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Volume 7, Issue 11

November, 2008

Sacramento Area Regional Technology Alliance
September’s Regional Clean Energy Sacramento area talent specializing in
Showcase at CSUS, Union Ballroom the design and manufacture of clean
SARTA’S CleanStart initiative and technology, devices and equipment. The
Sacramento State partnered together program provided an inside look at the
for the Second Annual Clean Energy latest advancements in clean technology
Showcase-Venture Expo to feature innovations. Photos by Tia Gemmell

Paul Misso, CEO Marquiss Wind Power

Toby Oxholm III, Drexel University Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff
Leonard Devanna, President and CEO, Jadoo Power System, Inc
Robert Schuetzle, Pacific Renewable Energy Institute International

Gary Simon, Co-Chairman, CleanStart; Perrin Clark, Program manager, SARTA

Kevin Johnson, Sacramento Mayor Candidate and School Administrator
Jacob Jorgensen, Velocity Venture Capital General Partner (Gold River resident)
Kristine Mazzei, Managing Partner, Valley Vision, Jack Crawford, Jr., Velocity Venture
Founder and general partner

Steve Westly, Keynote, wows the crowd at the Showcase Managing Partner, The Westly Group
Geoff Lambert, Metronet6, Chairman and Gold River Resident

This Community
Ingrid Rosen, SARTA, Executive Director
Gary Stalick, Owner Gold River Community Newspapers

Newspaper is going
“GREEN” also
In addition to our printed Gold River Community
Newspaper we are now extending an enewspaper to
people that would like to receive it through email. We’ve
had many requests for the newspaper outside our mailing
Part of our initiative to reduce paper use, promote
a greener world, and share our content to an expanded
audience, we have decided to produce our enewspaper, in
an internet-only version.
If you are receiving the paper version, you may want
to receive the enewspaper also.
Please email for
the FREE monthly enewspaper.
Paul Galindo- Go Green Consultants If you have any questions about this initiative, please
Ingrid Rosen-Executive Director SARTAS’s CleanStart and McClellan Technology contact us by email at
Incubators. Please remember to support the advertisers in this
Manny Fernandez-OBS NEWS, Associate Editor newspaper.
Page 2 – Community Newspaper –November 2008

Mr. SchultzThe Little Wanderer!

My name is Schultzie; I am registered in the American Kennel Club

as Mr. Schultz Esq. of Gold River. My adopted mom and dad, Jackie
and Stan Mendel of Gold River, call me Schultzie. Sometimes, when
I am not paying attention, I am called Schultz, and when I hear MR.
SCHULTZ, I stand at attention, like a statue.
I am a Miniature Schnauzer, age 4 years and I weigh about 15 lbs.
My coat is silver/white, many people have said I have a beautiful coat
and that I am a very mellow guy. I guess I take after my birth Mom and
Dad who were both Show Dogs.
Recently, I scared my Mom and Dad without meaning to. They
had taken off my collar with all of the pertinent information, because
they thought I would never have the opportunity or desire to wander
away. Well I showed them! Mr. Schultz
The back gate was open; my Dad was working with the pool
equipment, so I went out to check on him and kept smelling all of the fun smells. I followed the
route my Dad takes when we go for walks. I didn’t know I was LOST until this very nice lady
stopped her car asked me if I was lost. Since I really couldn’t answer her she picked me up and put
me in her car. Her name is Shirley Bowles, a Gold River resident (I now call her Aunt Shirley, my
Guardian Angel.) While in the car looking for help there
was my Mom walking on Gold Country Blvd looking for ***********
me. Shirley asked her if “she was looking for a lost dog?” Kay Burton is a longtime columnist and
Mom was crying as she ran to the car, she said her prayers supporter of the SSPCA and other rescue
had been answered. Dad was busy driving throughout the groups. To share your family pet story
Published Monthly Home Based Entrerpreneurs Column: area trying to find me. I didn’t mean to hurt them, I just with our readers, email: Kayburton1@
11564 Big Four Way
La Ronda Bowen
followed my nose. I am thankful to be home.
Gold River, CA 95670 Events Photographer: Tia Gemmell
The Schnauzer is of German origin, dated back to the ***********
(916) 224-6624 • Fax (916) 244-7166 Columnist: NORCALREIA, David
Granzella 15th century. The Miniature Schnauzer is derived from the
Teen Column: Morgan Lambert Standard Schnauzer and is said to have come from mixing of Affenpinschers and Poodles with small
Member: Gold Unit-California Newspaper
Publishers Association Typsetting: Steve Atkins Standards.
Publisher/Owner: BWC Media Kat Makes Cleaning: Katharine Marie The Miniature Schnauzer is viewed primarily as a charming and attractive companion that is
Pet Tails: Kay Burton Production & Printing
Herald Printing Company
seldom interested in wandering… Schultzie begs to differ.
Food Column: MOM Sacramento, CA 95828
Real Estate Q & A Column: Gary Stalick Postmaster send address change to:
11564 Big Four Way, Gold River, CA 95670

e n ior t
S oun
Dis License #905311

Estimate on High Efficiency Purchase of any

Service New Equipment AC Unit AC or Heating
Call Purchase or Furnace System
With coupon only.
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Not valid with any other offers.
100 Off
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Not valid with any other offers. Not valid with any other offers. Not valid with any other offers.
Expires 7-15-08 Expires 7-15-08 Expires 7-15-08 Expires 7-15-08

