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16 Naughty Strokes That Will Send Him Over the Edge
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What His Texts Really Mean
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Carrie Underwood
The Surprising Story Behind Her Big Love

Real Women Share Their No-Fail Fixes for 13 Seriously Awkward (but Common!) Problems

Without Feeding Your Face
7 Items ar the You’ll We f Hell Out O s) Les (All $60 or

Curb Your Cravings!

50 Ways to
Charm Anyone... and Always Get What You Want

The Love Lie 52% of Men Tell











What His Texts Really Mean (You’ll be totally :-o) Fun Fearless Fashion 79 80 88 90 Urban Safari Khaki kicks denim’s ass. Rock the New Runway Looks Eye Candy The accessories to own now Fresh Picks Not-so-innocent florals 86 94 142 At $60 or under. 10 Things Guys Wish You Knew By Vampire Diaries cutie Ian Somerhalder 117 Stud Meter Why R-Patz is midmeter 118 Awesome Aussies Crikey. who can say no? Stuff Your Friends Know About Your Relationship— That You Don’t 146 Curb Your Cravings! Without feeding your face Cosmo Look 156 93 Beauty News Gaze-enhancing shadows 94 His Picks Always get acne on one side of your face? Cuddling could be the cause. 66 Decode How He Acts After a Fight 70 The Guy Report Why he loves librarians 72 The Truth About His “Crazy Ex” Don’t 74 believe it when he says she’s psycho. JESUS AYALA/STUDIO D. Already! We dressed these cheaters like the man-babies they are. CHRIS ECKERT/STUDIO D. Sexy vs.March Cover Stories Carrie Underwood The surprising story behind her big love 122 Whip out these moves and his next tattoo will be of your name. 42 The Love Lie 52% of Men Tell 48 Fashion: 7 Items You’ll Wear the Hell Out Of (All $60 or less) 86 How to Touch a Naked Man 16 naughty strokes that will send him over the edge 122 Cosmo News 106 How to Make the Prettiest Ponytail 1 10 Get a Gorgeous Hair Hue Trends even color virgins will love 41 Hot Sheet This month’s top trends 54 Beauty Evolution: What’s Fergie’s 56 The Real Story: Britney May Have 60 Best Look? So many Fergalicious styles Found The One It’s about freakin’ time. 98 Wake Up Sexier! Real results overnight 100 The Perfect Pink for You Sweet cheeks 104 Beauty Q&A A brilliant little shaving tip 50 Ways to Charm Anyone… and Always Get What You Want The scent that drives guys cuh-razy 180 MARCH 2010 / COSMOPOLITAN 13 . Tip “How I Solved Our Sex Issue” Real women share their no-fail fixes for 13 seriously awkward (but common!) problems Guy Watch 130 Man Manual (From top) EMMET MALMSTRÖM. they’re hot! 120 Grow Up. Skanky Major cleavage crisis! Make ouch-f waxing apply ree by teethin ing a baby hour b g gel half an eforeh and.

Guess again. Bracelet by C. Chelsea? Her takes on Brangelina and multiple boyfriends Fashion and Beauty Now 192 8 Must-Try Trends What your closet is craving this second 200 The Hot Hues for Spring Melrose Place’s Katie Cassidy works soft shades. 160 Fit in 6 Minutes: Shrink Your Waist Get beach-worthy abs by spring break. SVEND LINDBAEK. COSMOPOLITAN. DREW AND DEREK RIKER.176 “Why I Slept With My Boss” What it’s like to get naked with the head honcho Fun and Fearless 192 Styles that will bring on a serious case of spring fever 184 Bitch It Out! A special BF rant-fest 186 If Guys Edited Cosmo: Sexy vs. 162 Shameless Money-Saving Tricks Health Check 164 The Cosmo Health Report: Is Being Too Nice Making You Sick? Why being a bitch is good for you 167 Cosmo Gyno Have sex to stay healthy. 144 Ask Him Anything Dudes and porn 164 Share a sip at your own risk. You. 189 “The Naughtiest Thing I’ve Ever Done” She got back at a catty coworker. 190 Are You There. Hair: Marco Santini for Tresemmé. Need to Know 170 Inside a CSI Murder It sounds madefor-TV. Fashion director: Michelle McCool. 168 Your Body “My twins aren’t identical!” ONTHECOVER Dress by Rebecca Taylor. Makeup: Rachel Goodwin for Chanel at the Wall Group. and Rouge Allure Laque Lip Lacquer in Ming. Photographed by Cliff Watts 162 Date night just got cheaper. Sexier Because men don’t get skanky. . try Exceptionnel de Chanel Mascara in Smoky Noir. but this crime was horribly real. Powder Blush in In Love. 206 Sexy by Saturday Start pregaming now to get more gorge for the weekend. 174 Women and Shoes: A Love Story Our raging addiction explained 14 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 See page 234 for shopping information. 210 Little Things That Spoil Your Look Avoid these celeb beauty blunders! Love & Lust 126 Habits of Crazy-in-Love Couples Deepen your bond every day. Manicure: Elisa Ferri for See Management. Greene. 216 You and Him Score one-on-one time.COM (From top) MARC BAPTISTE. 218 At Your Place: Your Decorating Dilemmas—Solved An instant (and almost free!) headboard for your bed 220 Eat This Up: An Easy Wine-Tasting Party Snacks for a vino-filled night 222 Healthy Sexy Strong Calorie burners 134 Tales of Over-the-Top Romance You’ll want to gag…and crack up. To get Carrie’s look. 139 8 Ways to Feel Closer After Sex 140 How to Meet the Perfect Man Quadruple your dating pool. all by Chanel. Earrings by Robert Lee Morris. Quadra Eye Shadow in Kaska Beige. Cosmo Life 215 Weekend Pamper your tresses. Even Better 150 6 Tricks for Getting Your Way at Work Sit here to ace that meeting. Regular Features 16 22 62 64 224 228 234 236 Cosmo at a Glance From the Editor Confessions Guy Confessions Cosmo Astrologer Red-Hot Read Shopping Information Cosmo Quiz: Do You Know When a Guy’s Into You? 152 The Cosmo Checklists Is he good in bed? Will you be rich? Find out! 154 Learn to Love the Suckiest Day of the Week Not Monday.


...... P.. Frequently gush over your neighbor’s gorgeous flower boxes or garden and she’ll be more willing to water your plants while you’re away on vacation. BIGGEST GUY INSIGHT WAYS TO FLIRT IT UP Turns out. 180 for 48 more tips to help you work your magic......p....” .. Erotic he’ll experience if you touch him here ...... You’re more likely to snack than.. (Watering can) Dorling Kindersley/Getty Images. (Bracelet) JESUS AYALA/STUDIO D.... March ’10 L Research shows that friends often know what’s right for us better than we do.. your mojo powers are good for getting you more than just a free vodka tonic.. 228 U The rhythm that nearly puts this When he texts “hey. then flip to p................p..... watch TV or go online because those activities seem like procrastination.... 122 her boyfriend in lieu of phone sex . 2. 224 “Red-Hot Read” character over the edge . and he’s craving reassurance that he’s on your mind too.............. 174 on a Gemini’s love life this month ..... 156 Best Deal in the Issue A chunky floral bangle adds the perfect feminine touch for only $5... P.. 90 L Yikes: 15 percent of condom-users will become pregnant each year because they didn’t put it on correctly... He wants you to know he’s thinking about you......... 168 16 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 COSMOPOLITAN..p...... tell your girls.... it was: U The combination of sensations L Surveys have found that 70 percent of married people met their spouse through someone they know..... This month. P... thanks to the wiring in our brains ............. P. while eating doesn’t..... Find out how to expand your pool of dudes to choose from. 140 L One reason women eat even when they aren’t hungry: to delay making a tough decision or getting through a to-do list. you boost their egos— thereby upping your chances of getting your way......... Find out what to text him back on p......p....... “You guys will know exactly how I should deal with this...... When you flirt with everyone in your life. 1......COM (Cake topper) Photographer’s Choice/Getty Images.......... P. 130 U The stories this chick read to U What shoes are to both women U The influence that the sun has and men.. p.... Tap in to the surprising things that others may know about you with our tips.Convo Starters Cosmo at a Glance CAN’T-MISS QUOTE Carrie Underwood Don’t have time to devour the whole magazine right this minute? These must-read tidbits (all cribbed from articles in this issue) will give you a taste of what’s to come. 142.. (Underwood) CLIFF WATTS.................” he’s not being cryptic. 42 THE INDEX Some words just keep popping up.. Drop the one-liners below...............80..p.. 146 ‘‘I rarely go to clubs…and I always wear underwear!” —Carrie Underwood on why she’s different from typical Hollywood starlets... say.......... Next time you need advice....






and thanks for getting the word out there. strong long-term bond. you can use simple moves to send subliminal messages to your coworkers (and boss!) that you’re on top of your game and brimming with confidence. I want to thank Cosmo for covering domestic. be very afraid. he doesn’t work with me or I couldn’t focus. Things I Didn’t Know Till This Issue L One reason men crave makeup sex is simply for reassurance that the relationship is not on the rocks. Poor diet and no exercise are the real problems. (Page 174) Kate White.” —Julie “I loved your online feature on the Stupak-Pitts Amendment. and my jaw dropped. Check out Janine’s tips from her new book.” on page 126. What makes it especially galling is how hypocritical some of them are. We decided it was time to dish out a little punishment. Cheaters like Governor Mark Sanford and Tiger Woods totally leveraged their wholesome images. “Secrets of Crazy-in-Love Couples. The New Body Language . on page 150. it seems to be positively raining rogues. it’s good to listen to your gut. and I’ve never seen a teacher look that good. Keep the hotties coming!” —Aimee “You missed the mark in ‘7 Habits That Are Giving You Belly Pudge’ [December 2009]. You Say More Than You Think: A SevenDay Plan for Using the New Body Language to Get What You Want. It also helps to nurture your relationship.COM/TELLCOSMO Got something to say? COSMOPOLITAN. JACK MISKELL.” —Samantha “I opened your magazine. they subconsciously follow her lead and eat heartily as well. body-language expert Janine Driver stopped by the office to give Cosmo staffers some insider tips about how to read people just from observing their movements and posture. reveals Love doesn’t have to be seven simple secrets to a complicated. triggering a shopper’s high. Turns out. but these days. (Page 222) L Blueberry yogurt—thanks to the violet-red juice found in it—can be used as dye to give your hair a reddish tint. L According to a recent survey.” —Anna L When young women dine out with a thin pal who chows down. from left) Keith Major Photography. (Page 66) You Tell Us “As an employee at a women’s shelter. Luckily.and sexual-violence issues so often. (Page 48) L Online window-shopping taps in to your brain’s reward center. Check out page 120. TAMARA SCHLESINGER.from the editor Behind the Scenes at Cosmopolitan What Really Makes Love Last Is Being Too Nice Making You Sick? Page 164 We’ve always known that a fair share of guys are unfaithful. Inside was a local teacher featured as one of Cosmo’s sexiest bachelors [November 2009].. (Page 110) Recently. Editor-in-Chief COSMOPOLITAN.. It’s awesome that you informed your readers about this issue that is central to women’s reproductive freedom and gave them tools to take action. You list being a vegetarian as the number two reason for belly fat. I also teach. While we’ve done plenty of body-language articles on reading men—from how to tell if the gorgeous guy at the bar is into you to what your boyfriend’s sleep style reveals about his relationship MO—Janine reminded us of another way to use this knowledge: at work.but that by itself won’t make you fat. Hint: If you are the 18th intern he’s bagged. Although there’s no foolproof way to tell if a guy is likely to cheat. cheating is not the number one thing men lie about. Great job.COM (Top to bottom. Glowimages/Getty Images.








