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Bianchi-Rossi Power Skills 4A “The Gods Aren’t Angry” Rob Bell’s series “The Gods Aren’t Angry” was interesting, and shed a new light on our somewhat “primitive” tendency of feeling unworthy and detestable in God’s sight. He presents an opinion of the altar in historical settings, and offers a picture of the present-day altar. From a non-theological standpoint, I felt that the presentation itself was interesting. Not only did it help me to realize that we stand in our own way of grace sometimes, but it also showed me the flaws in my attempts at perfection. He begins by painting the picture of cavemen and cavewomen, and the “primitive” mindset they have. He continues on to describe the gruesome nature of altars in the time before Christ. I never fully understood the anxiety one must have felt when constantly “re-paying” the gods for everything in their life. If the crop season was prosperous, they felt inclined to sacrifice more to their gods. On the other hand, if they experienced a drought, and therefore a bad crop season, they had to “make amends” with the gods by sacrificing more. The result is a never ending circle of multiple sacrifices to fulfill what they felt was necessary to be eternally blessed. I cannot imagine trying to sacrifice or offer something at the altar every single time I felt I did not measure up. Sadly, I realized I do that unknowingly. The point that I felt he was trying to make is that, unknowingly, we still have altars and sacrifices in today’s society. In my own life, I know I have dealt with the fear of never measuring up to certain “standards” placed in

at times. she cut herself in order to show her pain on the outside. which is that even today. we have the same view of angry. This has. Yes. we throw ourselves into a never ending and always disappointing cycle of fighting for our own righteousness and acceptance. it was to feel some sort of pain from the numbness she felt in the rest of life. prevented me from fully understanding God’s love and acceptance. or even did anything right to receive that acceptance. Because we do not allow ourselves to see this sacrifice and the grace it has provided. But. we are often disappointed and frustrated. this seems drastic and unnecessary. was self-sacrifice. Like Rob Bell said. not our own. For one girl. Another example is that of a high school boy who failed to commit suicide. To most people. demanding “gods”. But the difference is that we have God-given grace thanks to Jesus’ sacrifice. For another. Rob tells a story of a few high school girls who cut themselves. we are called to live a righteous life. Rob gave an example of a man in a village who was out casted when he did something that “deserved” the out casting. he pointed out. the boy said that he “couldn’t even kill himself right. it is our natural tendency to feel as if we will never measure up to an invisible standard we have put in place ourselves. Not only do we place this standard on ourselves. For example. but call them by different names. but also we also often place it on others. I believe that in today’s society. When they do not fulfill or meet these requirements. This. Both are incredibly sad.” This was yet another example that he never felt as if he was treasured by God. Both of these examples correctly portray the point being made.Carlson 2 my life. and show that neither of them feel accepted or fully loved. When asked to describe what happened. we tend to do the same thing when we ignore or .

Also. I chose to interpret it at face value. and realizing that God has given me the grace I sometimes refuse to accept. we are holding others to the same impossible standard that we hold ourselves to. that I need to not only let go of some of the impossible standards I hold myself to. Ultimately.Carlson 3 disregard someone who does not fit our societal mold. When listening to it without a pre-determined view of Rob Bell and his theology. Rob Bell’s series was very interesting. Overall. one can easily interpret the message itself however they want. I found this presentation to be both interesting and enlightening. . and I am glad we took the time to watch it. but also to release others from that same standard.