Dryer Vent
Specializing In Residential Dryer Vents
& Air Duct Cleaning
• Helps Reduce Energy Costs • Peace of Mind
• Reduces Risk of Fire • SAVE $$$$$$$$
• Dryer Lasts Longer
Locally Owned and Operated
8th Year of Service
Member of the BBB


Sacramento 213-4642• •
Roseville 787-4010
Page 3 – Community Newspaper – November 2008

Toast to Tuscany Celebrates

Grand Opening
of Buonarroti Ristorante
When: Thursday, November 6
Time: 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Cost: $40 pre-sale, $45 at door
Where: Buonarroti Ristorante at The Collection at Town & Country
Village, Fulton & Marconi, Sacramento. All proceeds benefiting the
Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento.
For Information and to purchase tickets: (916) 482-2370 ext 333
Page 4 – Community Newspaper –November 2008
Page 5 – Community Newspaper – November 2008

Business Community
Home Based
Contracting By: La Ronda Bowen

Q. Should I try to get government contracts? ***********

La Ronda Bowen is
an award-winning
R. Government contracting usually requires long “up front” time. writer, speaker,
Most first-time contractors must go through a paperwork qualification and management
process with the California Department of General Services (DGS). consultant with over
Additionally, agencies require a formal bid, which is your written 20 years experience.
response to their request for qualifications, quotes or proposals. She has served at the
executive level in both
The larger the agency, the more difficult it is to win an initial
public and private
contract. Nevertheless, government is the largest single purchaser enterprises.
of equipment, services, and supplies in the country, so if you are
wiling to do the legwork, have patience, and are persistent, it can be *********** Come in and see our NEW look! We have
worthwhile. Government contracting is the backbone of many small businesses. remodeled and are ready for the
In California, your first step is to visit the DGS web site. Download a Small Business holiday season.
Certification Application. Look for information on when and where procurement events are The UPS Store #1614
planned. Attend. Buyers will explain the procurement process. If you are still interested, go for 11230 Gold Express Dr., #310 Exp: 00/00/00

it. Gold River, CA 95670-4484

(916) 852-6390 Phone
Check these links for information and bid opportunities:
Department of General Services: (small businesses are eligible for prompt
payment of state contracts).
County of Sacramento Contracting and procurement services:
Legal Ease by Michael L. Hanks
Sacramento Municipal Utility District: (Do Business With SMUD).
Federal Business Opportunities: Courts Enforce Legal
This column is for you. We welcome your questions and comments. Contracts According to Michael Hanks has practiced
Send to: business, real estate, estate
Their Terms. planning law, and managing clients
La Ronda Bowen...writer and consultant, 20 years in business, A lawyer’s starting point for any legal problems with great trust since
management, and public policy. You can book her to speak at your next analysis of a contractual dispute or 1975. He welcomes inquiries from
event. Send your questions to: issue is always the contract itself.  Too readers.
often I talk with clients who think that if
required to decide a contractual dispute, Gold River, CA (916) 635-0302

Your Business a court  is free to ignore the contract ***********

terms and apply some vague “fairness” analysis to decide the issue. 
Not true. Only rarely will a court venture outside the express terms

