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A World of Technology
by Stephanie Redcross

The number one piece of technology needed to better manage your daily blog reading is some type of smartphone, for example an iPhone, Droid, EVO, etc. I believe the best way to manage your time sifting through the massive amount of content on the web is when you are on the go — otherwise you run the danger of getting sucked in to reading or updating your status for hours when you should be doing other things. If you don’t have a smartphone, the online version of Google Reader is your best tool for reading blogs on a daily basis. If you have a smartphone, or are planning to purchase a smartphone, then consider managing you social presence on the go. Let me explain why: I’m a firm believer that the majority of your social media activity shouldn’t be relegated to a set time each day. Instead, it should ebb and flow with your day. Not only does that allow you to stay active throughout the day (as new content is released), but you can optimize traditionally idle time.


hat I love about technology is it gives me the ability to do things more efficiently and have more information at my fingertips. While some people argue the challenges technology presents for our society, I prefer to spend time thinking about how it can help me get organized, and get tasks done faster so I can spend less time working and more time enjoying life.

While, I could easily be classified as a workaholic, most of the blogs I follow feed my personal curiosity. It’s important to me to have the best tools available to help me get the most out of my reading time since it is not just an obligation, but an opportunity to nurture my personal passions. You will learn in other articles in this publication how to use tools like Google Reader to organize your blogs. While there are many blog reader services offered from companies like Yahoo and Bloglines, I have a personal preference for Google Reader. However, most of these readers work in similar ways. The initial set up of many of the tools I discuss in this article will require a couple of dedicated hours (depending on the number of blogs you plan to monitor). But, it will be time well spent because with these tools you will be able to find great content quickly and be able to access a wider variety of content from the network of vegan blogs you follow.

Found Time
I know, we all wish there was more time in the day, but if you look closely I’m sure you can find some idle moments. Idle moments? What am I talking about? I am referring to the time you spend waiting for a flight at the airport, or picking your kids up from school, when you are waiting in line at the post office, or picking up lunch for the team. We all have times during the day where we are waiting for something to happen and this is your idle time. I recommend using that time to read a few blog articles. Share those posts on your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Leave a comment on your favorite blog, or write a rebuttal to an article. Because this time is nestled between other scheduled tasks, you can avoid getting sidetracked or spending too much time. Eventually your ride will show up or the kids will be getting in the car and your day will move on.

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Take the next few days to identify this extra time in your day — you might be surprised how much time you can take back from your day for your blog reading. Found time! Now that you have found some extra time to read your favorite blogs, let’s talk about the tools that will help you get the most out of this time.

Manage Your Blogs

application created for the iPad. But the true benefit of Flipboard is its uncanny ability to piece together content with varying lengths and format it into a quilt-like pattern so you have an interactive layout. With one click you can view an embedded video, see Twitter status updates and share and respond to information without leaving the Flipboard page.

If you haven’t noticed by now, most of these apps rely on the backbone of Google Reader. While you can use all of them without Google Reader, these tools are building blocks with which you can become ever more efficient in your While I keep every blog in Google Reader, I do efforts to make blogs work have a set of blogs that I read more frequently because articles are posted multiple times during for your vegan world. VM the day. I prefer a different application for these blogs because I want to be able to quickly sort Stephanie Redcross has spent most of her career in high-level through the posts to determine if there is somemarketing and management positions at General Electric thing I want to read. A more graphic presentaCompany. She is now Managing Director at Vegan Mainstream, a full-service strategic marketing firm catering to the tion makes the reading experience easier and vegan and vegetarian business community. Stephanie has faster. If you are monitoring less than 25 blogs, made Vegan Mainstream a destination for vegan businesses be sure to check out The Pulse News Reader. in need of increased product exposure in multiple markets. Pulse allows you to pull in your blog feeds via Possessing comprehensive technological insight, Stephanie Google Reader and it offers a search and browse crafts customized social media and Web 2.0 campaigns for Vegan Mainstream clients. She also employs more convenfeature if you want to explore new blogs to read. To manage all blogs in one location, I use a tool called “Reeder App.” As a pocket-sized version of Google Reader, this app can be downloaded for your smartphone or iPad for a nominal fee. With integrated share features you can easily send articles to Twitter and Facebook with one simple click. Because this app was designed to be used on mobile devices, it loads quickly, shows all your folders and doesn’t require any additional set up since it’s a direct feed from your Google Reader account. If you are following more than 25 blogs I would recommend investing in Reeder. If you want to monitor your Twitter, Facebook and blog feeds in one location, then Flipboard is the app for you. While this app is limited to the iPad, it is, in my mind, the best social media
tional techniques, including direct mailing and traditional public relations campaigns.

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W: / S I KNO TREET w.blogspot.com HE S T o reetsikn http://st straight ow is a n ive eets I K The Str nt, comprehens larly i u o to-the-p og. Melanie reg ls and bl labe fashion ures on Indie s. She is at posts fe nate companie thing in ry sio compas erson to do eve romote a p p the first to support and are find in r r oking to er powe enterprise — a u are lo h yo le acces here. If an new veg e, me” blogosp uy some adorab ly outfit, d b ,m the “me new company, ole vegan-frien e site! a rit wh favo discover put together a ur new ow is yo s, or I Kn sorie Streets en The th LIFE: Y SEXY life.com/ toCRAZ has put sexy r fame) be overp://crazy nce htt Sexy Ca t seems to e f Crazy g tha from th rr (o Kris Ca s wonderful blo piring articles . Every hi nt ns gether t th useful and i vegan moveme nsight i e wi portant ers of th flowing nd shak read and an im u can muster. a movers ting fe yo is a rive ost abundant li y Life include rticle y a the m zy Sex tch Ror o living ributors to Cra ymen, Sexy Bi aporte. int cont rk H lle L Regular owned M.D. Ma s-kicker Danie n as world re , and spiritual an Freedm

This blog always delivers topnotch recipes that are not only vegan, but gluten-free, and this makes me deliriously happy. Every dish I have made from this site is a favorite! It is obvious that Ally (the blogess) pours her heart and soul into each and every dish that graces the site, from the mouthwatering photography down to the simple ingredients. My favorite recipes thus far include the Dark Chocolate Chipotle Cake and Pumpkin Alfredo. I also can’t

f ger and man is a vega n blogac Chicveg tivist. She ru ns an.com ,a ethical ladies w website for ho wan good de t eds wh ile look to do and fee ing hot ling fab u sion is to sprea lous. Her misthat yo d the m uc essage amazin an be fashion able, ea g food a t nd live able life ar a compas ll while makin emarksionate g the m choices o possible st .

wait to m Orange ake the White Blondie Chocola s. Yum te !

Mandi Hof

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THE DISCERN ING BRUTE: thediscerningbru te.com/ Long before I pa rtnered with Josh ua Katcher (the founder of this blog) for the Gra cious Gourmand series, this blog was my go-to for all things vegan and masculine. Everything from the layout, the stories and the re sources are a perfect fit for an y modern, vegan man who enjoys culture and som e seriously good fo od. Check out th is one for new idea s on vegan attire , or to see what’s happening on th e political front.

GIRLIE GIRL ARMY: http:// girliegirlarmy.com/blog Despite its name, this blog is an excellent resource for men and women concerning many things like eats, entertainment, health and much more. Its content is fresh and plentiful and I like that fact that there is something for all types of eco-conscious people who care about their part on this planet. Good for reading on the plane or while you’re waiting on appointments.
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: http://urbanve

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