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1. In one sector how many size of data we can stored in DOS a. 64MB b. 1GB c. 512MB d. 650MB 2.

Which one device used to convert DC to AC? a. Rectifier b. SMPS c. Diode d. Inverter 3. Which one device is used to convert AC to DC? (Select all) a. Rectifier b. capacitor c. Diode d. Inverter 4. How much voltage support in red color cable in Molex power connector? a. 3.3v b. 5v c. 12v d. 10v 5. What file system is supported in win 98?(select all) a.FAT16 b.FAT32 c. CDFS e. NTFS 6. How many pin having in FDC? a. 20 b.34 c. 40 d.68

7. What type of memory is also known as volatile memory? a. RAM b. ROM c. REM d. RIM 8. What is the full form of IRQ-----------? 9. What is default IRQ address of LPT1? a. 5 b.7 c.9 d.11 10. What is the use of f2 and f6 key during installing? a. F2 MBR, F6 AGP b. F2 ASR, F6 SCSI c. F2 SCSI, F6 RAID 11. Which command used to copy all files in directory? a. copy b. copy con c. dir/all d. xcopy 12. How many pins would you need for Near Letter Quality print in a dot matrix printer? a. 9 b. 17 c. 12 d. 24 13. At the end of the POST, what does a single beep indicate? a. A potential had drive failure b. successful power On Self Test c. A video error d. The BIOS error 14. How many pins having RIMMs have? a. 30 b. 184 c. 3121 d. 168

15. Which of the following devices is related to CCD Technology? a. Display cards b. LCD panels c. Monitor d. NIC e. Scanner 16. How to identify First Pin IDE cables? a. Red color b. Twist c. Sprial d. 60cm 17. How to called minimum storage unit in IDE drive? a. FAT b. Cluster c. Sector d. Head 18. What is full form of MBR-----------------? 19. Where MBR location in HDD? a. Track0 Sec1 Cluster0 partition1 c. Track0 Sec1 Cluster0 partition0 b. Track0 Sec1 Cluster1 partition0 d. Track0 Sec0 Cluster0 partition1 e. cylinder

20. How many pixels does a standard SVGA display have in native graphics mode? a. 640*480 pixels b. 1024*768 c. 800*600 d. 320*200 21. What is the full of INTEL-----------? 22. What is the full of .exe --------------? 23. What is the full of .bat----------------? 24. What is the full form XP---------------? 25. What is the voltage of line voltage? a. 110v b. 12v c. 5v d. 3.3v 26. In windows XP, how can you start a search for files and folders? a. Click Start all programs Search b. Run srch.exe at the command prompt c. Left click a directory and choose Find d. Click StartSearch 27. How many devices can be used by a single IDE controller channel? a. 1 b. 2 c. 4 d. 7 e. 9 28. Which type of device for daisy wheel printer? a. Impact Printer b. Non-Impact printer c. Color Printer d. Rippen Printer

29. What is the output state of an AND gate if inputs are 0 and 1? a. 0 b.1 c. 01 d.10

30. Serial ports used on the PC follow the following standard a. RS-232 b. RS-230 c. RS-240 d. RS-500 Write any 4 question 4 * 5 = 20 1. What is the difference between static and dynamic RAM? 2. What is the difference between DDR1, DDR2 and DDR3? 3. What is partition and write type of partition? 4. What is booting, boot strapping, POST sequence? 5. Write about Components of motherboard