Pump Up Productivity
of a written agreement to achieve a “fair” result.  While this may
sound cold, it is in fact the central doctrine that allows a private
enterprise market economy to operate. Persons making financial
Be Persistent and Work Hard commitments in reliance on another’s promise have to be able to rely
on and enforce contracts in court. Otherwise, commerce would soon
Want to grind out strong earnings over the long haul? Make boosting productivity Job One, become chaos. Indeed, such enforceability of contracts distinguishes
says strategy consultant Bill Birnbaum. advanced economies from third world economies and is one of
A key to higher yield is constant measurement, he says in “Strategic Thinking.” the linchpins for mankind’s advancement. Next time you sign an
Measure everything from sales per employee to the percentage of revenue from core customers agreement, expect the court to hold the parties to their word.  By
vs. new accounts. Michael L. Hanks
To boost output, consider these tips:
Transfer labor to the buyer. Birnbaum points out that prior to supermarkets, mom-and-
pop Operations did much of the work for customers, helping them find items and reducing their
need to think.
Supermarkets transferred much of the labor to buyers, becoming essentially self-service
operations. Self-serve gas stations did the same thing. So did banks, using technology from ATMs
to Web sites.
The more you transfer labor to customers—selling the move in terms of customer freedom or
reduced cost—the more in-house time you free up for other projects.
To transfer labor, use tech to the max. Airlines offer reduced fares to those who buy tickets
online. Businesses across the board are offering more online services free. The payoff? They boost
productivity by redirecting employee workloads.
Maximize your automated systems, Web site and other technologies to minimize wasted
employee effort. bring in this ad for
Cut the dead weight. Almost every business is impeded, to some degree, by a lack of focus,
Birnbaum says. Examples: “Too many products or services, some of which aren’t earning a profit.
7 days of free fitness
Or too many product options adding both complexity and inefficiency,” he said. and a
“Also, many companies serve a number of ‘wrong’ customers,” some of whom eat into profits, free personal training session!
he said. “Companies overly driven by volume don’t stop to analyze whether particular customers
are really contributing to bottom-line profit.”
His advice: Regularly audit your customer base.
Build worker enthusiasm. “No matter what your strategy for productivity improvement, sunrise sport
you’ll do a far better job of implementing it if your employees work enthusiastically,” he said. 2280 sunrise blvd.
Often, workers want to make a difference, but they’re not given enough guidance. 916.859.3400
Larry Potter, division manager of Hewlett-Packard’s manufacturing systems division, once said
to his management team, “Our employees are ready to be passionate. It’s up to us to tell them what
to be passionate about.” He and the team came up with a series of challenging goals.
Do it differently. “Do what you’ve always done, and you’ll get what you’ve always gotten,”
Birnbaum said,” A sudden improvement from low single-digit to double digit growth (almost Offer good with this ad only. Limit one per person. Limit one free personal training session per guest. First
always) comes from doing something different.” time guests and local residents only. Must use same club for entire term. Days must be used consecutively,
and between the hours of 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. only. No other discounts with this offer. Must be at least 18
Look to the future. When devising strategy, have your leadership team complete this sentence years old (19 in NE) or 12 with parent. Incentives offered for other memberships. Additional Personal
on a flip chart or whiteboard, he advised: “For us to continue to be successful, in the face of industry Training and Kids’ Club available for an additional fee. Facilities and amenities vary. Not all clubs open 24
hours. Participating locations only. Not for re-sale. No cash value. Offer valid only for non-members at all
trends and rivals, we need to______.” Sacramento locations. Offer may expire without prior notice. See club for complete details. ©2008 24 Hour
Fitness USA, Inc. Source Code: Guest Pass
Have team members list key objectives, and then boil down the similarities and differences into
three final goals. By Cord Cooper
Page 6 – Community Newspaper –November 2008

Simple Pleasures
Teen Column By Morgan Lambert
Rio Americano High School
Many people are saddened by the mind-blown by the cozy and comforting
Band on the Move
closing of The Blockbuster video rental atmosphere. I was welcomed with a
store located in the Gold River Town hospitable smile and a warm greeting.
Centre, but many dark clouds have a I looked at the paper menu which was
silver lining, and in this particular case a fun warm yellow color that made me
that silver lining goes by the name of smile. I decided on having the macaroni
Jack’s Urban Eats. Gold River is the and cheese because I am still a kid at
newest location for the hip and up beat heart. I also had a
restaurant. side order of crisp
Jack’s Urban Eats. Jack’s has and golden French
delicious food and fairly good prices. fries. Overall my
It will be a welcomed addition to experience at Jack’s
the healthy lifestyle many gold river was wonderful and
residents enjoy. The diversity of the enlightening. I am Morgan Lambert
Photo is courtesy of Leslie Barger.  Pictured from left to right are:  Top Row – Elliott
menu at Jack’s will satisfy the taste buds anticipating the day Bartlett, Zachary Darf, Zachary Giberson, Kai Ambrose, Levi Saelua, Aneil Dhillon,
of many. Whether it is the yummy food, Jack’s will have its grand opening at and Band Director Josh Murray.  Back row:  Harris Levin David Nevarez, Scott
or the efficiency of the friendly service it Gold River. Buchanan. 
is all about you at Jack’s. ***********
In a hop, skip and a jump I was on Student at Rio Americano Sacramento, Ca September 2008 musical entertainment and support this
my way over to the Jack’s located in High School, Gold River – Following in the footsteps of jazz outstanding program by attending the
Folsom. And, boy was I in for a treat. Resident. Send any responses to greats from Louis Armstrong to Herbie 28th annual Rio Americano Playathon
The minute I walked into the door I was Hancock, the Rio Americano High on Friday November 7, 2008. The
School Big Band performed to an Playathon is a musical marathon
enthusiastic audience at the 51st Annual featuring 17 hours of non-stop
Monterey Jazz Festival, September 19 music. This amazing event includes
– 21, 2008. Held every September on performances by all of Rio’s award
the Monterey Fairgrounds site where the winning jazz and concert bands as well
Festival was first presented in 1958, the as combos and soloists from the Small
Monterey Jazz Festival is the longest Ensemble program. Band students from
running jazz festival in the world and local middle and elementary schools
features the top names in jazz performing are invited to attend from 3:30 – 5:45
on nine stages. “It is a prestigious pm to play along with the Rio Band and
performance venue for any jazz group,” enjoy carnival games and refreshments.
says Rio Americano Band Director Josh The community is invited to attend the
Murray. A strong second place finish in evening concerts scheduled from 6:00
the highly competitive Next Generation pm to 9:00 pm. All events take place
Festival this past April earned the Rio on the Rio Americano campus located
band a coveted spot at the 51st Annual at 4540 American River Drive. The
Monterey Festival. event is free of charge, but tax deductible
The Rio Americano band program, donations are greatly appreciated.
under the combined direction of Josh Money raised at the Playathon is used to
Murray and Max Kiesner, provides support Rio’s outstanding band program.
high quality music education to over For additional information about the
180 students in four levels of concert Rio Band program contact Josh Murray
band and three jazz ensembles. You at 971-7512, jomurray@sanjuan.
can enjoy a fun filled evening of edu, or visit