300 West 57th Street. Shirt: Wildfox. e-mail. 2003 We taught this guy well: Steven now dishes dating advice as the host of VH1’s Tough Love. no boyfriends allowed. height. Makeup: Thora at Kate Ryan Inc. with photos attached. single guy? He could win $10. Hair: Jennifer Brent for Kérastase Paris at Kramer and Kramer. for MAC Cosmetics. plus two color photos (one head shot and one full-length. Tennessee. Include his age. EXPRESS IS THE EXCLUSIVE RETAIL SPONSOR OF THE 2010 COSMO BACHELOR CONTEST. including campaigns for Abercrombie & Fitch.Know a cute. David Entinghe. at your local Express or Express Men store.COM TAMARA to send us an e-mail or to print out an official entry form. Manicure: Kim Chiu for Mark Edward Inc. Steven Ward. (Baldwin and Entinghe) DREW AND DEREK RIKER. and DKNY. Give details on why he’s so awesome. (Greer) BETH STUDENBERG. COSMO’S BACHELOR HALL OF FAME Andy Baldwin. Ohio. BACHELOR SEARCH It’s the 10 th Anniversar y of the Cosmo Bachelor Issue! Holy Hot Guys! 2010 . and street address). Senior fashion editor: Rebecca Hessel. profession. California. Tommy Hilfiger. Drop off the entry form. Pennsylvania. weight. New York. Go to cosmopolitan. (Ward) ERIC MCNATT. 2005 After being in Cosmo. 2005 Cosmo launched his modeling career. jeans: Chip & Pepper. See page 235 for entry rules. 38th Floor. he went on to star on ABC’s The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman. unattached man who should make the cut. Be sure to fill us in on how you know him—sorry.000 and a new Express wardrobe! Our nationwide search for the hottest guy from each state starts now. nominate him. If you know a sexy. or mail it to Cosmo Bachelors. and we’ll be crowning one lucky guy Bachelor of the Year. 30 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 COSMOPOLITAN. shirtless body shot) and contact info for you both (phone number. Deadline: April 11. NY 10019. 2007 This athlete currently plays for the New Orleans Saints and ranks among the NFL’s fastest defensive backs. Jabari Greer. and state.











and Legendary Pictures. doing so in a metallic dress—paired with a simple do and subtle makeup—will be downright eye-gluing. Ringo/Jesal Parshotam/pacificcoastnews.” COSMONEWS Here’s good news for friends with benefits: A new study has found that people who have casual sex aren’t any more likely to regret it than are those who get it on with their serious boyfriend or girlfriend. and WiFry Sadly. Kevin Mazur/AMA 2009/WireImage. We’re with PETA: No more fur! “Gosh. And while showing off some leg is eye-catching. while Uma Thurman sports a head of snakes as Medusa in Percy Jackson & the Olympians. There’s no shortage of mythological gods and monsters in theaters this month. Entertainment Inc. Toga party. 3 WHAT’S NOT SO HOT Indecent Exposure Dear Simon Cowell. anyone? The gods favor Sam Worthington in Clash of the Titans. MARCH 2010 / COSMOPOLITAN 6 WiFi for All 41 .Hot Sheet 6 Trends on the Rise Right Now “If you don’t call…I won’t care. Overheated? Undo another. That pretty much brings free On the Internet to the menu: Burgers whole country. First. Cosmo Chicks are supposed to be the ones with baby lust. Sincerely. Corbis/ there’s no reason to put us in danger of eyeballing your treasure trail. WiFi cash saved will be spent on burgers and mocha lattes. 5 Wannabe Dads Kate Hudson This bootie call never ends. which means you’ll finally be able to bare more skin. Clash of the Titans features Liam Neeson as Zeus and Ralph Fiennes as Hades.” We hope those “circumstances” include a job and weekend activities that don’t involve Jägermeister. I didn’t get your e-mail” won’t cut it anymore. Jay Maidment/SMPSP/© 2009 Warner Bros. and now McDonald’s is trading in pay-as-you-go WiFi for gratis service. Starbucks did it. but a recent survey shows that 53 percent of 20something guys would have a baby pronto “if circumstances allowed it. go ahead and unbutton the top button. If you’re dressing down. all the …er.) 1Harmless Hookups 4Short and Shiny Spring is around the corner. from left) TAMARA SCHLESINGER. (Note to study authors: 2 Going Greek (Top to bottom. But unless you’re attending a casual Friday in hell.

bracelets: DANNIJO. Dress: Fendi. But we finally got her to open up. I love to be at home. It’s a quality she was sort of born with. Hair: Marco Santini for Tresemmé. She’s actually joking around with guys in her band. See page 234 for shopping information. I rarely go to clubs…and I always wear underwear! I just know I’d fall down. “What did I tell you? Don’t look at the artist!” We’re backstage at Live With Regis and Kelly. “An Oklahoma girl like me wouldn’t even know how to be a diva.COM Fashion director: Michelle McCool. watching Carrie do her best impression of a bitchy celebrity—the key word being impression. Manicure: Elisa Ferri for See Management. And yet even in that outfit. “I’m just a person who has a cool job. Carrie looks totally approachable. who crack up as she walks by in a purple cocktail dress and a pair of strappy black heels that look like what Victoria Beckham would wear if she moonlighted as a dominatrix.Interview Mega success has made this sexy country star reluctant to discuss her fiancé.” she explains. and that’s not for everyone to see. By Ky Henderson “Do not look at me!” Carrie Underwood orders a small group of onlookers as she struts past. Makeup: Rachel Goodwin for Chanel at the Wall Group.” COSMONEWS Carrie Underwood in Love 42 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 COSMOPOLITAN. . earrings: Robert Lee Morris.

Earrings: Gemma Redux Photographs by Cliff Watts .It’s extrahot in Carrie country.

If I could have won a reality show other than American Idol. d. I’m sometimes mistaken for _____ _________________________________ ________________________________. and refers to him as her “good-looking brute. b. 44 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 (Underwood) MAP/ c. Carrie takes off with her BFF: rat terrier Ace. c. Her first album. c. Carrie is also one of the most guarded…especially about her love life. Release a hip-hop album. Boobs. b. c. Once she’s onstage chatting. Take the Wheel. She’s the first female country artist in history to have 10 number one singles on her first two albums. In relationships. The Amazing Race. THE PAGE TO FIND OUT WHY. d. b. friends convinced her to go to Saint Louis to try out for Idol. So You Think You Can Dance. also debuted at number one. e. Take the Wheel” was “Who Let Jesus Drive?” e. Rock of Love. e. Legs. Butt. Back then. Other: _________________________. Unpretentious. The weirdest part about being famous is _____________________ ________________________________ ____________________________. while studying broadcast journalism in college. It’s relatively easy to maintain my weight. My favorite part of my body is my: a. Traditional. Other: _________________________. from left) NHL Images/NHLI via Getty Images. Tell people I have no idea who Johnny Cash is. Overanalyze things. Other: _________________________. made her an instant hockey fan. I get to spend so much time in Canada during the winter! e. where her parents still live and where Carrie. Toilet-paper Taylor Swift’s house. Project Runway. I rarely discover that I have barbecue sauce on my face. If I wanted to shock people.” Thing is. I’ve always wished I were better at ______________________________. d. Carrie’s fiancé.COSMONEWS THE COSMO QUIZ Name:___________________________ Nickname:_______________________ To me. Need my own space more than the other person. If singing hadn’t worked out. “It’s been wonderful. Admit that the original title of my song “Jesus. Then. I’d probably be _____________________ ________________________________. there are a lot more criteria that you need to meet in order to make it. c. b.” she mutters—but when she’s asked about Mike. The games are exciting.” Carrie tells us. He’s in great shape. “When you’re a woman. d. Wear the pants. c. b. but it makes me wish that there were more women who had the opportunity to do what I do. I was 20 pounds heavier and literally fresh off the farm. being “country” means being: a. she had her first hit with “Jesus. MYSTERY WOMAN Since winning American Idol in 2005. Deep-fried and smothered in gravy.” That farm was in Oklahoma. The best part about having an NHL-player fiancé is that: a. Carnival Ride and Play On. grew up almost as though she were an only child. Some Hearts. Carrie has become the most successful female country artist of the decade— even though she’s been at it for only the past five years. Carrie basically talks about nothing more than hockey. Regis surprises Carrie with a picture of her fiancé. Outdoorsy. b. Andre Ringuette/NHLI via Getty Images. (Fisher. . Mike Fisher. Nobody would have looked at me twice if it weren’t for Idol. who has two much older sisters. She loved to sing but never thought seriously about it becoming a career. A little more than a year after that audition.” COSMOPOLITAN. Hair. Be a little bit of a pushover. in addition to being one of the most down-to-earth celebs we’ve ever met. c. Her next two albums. d. pro hockey player Mike Fisher. b. I never have meal regret. She doesn’t lose her smile or sense of humor when she sees the photo—“Don’t know who that is. Hell’s Kitchen.COM I’m really insecure about my _____ _________________________________ because ________________________ TURN ________________________________. debuted at number one and went on to sell more than 7 million copies. I’d: a. Regis let her off way too easy. He has my back in a bar fight. d. I couldn’t date a guy who didn’t love my ___________________. d. I tend to: a. it would have been: a. I feel like I’m having less of a negative impact on the environment. The best thing about being a vegetarian is that: a.


Carrie thanked “#12”—Mike’s jersey number—in the liner notes for his love and support.” she admits. “I was like ‘What if he’s weird?’” He wasn’t. she tripped while jogging and badly cut her knee. she opens up. she gives this quiet reply: “That could be any number 12. For a brief. she went to her first hockey game…and people started to talk. N She’s been a vegetarian since she was a teenager in spite of the fact that she was raised on a cattle farm. Less than two months later. choosing instead to keep their relationship between them. “In a way. That isn’t who she really is. if she tried to be a pop artist.” Carrie says. pumps: YSL. their courtship began when Mike’s mom saw Carrie on Idol and taped her performances so she could point out the singer to her son. “I didn’t want to be one of those people who has an amazing career but ends up alone and unhappy. Well. In fact. A woman stopped and took Carrie home but had no idea who she was.” she tells us. But when Play On debuted last fall. Still. “I want it all. he was my escape.” She’s joking. Carrie and Taylor Swift are the poster girls for a new country-music sound that also embraces pop. “When I was fried trying to write.” says songwriter Luke Laird. It kind of freaks out her mom and dad. there’s another connection she’s always wanted more…and now she has it. And yet. But if you ask Carrie or anyone who knows her. Sort of.” That’s not to say she has no girlfriends—she has a tight-knit circle of them. you tend to open up. he and Carrie were linked through friends of friends. when we ask her about that first real public acknowledgement. “I made sure he came in with some other people. there are definite pluses to not revealing much.COSMONEWS She’s got a thing about her knees. She cowrote seven of the songs on Play On—a sign. it’s been to her advantage to be so guarded. That blending has caused some people to question whether it’s country music at all. Carrie was spotted at a Senators game sporting a massive diamond on her finger. Even though their music is very different.but we can live with that. who produced all three of Carrie’s albums.” Carrie says. and that’s why I often choose to be around guys.” At no point during our conversation does she actually use Mike’s name. earrings: Gemma Redux. there’s no doubt about it. we feel (and she looks) as if we’re torturing her. taking pictures. And besides. who usually talk about surface stuff. fans will drive to her parents’ house in Oklahoma and park outside for hours. Carrie admits that circumstances make theirs a strange relationship— they still live more than 1. FAVORITE NUMBER After a year of dating Mike. of course. But then she starts talking. alongside tiny inlaid diamonds in the shape of bones. They kept their mouths shut. Ace.COM Dress: Costume National. Mike will crank up the volume and belt it out while she laughs at his singing (normal). she swore she’d be done having children by the time she turned 30. If one of her songs comes on the car radio (not normal). It’s a perfect example of that connection she’d been craving. silent moment. “Carrie has always had a strong sense of herself artistically. of course. since she didn’t want it to be one-on-one. Now she doesn’t want to start until after she’s 30.” COSMOPOLITAN.” Who she really is outside the studio is something even Carrie says is a mystery. who cowrote several songs with Carrie. . FACTS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT CARRIE… UNTIL NOW N Sometimes. 5 N She wears a custom-made ring engraved with the name of her dog. she’d probably fail.000 miles apart—but they create their own kind of normalcy. “I want to be happy. “She’s a country artist. “He provided a lot of inspiration for songs.” says Mark Bright. “When you’re talking to women. that she’s revealing more of herself. So finally.” The writing room is one place she’s been spending a lot of time. everyone except Carrie and Mike.. as important as it is to her to connect with fans. who plays for the Ottawa Senators.. Mike. whether it was something he said or just by being supportive. N Right before the American Idol finale in 2008. he ended up backstage at a show she did in Toronto in October 2008. But coincidentally. Carrie had barely acknowledged publicly that they were together. because she hasn’t put herself in negative situations that some other artists get into. After chatting with Mike on the phone for a few months. and they started telling him he should meet her. Carrie says.” Then she N laughs to herself. In a way. didn’t pay much attention to his mother’s intuition. even now. “I’m a closed-off person. “And once you get her in a writing room. N When she was younger.


” says Paula Rinehart.” says Seth Meyers. “At this point. FEEL HIM OUT. DANGER SIGNS. “We approach problems that way. he’ll say the wrong thing. “They’re afraid they’ll be less attractive if they don’t keep up that facade.” Then back off if he doesn’t want to have a heart-to-heart that instant. you have to call him out. When he utters those four little words. “He’s worried that if he tries to vocalize what’s bothering him. the number one man-lie isn’t about cheating. When Tiger Woods first denied those “rumors” circulating about him.” In other words. PhD. the man who can handle anything. But if you’re giving your man a free pass.” Meyers says. “Work is where men feel the greatest sense of power and stability in their lives.” That vulnerability is yet another emotion that guys would rather not express. and cause the issue to escalate into something worse than it is. author of What’s He Really Thinking. Most likely. Say something like “Not to go all Dr.” Make a joke to get your point across without entering seriously cheesy territory. And he’s not the only one ducking drama: “Most women know intuitively when a guy is holding back The 1 Lie Guys Tell Their Partner # but won’t challenge him on it because they don’t want to seem like a nag. I’m fine. he doesn’t want to make a mess that he can’t clean up. But according to a recent survey. you’ll help him feel like he’s still in the driver’s seat. this go-to fib is all about avoiding drama and protecting male pride. but I kind of like hearing about what goes on during your day…even the bad stuff. but men take more time to figure things out. we wanted to strap the dude down and force him to take a lie-detector test.” More than half of men fessed up to feeding their girlfriends this line. Phil on you or anything. it’s a more serious situation. PhD. “Most guys know they’re not as good at talking through their feelings as women are. it isn’t necessarily a red flag. author of 101 Lies Men Tell Women. As for the guy who drops this lie often and won’t say a peep no matter how much you gently encourage him. Turns . he just doesn’t feel like talking about something he thinks will make him seem weak in front of you—especially if he’s hit a snag at work. they can feel like their life is spinning out of control. your man has used it on you.” Meyers says. it’s this: “Nothing’s wrong. you’re missing out on an opportunity to strengthen your bond…and putting your relationship at risk. “So when things go wrong there. so they need to be told flat out that you actually like it when they open up a little.” Give him a couple of days.COM 48 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 Nicola Majocchi/folio-id.” Meyers says. make you emotional. COSMOPOLITAN. By giving him the option to discuss it later. Use this line to let him know it’s not okay to keep his lips zipped: “I’ve been trying to connect with you on this. According to experts.” says Dory Hollander. then ask him if he’s still bummed…and why. a Los Angeles relationship expert. That means that more likely than not.COSMONEWS Relationships The reason he tells it is just as important as the lie itself. “Women make the mistake of wanting to fix everything in one long talk. “Men have this idea that women are looking for their knight in shining armor. but everything I’ve tried has failed. What do you think I should do here?” It’ll let him know that you’re considering his feelings but that he has to —ROBIN HILMANTEL speak up to make things right.


com. S Granitz/WireImage. 2008 Of course. full-on glam works for her too.COSMONEWS Beauty Evolution What’s Fergie’s Best Look? The rocker has never been afraid to try an edgy style. 54 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 COSMOPOLITAN. 2003 She was totally twisted here. 2004 Being in a group with all guys made her embrace her inner tomboy. 2005 She’s always been good at that urban look. from top) Ferdaus Shamim/WireImage. . infevents. 2007 Sleek and smiley worked for her. 4% 2 s ader of rerred this efe current pr er to h look. Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage.COM (Left to right. Gregg DeGuire/WireImage. Chris Polk/FilmMagic. 2009 A darker shade suits this beauty. Here’s a peek back at some of her most Fergalicious moments.


