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Understanding of faith to the angel: Believe that angels are supernatural beings, the origin kejadianya from nur (light). Angel Angels (Arabic: ( )read: malaa-ikah) is a creature that has powers which complies with all laws and commandments of God. Legal faith in angels is fardu'ain. Etymology According to the language, the word "Angel" is a plural word derived from Arabic malak ( )which means strength, which comes from the word mashdar "al-alukah" which means the minutes or mission, then the bearer of the mission is usually referred to as Ar-Apostles. Angel on the teachings of Islam Created by God's angels made of light (Nuur), based on one of Muhammad's hadith, "Angel has been created from light." Faith in angels is part of the Five Pillars of Faith. Faith in angels believe in angels means, although we can not see them, and that they are one of God's creatures. God created them from light. They worship God, and always obedient to Him, they never sinned. No one knows the precise number of angels, only God knows the amount. Although humans can not see angels, but if God wills the angels can be seen by humans, which usually occur in the Prophets and Apostles. Angels always reveals itself in the form of men to prophets and apostles. As happened to the Prophet Ibrahim. The names and duties of the Angels Among the angels is required every person to know Islam as one of the Five Pillars of Faith, based on the Qur'an and hadith. Name (nick) along their assignments are as follows: Jibril - The leader of the angels, is in charge and teach it to convey the revelation of the prophets and apostles. Mikail - Dividing sustenance to all beings. Israfil - Blowing the horn (trumpet) on the Day of Judgement. Munkar and Nakir - Checking on the nature of human charity lowest hell. Raqib and 'Atid - Keep track of charitable people in the world. Izrael - Revoking of lives all the creatures. Ridwan - Keeping the door of heaven Malik - keep the doors of hell.

angels we know that is not mandatory :

Zabaniah - 19 angels in hell a ruthless torturer and rough. Hamalat al 'Throne - Four angels carriers' Throne of God, on the Day of Judgement amount will be increased four to eight. Harut and Marut - Two angels who fell in the land of Babylon. Darda'il - Angels are looking for people who pray, repent, ask forgiveness and others during Ramadan. Hafazhah (The Guardian): o Kiraman Katibin - The recording angel of glory, was assigned to record the deeds of man and jinn. o Mu'aqqibat - The angel who always maintain / keep people from death until a

predetermined time from time to time. Arham - Angel which was ordered to set a fortune, luck, death and the other at four months of pregnancy. Jundallah - The war of angels tasked to assist the Prophet in the battle. Ad-Dam'u - angel who always cry if they see human error. An-Nuqmah - Angels are always dealing with the elements of fire and sat disinggasana nayala fire, it has a yellow face of copper. Ahl al-Adli - major angel that exceeds the amount of earth besera it is said he has 70 thousand head. Regulated Fire and Snow Angel - Angel of the half body form a large fire and snow and surrounded by an army of angels that never stopped remembrance. Executives Rain - Division of rain according to the will of God. Sun Guard - Nine Angels who plied the sun with the snow. Angel of Mercy - Spreader blessings, mercy, forgiveness and petition carriers spirit pious people, he came together with the Angel of Death and the Angel `Adzab. Angel `Adzab - Bearer spirit unbelievers, despotic, hypocritical, he came along with the Angel of Death and the Angel of Mercy. distinguishing Haq and falsehood - The angels who are assigned to distinguish between right and wrong to mankind and the jinn. Penentram Heart - The angels are praying for a believer to affirm the establishment of the believer. Door Guard 7th Heaven - seven angels who keep the seven gates of heaven. They were created by God before He created the heavens and the earth. Giving Greetings Experts Heaven - The angel who gave greetings to the inhabitants of heaven. Applicant Pardoning Faithful - The angels are there around the 'Throne who pleaded for forgiveness for those who believe Applicant Pardoning Man on Earth - The angels who glorify and praise God ask forgiveness for those who are on the earth. Angel of Death Azrael's name is said, can not find the source either in the Qur'an or Hadith. Possible name of the angel Azrael obtained from sources Israiliyat. In the Qur'an he just called Malak al-Death or the Grim Reaper. Angel Gabriel, although his name is mentioned only twice in the Qur'an, he also called in many places in the Qur'an with other designations such as al-Qudus Ruh, Ruh al-Amin / ArRuh Al-Amin and others. From the names of the angels on top of some specifically mentioned by name in the Qur'an, namely Gabriel (Sura 2 Al-Baqarah and Sura 66 At 97.98 Tahrim: 4), Michael (Sura 2 Al Baqarah: 98) and Malik (Sura Hujurat) and others. While Israfil, Munkar and Nakir mentioned in the Hadith. Being Angel The form of the angels have been described within the Quran there is a wing of two, three and four. Faathir sura 35:1 which reads: "Praise be to God the Creator of heaven and earth, Who made the angels as messengers (to take care of various affairs) who have wings, respectively (there are) two, three and four. God adds to His creation what He wills. For Allah hath power over all things. (Faathir 35:1) " Then in a few hadith it is said that Gabriel had 600 wings, Israfil have wings in 1200, where 600 equals one wing wing of Gabriel and the last to say that al-'Arsy Hamalat have one wing in 2400 equals the wing where the wing Israfil 1200. Impossible angelic beings can be seen with the naked eye, because the human eye was created from the basic elements of clay, from mud molded into shape [26] will not be able to