Investment Real Estate Group

Buying Investment

Next meeting: 3rd Thursday November 20th Guest
Presenter:   Dave Wilson – Successful Real Estate Investor
and Real Estate Educator. David Granzella
Wondering when and where to make money in real
estate? It is our own back yard in Sacramento. Learn how ***********
David Granzella is a
YOU can buy, hold and flip properties with your own sophisticated real estate
money and credit, or with partners. There are lots of good investor that continues to
loans out there that people are willing to walk away from. share his education and
Find out how you can solve their problems. Don’t miss our experience. David can be
next meeting! reached at 916.791.8322
Dave has been a successful investor since 1973 when
he pursued his first venture into owning rental real estate. ***********
Dave has learned how to profit in the down cycles as
these are times to acquire rentals. Dave was a full time
realtor and investor 1977-1982, at which time the market
went (real far) south.
Dave has been through “the good, the bad and the
“UGLY”. He prefers the good! However, the bad and/
or the ugly (which we are now going to experience for
several years) are the time to acquire the best inventory
of rentals. This period will last at least 3-5 more years
and even longer if the government helps out. Guest Presenter
Dave is an advocate of using Roth IRA’S and other Dave Wilson
pension plans to grow his wealth, often tax free! He
prefers tax free investing.
Where: Holiday Inn, 5321 Date Ave. Sac. CA (off I-80 at Madison Ave.)
When: November 20, 2008 (3rd Thursday Monthly)
Time: 6pm to 7pm Networking, 7pm to 9:30pm Meeting
Cost: $20 at the door or $170 annually…Contact: David Granzella (916) 791-8322
Page 7 – Community Newspaper – November 2008

Don’t Count On
Oral Promise
QUESTION: I am about to purchase a home.
The builder promised that everything wrong will !
be taken care of and that a handshake will save a
lot of paperwork. Should I trust him?
ANSWER: Many a business agreement has
been made with
a handshake and
enforced by the
courts. But when
it comes to the never-never world of real estate,
you cannot and should not rely on oral promises.
In fact, the law in all states specifically requires
that all agreements and conditions relative to the
sale of real estate specifically be in writing to
be enforceable. The way to put teeth into oral
Handshakes don’t count in
promises is to insist that every thing significant
real estate. Put it in writing.
be put in writing.

{Just a side note: In 1979 I worked with a small builder that was purchasing a • Dryer Vent Cleaning • Rain Gutter Cleaning
couple of lots through me from my dad. Part of the deal was that I’d be listing
the homes to sell. He (the builder) wouldn’t put that in writing. He seemed like
• Gutter Filter Installation
a very straight up guy. Our family had already had one transaction with him. So • Chimney Cleaning and Repair
we had some background. We looked each other in the eye shook hands on the
listing of the newly built homes when complete. He came through on his word,
when the homes were completed we listed and sold both of them.
As nice as it is to shake hand and know people will come through on their
promise things could happen. There are many extenuating circumstances out
of control by either party. My dad always shared with me. He said it’s smart to
put agreements in writing. BECAUSE: People forget. One person might have
thought something was agreed upon and the other person thought something Thanksgiving Pre-Set Menu
different. Should one of the parties to the agreement due to a car accident or some
other unfortunate event, die, there’s less likely hood of a law suit by the heirs $29.95 per person
that weren’t present at the handshaking. It’s just good business to put things in
November 27, 2008
11 am - 8 pm
For Reservations
25 Years Exterior Repaint
Experience 916-267-6755
Thanksgiving Specials
Prompt $ Pressure Washing
& $ Complete Prep $79 per room*
Professional Free $89 per room with breakfast for 2*
Estimates * based upon availability * offer valid only 11/27/08 - 11/29/08 *
Quality Exclusive
For Reservations: 916-638-1100
Paints Procedure
Thorough Website:
Clean-Ups Lic.#496984
“The Best
Best for
for Less”
995-5906 •$ 988-5903
995-5903 988-5903

