Digital Menu Me Units with Revel POS

Digital Menu Me contracts with Revel Systems, leading iPad Point of Sale company to deliver Cloud based Digital Menu Boards to all of its customers. San Francisco, CA, December 28, 2011 --( Digital Menu Me teams up with Revel Systems, a point of sale company in San Francisco California, to deliver all of the Revel Systems' customers a cloud based digital menu board system. Ralph Charles CEO of Digital Menu ME says, “This partnership will help excel our company into the restaurant market by teaming up with a leading iPad POS company that thinks the same way we do!” This partnership will take both companies into the next generation of each others markets. Revel Systems runs a cloud based iPad POS system which delivers powerful and intuitive cloud based point of sale to restaurants while Digital Menu Me delivers powerful and intuitive digital messaging to Revel's Point of Sale customers. ###

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