56 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 COSMOPOLITAN. Hot Shots Worldwide/splashnews. PHD MAY 2008 Britney May Have Found The One OCT. and her grip on Jason signals her trust. Jason The Real Story BY LILLIAN GLASS. Picture Media/infphoto. showing she craves his support. Solid Beginnings Skeptics say Britney’s past love disasters may predict her future. Britney’s face is This suggesting that he’s comfortable melding with her life. and Britney twists her body toward his even as she walks forward. from top) courtesy of Lillian Glass.COM . 2009 (Left to right. Maciel-RS/x17online. shows a strong friendship. but our bodylanguage expert sees true love with her boyfriend and agent. JUNE 2009 They’re in Sync Britney and Jason maintain a similar stride as they Taking Care Jason opens the door. 2009 He’s a Family Guy Jason’s posture mirrors Britney’s as they care for her sons. a subconscious sign that they are on the same page in the relationship and share a tight bond. a protective gesture. taken a year before the two officially started dating.


Entertainment Press/splashnews. © MGM/courtesy Everett splashnews.COSMONEWS sexy vs. Stephane Ouzeau/x17online. Jesse Grant/WireImage. com. x17online. skanky Kim Kardashian Patricia Arquette Posing in a one-shoulder dress Popping out of a one-shoulder dress Brody Jenner and Jayde Nicole (Left to Touching your guy’s abs Brody Jenner and Jayde Nicole Licking your guy’s abs in a club Ordering sex over the phone Ordering a romantic meal over the phone Mel Gibson then Mel Gibson now Bloodred lips Bloodshot eyes Dating lots of guys Wearing low-slung trunks Matthew McConaughey Having a dating show on VH1 Wearing your trunks this low Sean Stewart .com. from top) Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic. splashnews.


When I got there. he came up to me and was like ‘What was that about?!’ Thank goodness he was chill about the whole thing after I explained the mix-up. I stuffed the pantie into one of my boots. so I sent him an e-mail with the lusty picture attached. I stopped by a shoe store. and clarity. I dropped my fork and almost tipped over my plate. content. Furious.” —Emma. so we couldn’t even make a quick exit. Nasty Piece of Work “One day. 20 COSMOPOLITAN. I wrote a funny subject line and then typed in his name and hit send. Later. my husband and I decided to stop by my new in-laws’ house. Manicure: Kim Chiu for Mark Edward Inc. so I wore the only clean underwear I had: an ultratight thong. I was so overly caffeinated that I was shaking. I couldn’t stop awkwardly fidgeting the entire night. so in the middle of the day. 22 —REPORTED BY ROBIN HILMANTEL Baby Got Payback “My now-ex broke up with me totally out of the blue. 62 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 COSMOPOLITAN.” —John. when I got up from the table…and took the entire tablecloth with me.” —Laura. and he barely said good-bye before practically sprinting away from me. Makeup: Jillian Chaitin for Nars. A guy friend of mine is totally obsessed with her. “I had a really crazy day—the kind that takes six cups of coffee to get through—but I was still looking forward to my blind date that evening. 19 “If I were her. dress: Thayer. Senior fashion editor: Rebecca Hessel. deciding it was better to go commando than keep it on. Hair: Carlos Vera for visionofvera.COM WADLEY.COM/CONFESS Have a juicy confession? Log on to tell us the dirty details. and my date kept looking at me like I was insane. Later. Jacket: DKNY. 24 “I hadn’t done laundry in a while. I was surfing the Web when I came across a supersexy photo of Rachel Bilson. 21 Pantie Flasher Damage Control . and he looked away. I promptly forwarded the message to his new girlfriend. so I stuffed it back in my boot as quickly as possible. without thinking about it.” —Rita. I ran to the bathroom and took it off. I forgot I was going commando today. I didn’t know what to do.” —Nora. I struck up a conversation with my ex and pretended to have all the traits I knew he loved in a girl. I would have winked at the shoe salesman and said ‘Oh. when I was looking through E-MAIL my out-box for something else. It got to be really uncomfortable. As a cute salesman was helping me out. we hadn’t seen that one when we went through to censor the dirty ones.” —Meredith. I went onto MySpace —which he uses all the time—and set up a fake account using a hot picture of a friend he’d never met. He completely fell for it—I even got the horny bastard to ask for a raunchy striptease. 34 Honeymoon’s Over “On our way back from our honeymoon.… Does that get me a discount?’ Whipping out a clever joke in the middle of an embarrassing situation would definitely impress me. We went inside and started flipping through the pictures right away. Since the pants I was wearing that day didn’t have any pockets. We had tons of photos we wanted to show them. so we made sure to delete the few risqué ones before we got there. Please! Cosmo readers share their most shocking stories and steamiest secrets. Still. but there must have been some glitch because we couldn’t move beyond that screen for at least another 30 seconds or so! We had already agreed to stay for dinner. I thought he might be up for giving me a second chance until the end of dinner. We tried to change to a different photo right After some cute posed shots. Names of readers who share stories and of those mentioned in the stories have been changed to protect their privacy. when a friend told me that it was because he had cheated on me with a girl he’d met online and decided he wanted to date her instead. Everything on top of it spilled all over the poor guy. I took off my boot…and the thong fell out onto the floor right in front of him! His face turned beet red. I realized OUCH! that the auto-fill on my computer must have entered my boss’s e-mail address instead of my friend’s! I had sent an e-mail to my boss with the subject ‘Don’t Jizz Your Pants!’ and a nearly naked picture of Rachel Bilson attached! Shortly afterward. a photo of me coming out of the shower in our hotel room—completely nude—came up! Apparently. and ran out of the store. though.confessions Check. Stories may have been edited for length. I didn’t find out why until a month later. put it on my foot.


and clarity. 22 Men admit to their dirtiest deeds and most shameless scams ever. ‘Don’t worry. She sounded really bummed when I told her I couldn’t make it to her birthday party. 25 Sloppy Seconds “I hooked up with my buddy’s ex-girlfriend. Two minutes later.” —Jimmy.’” —Andrew. His mom had come to say that whoever was having sex on the washing machine needed to stop ASAP. and made the trip back home without telling her I’d been there.’ I started freaking out and went to the girl to confront her. I left before she spotted me. they called everyone up onto the stage. Stories may have been edited for length. “When I got to her party. I walked straight into a street sign! My friends still give me a hard time. finished up. “I signed up to do it. but I spent the rest of the day thinking to myself. at which point I told her she was a lying bitch. She denied everything. um.. I must have been confused. I visited the doctor to assess the damage.COM/CONFESS Have a juicy confession? Log on to tell us the details. She then said. Names of readers who share stories and of those mentioned in the stories have been changed to protect their privacy. clearly upset. until they handed me the mike and put on a beat for me to rap to. A Bad Rap “I was dating this girl who was really into rap. I decided to really impress her by going up and reading a poem I’d written especially for her. our host still lives with his parents and had ‘forgotten’ to tell us. it never.” —Kareem. I accidentally peed on my shoe.COM BETH STUDENBERG. and since I wasn’t really paying attention. I think it’s Andrew and Gwen. When she phoned me the next day. because I had actually entered a rap battle! When the announcer explained this. my date’s whole face lit up—that is.. Not that it really mattered. It happens!’ It’s cool that he was understanding and all. No. and I was right. content. ever happens! What’s wrong with this guy?!” —Harold. so I knew that showing up at the last minute would be an awesome present. Even though I know next to nothing about it. I thought it was something she would love. but after a ridiculously painful checkup. I felt like an idiot…and an asshole. they eliminated me immediately. right? That’s the reason we broke up. I was panicking. After we. . When he found out about it. and a few minutes later. called the cops to report the underage drinking that was going on. but as I did.” —Hank.GUY confessions Party Monster “My girlfriend and I had been doing the long-distance thing for almost a year when I decided to make a surprise visit to see her on her birthday. I was the one who got a surprise. 30 Hot-Guy Blooper Golden Boy “While in the bathroom at work. I pretended I was also really into it and took her out one night to this beat-poetry slam. I went to grab it. though. that’s the exact TOTALLY moment my boss walked in. I acted shocked to learn that her party had been busted by the police and she’d been kicked out of her apartment complex because of it. and so did the girl. I was doing my thing at a urinal when my cell phone rang. 25 —REPORTED BY ROBIN HILMANTEL “I was with some buddies when we saw a group of gorgeous girls playing volleyball. a middle-age woman came downstairs in her pajamas. I lucked out and ended up going into the laundry room with a coworker I’d secretly been crushing on. When they had an open-mike portion at the end. I ended up being so awful. I still haven’t admitted to her that it was all my fault. 21 Sin Cycle “My friend from work was throwing a party. I kept staring at them as we passed by. he looked at me and said. Furious. I realized that I was clean and my buddy was just trying to get back at me for sleeping with his ex. we managed to come out undetected. but I tried to do the best job I could. ‘Judging by the names they keep repeating. 26 COSMOPOLITAN. Sure enough. Turns out. I caught her in a back room making out with some guy I’d never met.” —Peter. 64 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 COSMOPOLITAN. When I BUSTED! turned around. though. the first thing he said to me was ‘You know she has an STD. and everyone from the office was there.


In a perfect world.g. guy land doesn’t work that way. “Honey. Pants: l. Makeup: Thora at Kate Ryan Inc. your man would sit you down on the couch and say.g. By Molly Triffin Photographs by Chris Clinton Senior fashion editor: Rebecca Hessel. Hair: Damian Monzillo using Davines Hair Care for Kate Ryan Inc. using Make Up For Ever. I’m so sorry about what happened” (even if it wasn’t his fault). Unfortunately. So we asked experts to translate his postbattle behavior. Manicure: Kim Chiu for Mark Edward Inc. Decode How He Acts After a Fight .o.


There’s nothing wrong with makeup sex after you’ve worked through the problem. “Guys have a fix-it mind-set and want to take action to make things right again. Now What? “If it touches a nerve and makes you feel closer to him.” says William July. he might be tossing you a consolation prize.” Amador says. “Although you’d probably prefer a face-toface talk. The dust has hardly settled before this horn dog wants to work out the tension between the sheets.COM .” Let him know that your spat doesn’t mean you’re breaking up and you still want to be with him.” probe him about how he’s feeling.” July notes. If that’s the case. the situation will snowball and only get worse.” July explains. he’s attempting to repair the damage.” Also take into account how personal the gift is. bring up the fight casually. you need to reach a deeper resolution with him. so you can finally end it. It shows that after mulling things over. “Beware of gifts that aren’t accompanied by a sincere apology. “Either it wasn’t that big of a deal to him.” If the message falls flat and leaves you confused or distressed. boy. singing in the shower. like while you’re watching TV. “Thank him. “Yet give him the benefit of the doubt.” July says. then that means he’s genuine. goes along with plans you make but doesn’t offer any ideas of his own. there’s probably anger lurking. HE BUYS YOU FLOWERS OR A PRESENT You’d be crazy to dissuade a guy from bestowing you with roses or jewelry.” July says. Is it opposite day? Does he have sudden-onset amnesia? There are two reasons why he’d be unruffled. PhD. Does he squeeze your waist while you’re doing your makeup. You’re Wrong. send you a funny link from work.” To tell which it is. that’s truly thoughtful. only he didn’t know how to express it verbally. “But if you sense distance between you. Then tell him that you do need to deal with the original issue. he sends you a text to make up. and then tell him you’re still upset. “If he leaves your favorite kind of cheesecake in the fridge as a surprise. “He might be turning to sex as a way to ignore reality and achieve a false sense of closeness. “The devil is in the details. or is less touchyfeely with you. making spaghetti. he’ll be more open to talking. “He turns to you physically for reassurance that everything is okay. “No matter who was to blame. Problem is.Man Manual HE SEEMS TOTALLY NORMAL HE TEXTS YOU AN APOLOGY So after an argument. look for little signs. and fill you in about his day as soon as he gets home? If he’s warm with you. HE WANTS TO MOVE ON TO MAKEUP SEX Whoa! Down. and your guy appears unfazed—watching the game. without hearing his voice or seeing his face when he says the S word.” Amador says. He might think you were in the wrong and hasn’t forgiven you. if the dispute isn’t solved. and this is his passiveaggressive way of dealing with it.” July says. It might have been a real gesture of regret. it’s hard to tell how he’s feeling.” It’s easier for him to apologize via electronics. But pay attention to his wording and how the text affects you emotionally when you read it. author of Understanding the Tin Man. because it gives him a protective filter in case you’re upset.” stresses Xavier Amador. Once he feels that you’re on solid ground. chances are that he has gotten over it. “This is a good first step. Red flags: He is short when answering your questions. but don’t use it as a Band-Aid. right? But these goodies can be a smoke screen when a dude doesn’t want to talk through a dispute. 68 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 COSMOPOLITAN. PhD. “It can be a genuine peace offering for longterm couples who don’t need to hash out the details of every fight.” If the box of chocolates came with a note reading “I love you. “However. “or he is really pissed and is tuning you out. You just had a blowout. author of I’m Right.” He might also rush to hit the sheets because he’s freaked out that the relationship could be on the rocks. he might be avoiding an in-person conversation because talking about his feelings isn’t something he’s used to.” Whereas a generic bouquet is a tactic to sweep things under the rug.