Aussie Pet Mobile

Prompt & Courteous Service
In Business Since 1980
Installation of all approved
Gold River roofing materials
“Emergency Repair”
Insured with Workman’s Compensation
& Liability Insurance
Cell 826-5034
For more information go to
Page 8 – Community Newspaper –November 2008

Events By Tia Political & Event Photographer

Tia Gemmell 920-2903

KVIE Art Auction

Preview Party
September 22, 2008
KVIE Preview Party unveiled this year’s
Christensen and
collection for the KVIE Art Auction. During this
special event guests met inspiring local artists,
enjoyed fine wines from the Amador Vintners
Association, sampled hors d’ oeuvres and desserts
from premier restaurants.

Best Of Show Artist, Sinh, One Of The Jurors, Walter And Gloria Burt Kvie President And General Manager, David Lowe
Elizabeth Rohlfes, Curator For The Roseville

Rosalind Rojas Jim Finnerty, Evie Turner Kvie Staff Kevin Smith-Fagan, Kvie, Vice President Of
Akiba Howard Char Hall, Cy Wylie Developement
Gary Little, St. George Hotel, Volcano California

David Ivazian Wants to Help Did You Know The Gold River
I am a Candidate for the Cordova
Recreation and Park District (CRPD) Credit Union Gives You Access
To Your Direct Deposit Even
Board of Directors.. After spending 2 ½
years attending public meetings of the
Board, it became evident that the District
is very complicated. It is made up of
diverse communities. It is important to
Before They Receive The Money?
ask each community to determine its list In 1996, the Gold River community
of needs, regarding Recreation program welcomed a much needed credit union
and Park projects. for its residents and business employees.
I will spearhead two task force teams Since that time, the credit union has
to determine the needs of the CRPD become friend and family to many who
regarding (1) recreation modernization have found what a help a credit union
programs, and (2) specific park needs can be. Whether it’s the use of their
and renovation improvement projects. I free ATM, opening a checking account,
will take the consolidated new programs raising a credit line on your Visa card, or
and projects to the Board for action, after being able to use your direct deposit even
meetings with community spokespersons before your funds are received, you can
David Ivazian
to agree on a prioritization of programs do it fast and with a personal atmosphere.
and projects.  I am retired; I have the The situation that the District finds Another benefit to the community
time and energy to devote to this process.  itself in now is a direct result of poor occurred in 2004 when the Gold River
I will personally meet with each group leadership and planning by the Board credit union connected with many other Kay Burton
and community to ensure that all of its and Administration, during the past 10 credit unions nationwide to provide “What took me so long? This is now
needs are properly addressed. or more years.  The Board lacked the service to their members. That means my credit union.” It’s hard to see from
The District cannot afford to vision to carry out what the future of the whatever credit union you are with, you BelAir, but it’s just across the parking lot
continue going down the path of old District would be and took the easy road most likely can use this credit union to next to Applebee’s. We have changed
and stagnant recreation programs and of just day-to-day planning.  We are now access your other account. Call them at both our business and personal banking
making false promises to communities paying the price for this lack of vision. 638-8238 to find out if your credit union needs to Big Valley Credit Union in
regarding park renovations. There must I have the management skills and is part of their shared branch connection. Gold River and we are pleased to have
be a financial analysis to determine costs leadership to make this all happen. Or, you may want to stop by and become done so. We are enjoying the convenient
associated with the new goals, priorities Please support me to assure that your one of the many business professionals location, the friendly and helpful staff,
set and plans put in place to guide the recreation programs and parks are the and residents who have found what and the security we experience.
Board in the budgeting and decision best.  I promise! David Ivazian a convenience it is to bank right here
making process. where you live or work. We hope that Kay Burton,
you too will say, as many of us have, Gold River Resident
Page 9 – Community Newspaper – November 2008

Events By Tia Continued Political & Event Photographer

Tia Gemmell 920-2903

Buonarroti Ristorante Media Night

Town and Country Center, October 17, 2008

Executive Chief and co-owner, Daniel Alcantaro, prepares one of his

masterpiece entrees for Media Night at Buonarroti Ristorante.  Serving lunch
Tom Gagan, Ceo Sutter Hopital With Wife Pat, Dining The Same Night At and dinner, Buomarroti Ristorante is located in Town & Country Village,
Buonarroti Restaurant. Gold River Residents. Marconi & Fulton  Avenue (behind William Glen).