see the shape of angels, which originally consisted of light, only the Prophet Muhammad who was able to see the original form angel even twice. Ie the original form malikat Gabriel. They are not getting any younger or older, they are now exactly the same situation when they were created. In Islam, worship of man and jinn is favored by God than the worship of the angels, because humans and jinn could determine his own choice different from the angels who have no other choice. Angels carry out certain tasks in managing the universe. They can traverse the universe at lightning speed or even faster. They do not type male or female and not married. Nature of Angels The properties of the angel who is believed by Muslims were as follows: 1. Always celebrate the day and night never cease. 2. Sacred of human nature and the jinn, such as lust, hunger, illness, eating, sleeping, joking, arguing, and others. 3. Always scared and obedient to God. 4. Sinners are never alone and always practice what was commanded him. 5. Have the nature of shame. 6. Could interfere with the smell, dogs and sculptures. [ 7. Not eating and drinking 8. Capable of changing its form. 9. Has the strength and the speed of light. The angel is never weary in executing what is commanded them. Supernatural beings, beings Angels can not be seen, heard, touched, kissed and felt by humans, in other words can not be reached by the five senses, except if an angel appeared in a particular manner, such as the human form. There are exceptions to the story of Muhammad, who had met with Gabriel to reveal the original shape, appearance is indicated to Muhammad as much as two times, which is when they receive a revelation and Isra and Mi `raj. Some of the prophets and apostles have in putting out a form that turned into a human angel, like in the story of Abraham, Lot, Mary, Muhammad and others. Unlike Christianity and Judaism, Islam does not recognize the term "fallen angel" (Fallen Angel). Azazil who then get the nickname of the devil, are the ancestors of the Jin, like human ancestor Adam. The genie is a creature created by God from 'smokeless fire', was created angels from light.

Place an unlikely angel According to Islamic law there are some places where the angels will not come to a place (home) and there are other opinions that say the exclusion of certain angels who remain will visit these places. This opinion was delivered by Ibn Wadhdhah, Imam Al-Khaththabi, and others. Place or house that is not accessible by the angel, among other things: 1. Places in which there are dogs, (except dogs for security purposes, farming and hunting); Place contained a statue (image); [ 2. Places in which there is a person with a weapon mengancungkan Muslims against fellow Muslims brothers; 3. A place that has odor or sting. All of them based on evidence derived from saheeh hadeeth that dicatatat by the Imams, such as Ahmad, Hambali, Bukhari, Tirmidzy, Muslims and others. Not a few texts of hadith which states that the angel of mercy will not enter the house in which there are dogs and dog owners will reward or less shrinkage. The angel Gabriel was reluctant to go into the house of Muhammad when he promised to

come to his house, because there is a puppy under his bed. [44] Angel of Mercy is not going to assist a nation composed of people who are friends with (maintaining) dogs. Examples - examples of the behavior of believers in angels: Always say good - only better and better if you can not shut up. His behavior always includes noble morals that bring benefits to the perpetrators and others. The behavior of believers and other believers will help each other and reinforce each other in terms - a positive thing. The behavior of the faithful that if arriving at a pleasant situation will be grateful that he thanked the Almighty Allah, by maintaining and increasing devotion. In addition, people who believe in angels always glorify and feel embarrassed if you do wrong, because he sure acts sin is always witnessed by angels.