“Men view it as an obligation to return the favor.” —Brandon.. but I really just looked like Rainbow Brite. The Guy Report .” —Nicolas. I blame the salesman—he kept saying how breathable they were. don’t button it up on his account. Makeup: Thora at Kate Ryan Inc. ‘Hey. the thought of them making out is totally twisted…and.Man Manual Why He’s So Turned On PhD.. SOURCE: CHRISTOPHER BLAZINA. associate professor of psychology at George Mason University. guys feel uneasy when they’re given a present out of the blue. therefore.” says Todd Kashdan. (Shoes) Hugh Threlfall/Alamy.and if he knows up front that the woman won’t be inhibited. At the time... wait a minute here.COM (Female model) TAMARA SCHLESINGER. 70 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 COSMOPOLITAN. 21 “For a while. DUMB ADVICE HE’S GETTING “When a woman starts with the problems. AUTHOR OF THE SECRET LIVES OF MEN “My Dumbest Fashion Decision” “I would put ridiculously bright colors together— like fluorescent purple and Easter egg blue. I felt like a total pro. Hair: Jennifer Brent for Kérastase Paris at Kramer and GUYPINION Hey. according to a recent study. Manicure: Kim Chiu for Mark Edward Inc. smokin’.” —Abe. he won’t worry about needing to pay you back—he’ll just think he has the best girlfriend ever. that would pretty much make him a sex god.” If he thinks you already owed him one. Senior fashion editor: Rebecca Hessel. So if he could turn one into a wild sex goddess. 34 He finally admits these are heinous. To make sure he knows there are no strings attached. it’s like you’re saying you can’t get enough of him. I looked like an idiot. This trick will help him love any gift…even a sweater. whoa. Plus. (Male model) istockphoto. leave your gift at his place with a note like “Thanks for driving last weekend. so much the better. do I look like one of your girlfriends?’” —datingdummies. but now. I thought I was a trendsetter. for MAC Cosmetics. PHD. I cringe.and girls were definitely not into it. You Wearing His Clothes When you put on his shirt and nothing but his shirt. Hot Twin Sisters There’s no such thing as too much of a good thing. Supervampy Chicks Sometimes a guy just doesn’t want to have to work very hard for it. THE PERFECT PRESENT FOR HIM Who doesn’t like gifts? Well. Librarians They’re supposed to be buttoned-up and uptight. just interrupt her and say. I wore a basketball jersey every single day.. 19 “I had these peach loafers that made me look like an Italian playboy on a Caribbean vacation..


but the flashbacks began immediately. she said. So next time you hear this whacked-out tale. I. I’m sure a lot has changed since you used to hide your phone. “Adorable” today. keep this in mind: Most women don’t go nuts for no reason. Then it hit me: Her craziness began after I started treating her terribly. believe half of what you hear and all of what you see. “You don’t remember me. but the truth is. do you. coauthor of Why Hasn’t He Called?. the crazy ex-girlfriend is a fictional character that helps us get your complete allegiance. as in the craziest ex-girlfriend ever? I scanned her body for hidden weapons. If it’s the latter. And when we do find a keeper. I questioned my memory of our two-year relationship. from Philadelphia. It’s hard to find fault in our dating behavior because that might lead us to more troubling realizations about how we need to improve as people. you could end up being his N next psycho ex. explains why every man claims to have dated a nut bag or two. uh.” To get the real story on his past loves. Come to think of it. Matt?” She looked familiar. most men use the term crazy to describe an 72 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 ALEXA MILLER .” I smiled nervously as we exchanged niceties. we hope you’ll want to make up for our heinous experiences by showing us how a great guy should be treated—preferably with mind-blowing sex. but before I could respond. trying out new girlfriends on Friday nights before going to her place. After she left. Belinda (not her real name). It’s a lot easier to reassign the guilt and start looking for the next love of our life. and details tend to be blown out of proportion. ex in order to cast ourselves as the victim rather than admit to being the villain in a past relationship. When he says something like “She called me 20 times in one night. By claiming that women in our past have wronged us. If your man starts talking about his crazy ex. sleep with coworkers. you’ll be ready to call BS.COM Sudden Amnesia I thought I had blocked out the bad memories in the seven years since our split. whether he takes your needs and concerns seriously or shrugs them off. Belinda accusing me of sleeping with the coworker I was having lunch with. “totally psycho” tomorrow The Truth About His ‘‘Crazy Ex’’ Dating coach Matt Titus. I did talk to other girls when I was seeing Belinda. The Blame Game It’s tough to face. “It’s Belinda.” she really called only three times in a week when he vanished after saying “I love you. And how could I forget Belinda parking outside my apartment and watching me walk by with another date? I was ripped back to reality when she said. also had affairs toward the end. COSMOPOLITAN. There was Belinda threatening to jump out of the car if I didn’t let her listen to my voice mail. She sat down and said. Focus on how he treats you—specifically. I was waiting for a friend at a restaurant when a beau tiful woman asked if she could join me. and double-book your Friday nights. “Matt. You see.” Um.Man Manual HIS SIDE even guys who race motorcycles and laugh at Saw VI want to run to Mama when faced with a psycho ex.


to open doors for women notice that they’re lacking and try to make up for it. 8 Texting shouldn’t be used as the primary way of communicating in a relationship. 9 We understand the pressure that is put on women about how they look. you can usually understand them. Louisiana Age: 31 Current gig: Starring as Damon on The CW’s Vampire Diaries Romantic status: 1 When a guy dates an intelligent woman. 5 A busy schedule isn’t an excuse to let a relationship fail. he thinks about all the things he has done wrong and whether or not he deserves her. we find ways to be there. They act that way for a certain reason. If you get to the bottom of that. 4 Guys are attracted to a girl who looks comfortable. Just tell us what’s wrong.COM . it’s sexy.Man Manual 10 things guys wish you knew Our current celeb crush reveals what men think but never say. we realize you can’t just live for yourself. When a relationship is special. If she is wearing sweats and is comfortable. They make us want to kick up our game a little more. 3 Lots of guys lack manners. It takes us a little longer to come to that point. 74 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 COSMOPOLITAN. 7 Don’t tell a guy you’re fine when you’re not. 2 Bad boys can be reformed. 6 Men are intimidated by smart women. but we do get there. It’s easier that way. We know it’s unfair. Ken Browar/Icon International Ian Somerhalder Hometown: Man on Fire Covington. Just know that those of us raised Has a girlfriend 10 As men get older.



800-OLDNAVY Sequined Shorts J. (Runway) Snakeskin Bangles Ted fearless Zip-Pocket Skirt Martin + Osa. $198.Crew. $26. $59. $198. $65 to $198 each. coach. 800-BUYMACY JESUS AYALA/STUDIO D. $69.50. $90. Belted Bandage Dress Grass. Slouchy Cropped Pants Old Minitrench Aryn Crisscross Python Sandals See page 234 for shopping information. jcrew. MARCH 2010 / COSMOPOLITAN 79 .. henribendel. martinandosa. Fashion editor and stylist: Karen Larrain. denim! Khaki is making a comeback as the season’s must-have BOY BY BAND OF OUTSIDERS Back off.

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Gerlan.C. missme. Marc Fisher. Spring’s floral craze may be sweet…but innocent? Not when applied to Cosmo-esque styles. COSMOPOLITAN. Johnny Shoes. forever21 . Fred Flare.80. $34..P. Fashion editor: Karen Larrain. MM Couture by Miss Me. $ CHRISTIAN DIOR Taylor Swift Jeans. getthatstyle.COM JESUS AYALA/STUDIO D. (Runway) firstview. Lenora $89. American Eagle Outfitters. 212966-4066 Rings. Dress. Necklace. Stylist: Amri Kibbler.99. $ Blouse. $34. Bracelet. marcfisher footwear. A. Forever 21. $12 ae. $ 90 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 See page 234 for shopping fearlessfashion Fresh Picks Top. (Swift) Ben Dome/pacificcoastnews. $5. $96. .



All Rights Reserved. who plays the White Queen in Alice in Wonderland (out this month).50: Diamond dust keeps nails supershiny. as Marisa Miller demonstrates). diamonds. $29 Red Lips and Bold Brows SOURCE: MAKEUP ARTIST MATHEW NIGARA. $12.beautyNEWS Optical Illusion Choosing a shadow based on your eye shape can give you a bigger. EYE SHAPE (Illustrations) STUART MCKENZIE/EYECANDY.Y. Bling It On (1) Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lifting Creme. 37 YES 63% NO We get it: Temporary tats don’t serve much of a purpose…except this one. NEW YORK COLOR POLL Would You Flaunt a Faux Tattoo? Anne Hathaway. MARCH 2010 / COSMOPOLITAN 93 . more gorgeous gaze. naturally flirty peepers really need. $6.50 Chanel Fluid Iridescent Eyeshadow in Delta. says L. (3) LaRocca Shield Multi-Active Lip Balm. $39. (Hathaway. antimicrobial gloss postmake-out session. $250: Crushed pearls give drab skin an instant glow. makeup artist Kate Lee.C. (Stills) CHRIS ECKERT/STUDIO D. 1 2 3 See page 234 for shopping information. tips. TRY Revlon Shadow in Electric Pop. Even better: It’s free at VS stores. sports her character’s crimson pout and dark arches offscreen too. Consult this chart to discover the best one for you. making narrow eyes appear bigger.A. where it stays put without creasing.UK. TRY A powder slides best into the upswept outer corners. but it’s also scented with the new Victoria’s Secret Love Rocks fragrance. TRY Liquids offer a sheer wash of color— all your large. apply a scarlet lipstick and a brown brow gel. $32 Givenchy Eyeshadow in Modish Brown. (2) OPI Nail Lacquer in DS Glow. and pearls. $18: Swipe on this gold-flecked.To do it.CO. % Go from dull to dazzling with luxe lightreflecting formulas enriched with gold. OF N. (Miller) courtesy of Marion Curtis/Starpix. and stuff you’ve gotta try this month CELEB LOOK Anne's real-life version of the White Queen Oval Round EYE SHAPE Almond EYE SHAPE IDEAL SHADOW IDEAL SHADOW IDEAL SHADOW Pearlescent creams capture and reflect light. © Disney Enterprises Inc. The hot trends. Not only does it let you wear your inner badass on your sleeve (or wrist. from left) Todd Williamson/WireImage.

COSMOPOLITAN. SOURCE: HELEN FISHER. WE ASKED How long has it been since your last bikini wax or trim? Add 1 point for each month Have you ever asked him to pop a hardto-reach pimple? Add 2 points if yes Do you routinely let him see you while wearing a shower cap. Resting on his chest. 94 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 See page 234 for shopping information. Use a salicylic-acid cleanser to deep-clean skin postcuddle. it works!).$95 Smells like: Jasmine. macaroon.. or whitening strips? Add 1 point for each yes SCORING: 0 to 2 points:In his eyes. PHD. Here’s what they fell for most. 5 points or more: Warning:You’re nearing turn-off levels! Book a wax. gardenia. you’re effortlessly gorgeous (way to keep him guessing). vanilla. ou Are Y Too Comfy Withyour grooming routine—can put the brakes when Him? Being super-laid-back—at least it comes to on sexy. (Aniston) Jim Spellman/WireImage. AUTHOR OF WHY HIM? WHY HER? the Street Do you care if a girl styles her hair the same way every day? 100 Guys on 29% 71% YES NO Jennifer Aniston sticks to her signature do (hey. 26 (Couple) Nicola Majocchi/folio-id. (Stills) CHRIS ECKERT/STUDIO D. we blindfolded a few and started spritzing. Now sweep the rest under the rug.COM .beauty HISPICKS Seductive New Scents Curious to know what guys think of the latest fragrances.greasy?” Man-Related Breakouts Frustrated with acne that keeps popping up on one side of your face? The cause could be how you snuggle and snooze with your guy.” —Egan. white peony.” —Ian. and do upkeep on his boys’ night. almond. get a zit-fighting body wash. 3 or 4 points:You’ve kept some maintenance a mystery. “Oh. and patchouli Stud says: “The girl who wears this knows exactly what she wants. 27 Givenchy Ange ou Démon Le Secret.. Beyoncé Heat Eau de Parfum. and sandalwood Stud says: “This belongs on the girl next-door. or shoulder transfers poreclogging sweat and oil to your skin. She is sweet and innocent and never tries too hard. arm.$35 Smells like: Strawberry. it really screams sexpot!” —Nick. says NYC derm Heidi Waldorf. 28 SJP NYC. you're making me so. and musk Stud says: “Definitely the sexiest of the$49 Smells like: Honeysuckle. zit cream.Tally your score to find out if you’re overly cozy. baby.