Gold River Residents

enjoying the Niello
Concours d ‘elegance,
Oct.6, 2008,
El Dorado Hills.
John Crisan-Gold River, Kimberly Smith Parson, Bill Kinsey-Gold River
Marolyn Crisan-Gold River

Business Community–Technology & Internet

Local Residents Work to Save What’s in Your Name?
Energy Around the Globe
By Edwin Edebiri
As a business owner you have gone owner.
Four local Gold River residents California have joined the group. through the process of selecting a name 3. If you come up with a really unique
are involved with a global initiative to “Is it possible that the world one or more times by now. Coming or creative name that is still available,
reduce the world’s energy bill by 25%. could save approximately $2.5 trillion up with your business name was the don’t just register it as .com pay the
George Usi, Congressman Dan Lungren, dollars annually by consuming less beginning of an exciting experience. extra fee to get the .net, .org and .info
Gary Stalick, and Geof Lambert are power thanks to the intelligent use of You first had to go through the process levels of registration. It additional
all involved with the Green Protocol networked sensors and other emerging of deciding the name, and then you to give you more links and possible
Working Group which was formed in New Internet technologies?” Geof have to head to the county office as exposure, it also prevents a copy cat
July of this year. The group is focused Lambert, Chair, Green Protocol Working a sole proprietor to check it against creating a similar domain name to rob
on saving energy by using the New Group asks, “If you look at the fact that other fictitious business names or to the off of your success. You can point all
Internet which is becoming available global consumption of power is equal to secretary of state for your corporation those names to the same website.
throughout the world over the next 10 approximately 500 quadrillion BTU’s names. You have to be sure you were 4. Register a domain name for every
years. It is based on a technology known of energy, I think it is possible, and I not stepping on any toes and find out major project you are working on, even
as IPv6. This new technology will allow believe the money saved could be better you could not use the name. The same if it is completely part of your current
almost an infinite number of objects to used on various humanitarian, greater process is true with your domain name business or website. You can point
be connected to the Internet network. good projects around the world such or your website name. as many domain names to the same
The Internet we use today is limited to as getting the internet in the hands of A few things to consider when website. Have you notice how most
4.3 billion IP addresses. everybody, not just the fortunate few selecting and using your name: movies have their own domain name?
Using new sensor technologies 15% who have it now.” 1. Keep it simple and relevant. Don’t The production house could have you
connected to the New Internet the The group, headquartered in Gold be too cute or fancy. Be as short as their main domain name but they don’t.
consumption of power will be much River, has identified five high profile possible without loosing meaning. The Beside, your project could become so
more visible, and its use will easily be buildings, three in San Francisco, more descriptive the better. It is easy to big that one day you may want to branch
able to be viewed and controlled by California, one in Geneva, Switzerland, remember when it is talking about what it out and you will already own the
going to websites. People will be able to and one in Sacramento, California that it you are doing with the name. The more domain name.
quickly and easily for the first time see will use to apply emerging New Internet words, characters, and difficult is the Just like when you first came up
where every kilowatt of energy is going. technologies and use as test control name, the less value it has. with your business name, the right
Representatives associated with buildings to demonstrate the potential 2. Check to make sure your chosen name domain name is one more thing you can
governments and non-governmental savings in power consumption and other is available and registered properly for be very proud of. Take the time to come
organizations from around the world resources. More information on the you before you start publicizing it. Be up with the right name for you, register
like the U.S. Federal Government, group can be found on the Facebook careful sometimes when a name appears it properly and then promote it with
China, United Nations, and the State of group: Protocol WG to be available, it may be for sale by the everything you have.
Page 10 – Community Newspaper –November 2008

Has the Stock Market

Hurt Your Retirement
Account, Too?
Many of us have seen our stocks investors, brokers, agents and various
plummet in value. Money we’ve financial institutions.
counted on isn’t there. Tim Berry: A nationally known
I started going to seminars on expert on what you can and can’t do
alternatives to the stock market for my with retirement plan assets. Tim has a
retirement money. BA in Economics from Fresno State,
Did you know you can buy real JD from Seattle University. He was
estate through your retirement account? selected “Outstanding Graduating
I went to two educational seminars Student” by his College’s Economics
in the last 6 months, on self directed faculty. Formerly licensed as a
Roth IRA’s, and Solo Roth 401(k). It’s commodities and stock broker, he has
amazing what you can do with your appeared in articles in Morningstar,
money if you have the right knowledge. Personal Real Estate Investor and other
Depending on a stock broker doesn’t journals. Mr. Berry has been invited
always work. to provide continuing education to
I’m recommending a workshop thousands of professionals, including
that’s coming up on November 8, 2008. The Arizona Society of CPAs, Arizona
It’s going to be held at a location where Society of EAs, and was selected as
real estate investors meet regularly “The Best” of the annual “Summit” for
to learn how to find good buys on the Financial Planners Association.
property. Although I’m not sure I’ll be able
There are two very smart people to make this date I recommend going
that are speaking and sharing their to this work shop. It’s worth the time
knowledge: to see how you can take care of your
Hal Beswick: For over 20 years money.
Hal has been involved with Real I asked that they not charge any
Estate, Tax Law, software solutions of my readers. So you can get one of
for tax code and loan servicing for my business cards with Gold River
seller financed loans. Hal is a 1031 Community Newspaper and attend
specialist, a pension specialist in Free. Even though the cost is only $50
regards to self-directed IRA’s and I’m trying to help you save money.
401(k)’s, a seasoned real estate investor, Date: November 8, 2008, Time: 9
educator, mentor, the founder of am to 4 pm, Cost $50 (Free with Gold
Waterford 1031 Exchange Services, River Community Newspaper Business
LLC, Waterford Financial Group, LLC, Card call 224-6624), Location: 2840
and NoteServe loan servicing software. auburn Blvd., Sacramento, 95821.
Hal has provided numerous classes and For more information on this
presentations on tax code, tax software, workshop you can call (916) 203-9459
tax strategies, 1031 exchanges and or (916) 718-1898
Self Directed IRA’s to accountants, You can visit their website:
tax preparers, tax attorneys, real estate

