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Forgot your Admin Password in Windows XP??

Posted Date: Resource 28 Sep Type: 2008 Tips Member Author: Level: Raghav Gold Rating: Points: 3 Category: Windows

Nisar Sanjay Verma Bunty Miss Meetu Choudhary Dinesh Ravindran karthikeyan Subhashini Janakiraman Amrutha raje pankaj mishra

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jignesh (15) Heartly (14) Nisar (14) Have you forgotten your Windows XP Administrator Password, cant remember even after many tries? Well you can easily change or wipe out your Administrator password during

Last 7 Days

Pankaj Rajput (1488) Abdul Sathar P (839) Muhammad

Faroo... (837)

Windows XP Repair. Here's step-bystep description of repair process. 1. Place your XP CD in your CDROM and start your computer(it's assumed that you have your bios set to "Boot from CDROM") 2. Select - Press any key to boot from CD 3. The first screen will indicate that Setup is inspecting your system and loading files. 4. Press ENTER to Setup Windows now 5. The Licensing Agreement comes next - accept it. 6. The next screen is the Setup screen which gives you the option to do a Repair, press R to begin the Repair process. 7. Setup will now check your disks and then start copying files 8. After the Copying Files stage, you will be required to reboot. 9. During the reboot, do not make the mistake of "pressing any key" to boot from the CD again! Setup will resume automatically with the standard billboard screens and you will notice Installing Windows is highlighted. 10. Keep your eye on the lower left hand side of the screen and when you see the Installing Devices progress bar, press SHIFT + F10. This is the Security hole! A command console will now open up giving you the potential for wide access to your system. 11. At the prompt, type NUSRMGR.CPL and press Enter. You will gain graphical access to your User Accounts in the Control Panel. 12. Now simply pick the account you need to change and remove or change your password as you prefer. After you've made your changes close the

window, exit the command box and continue on with the Repair. 13. Once the repair is done, you will be able to log on with your new password. Your programs and personalized settings should remain intact. Raghav

Responses to the resource: "Forgot your Admin Password in Windows XP??" Author: Mohan C 24 Feb 2009 Hai Ragav This is the Simple process to get admin password 1. boot command prompt directly by using OS CD 2. In Case you install the OS In C: * Go to d: * c:\> d: Run the command * d:\net user administrator /random It will reset the administrator password and given a new administrator password, that password is Random Password and case sensitive. and you note down Reboot the PC. go through Normal user login page Member Level: Silver Points : 2

user name : administrator Password : "That random password" .. Now able to Log in All the best This command can be run by guest usermode also. Warm Regards C.Mohan

Author: Gaurav Arora 14 Mar 2009

Member Level: Diamond Points : 1

Hi Raghav, You presented a great great Tip. I faced the same problem. After my several tries on Search engines i found that the Tip given by Mohan is the simplest.


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