Amazing Kisser
Hydrating collagen softens and fattens lips while you snooze.
, umper Lip Pl

Bye-Bye, Blotches
Loaded with soothing essential oils, this p.m. serum nixes redness.
en PM Hans Sally

Green Alert! Cosmo’s ecofriendly find

Wake Up Sexier!
Finger Food
Safflower-seed oil takes tips from ragged to cocktail-ring-ready.

These overnight sensations work while you sleep, leaving you with clearer skin, plumper lips, and healthier hair by the a.m.
Overnight Mask, $21

24/7 Pit Protection
It takes a full night’s sleep for skin to absorb deo, so apply it before bed.

Moisture Fairy
This avocado-oil-infused mask creates silky, faciallike results by morning.

Origins Drink Up Intensiv e

L’Oréal Paris EverStrong Overnight Repair Treatment, $8.99

icks by

Cosmedicine Nighttime Blemish Powder, $38

Nic ’s St

What Zit?
The potent powder form of salicylic acid can kill a blemish overnight.

Tress Transformer
Strands will absorb the strengthening ceramides instantly (no pillow stains!).


See page 234 for shopping information.

Ban Clinical Defense Roll-On Deod orant, $6.99

OPI Hyd rate It!

Trea tme nt P en, $8. 50

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate, $39

If Your Skin Is Fair
Shimmering pale pinks offer a soft “I woke up this gorgeous” glow.
40 k, $ Pin age in t

The Perfect Pink for Y ou
Wearing the right shade of this perky hue is like caffeine for your face...and anyone who looks at you will feel the buzz.
If Your Skin Is Medium
Rose and mauve tones marry pink and brown: the perfect mix for you.
4 $2.8 rbet, k So in Pin

If Your Skin Is Dark
Fruit-punch-like pinks pop for a spotlightstealing effect.
h in Blus ood ollyw ry H e ors V ael K Mich uder e La Esté

et Pink, $26 Suns

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sh el Blu Rimm

Delicately Daring Swipe it all the way up cheekbones. The “lace” makes your skin look luminous.

Subtle Yet Sultry Brush this glistening hue on lids or use it as a highlighter across brow bones.

Royal Flush For a sexy aura, extend blush beyond cheeks to your nose, chin, and forehead.

Bombshell Appeal Get a bold burst of color on the apples of your cheeks by using a fluffy brush.

Go-Go Glamour Place color on lids only (don’t go above the crease) for a peek of rich pink.

Privately P ink, $4

in Visionary
ye Sh ad ow

n, ee Sh

Goo dne ss G rape ciou s, $1 7.50

$1 6. 50

w in Avon Eyeshado
$27 ile, Fut

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Smo othie

Showstopping Shine A single swipe offers loads of brilliance. A few layers create a sexy motherpucker.
49 $7. te, dia Ra


Clin ique Vit

All Lacquered Up The specks of glitter capture light, making your pucker appear plumper.

Mouth-Watering Acaí berry and pomegranate drench lips in a juicy hue.

C Lip

s in los ip G st L la eB hin rl S rGi ve Co


See page 234 for shopping information.



Lip Colo ur in

n er i ssim Glo

Amped-Up Eyes Sweep a light layer across your lids, then apply it wet along upper lashes.

eE m cô Lan

w ado MAC Eye Sh



,$ 14 .50



Finish by dusting translucent powder on your under-eye area. gently press it into skin with a stiff eyeliner brush to add staying power. oil and lingering product are probably to blame. If you’re not a regular sudser.Help! always A After applying a no-budge waterproof pencil (like Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eyeliner. $5. paint a grapeish tone on toes and lavender on tips. $8.” says Diane Wood.” says Neal Schultz. we answer a bunch of your burning beauty questions. This will prevent your skin’s oils from pulling down the pigment. $8. like Head and Shoulders Smooth and Silky. says NYC derm Neil Sadick. which counteracts the wipes’ often irritating fibers. In that case.COM See page 234 for shopping information.COM/BEAUTYQA Have a question for Cosmo’s primping pros? Ask it here! COSMOPOLITAN.I miss my random sections.70). CHRIS ECKERT/STUDIO D. . master barber for King of Shaves. like green tea. wx answxr bunch of your Every month. Try Bioré Make-Up Removing Towelettes. Score legs as touchable as Gabrielle Union’s. burning bxauty quxstions. “Choose two hues in the same shade family. on my lower lashes Q Eyelinersmudges. from left) Steve Granitz/FilmMagic. cool or cheesy Q Is itmismatch to your nails and toes? A The look can work. MD. (Top) Nicole by OPI in Violet Vibe.CO. but color coordination is (Top to bottom. you probably have mild dandruff (it doesn’t cause flakes). which can be cleared up with a zinc-rich shampoo. time I shave Q Eachlegs. To rock the purple trend that’s so hot right now. STUART MCKENZIE/EYECANDY. you’ll know you skipped a spot. founder of DermTV. Essie in Lilacism.How Q Does an itchy scalp mean I have major product buildup? A ”Not if you wash your hair daily. artistic director for OPI.beautyQ+A Xvxry month. STEP 1 STEP 2 SOURCE: NYC MAKEUP ARTIST EMILY KATE WARREN COSMOPOLITAN.” says Suzi Weiss-Fischmann. Add a wash a week until you stop itching. to use face towelettes Q Is it okayof cleanser every day? instead A As long as they’re made with an anti-inflammatory. $5. $8 What’s lingering under this gorgeous mane? do I get every inch? A Use low-foaming shave gel to track your blade’s path.UK. “If you still see it on your legs. Follow up by running your hand along your skin to feel for spiky patches. KIM MYERS ROBERTSON.


and gather strands into a ponytail. total bombshell effect. three parts. secure it with an elastic band. (Still) CHRIS ECKERT/STUDIO D. round brush. How to Make the Prettiest Ponytail This style is so much more than a bad-hair-day fix. a padgath1 Usebrush 2 Now tip 3 Whenhair is 4 Style your dle ered your head bangs— back. A wispy. Gently brush out the curls for a bouncy. which will create volume at the roots and make strands supersmooth. to remove any tangles. rather than forcing them into the elastic. . THE TECHNIQUE: Frizz Fighter Pat a drop of John Frieda Root Awakening Strength Restoring Smoothing Lotion. Sex it up with these red carpet–inspired tricks. level with your eyes. and wrap each around a curling iron for 10 seconds. (Illustrations) STUART MCKENZIE/EYECANDY. over your finished style. off 5 Sectioninto the tail 106 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 See page 234 for shopping information. don’t slick them back into the ponytail.UK. Leaning creates volume plus prevents part lines and bumps. And let short layers hang naturally. piecey look is sexy. international creative consultant for John Frieda THE PREP: Blow-dry hair straight with a Try Shakira's nightout touch: Hide an elastic with a lock of your hair. Wrap it tight (shoot for three loops) so that the band doesn’t sag and look sloppy. THE PRO: Harry Josh. $6.CO. then comb your hair straight back so that you don’t have a CHEATSHEET (Shakira) Jason Merritt/Getty Images.




COSMO BEAUTY BOOK Smokin’ for spring: Cool-toned highlights Get a Gorgeous Hair Hue .

Take a cue from celebs like Leona Lewis. Apply bleach to each. then pour the warm. Tina’s hue picks are perfect CHLOE MARCH 2010 / COSMOPOLITAN 111 . then wrap with foil to protect Do It in the Shower While a color-depositing shampoo can’t do a color 180.. in 10 minutes. says colorist Sean Davis. and follow up with conditioner. and rinse after five minutes. Apply to dry hair. (Chloe) gorunway. while pink or orange pop on light strands. when UV rays can make golden highlights appear brassy. h yo r dy “curren ur hair to the e.” says Clairol colorist Marcy Cona.99. to glazes and glosses) reverse the appearance of dull. who are darkening their underlayers slightly. Rinse after 10 minutes. The effect will fade after a week. suggests Backe.and purpletipped hair. unshelled walnuts to ½ cup hot water.” says NYC salon owner Rita Hazan. Leona Lewis Greg Conraux/folio-id.99. damp hair. which helps color penetrate. then put on a shower cap to Go Streaking If you. mel. Buy a highlighting kit for your shade labeled cool. (Lewis) Byron Purvis/AdMedia/Sipa Press/AMAAMSIPA. Be a Bolder Brunet Looking a little too mousy? Go nuts with this recipe: Add ¼ cup whole. Choose a formula (we like L’Oréal Healthy Look Crème Gloss in Clear. $7. slightly lighter kick.What costs less than $20. director of color education at ION Studio.” says colorist Marie Robinson. Grab a box of semipermanent dye that’s two shades deeper than your current hue (see “Find the Right Shade.99). Style hair as you normally wear it. (Blonds will look more golden. Rinse after 15 minutes. $11. then you’ve seen Tina’s blue. And they’re foolproof for color virgins too. Clip up the top half of your hair (everything above your ears). Just give your hue a warmer. apply the dye evenly throughout damp hair (the water slows the amount that’s absorbed). offers 12 shades). $9. wet hair. but Robinson says to limit your glossing habits to twice a month since clear dyes can contain drying peroxide. it can add richness and nix brassy tones.) Choose a semipermanent dye labeled warm in a shade that’s a notch lighter than your current color. brunets more cara- Be Part of the Cool Crowd While warm tones are hot for allover and cinnamon reds more copper. sans stench. damaged hair by sealing the cuticle and adding a hefty dose of luster. FIND RIGHT THE SH When s hoppin ADE matc g fo Choose ‘‘Invisible’’ Color Clear dyes (i. shade-livening tricks.e. so they gently lift. “The slight contrast gives dimension without looking skunky. Even better: “They’re perfect in spring and summer. Both Garnier HerbaShine Color Creme with Bamboo Extract. says Knights. go for a violet tint. $17. sha (your g oal for de change the will be noticea se tips) not dra ble but stic. says Naomi Knights. like us. By Kate Sandoval Try the New Two-Tone for dark hair. Place streaks randomly from midlength to the ends. trap your body heat. tinted water over clean. takes about 15 minutes.” above). Amp up your hue with a wash that matches your current color (L’Oréal Professionnel Colorist Collection. then rinse after half the suggested time (which is five minutes for Garnier and Clairol dyes). so it looks richer. Lighten Up You don’t need to change your color completely to make a head-turning statement. lack ammonia. cool ones (like on the model on the previous page) are the shade de rigueur when it comes to highlights. and A oneter” on or twoe. Steep the mixture for 15 minutes to draw out the shells’ brown pigment. apply it to clean. and use the pointed end of a comb to grab a few thin pieces along your hairline and part. The heat swells the hair cuticles so the color gets in. and apply the mix to hanging strands only. and can make you fall in love with your mane? Every one of these supereasy. For the subtlest effect. says NYC colorist Jason Backe. then mix in ¼ cup rubbing alcohol. and Clairol Natural Instincts. “That kicks up your color. t color compa ” swatc box’s re it to h the “af . $7. are totally addicted to Glee. goes on easily with a lip gloss−like wand). as purple cancels out orange. Play copycat with temporary hair paint that disappears in a wash (Streekers.



says Knights. apply bleach with a toothbrush (the kit’s applicator is usually too big for bangs) to a pinkiewidth section of hair. making color über-rich and shiny.. Keep tabs on the strands you bleached first to head off overprocessed streaks. so the bleach needs to stay on longest. use hot coffee instead to counteract the plant’s orange cast.” says NYC colorist Lisa Chiccine. or you’re pregnant. You’ll be a strawberry sexpot for about a week. seals your hair’s cuticle so color molecules can’t escape. Continue across the row in half-inch increments. “Women are requesting the shade as a way to stand out in the sea of blonds. and without the pain of maintenance. which should be left to the pros).” says Hazan. To prevent overbleaching. and rinse according to the box’s instructions. then wrap it in foil. then rinse after five minutes.50) throughout the top layers of your hair. shampoos made for colortreated hair. by swiping a blond brow gel (like Dior Tinted Brow Gel in Shiny Blonde. Ali Larter. but “if you’re brunet or red. Strands will shimmer in the light. $2. suggests Zeller.99. Simply choose a semipermanent formula that’s within two shades of your current color. “Start with your hairline— color should be brightest there. $9. Food stylist: Matt Vohr for Halley Resources. Add a Touch of Sparkle Get the look of allover highlights instantly. Captivate With Crimson Ashlee Simpson-Wentz. The instructions will tell you to mix it with hot water. The plant-based dye is ideal for these natural-is-better cases and acts like a semipermanent gloss. being a redhead superfierce. 114 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 See page 234 for shopping information. Nicole Kidman–esque blush. Choose a henna powder (a popular pick: Avigal Henna. check color every five minutes. One pick: Herbal Essences Color Me Happy 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner. like Aveeno Smoothing Shine Crème. Its extra surfactants (cleansing agents) act like magnets on all that residue.COM (Products) CHRIS ECKERT/STUDIO D. heat with a blow-dryer so it gets absorbed. says colorist Michelle Zeller.99. (Larter) Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage. Boost Your Hue Naturally If you must bypass hair dye because your strands are too damaged. COSMOPOLITAN.and pigment will wash out with shampoo.” says colorist Rick Wellman. your scalp is supersensitive. . Using a highlighting kit for your shade. The solution: clarifying shampoo. Apply mix to dry hair. Its violet-red juice makes blond hair look more Yogurt: The who-knew hue changer L Use only Frost Your Fringe Highlight your bangs only. cream. Remove Residue A drab. L UV filters. Or drop a tablespoon of baking soda into a quart of water. and—bonus!—the nourishing yogurt will soften your strands. (Yogurt and comb) JEFFREY WESTBROOK/STUDIO D.99) for your shade. Going red is easiest for blonds or light brunets (darker hair requires lifting. Comb the yogurt through damp hair from roots to tips. dull cast all over is a sign you have OD’d on styling products (buildup can make color appear gray) or partied too hard (hanging in a smokefilled bar can do the same thing). and Amy Adams have more than a few As in common: They’ve also made Feed Your (Blond) Hair Fair-haired chicks can temporarily tweak their look with organic blueberry yogurt (pure versions have actual berries). try henna. then pour on hair. $17.BEAUTY BOOK surrounding hairs and skin. L A styling like those in Garnier Fructis Color Shield Leave-In Conditioning Cream. $7. Ali Larter COLOR GUARDS The latest fadepreventing products will help your hue last weeks longer. stop the sun from dulling your shade. $3. Rinse when it’s light enough for you..