Great Depression
Research and Business
The company’s that were People need to know you’re still
successful were company’s that in business. We all live very busy lives
advertised. and don’t remember every company
Proctor and Gamble kept advertising, we’ve purchased from. We don’t
and even increased their advertising. know if we need something unless you
They grew successfully throughout the expose the information in advertising.
great depression. The auto industry This newspaper and enewspaper is
stopped advertising for 3 years and here to help businesses and consumers.
their business dropped significantly. Call (916) 224-6624 to advertise your
When they started advertising again, business. Email: grcommunitynews@
business grew.
Page 11 – Community Newspaper – November 2008

Sold $9665

Rancho Cordova, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, Corner Home

with newer roof. Room for RV parking. Painted April 2007.
Garage painted also. Newer carpet, newer hot water tank, Big
master bedroom, newer tile floor in master bath. Mirrored closet
Rancho Cordova, Condo 11150 Trinity River Drive #1, 2 bdrms, 2 bths, 1006 sq ft, first floor. Totally remodeled. doors. Ceiling fans with lights in four rooms. Four fruit trees:
Every room. Better than any house you may see. You must see the quality of work. He changed the electrical, plumbing, floors, peach, navel orange, cherry, pear. 2 birch trees. Storage shed
fixtures, lighting. It’s like moving into a brand new home. Close to the freeway, and great shopping. Public transportation at at the side yard. Newer back yard fence. 11216 Bold River Ct.
entry to condo complex. $219,950 PRO Real Estate, call 638-0277. Sunriver $329,000 Call Gary 638-0277.


Selling Your House

Sold $11,587

$ave $11,000 to $19,000

in Commissions 11486 Green Bluffs Ct., Gold River Sold $388,200
“You’ll find I’m easy to talk with and very approachable” Call 638-0277 with $7,000 credit to buyer. Seller saved $11,587
(If I am in a meeting with you or other client I don’t answer my cell phone) through Gary Stalick, RE Broker

Full Service Professional Company: Sold Full Price

• Excellent Negotiator for you Seller
• Multiple listing by Realtor $11,124.25
• Short Sale knowledge (how to buy or sell)
• Foreclosure knowledge (possible solutions)
• Discussing how each offer will affect YOU
• Assist you in coordination of home inspector, pest
inspector, engineers, appraisers, and other professionals 11274 Serpentine Court.
• Straight talk on your property (THE TRUTH)
• Manage your transaction until you get your money Gary Stalick Real Estate
or you move in Agent since 1976
• Market Trends Knowledge Broker since 1979
• Call for a FREE Report 638-0277 Gold River Resident
since 1988

PRO Real Estate (916) 638-0277

2343 Pez Gallo Place $285,000

Free Consumer Classified Ads

Via Email Classified Ads Small Fee for Business or
Real Estate Classifieds
Help Wanted Income Opportunity Health & Beauty
Advertising sales promoter for this newspaper--great PR posi- Business Opportunity Start your own business at home buy a MASSAGE MAGIC For Body Mind and Spirit, unsurpassed
tion. Pay is high percentage commission. Call 638-6737. carpet cleaning truck that made me $10,000 to $15,000 a month. massage techniques, to relax and re-energize, Call Inge CMT
Easy to get started. $4,900. call 224-6624 638-3345

