the Brisbane River for the Queensland Sprite Club's annual
Sprite Expo on 30 October. The selection spanned all four iterations and they were displayed in varying degrees of tune and repair. There was also the bonus of a brace of MG Midgets, a pair of Morris Minors (one a Tourer) and a

lone MG TF, plus various orher oddities including an Amilcar and a Honda 5800 filling the park, Tiack-going Sprites s-ere rve1l
represented, v,ith
a mi-x

Foley to race in the '67 Rothmans 12 Hours at Surfers' Paradise. It didntfinish, butran as high as third

before its dry-sump lubrication

system failed at about halfdistance.

special was crafted by Keith Morrison in Sydney and sold as a rolling chassis with sleek glassfibre body-

of Frogeves

work. Owners fitted their choice of

and later variants sporring rollcages and semi-s1ick nres. Neville Mansfieldt -\IG l,iidget was built as a lighnr eieht comperition machine at the B-\IC Zetland piant forJohn French and Brian

Mini Cooper 'S', in matching

period Castrol livery.

Nongside was Fred Sayers'Morris

drivetrain, which for many was

MG-sourced. Hansford, however, has converted his to Datsun power

The Presidentt Award went to

Jon Hansford's ultra-rare K&[-2 00. One of oniy 27 made, this Aussie

with a Morris Minor torsion-bar fiont end and a Sprite steering rack. Mark Gillmant gorgeous 1958
Frogeye was the People's Choice.

Perth day focuses on Japan

Japanese Car Dar- in Perth on 16 October, one oi th. Australian

summert first major gatherings, drew a fascinatins rnirrure of200


Other highlights included a'73 Datsun 2402 that came fourth on the 2000 London-sydney Mara-

from '60s to current models.


thon, a 1965 Toyota'Crown and

Intriguing rarities included

Triumph Iine-up tackled De Pajotse 0ldtimer Vrienden rally while touring Belgium

Roadsters in Brugcs
At the invitation of Betgian club member Dirk Devogeteel a group from the Triumph Roadster Ctub - in nine Roadsters and two moderns - spent a long, late-September weekend in Bruges. While they were there, the cars took part in the rally of a local club, De Pajotse Otdtimer Vrienden. They enjoyed various tulip runs through the autumn countryside with Roadster Club members from the Benelux countries and Germany. The highlight was tunch at the Castte d'Aertrycke at Turhout, 1 5 miles from Bruges. Ai the club's PR officer John Hardy put it: "The Roadsters aroused great interest among the locals, whether on the road or at refreshment stopsl,

Subaru 360 -]Iaia. a sunir-or from a small batch imported to \lcroria in the late 1950s. \orr jusr as scarce was a Flonda L\3 60 'Scamp' panel

one of the earliest-remaining

sqzlish pair of '60s Bertone Mazdas: a 1500 and an 1800SS. Nearbywas

van, one of


a restored '65 Honda S600 Roadster displar-ed alonsside it.

fe* sold in,{ustralia,

Honda CRXs, the 29th built. Several models that were not marketed new in Ausralia fearured,

including a mid-'70s Mitsubishi

Gallant F-IO, a Suzuki Cappuccino and

Nissan S-Cargo.

Cute Honda 5600 and 1N350'Scamp'van

Mint Mazda 1500 and Datsun Fairlady trio




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