(Clooney) Graham Whitby Boot/Globe Photos. Good luck revitalizing your career after that heinous act. It’s great that you can go potty by Mario Lopez He’s reportedly been ordered to pay $75k after throwing water bottles at a guy who left his concert. but there’s no need to demonstrate it to everyone. a sick Chihuahua. Jerry O’Connell Robert Pattinson Our R-Patz make-out fantasies cooled (just a little) after he called his hygiene disgusting. Cough. Kellan Lutz There’s nothing more studly than bringing your girlfriend and your mom to a premiere. Busta Rhymes Police say the ‘80s star allegedly pushed and shoved his girlfriend during a fight. and nursed him back to health.guywatch Stud Meter Check out which guys are getting sexier by the minute…and who’s totally turning us off. (Lopez) Neilson Barnard/Getty Images. (Smith) Michael Tran/FilmMagic. (Rhymes) Johnny Nunez/WireImage. (Pattinson) Dave Hogan/Getty Images. George Clooney The hip-hop heavyweight and A-list actor are coproducing the Broadway show Fela! Jay-Z and Will Smith We love that you’re man enough to admit you like Miley Cyrus’s music. (Hall) ST/splashnews. (O’Connell) Benassi/splashnews. Anthony Michael Hall MARCH 2010 / COSMOPOLITAN 117 . cough… we need nursing too! (Lutz) courtesy of This sexy star adopted Kevin. (Jay-Z) Larry Busacca/WireImage for American Express.

Lucky girl. (Flag) Tetra Images RF/Getty Images. Yum! Xavier Samuel Taylor Lautner who? This sexy bloodsucker is the next heartthrob in the Twilight series. Chris Hemsworth After wowing us in Star . (Chris Hemsworth) Sharky/splashnews. Between Last Night and Clash of the (Liam Hemsworth) Sinky/Macca/splashnews. Sam Worthington Ryan Kwanten Sookie’s bro is rarely seen with his shirt on in episodes of True Blood. he’s currently all over the big screen. (Kwanten) Amanda Edwards/Getty Images. No complaints here! Liam Hemsworth He presses these chiseled abs against Miley in The Last we’d wrestle crocs for a chance to get close to this cutie.guywatch Awesome Aussies Have you noticed how many hot up-and-comers are imports from down under? We did…and just looking at them makes us want to slather on a Vegemite bikini. (Samuel) Will Ragozzino/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival. (Worthington) Richie Buxo/splashnews.


com. (All diapers) Dorling Kindersley/Getty Images. Masterfile/radiusimages. it’ll be hard for the well-coiffed ex-senator to convince anyone he’s not Rielle Hunter’s baby daddy. (Rimes) Jason Merritt/Getty 120 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 COSMOPOLITAN. Image Source/Getty Images. Davis Turner/Getty Images. Image DJ RF/Getty Images. John Edwards In this outfit. (Backpack) PhotoDisc/Getty Images. top to bottom from left) Landov. (Mug) CBS/Jeffrey R. (Frame) Image Source/Getty Images. This getup could be the basis for Eddie’s next made-for-TV movie. from left) fotosearch. David Letterman We bet he thought Late Show staff meetings couldn’t get any more awkward. Already! Tiger Woods A little extra junk in the trunk is bound to mess with his swinging—er. Pampered Justice. top to bottom. (Golf club) Stockbyte Silver/Getty .guywatch Grow Up. (Bodies. He was wrong.COM (Heads. (Hair dryer) istockphoto. swing. AP/Wide World. Staab/Landov. Dave Cannon/Getty Images. John Lund/Tiffany Schoepp/Blend Images/Corbis. Photos have been digitally altered. These cheating bastards are guilty of such infantile behavior. Eddie Cibrian Mark Sanford Good luck “hiking the Appalachian Trail” with diaper AKM Images/splashnews. we devised a punishment worthy of the crime: dressing them like the man-babies they are.


PHD She’s heading for spot number two.Love&Lust What He’s Dying to Hear Guys crave reassurance too. Say “I could do this all day” while pampering his penis to let him know you’re into it. . SOURCE: JOEL BLOCK.

Alternate between the flicking and lightly blowing on it. Here’s how to find and work magic on each one. like a snake’s—over the tip. Manicure: Kim Chiu for Mark Edward Inc. Senior fashion editor: Rebecca Hessel. Your tongue gets him wet. Pantie: Belabumbum. and your breath provides a cooling effect that will be unexpectedly arousing. we asked top sex experts to give us a road map for his private parts and suggest the sexiest ways to arouse him. Bra: Blush. Next. a clinical sexologist in Georgia. has certain spots that are packed with nerves. “But like the clitoris. And while it’s great that they’re appreciative.” To help guide you. it can actually start to be painful. The Sexiest Spots to Touch Him (Down There) Certain hot zones on his package trigger insane pleasure—the kind that makes any man lose his mind with lust. it can be hard to figure out where to focus your attention. Translation: It is one supersensitive spot and will give him a major jolt of pleasure when touched. a slow build the next. Then flick your tongue—quickly.” says Gloria Brame. Makeup: Jordy Poon. slide up and down only on the head of his penis. Hair: Jamal Hodges at Creative Management. “Once you know those zones.” says Brame. Earrings: Helen Ficalora. you can master various stimulating techniques to make sex feel different for him each time— intense one night. and the area surrounding it. move totally off him. “A man’s penis. PhD. Pleasure him there: Place one hand at the base of his shaft and the other right on the top half so that his entire penis (except the tip) is covered by your hands. To surprise him with intense sensations during sex.EMMET MALMSTRÖM. and don’t take him all the way inside you at first. The startstop combo with a focus on his most nervefilled spot will get him even harder—exactly how you want him right before you’re ready to go for the gold. 1 The T-Spot Where it is: The tip—from the ridge up—of his penis has about as many nerve endings as your clitoris. Instead. By Bethany Heitman Most guys are so thrilled when you touch their manatomy (in any way!) that they’re not about to start giving you specifics on how they like to be handled. if you overstimulate the head of his penis. climb on top. then take in just that first inch or 2 of him again. MARCH 2010 / COSMOPOLITAN 123 .

tell him to let you know when he’s near the brink. you control blood flow and are able to make him hold off climaxing. A MANGO Ice can be too cold down there. “It’s a spot that benefits him and you. And once that area has been stimulated. You can move your hand slightly up and down in motion with him so that it still feels sexy. just don’t try anything too acidic. Chew a small piece of mango (don’t swallow it) then take him in your mouth.” That makes this an especially primo area to focus on if you want to take turns pleasing each other—you can keep him in the game while you catch up until you’re ready to orgasm together. At the same time. Then while giving oral attention to his tip. it continues to feel great even after you’ve moved elsewhere. —JULIA MORPURGO The F-Spot Where it is: There’s one area that should always be part of your down-there repertoire: the frenulum—the spot on the underside of his penis where the shaft meets the head (look for the tiny raised bit of skin). He’ll almost instantaneously climax. use the pad of your pointer finger. bring it back down to the ring you’ve made and start over. Toys for the Boys Common household items that instantly turn naughty when you use them below his belt A WARM WASHCLOTH Testicles handle heat better than most other areas down there.” says Brame. so put a warm washcloth over his boys and gently squeeze him through it. A SHOELACE Wrap it around the middle of his shaft once. You can use whatever fruit you have. It provides a bit of friction that feels great. Pleasure him there: Make a tight fist around the base of his penis. A FINE-TOOTH COMB Apply a little bit of pressure. because suddenly. And the motion you’re making with the other hand circulates the blood that’s in the shaft. and grab him so that your fist is touching the bottom of his penis. getting him as hard as possible. so you’ll be similarly fondling both ends of his package. and place it around the base of his penis. If you’re not there yet when he gives you the sign. The lace adds a slightly rough texture against his skin that’s unexpected and arousing. A COTTON BALL The slight tickle of this little fluff will make him yearn for a firmer touch. bunch it up in the palm of your hand. and manipulating it correctly can actually help him last longer. Take a few minutes to tease him by running it up the length of his penis and around his testicles before finally giving in to a more take-charge grasp. It mixes up the sensations enough that it helps him last longer. and gently slide the comb’s teeth along his shaft. The light scratching gets blood circulating throughout his member. and roll it continuously over his frenulum. a sex therapist in Los Angeles. take your hand away. pull on the strings.COM . The rolling motion mimics the twisting you’re doing down below. flossing it up and down. and slightly twist back and forth. When you reach the top. Keeping your fingers at the base blocks the blood flow in his shaft. driving him 124 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 COSMOPOLITAN. his whole member can enter you again. “By gripping the base of his penis a certain way. making him stay aroused without climaxing.2 3 The B-Spot Where it is: The area where his shaft meets his body (the base) is a big erogenous zone. reach between your bodies (this is easiest in missionary). start at the ring and pull up (medium pressure works best). so you have two long ends. PhD. but fruit has just the right amount of coolness to cause a feelgood tingle. If you want to try orgasming together (or get as close as possible!) during sex. A LACE CAMI OR BRA Take it off. as it can burn him.” says Ava Cadell. Pleasure him there: Make a ring using your pointer finger and thumb. With your other hand. When you’re on the verge of release. pulling it toward his body so you’re not pushing. “That’s where all the nerve fibers he feels on the head intersect. and glide it over his penis.

making the nerves more accessible. but instead of a smooch. they don’t focus in on the raphe. While straddling him. so if you press hard enough. Try mixing up the pressure so that he doesn’t get used to (or bored by) one feeling. simply touching there is likely to be enough to make him explode. Just reach between his legs. “Touching his perineum while stimulating his penis makes for an erotic combination of sensations that most guys love. Pleasure him there: During oral. Gently squeeze so your fingers almost meet (in between his testicles). “Unfortunately. “The raphe is the seam that runs down the center of his scrotum. and bring your lips to this pleasure patch. The suction mimics what you do on other parts of him and brings just enough blood flow to that area to make it tingle. But there’s a frequently forgotten locale on his testicles that’ll make him get tingly all over. Lots of guys love having their testicles lightly squeezed. it’s even easier to tantalize the F-spot. reach behind you. If you save this move till the end. As he nears the finish N line. The reason? “The skin on his penis naturally moves back and forth when he moves inside you.Simply touching the right area is likely to be enough to make him explode. If he flinches.” Just beware. Pleasure him there: Put your thumb and pointer finger in the position you do when you’re trying to indicate something is small. back off. while women know to spend some time on his testicles. you risk scratching him). try cowgirl sex. Purse them together like you’re going in for a kiss. During the deed. some guys find this spot too intense to be played with. The P-spot is also easy to access during missionary. Lightly touch him there for a few seconds. lightly suck on the skin. so 5 The P-Spot Where it is: The patch of skin between his testicles and anus—the perineum—is full of orgasmic potential. a sex therapist in New York.” says Joel Block. so test it out first. push a little harder to give him a stronger O. then release. and gently scratch the seam with one finger (use a “come hither” motion). Repeat a few times. Place your thumb on that sexy seam where it meets the base of his shaft and your pointer finger on the seam where it meets his backside. PhD. doing the same to that ridge is mind-blowing. wild. When you’re both warmed up. 4 EMMET MALMSTRÖM The R-Spot Where it is: It’s no secret that his boys are extremely sensitive—you’ve seen that knee-jerk reaction to take cover if there’s any fast movement made toward them. the perineum is located on top of his prostate (the male Gspot). which is very receptive to direct contact.” Plus. and press on it with your knuckle (if you use your fingertip. “and positions that let him move a lot create the most friction in that area. doubling the feel-good thrills. “The skin there is thin.” says Cadell. MARCH 2010 / COSMOPOLITAN 125 . you’ll hit that ultrapleasing area. stop lavishing his shaft with your tongue.” So try doggie-style. and tell him to go really crazy with the pumping for a few seconds.” says Block.