Real Estate for Sale Make a high Commission doing Public Relations Marketing
call 638-6737
Services Wanted in Gold River
Rancho Cordova, Condo 11150 Trinity River Drive #1, 2 bdrms, We need petsitters call this newspaper at 638-6737
2 bths, 1006 sq ft, first floor. Totally remodeled. Every room.
Better than any house you may see. You must see the quality
of work. He changed the electrical, plumbing, floors, fixtures, MOBILE HOME WANTED CASH BUYER Single 12’-14’ We need good plumbers call this Community Newspaper at 638-
lighting. It’s like moving into a brand new home. Close to the wide, loc in MHP, available in 30-60 days, in good condition. 6737
freeway, and great shopping. Public transportation at entry to Call Dennis 916-567-1155.
condo complex. $219,950 PRO Real Estate, call 638-0277.
We Can Buy Your House
Passive Real Estate Investments
Rancho Cordova, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, Corner Home with Save your credit, I’ll work with you and your lenders. Stop Do you want to know how you can use your IRA, or 401k,
newer roof. Room for RV parking. Painted April 2007. Ga- potential foreclosure. Call Gary now at 224-6624, If I’m not or Roth Self Directed IRA to get a 7% return secured as a 1st
rage painted also. Newer carpet, newer hot water tank, Big
master bedroom, newer tile floor in master bath. Mirrored
closet doors. Ceiling fans with lights in $
ed pear. 665Four
available please leave a message, or email Gary c/o
mortgage on a house. I know of one home you could have a 7%
return with 1st mortgage security at about 50% of the houses
four value. The house has been owned by me for 30 years and the ten-
fruit trees: S e
peach, er orange,
llnavel 2 birch trees. Wanted ant has lived in the house for about 10 years. The houses value
Storage shed at the side yard. Newer back yard fence. 11216 is approx. $310,000 to $319,000. If you’re interested in knowing
Bold River Ct. Sunriver $329,000. Call Gary 638-0277. Wanted Contractor or good handyman. call 224 6624 more you can call Gary a Gold River resident since 1988 at 224-
6624 (cell). If you’d be interested in a different home or a lower
Gold River, 2343 Pez Gallo Place, 3 bdrms, 2 bths, 1527 sq ft, Rehabber to buy low cost fixer upper houses then repair and dollar amount I could refer you to another Gold River resident
on culdesac. Well taken care of. Storage in back. It’s a short sale either keep or re-sell. Call Gary at 224-6624. that is a very strong real estate investor. You can call me, I’m
and any offer must be approved by the lender. Near shopping, and Gary 224-6624 (cell).
freeway. Quiet neighborhood. $285,000 Short Sale.
Looking for good webmaster to work with this newspaper.
PRO Real Estate, call 638-0277
Call 638-6737 Room to Rent

Sold Full Price

Gold River Marshall Village, 3 bdm, 2ba, one level, fresh paint, Gold River home, room available for non smoker, clean person,
newer roof, on cul-de-sac.11274 Serpentine Court. $399,500-- Want to buy house with great terms. 3 bedroom 2 bath one good character, with integrity, bedrooms on 2nd floor $650 per
Call Gary to see at 638-0277 level in good to great location. NO commissions paid. Call month, 20 year resident/owner, Available October 638-3137.
Gold River Spacious 2030 sq foot single level 4 BR/2 BA home
with open floor plan located in a secure cul-de-sac. Features a House Wanted Child Care Coming Soon
stone fireplace in living room, an additional room off the kitchen, I have a buyer for a 3 bedroom 2 bath single level home in excel-
lots of cupboard space for storage and a nicely landscaped back-
yard with 3 fruit trees and an out building. 11486 Green Bluffs
Court, Gold Spike Village $399,950 Call 638-0277
lent condition, and another buyer for a 3 bedroom 2 bath condo-
minium, If you’re looking to sell your house call Gary 638-0277 CHILD CARE:COMING SOON, home child care, infant
thru school age, bachelor in child development,10 yrs of
experience, mother of two girls 9 and 19. cell (916)204-5257
home (916)942-9314
Page 12 – Community Newspaper –November 2008

Big Valley
Consumer Loans
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Located between High-Yield Savings
Casa Ramos & Applebee’s Vacation Clubs
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ATM machines Disneyland
Free Travelers

Serving Sacramento area since 1986

Hallmark Creations has

a new, contemporary • On site repairs
look ñ itís larger and • Custom jewelry design
it features one-stop
shopping. • Carry Omega watches and
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& decorating ideas
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Hours: Tue. - Sat.

10 am to 6 pm

Outstanding service, selection, and convenience! You’ll love OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK
shopping at Gold River Town Centre. Anchored by Bel Air LUNCH & DINNER
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11/15/08 and
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Bellissima Nail Spa 635-6672 Jamba Juice 858-8212
Big Valley Federal 638-8238 Mi Bo’s Elegant Jewelers 852-7273
A family restaurant since 1997
Credit Union Outback Steakhouse 635-3603
Blockbuster Video 858-0551 Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ 853-7272 Holiday Banquets - Holiday gift cards ñ Party Platters to-go
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Casa Ramos 631-9690 Paul E. Cripe, D.D.S. 635-2100 COUPON
General Nutrition 638-4838 Rite Aid 858-0491 Buy 1 entrée & two drinks...
Gold River ReMax 638-1177
Starbucks Coffee
Swansons Cleaners
receive 2nd entrée of equal or 2180 Golden Centre Lane #10
lesser (Formerly Mision Rogelio)
Gold River Shoe
635-3999 Trumpette
Wells Fargo Bank
852-1033 value at… 1/2 PRICE
Dine in only, valid Mon-Thurs.

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