ATM security system using GSM and MEMS Modules is one of the hot topics in embedded systems industry. For providing Security at ATMs GSM and MEMS Modules are controlled by using ARM Processor based LPC2148 Microcontroller. Probably the most useful thing to know about the global system for mobile communication is that it is an international standard. If you travel in parts of world, GSM is only type of cellular service available. Instead of analog services, GSM was developed as a digital system using TDMA technology. Micro Electrical Mechanical Systems (MEMS) is the integration of mechanical elements, sensors, actuators, and electronics on a common silicon substrate through micro fabrication technology. The broadest requirement for these very small devices is ability to sense the environment, to collect necessary data and to create a signal or action to make desired changes to the environment. In this project ARM based LPC2148 Microcontroller monitors MEMS Module and Smoke sensor. If Smoke is sensed by Smoke sensor in ATM center, then Microcontroller initiates the Buzzer to indicate fire and in order to prevent robbery, MEMS module is placed at Cash locker block, if any force is applied to this block, MEMS send a signal to lpc2148 and as the signal is received, it locks the ATM door and Alert message is send to the Security using GSM Module. 1) Prevent ATM from theft when some tries to breakdown into ATM the MEMS(micro electro mechanical

sensor)gets disturbed forwards an output signal to the ARM7 processor then a message will send to authorized person through GSM modem ,buzzer will be activated and door will be locked automatic using the stepper motor.
Plot No:#304, D V Arcade, Opp. Agrawala Sweets, Street No: 10, Himayatnagar, Hyderabad - 500 029. www.sahasratechnology.weebly.com

ADC0804. 8. POWER SUPPLY. 2. D V Arcade. 5. EMBEDDED ‘KEIL C’ LANGUAGE 2.2) Safety for ATM When fire occurs buzzer will be activated and a message will send to authorized person through GSM modem. Agrawala Sweets. 10. LCD DISPLAY MEMS.500 029. Opp.sahasratechnology. RELAY. Himayatnagar. 9. www.com . 4. SMOKE SENSOR SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS: 1. LPC2148 ARM CONTROLLER GPS MODULE GSM MODEM MAX232. 6. 3. MICRO FLASH\FLASH MAGIC Plot No:#304.weebly. 7. Street No: 10. HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS: 1. Hyderabad .

weebly.500 029. Hyderabad . Opp. Street No: 10. www.sahasratechnology. Agrawala Sweets. Himayatnagar.BLOCK DIAGRAM POWER SUPPLY MEMS SENSOR A D C 0 8 0 4 LCD DISPLAY L P C 2 1 4 8 BUZZER SMOKE SENSOR GSM MODEM MAX232 RELAY MOTOR SENSOR Plot No:#304.com . D V Arcade.

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