COM .(—it’s easy to think the odds are stacked against happily ever after.Love&Lust Habits of Crazyin-Love Couples With iconic couples breaking up left and right—no more Reese and Jake : . and yours can too. By Carrie Sloan 126 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 COSMOPOLITAN. But plenty of relationships stay strong and steamy forever.

the trick is to establish habits that strengthen your bond. “Many couples think staying tight requires magical soul-mate status. but in reality. From the right way to make up after a fight to how often you talk about the future. they make the Obamas’ relationship look tentative. (On her) top: Rebecca Taylor. (On him) shirt: Neil Barrett.” says Yvonne Thomas. necklaces: Emily & Ashley. and pinpointed exactly what those habits are. So what if it looks sappy? They’re in love! We’ve uncovered the secrets to being that couple—you know. Hair: Damian Monzillo using Davines Hair Care for Kate Ryan Inc.CHRIS CLINTON. the been-togetherforever pair who are so connected. ring: Helen Ficalora. Makeup: Thora at Kate Ryan Inc.. jeans: Degaine. but there are other. a psychologist in Los Angeles. Other Women See Ben Stiller.. PhD. Senior fashion editor: Rebecca Hessel. you have to have the same values when it comes to things like kids and marriage. You See Ben Affleck One of the biggest secrets to long-lasting lust is also the easiest: tweaking the way you think so that you always try to see MARCH 2010 / COSMOPOLITAN 127 . more surprising factors at play. using these strategies on a regular basis will keep your love going strong forever. Granted.or for as long as you want it to. We interviewed a team of relationship experts. using Make Up For Ever. Manicure: Kim Chiu for Mark Edward Inc. including Thomas.

do damage control as soon as possible. On the flip side. A COSMOPOLITAN.” says relationship researcher John Gott- big. that often fades. Sometimes you need to bond over bad food. We’re not suggesting that you ignore his mistakes or pretend he’s being sweet when he’s acting like an ass. The soft start-up works like this: Say your guy suddenly bailed on meeting you and your friends for dinner one night. everyone has one or two ways that they break the rules or behave badly. These actions tell the other person that. Make genuine repair attempts: Apologize. your romance lacks staying power. defuse his fury by saying “I can understand why you’d be mad. if he’s so devoted to his job that you feel like you two barely talk some nights. 128 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 man. approach will help transform a fight into a conversation. not how often. “The Love Ritual That Keeps Us Tight” We asked readers how they reinforce their connection (in ways that don’t involve getting naked). which leads to intense attraction. focusing on what draws you to each other will revive that gotta-have-younow lust you had in the beginning. PhD. remind him of how much he loves to brag about his ultra-accomplished girlfriend or wife. Besides squashing resentment. If your brawls rival trashy Rock of Love smack-downs. But it’s how you fight that matters. says Gottman. For example. rather than combative. “When starting to date. and we tend to zero in on what’s wrong with the other person. This is especially true when it comes to seriously bad-for-you behaviors. It’s more about reframing your view so you appreciate all the great things he has going for him. resist the urge to gripe. “But after six months to a year. You Keep Your Fights Clean Conventional wisdom has it that partners who always (or rarely) duke it out are on thin relationship ice. Having a few guilty pleasures in common helps love go the long haul…and can set off sparks. all couples have an idealized take on each other. Instead.” says Thomas.” Or if you’re the one who screwed up You Share the Same Badass Habits Sneaking into posh hotel pools after hours.the best in your guy…and helping him to do the same. like finger-pointing and namecalling. calling in sick and downloading Xbox game demos all day—hey. you can actually get closer during a fight. Instead of blurting out “You’re a total douche bag for not showing up!” go with “Hey. and that’s sulfuric acid for love.” That cooperative. what happened? I was upset that you canceled like that. no matter what you disagree about. And if one of you does fly off the handle (which is bound to happen every once in a while).COM . e-mailing your friends-andfamily discount to everyone and their mother. but nasty behavior. But simply keeping the good stuff in mind makes your union strong because you’re always aware of how lucky you are to have such an amazing other half. “Conflict is inevitable. But the surprising news is that whether you and your guy agree on which infractions are okay—and which ones aren’t—has a direct impact on the longevity of your relationship. shows contempt for each other. cofounder of the Gottman Institute in Seattle. “Research shows that the most successful couples use something called the soft start-up when they argue.” It’s no surprise that fixating on faults can make you dissatisfied in the relationship. if you confront problems head-on and in a way that conveys respect. If you’re the one working overtime. you’re still on the same team. think about how much you respect his passion and ambition.” says Gottman. then laugh or touch him to cut the tension.

23 “My husband and I play Iron Chef once a month. we get cozy in our sweats and watch all the TV shows we DVRed from that past week. “They continually reveal different facets of themselves. author of She Comes First. So we came up with the idea of texting each other once every morning and then once at night before we go to sleep on the nights we spend apart. Booze and cigarettes aside. Thrill seekers crave novelty. like finding out that he starred in his seventh-grade musical or letting it slip that you can count to 20 in Japanese.” —Felicia. That’s no problem during the first months of your relationship. No roommates.” It can be as simple as doing novel activities together. but we still like to set up picnics in the living room. your bodies are brand-new to each other. PhD. no family members…just me. 22 boundaries you each find appropriate—it can feel exciting. 28 “We live in different cities. it can still work—as long as you make communicating about sex a habit. Or if he’s the one who digs excite- “Partners who last aren’t static.” If you both happen to be the same type..State University of New York at Buffalo study found that couples who mirrored each other’s levels of drinking and smoking stayed close as time went by. like trying Korean food or the opera just for the hell of it—even if you both hate it. on the other hand. says Kerner.. But if you and your guy are opposites.and it becomes even more crucial that you stay aware of what the other person craves. they get bored easily and are always looking for ways to amp up things. having harmless guilty pleasures in common also helps your love go the long haul. which leads to that isn’t he/she so awesome feeling. Comfort seekers. You also can ask questions about your pasts or what you’d like to do in the future. 25 “My boyfriend and I have crazy schedules and don’t always have time to talk during the day. We pick a new theme each time.” —Holly. but it can also set off sparks.” says sex therapist Ian Kerner. “Whatever they like. That perpetual newness is the drug that will keep you high on N each other forever…and ever. “Doing so will keep that exciting first stage of a relationship—when you’re slowly peeling away layers of who you both are—alive and ongoing. you’ll still learn something new about each other. So my boyfriend and I would put a blanket on the floor and have nightly ‘picnics. if your thrill-seeking side has you dreaming up hot role-play scenarios. where I live.” —Emily.” says Thomas. The competition heats us both up. they don’t have that drive thrill seekers have to constantly test out new scenarios.” says Gottman. your true bedroom personalities begin to reveal themselves. then create meals centered around it. ask your comfort-loving guy if he’d be willing to keep his suit on during sex or get it on front of a window. triggers the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine. so we’ve developed this thing where we will book a hotel room and have a staycation in either Baltimore. So go ahead and be bad together—just make sure you don’t end up cuddling in the back of a police cruiser. You Satisfy Each Other’s Naughty Needs As you know. him. “There are two basic sexual types: thrill seekers and comfort seekers. “When we first moved into our new apartment. It’s our downtime when we really get to enjoy each other one-on-one and relax after the stresses from the week. 31 “Every Friday night. like you have a partner in crime. Not only does a mutual obsession with bad reality TV or Texas Hold ’Em poker give you something fun to do together.” says Thomas. For example.’ We have a table now. It’s sort of a reminder of how far we’ve come. or New York.” explains Kerner. where he lives. tell him to create a sexual wish list that he can update anytime—then pick the ones that you’re turned on by too and give him a thrill. MARCH 2010 / COSMOPOLITAN CHRIS CLINTON 129 . “but the routine is key. You Both Pack Endless Surprises Uncovering new details about each other. while abstainers paired with smokers and/or drinkers eventually split. burna-hole-in-the-bed booty does wonders when it comes to deepening your connection. complete with takeout sandwiches and a bottle of our favorite wine. and some serious quality time. and you’re always look- there things. may like getting busy a lot and could be turned on by some out- ment. they want to stick with. we didn’t have a table for a couple of weeks. But after a while.” —Michelle. It lets us know we’re thinking of each other and we’re part of each other’s lives. lots of superhot.” —Jessica. keeping each other satisfied will come more naturally. “If you can both be a little reckless in certain areas of your life—but within ing for reasons to be naked and horizontal.

creativity can help you avoid a lot of awkwardness.” —Liz. That calms him down a bit and lets us extend our session. Senior fashion editor: Rebecca Hessel.Love&Lust “The Sneaky Way I Solved Our Sex Issue” He won’t even know he’s being schooled. If by telling him how turned off I was. it to testosterone. Eventually. oohed and aahed about him out of his routine.” SOURCE: JOURNAL OF SEXUAL MEDICINE —Cassie. and COSMOPOLITAN. BY LAURA LEU Film Buff “My guy kept telling me he wanted to videotape one of our sexcapades. I would clam up because I didn’t really know how to talk dirty. I bought a book of erotic short stories and would read them to him over the phone. go down on me.” —Jill. I wrap my legs around him really tightly so he can’t thrust. so I invited him into the he was doing me from shower with me.COM 130 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 ROBERT WHITMAN. and side so he’d have no Premature ejaculatold him he could do choice but to switch tion is considered a psychological whatever he wanted to positions.” There’s a time and place for being direct. But I crave being kissed hard and with urgency—like he’s been waiting all day just to lay one on me. It satisfied his desire. Roboto “My boyfriend would go through the exact same routine every time we had sex: Kiss me for five minutes.” Kissing Clinic “My husband is a really soft. when he is on the verge of orgasm and tells me so. do missionary. Art of Hair. take off my undies. hinting it could be trimmed him down and but it eventually broke physical. I told gone through a hunrecent studies link him it was my turn. I must have problem. To make it easier. Manicure: Deana Blackwell at Mark Edward Inc. But now. If he was performing oral. Instead. I’d junk. 28 Bedtime Stories “When my long-distance love first initiated phone sex. and clarity. 30 how good it looked. behind. I took the full-length mirror out of my closet and placed it right next to the bed so we could watch ourselves when we had sex. These chicks show you how. 34 and pressure into it. Names of readers who share stories and of those mentioned in the stories have been changed to protect their privacy. and I stay that way for a minute. kiss my boobs. but he finally started putting some passion —Alice. Afterward. So I purposely rented movies that showed couples making out like mad and then moaned things like ‘Oh. and I never had to worry about the possibility of seeing myself naked on the Internet. So I “I was horrified by my boyfriend’s lack deprogrammed him by subtly taking of down-there grooming—I felt like I control without his realizing I was needed a weed whacker just to find his doing it. my God— look at the way he’s kissing her. but I wasn’t exactly keen on the idea of a sex tape falling into the wrong hands if we ever broke up. I became comfortable enough to sex him up telephonically —Greta. Bra: H&M. I’d flip on my BORN FAST? handed him a razor. yet with some bedroom glitches. I dred Cosmo sex tips. take off my top. for Make Up For Ever. That makes my thighs melt!’ It took a few weeks for the message to sink in. 30 Mr. Stories may have been edited for length. but me. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings push him on his back and we’d 69. Hair: Conrad Dornan for Shu Uemura. It was Hairy Situation like having sex with a robot. gentle kisser. content. Sexy Leg Lock “My guy often finishes too early. 30 without the literature. and then do doggie-style. Makeup: Thora at Kate Ryan Inc. .


” Vocal Coaching “A new guy I started dating was superquiet in bed. 32 up required. L He hates it when you talk to him during sex but encourages you to speak to his penis…as long as you address it as Kensington P. L He refuses to buy sheets for his mattress because he’s “not made of money. I even had to ask him if he had come.” We don’t care if he looks like Brad Pitt and sounds like Russell Crowe—this bizarre behavior is a deal breaker. he tweets about it. 28 girlie needs. and when he paws at me in the morning. Rather than tell him that he was being way too rough. 132 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 COSMOPOLITAN. wear wigs. 29 totally worked. my husband tends to roll over and fall asleep immediately after sex. ‘I like spanking’ became ‘I like to be spanked a few times when I’m close to orgasm. 30 L He asks if you’d be up for a threesome with Daisy. He still gets some morning action…but only on the weekends. I felt totally uninhibited. When he’s finished eating. Since I like postcoital cuddling and pillow talk. Wigglesworth III.’ That —Ann. he was able to see what kind of touch got me off. L Whenever he sees you shirtless.COM . 25 L His least favorite way to do it ROBERT WHITMAN. ‘Hearing you moan gets me so turned on. Feeding Her Desires “In typical cliché fashion. When I mentioned that I like being spanked. I was lucky to get a moan or two. So I fixed that problem by putting the condom on for him…with my mouth.” —Fanny. however. I found out that all you need is a new hairdo and a slightly modified accent to transform into a different person—no ridiculous get—Lydia. So to get him to pipe up. he starts giggling like a 13-year-old boy. I figured out the best way to work around our off-schedules is to jump him shortly after he gets home from work. until he became so vocal. Underwear: H&M. I went down on him right there. He loved it. he’s too tired. because your torso blocks the TV.’ That led to more noise. I would. he smacked my butt so many times during foreplay and sex that it hurt for a couple of days.” —Allie. and sometimes.” Condom Conundrum “Condoms have always been a boner killer for my boyfriend: He goes limp whenever he puts one on. his neighbors probably noticed the change. Daisy is his German shepherd. So when I want to get busy at night. it would become his sole focus.” —Jen.” Too Freaky to Fix Wigging Out “I dated a guy who was into fantasy role-playing. which led to more positive reinforcement. I discovered the trick to blocking the pass-out is to coerce him into the kitchen for a snack. 29 L Every time you switch positions.Love&Lust then to drive home the point. is girl-on-top. I told him that it would really turn me on if he watched me masturbate. Happy Hour “My husband is a total morning person. Repeat Offender “Whenever I told my boyfriend about something I liked in bed. So I decided to start explaining what turns me on in much Rubbed the Wrong Way “I dated a guy who would rub my clitoris like he was scouring the bathroom sink. and he’s more awake to tend to my —Sarah. 26 Give him the right hint and he’ll catch on quick. I feel too sleepy. but I felt silly wearing anything as elaborate as a costume. but more important. and I’m much more of a night owl. which helped me get into character without it being too weird—in fact.” —Katie. He’s kept it groomed ever since!” —Roxy. L Instead of playing seductive background music. we head back to bed. 26 greater detail. he blasts Keyboard Cat. L His butt cheek is pierced. I thrust myself against him really hard when he did make noise and said.


