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The following lists by chapter the data sets needed for each task and the challenge question.

Chapter 1 Task 1: Introduction to ArcCatalog emidalat, emidastrm.shp Task 2: Introduction to ArcMap emidalat, emidastrm.shp Challenge Question menan-buttes Chapter 2 Task 1: Project a Shapefile from the Geographic to a Plane Coordinate System idll.shp Task 2: Import a Coordinate System stationsll.shp Task 3: Project a Shapefile by Using a Predefined Coordinate System snow.txt Task 4: Convert from One Coordinate System to Another idtm.shp from Task 1 and snowutm83.shp from Task 3 Challenge Question idroads.shp, mtroads.shp Chapter 3 Task 1: Examine the Data File Structure of Coverage and Shapefile land, a coverage Task 2: Create File Geodatabase, Feature Dataset, and Feature Class

elevzone.shp, stream.shp Task 3: Convert a Shapefile to a Personal Geodatabase Feature Class landsoil.shp Task 4: Examine Polylines with Measures decrease24k.shp Task 5: View Regions and Routes nhd Task 6: View TIN emidatin Challenge Question NDH_Geo_July3.mdb Chapter 4 Task 1: View USGS DEM Data menanbuttes.txt Task 2: View a Satellite Image in ArcMap tmrect.bil Task 3: Convert Vector Data to Raster Data nwroads.shp, nwcounties.shp Challenge Question emidalat, idtm.shp Chapter 5 Task 1: Download USGS DEM from the Internet Access to the Internet, a unzip tool, and emidastrm.shp Task 2: Digitize On-Screen in ArcMap

land_dig.shp Task 3: Add X Y Data in ArcMap events.txt Challenge Question quake.txt Chapter 6 Task 1: Georeference and Rectify a Scanned map hoytmtn.tif Task 2: Use ArcScan to Vectorize Raster Lines rect_hoytmtn.tif from Task 1 Task 3: Perform Image-to-Map Transformation spot-pan.bil, road.shp Challenge Question cedarbt.tif Chapter 7 Task 1: Edit a Shapefile editmap2.shp, editmap3.shp Task 2: Use Cluster Tolerance to Fix Digitizing Errors between Two Shapefiles land_dig.shp, trial_dig.shp Task 3: Use Topology Rule to Fix Dangles idroads.shp, mtroads_idtm.shp, Merge_result.shp Task 4: Use Topology Rule to Ensure that Two Polygon Layers Cover Each Other landuse.shp, soils.shp Challenge Question

idroads.shp, wyroads.shp, idwyroads.shp Chapter 8 Task 1: Enter Attribute Data of a Geodatabase Feature Class landat.shp Task 2: Join Tables wp.shp, wpdata.dbf Task 3: Relate Tables wp.shp, wpdata.dbf, wpact.dbf Task 4: Create New Attribute by Data Classification wpdata.dbf Task 5: Use Advanced Method for Attribute Data Classification wpdata.dbf, Task 6: Create New Attribute by Data Computation wp.shp, wpdata.dbf Task 7: Create Relationship Class wp.shp, wpdata.dbf, wpact.dbf Challenge Question bailecor_id.shp Chapter 9 Task 1: Make a Choropleth Map us.shp Task 2: Use Graduated Symbols, Line Symbols, Highway Shield Symbols, and Text Symbols Task2.mdb: idlcity, idhwy, idoutl

Task 3: Label Streams charlie.shp Challenge Question country.shp Chapter 10 Task 1: Select Feature by Location idcities.shp, snowsite.shp Task 2: Make Dynamic Chart idcities.shp, snowsite.shp Task 3: Query Attribute Data from a Joint Attribute Table wp.shp, wpdata.dbf Task 4: Query Attribute Data from a Relational Database mosoils.shp, component.dbf, coeplants.dbf, comonth.dbf Task 5: Combine Spatial and Attribute Data Queries thermal.shp, idroads.shp Task 6: Query Raster Data slope_gd, aspect_gd Challenge Question cities.shp, counties.shp, idroads.shp Chapter 11 Task 1: Perform Buffering and Overlay landuse.shp, soils.shp, sewers.shp Task 2: Overlay Multi-component Polygons boise_fire.mdb/regions: boise_fire, fire1986, fire1992

Task 3: Measure Distances between Points and Lines deer.shp, edge.shp Task 4: Compute General and Local G-statistics adabg00.shp Challenge Question lochsa.mdb: lochsa_elk, lt_prod Chapter 12 Task 1: Perform a Local Operation emidalat Task 2: Perform a Combine Operation slope_gd, aspect_gd Task 3: Perform a Neighborhood Operation emidalat Task 4: Perform a Zonal Operation precipgd, hucgd Task 5: Measure Physical Distances strmgd, elevgd Challenge Question emidalat, emidaslope, emidaaspect Chapter 13 Task 1: Use DEM for Terrain Mapping plne, streams.shp Task 2: Derive Slope, Aspect, and Curvature from DEM plne

Task 3: Build and Display a TIN emidalat, emidastrm.shp Challenge Question lidar, usgs10, usgs30 Chapter 14 Task 1: Perform Viewshed Analysis plne, lookout.shp Task 2: Create a New Lookout Shapefile for Viewshed Analysis plne, lookout.shp Task 3: Delineate Area-wide Watersheds emidalat, emidastrm.shp Task 4: Derive Upstream Contributing Areas at Pour points pourpoints.shp, (flowdirection, flowaccumu, source created in Task 3) Challenge Question access to the Internet Chapter 15 Task 1: Use Trend Surface Model for Interpolation stations.shp, idoutlgd Task 2: Use Kernel Density Estimation Method deer.shp Task 3: Use IDW for Interpolation stations.shp, idoutlgd Task 4: Use Ordinary Kriging for Interpolation stations.shp, idoutlgd

Task 5: Use Universal Kriging for Interpolation stations.shp, idoutlgd Challenge Question stations.shp, idoutlgd Chapter 16 Task 1: Geocode Street Addresses Kootenai.gdb: streets and cda_add Task 2: Display and Query Routes and Events decrease24k.shp, SpeedLimitsDecAll.dbf Task 3: Analyze Two Event Layers decrease24k.shp, RoadsideAll.dbf, RestAreasAll.dbf Task 4: Create a Stream Route and Analyze Slope along the Route plne, streams.shp Task 5: Locate Cities along U.S. Interstate 5 interstates.shp, uscities.shp Challenge Question Access to the Internet Chapter 17 Task 1: Compute the Least Accumulative Cost Distance sourcegrid, costgrid, pathgrid Task 2: Compute the Path Distance emidasub, peakgrid, emidapathgd Task 3: Run Shortest Path Analysis uscities.shp, interstates.shp

Task 4: Build a Geodatabase Network Dataset moscowst.shp, select_turns.dbf Task 5: Find Closest Facility firestat.shp, and MoscowNet from Task 4 Task 6: Find Service Area firestat.shp, and MoscowNet from Task 4 Challenge Question uscities.shp, interstates.shp Chapter 18 Task 1: Build a Vector-Based Binary Model elevzone.shp, stream.shp Task 2: Build a Raster-Based Binary Model elevzone_gd, stream_gd Task 3: Build a Vector-Based Index Model soil.shp, landuse.shp, depwater.shp Task 4: Build a Raster-Based Index Model soil, landuse, depwater Challenge Question soil.shp, landuse.shp, depwater.shp