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LIVE – Can You Let Go of Sorrow? Mind Was Invaded – Step Back & See

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Hello. Thank you for coming to my journals. I feel your presence as you read and ponder. We're all linking up in so many wonderful, wonderful ways. We've been feeling alienated and alone for so very long, it seems – lifetimes, in fact – many of them. We've been valiantly toiling away, seeking to do our best in a world that's gone crazy. In these latter days we're waking up to just how crazy it's gone. Everywhere we look there are lies and deceit. We're manipulated from not only every side, but even from within. We're all “wearing” implants of one kind or another – sometimes many of them. The dark, hidden ones who are silently in charge of things are 4D beings, so they can't be seen by our biology, in its current (and limited) state. Nor can their implants. Nor can our own auras, my friends. We don't see much. And yet, and yet... in heart we do. Waking up is hard. Most of us know that. We're coming out of every kind of tissue of lies called a philosophy, religion, or belief of whatever kind – they're all made-up of lies, we're discovering. Even history – heck, especially history can't be trusted. In truth, nothing can – simply nothing in 3D is what it appears to be, nor what we've been told it is. Nothing is that. Have you come to that point, yet? Have you come this far? Have you been

sufficiently disappointed by what you've believed when you found out it wasn't that way? Have you had the courage to walk this path, the path of discovery of the falsehoods of this life? Many of us have. Many of us are still on it, now, most not yet fully convinced that the whole realm is nothing by lies. Disappointment follows disappointment as we drown in our sorrows, seeking out anything that's true. It's not to be found here, but still we seek. We cry, again and again, as our old icons, our sacred cows, our cherished beliefs are cut out from under us – as we see through the deceit that's woven in to them. We've been taken over. Can you see it? As long as we remain not only centered in beta brainwave, left-brain state, but identified with and as that, then we don't notice this – or not so much. Sure, we can see things when they're clearly presented to us in a left-brain way, but that kind of seeing is terribly limited. We won't know this – can't know this – until we step out of it. This may be why meditation is such a great pursuit of so many – for some relief from the left-brain lock-down we're all in (or that we were in, for those who've gone free). As long as we're attached to our sorrows – to the part that we play in the Grand Drama being enacted – only so long will we be captive and in the dark, so to speak. It's a prison planet, and we're in left-brain lock down. Can you see it? Can you step out or step back a few paces to see? We don't solve something until we rise above it in some manner – or step sufficiently back, to see the greater perspective it's in. To say it plainly, our minds have been taken over – they've been invaded, they're largely controlled by a force we can't even see. That's the state that we're in when we're trying to awaken, and it's a wonder that anyone does (awaken). I'd say that our awakening – as we clearly are – is but a measure of our divine nature – of our Source abiding within. Nothing, but nothing is too great for That to overcome. It becomes just a game. You are That. That's the big secret “they” don't want us discovering. Well, the rabbit's out of that hat. We're all finding this, now. All it takes is going within. Spend one true, present moment in heart – one microsecond, even – and you'll know. There isn't anything in the world – no, not even some drug or plant – that can mimic that. That's our home base, our anchor to

true reality, our passport into the divine that is the “I” that I Am, that all are in there. Now, of course this can't fit into words. I'm trusting you to know to receive it from heart space, where it makes heart sense. It won't satisfy the mind. The mind doesn't know what being present is all about, so it can never find this. It can't sit still enough. So, how attached are you to your sorrows? Could you give them up? Can you step back and see how it's a false identity that you wear? In astrology, it's a bit like the Ascendant, the mask that you wear to greet the world. It's not who you really are, but most won't get beyond their impression it presents. They take that to be you – but it's not. It's a mask. So is our part in the Grand Drama, here. Our persona is but our mask. It's quite funny, really, for we've forgotten who we really are. We're such great actors, we've really gotten into our parts. We've acted them so well that we lost the True Self for a while – but that while is over, now. We're coming Home, not just a few at a time, but by the thousands, the tens of thousands, no doubt the millions in short order. We're coming Home. What is coming Home? We're like the tortoise, the turtle – we carry Home with us, wherever we go. We can withdraw into it – it's just a matter of knowing how, of where to go. Within is the answer. We've been told this for aeons, now. But, finally we hear. So many of our brethren are going there ahead of us, and they stop to point out the way. Actually, they carry us in by their vibration, by the oneness we share. We won't find that out by staying in left-brain mode, though. That should be ovbious by now. The mind, particularly the left brain, has been invaded, has been quite taken over by the dark side. They all but own that territory in so many ways, most of which we're not even aware of, in spite of the many we've already discovered. Just because a being appears to you or to someone else in light body doesn't mean much, my friend. It says that one occupies a higher dimension – that's all. It's no sign of wisdom or spiritual advancement to be there. Unfortunately, part of our programming is to believe that means they're ascended, enlightened, a saint or whatever, so many bow down to that, taking themselves to be junior, to be less than that one.

This is how the left-brain has been programmed to react. There is also the belief that extreme technological advancement also means spiritual progress. It does not. It doesn't mean anything at all beyond what it is – techno savvy. One can be both brilliant and evil, or using one's genius in deeply perverted ways. This is obvious, but we've been programmed not to see it, and so many more bow down before the techno wizardry – or just don't recognize when it's being used on them. We've got to get over this ET worship phenomena. There are so many channelers of these impostors of the Light who are absolutely manipulating people with hope and belief. These people are so identified with the stories that are being woven for them that they don't recognize it for the net, for the trap that it is. In order to see the truth they'd have to completely let go of all of their beliefs in these stories, and for many, that's asking too much, just now. They're not ready, yet – so they say. They've been programmed and they're trapped – but they don't see it that way. Unfortunately, there's not much we can do for such ones - “but speak our truth,” I hear some of you thinking. No, not even that. They're not ready to hear. No, if we're looking to save or rescue our brethren, then our focus is too outward driven, still. From within heart we know the one to save is only the self. From within we can recognize that to save us IS to save them, ultimately. They'll be carried along on the wave if they're ready at all. Many will come to us in the last moments before the Great Shift culminates, and the separation of Light from dark becomes final for this phase of the Great Drama we're all in. Momentum – that's what we're building, as Light Beings waking up. Call it the 100th Monkey Effect, call it anything you like, but it's momentum, and it's growing, multiplying, geometrizing very soon. It's a fractal, remember – you can't possibly do one thing that doesn't influence the whole of it. That's how it works. So tend to self. One way to break the hold left brain has on you is to be willing to abandon your sorrows – the whole lot of them – to let them go. If you can do this, it won't be a left-brain action – this is of heart. This is the stepping back you hear me speak of so often – the letting go. At first, when we hear such

ideas, the mind might concur. In general we accept things mentally, first. The deeper acceptance comes only later – sometimes years, even decades later – when we get the deeper, the much deeper sense of what was being said. So, initial mental acceptance is fine. It only becomes an issue when we take that for true understanding. It is anything but. This acceptance occurs only at the level of mind. We haven't tapped into heart, yet, or the acceptance would be much deeper – it would be experiential. We'd know from the inside. We'd plumb the depth of what's being said. It can happen like that, as well – the deep resonance can pull us into the experience, immediately. It's just that this is much less likely for the one still identified with the mind. That one doesn't yet know that they've been trapped in there. They think they're there by their free will. And they are, in a way – they just don't realize how they've been duped. That's what these dark ones, TPTW (The Powers That Were) are best at – manipulating human free will. They know they can use any deception they want to, lie and deceive to their (missing) heart's content – they can use their tremendously advanced technology for the deception – and none of that matters if, at the end, we go along. That is their goal – our assent – and they'll lie, cheat, steal and kill – do whatever it takes – to get that assent. So, they tell us pretty stories – how we'll all be so rich very soon. How they've got allies in the various world governments, working behind the scenes. How they're working behind the scenes, too, and will soon be revealing the wonderful new world we're helping them to create. Oh, the tales they do tell. And while they're telling them, they're weaving more in than just thought forms. They're master manipulators, my friends. But, here's the trick – they can only do this to the mind. It can't be done to heart, which is sacrosanct. Now, you have to find your way into that heart, of course, and they'll put superficial barriers in the way – do all they can to distract you back into mind. We've got to expect that. It's no big deal, nothing we can't get through. Nonetheless, many more are held back when they're just at the door, and it's by their beliefs. In some way they're convinced that they just can't pass

– maybe they're not worthy enough, maybe their karma or sins hold them back, who knows what – the list is endless – yet it's all mind based. Can we not finally see that? All their power to manipulate works strictly on the mind. We have emotions, too, and they work on that, but even these are gotten to via the mind. As long as we stay in the head we'll have this to deal with. But it can all be by-passed. Just drop down into the body – whether into the gut or the heart or the inner body, as Eckhart Tolle does, it doesn't matter. Just get out of the head. Easier said than done, I know. We're identified with the mind. We don't mean to be. Most of us don't recognize that this is the case with them. They think they're fine. Well, from the perspective of TPTW, they are fine. That's when they're the most controllable – when they're in mind. What will break the spell? Heck, I don't know. I can only trust that, by tending to myself, by regular weeding in my own Garden of Belief, I do them some good. By raising my own vibration, that reaches out to the whole, fractally – so all are blessed. It's a major leap, from head to body or heart, and we can't push someone else off of the cliff. That must be their own choice. We couldn’t do it for them, anyway. We're all addicts, my friends. Of one kind or another, we're addicts, mostly to 3D. We really think we are that, when we're not. Only from heart have I found such freedom as is not available anywhere in 3D. I find I can be here and be in That at the same time. It can't be explained, but it can be experienced. It requires a major letting go – the use of free will. No one can do this for us, just like we can't undo another's addiction to drugs. We can feel, and deeply feel for one another, as we see our brethren, spell bound by the dancing snake – hypnotized – believing in lies. So, we wait. Many of us pray. As we look, let us remember projection – let us look, within, for what we see in the friend. Let us go there to make the correction. Let us leave the friend alone. They have a heart, too. Trust in that. We are the rescuers we seek. We are That, the Christ that we seek – find it within. Dive into heart. Sure, we're in a realm of sorrows. Sure, we're manipulated all around. So what? That is quite nothing to the divinity,

within. This is waiting to arise. It, too, requires our free-will assent to take its place in our life. When will we be ready – ready to let go of the whole “realm of sorrows” thing? When will we step into our true divinity? I just don't find that mind is the way. It tempts us into so many things – tempting us, as well, to let go of the heart, of the true self. Heart is the way into the seeing of that.

PS By “realm of sorrows” is meant the surface of 3D life, not what underlies it, which is Gaia, which is also divinity. I do not discount nor disparage that.


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