” —Ali. Muffin. BY JESSICA KNOLL Oh. Prop stylist: Nancy Sotomayor. Balloon: Balloons to Go. As if that weren’t cheesy enough. he’d written about how much he missed me. 21 Comfy. no. He was so proud of his gift. In way too much detail. There in a corner was my guy with a tape player. “Fast-forward to after the show. Cozy Crime “When my boyfriend and I traveled together for the first time. he giddily handed me my present: two of the robes from the hotel. When I got home. doing this hilarious ballerina dance. they sent our mush meter into hyperdrive. SOURCE: HARLEQUIN ENTERPRISES So You Think You Can Dance? “Every fall. one for him.” . It’s safe to say that most guys have an allergy to all things romantic: We’re talking flowers. He told me he felt so bad for bailing that he wanted to make it up to me. “He really took my comment to heart. a former boyfriend wrote me a poem about how much he loved me. I hung up on him when he told me. 25 and then he cut it out and framed it. but still.Love&Lust Talesof Over-the-Top Romance We’re big fans of sweetness. poetry. and his read Muffin Man. my whole family drove up for it. my robe read Muffin Girl. he presented me with a 20-page journal he’d kept in my absence. candles. the college dance group I was part of puts on a big show. I was mingling with my family and friends when we heard this loud. I feel like vomiting whenever I remember it. My 134 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 COSMOPOLITAN. —Hope. we got lots of responses— stories that were so funny and over-the-top. one for me. I lounged around in mine so often. but these unrestrained lovey-dovey gestures trigger our gag reflex. I was so happy until I saw that he’d had our pet name for each other. When Christmas came around. Check them out. I Roses Are Red. It was just so cringeworthy. but that thing was so over-the-top. and other items that symbolize the goopy side of love. but my boyfriend said he had too much work and couldn’t make it. it went right to the back of my —Mina. he didn’t. He had typed it up in a cursive font so it would look romantic and fancy. 32 wear it.. so I forgave him. But there’s a small percentage who get really into the stuff. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I doubted I’d ever —Cait. fluffy white robes. I didn’t have phone service there. dramatic music.” Tear-Jerking Journal “My high-school boyfriend and I had been dating for a year when I went on a weeklong vacation to Mexico. 25 closet.. I was so upset. Like My Face “For our one-year anniversary. it was the most ridiculous thing anyone’s ever done for me. wearing a pink tutu over his jeans. joked that I was going to miss it more than anything else about our trip.” senior year. SAPPY ENDINGS A recession can’t curb the need for a goopy read: Sales of romance novels went up 8% in the fourth quarter of ’09 compared to the same time last year. It was a nice gesture. When we asked Cosmo readers to tell us the most sap-orific move their man ever made. I’m not sure how making a total fool of himself accomplished that.COM CHRIS ECKERT/STUDIO D. we stayed in a luxe hotel room that had these amazingly soft. so I went all week without talking to him. stitched on the back of each robe. during a reception in the theater lobby.


“On my car after a long day at work. he had organized a picnic at a farm that had the world’s largest garden gnome. drenched in sweat. he later said.” There was my guy and a friend of his sitting in front of a picnic spread. surprise—after my sister and I shifted it around a bit. he asked if I would be his girlfriend. 19 PDA (Public Display of Awkwardness) “I started seeing this guy who was a little mushy.” —Chelsea. 35 loves me. He did everything he could to convert me into a sap: surprising me with roses in class. and a grilled-cheese sandwich—in case he got hungry while he was waiting. When we came home. the dining-room table was covered with gnome-related gifts. but at first. Personalized M&Ms Put your and your guy’s faces on these made-toorder candies and watch everyone go into diabetic shock due to an overdose of saccharine sweetness. my family and I took a 10-day vacation. and cooking me fivecourse meals. Later that night. holding a bouquet of roses. I found a note from him instructing me to go to a local football field.” —Kristen. It turns out. he had to post a second time to get it all out there. “I just wanna love you for the rest of my life. and he promised that if I said yes he would do sappy things to make me happy. so I was surprised to find my apartment decorated with red roses and dozens of tea lights. My family teases me about it to this day. including a garden-gnome statue holding a small journal. 18 House of Candle Wax “My boyfriend and I made plans to meet at my place one night. The Cheesiest GiftsEver Serenaded With Sap “I used to date this romantic guy most girls would have loved. I didn’t mind. we saw a banner on our garage that read Welcome Home. “In it. We drove about an hour into the country—I had zero clue where we were heading. we found him crouched down. But one night. then went straight home. I realized what a mistake that was. but the wax from those romantic tea lights—not so much.Say Gnome More “My husband picked me up from work on my birthday and said he had a surprise for me. “The next day. 30 They should sell these in the dairy section. Giant Flower Nothing says “I love you so much. When I got there. I scrubbed for days and still couldn’t get rid of —Jozefina. Love-Gun Catapult Never seen one of these craptastic cupid-shooting abominations? Google it and consider yourself lucky.” Boyfriend in a Box “One summer. right next to the Velveeta.” —Kelly. It was my favorite pic of us. like a normal person. Ew. Personalized Pillowcase A pillowcase with your names embroidered on it means even when you aren’t sleeping together. he isn’t exactly an artist. he explained his feelings in the longest Facebook post ever. but it was too over-the-top. It was so long that it didn’t even fit into one post. 19 N COSMOPOLITAN. I realized I couldn’t handle the mush and broke up with him. he thought it would be sweet to sketch it for me. 30 everything. Then we saw a huge box on the porch. I’ve lost all my selfrespect” quite like a 4-foot-tall rose. I was so annoyed.COM 136 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 Courtesy of Mars Chocolate North America . It had spilled all over every surface where he’d placed them. I heard a guitar playing and someone singing. Well. and—surprise. Instead of discussing this with me in private. lighting candles all over his house. That all changed once he decided he wanted to date me seriously. Barf bag. unless you’ve written your note on a hundreddollar bill. but I am not that type. please. such as singing me my favorite song every day. We went to bed without cleaning up. Message in a Bottle Don’t worry if you don’t know what to say.” —Rachel. It wasn’t our anniversary or my birthday.” Say Cheese “While my guy and I were on a hike. It was up for all of five minutes before I got wind of it and immediately deleted it and dumped him. The rose petals were easy to vacuum away. but when we got home. Here’s the kicker: He had written dozens of reasons why he ‘gnomes’ he —Liesa. so for our one-year anniversary. you are. balloons. and I liked the photo. but I tried to pretend to enjoy it. he crossed the line. we asked someone to take a photo of us at the top of the trail. “I thought that was the end of it. I had to act like I loved it because he’d spent a ton of time on it. no one will bother extracting it. Heart and Arrow Necklace It’s supposed to symbolize his piercing your heart with love. I had a feeling my boyfriend was probably inside.



PHD MARCH 2010 / COSMOPOLITAN 139 . eat. BY MINA AZODI Take a moment to think about what you and your guy usually do after sex. Just listening to them will make you two feel closer without having to speak. MD. N SOURCES: SEX THERAPIST ERIC GARRISON. Choose tunes that remind you of your favorite moments together (like a concert you went to). Dressing each other is superintimate since it taps in to the primal instinct to “preen” your mate. CLINICAL SEXOLOGIST RACHAEL ROSS. The bonding hormones oxytocin and prolactin that are released when you climax are also triggered by touch. Light a few after you hook up (instead of before) and the mood will instantly feel more romantic. “When you orgasm. Chances are. Not exactly romantic. It will keep you connected without doing the spooning thing. laptops. relaxing both of you. and enjoy a leisurely hour or two of doing nothing together in bed. it’s sleep. not your Facebook news feed or DVR queue. That way. MD. Having to leave ASAP. or flip on the TV. N Reverse-strip each other. turn off anything with an on button. forgo ordering a pizza and instead break out red wine and cheese. especially considering that the few hours afterward are one of the best times to bond. like your cell phones. drape one of your legs over his and rest You never know. Try these tips tonight. It will BONDING BONUS Connecting with another person boosts the level of the hormone progesterone. Slowly button his shirt. whether it’s to meet a friend for brunch or attend your can’tmiss Spin class. N Upgrade your usual postsex shower by giving each other neck rubs. sick after your romp.” But that doesn’t mean intense conversations or eye gazing—little gestures can reap big benefits.” says clinical sexologist Rachael Ross. N Before you get busy. and the antioxidants in the vino will increase blood flow. N Set your iPod to a romantic playlist.Love&Lust N If you’re hungry. PhD. hormones are released that make you feel more connected. N Play hooky and call in sex—er. these tips just might lead to round two. reducing stress. fuzzy high. the only thing you’ll be plugged into afterward is each other. and TV. and let him zip up your skirt. It turns out that postaction— not before—is actually prime bonding time. SOURCE: UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN STUDY continue the sensual vibe you had going. so the massage will extend the feelings of closeness. Reschedule your plans. is a total mood killer. Our strategies help you ride the warm. AUTHOR OF MASTERING MULTIPLE-POSITION SEX. N Instead of rolling over once the action is done. “Take advantage of that by doing things to prolong the feeling. your hands on his chest. 8 Ways to Feel Closer After Sex ROBERT WHITMAN N One word: candles.

If you have 20 pals that the love of your and check them out for and they each have life is just a few introyourself. What if we told you there’s a 70 Describe Mr. keep your what kind of guy you’re looking for. Still Single. Stick to Groups Big group outings are the best way to literally bump into guys at the edge of your social circle. you’re more likely to be relaxed. “Don’t be shy 20 friends and they each have 20 ductions away won’t about putting yourself friends. Senior fashion editor: Rebecca Hessel. But first you need to give them a little nudge. out there and mingle. shirt: Alternative Apparel. jacket: Aryn K. tan shirt: Alternative Apparel. Get Online “Facebook gives you easy access to that pool of people in which so many singles find a partner. “You have to let your friends scanning the crowd at your buds’ b-day know that you’re looking and also bashes more carefully. Well. brown sweater: Steven Alan. PhD.” Fowler says. Manicure: Deanna Blackwell for Mark Edward Inc. bar trivia. “If you don’t get along with a guy. jeans: Theory.sibly be interested in any of the dozworks and How They Shape Our ens of single guys she plays softball Lives. (From left) shirt: Z Zegna. who cites Mr. and at your best. jeans: American Eagle Outfitters. One of them is likely to be him.Love&Lust How to Meet the Perfect Man Your crew can be a guy gold mine—granting you access to scores of new cuties.says psychologist and dating coach ried couples showed exactly that: 7 out Barbara Cox. And if you’re out doing something you enjoy (bowling. That’s why sparks are so likely with on the weekends. BY KY HENDERSON Crave more dates? Your friends can get the ball rolling.” Katz advises.COM 140 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 . If you find one. PhD. using MAC Cosmetics. and ask every friend to bring a single person of the opposite sex.” eyes peeled. necklace: Forever 21. charming.” your friends still won’t have perfect says James Fowler. skirt: Krafty. first.. knowing her team’s biggest fan. says Evan Marc Katz. there’s no pressure to keep talking to him. Yes on both counts? Tell the hottie your mutual pal thought you should N get to know each other ASAP. shirt: Alternative Apparel. Another great idea: Throw a party. Right radars for you. your social circle already knows your being a little pushy can be a good future husband? You’d no doubt start thing. dress: Lulu*s. DREW AND DEREK RIKER. the more eligible guys you meet. Makeup: Thora for Kate Ryan Inc. don’t take her to fly when you’re chatting with a cute word for it.000 help you actually meet in a position to meet people. So if a pal the study in his book Connected: The insists there’s no way you could posSurprising Power of Our Social Net. that’s 8. who points out a of 10 reported having met through bonus: “Verbalizing your desires mutual acquaintances. Right percent chance that someone in When it comes to your love life. PHD Here’s how. Shamelessly browse for hot guys in friends’ photos. COSMOPOLITAN. even your future spouse. shirt: Ella Moss. even friends of friends of friends. At worst. guy to whom you are coauthor of Why You’re socially linked. You have to get friends of friends. ask that friend if he’s cool and if it’s okay to contact him.” says professional matchmaker Janis Spindel. because a study of mar. jeans: Burberry. actually helps you form a firmer idea “Because we tend to associate with of what you want. sweatshirt: Gilded Age. Offer to be BY THE NUMBERS Of course.” people who are similar to us. author of How to Date Men. a dinner party). Hair: Marco Testa. if it seems awkward at SOURCE: JAMES FOWLER. you’ll end up with a few more friends… and you know what that means: “The more new friends you make. we end But no matter how detailed you are up having things in common with when you describe your ideal guy.” Cox says.


HIS GO-TO TEXTS: Stupid movie quotes. COAUTHOR OF L. it’s an attempt at flirting. COAUTHORS OF FLIRTEXTING. YOUR MOVE: Let him know you are still on the same wavelength (but have no clue what that meant) with a flirty “are you texting drunk again? Call me. Common examples: “hey.V. Write back “ok.” TRANSLATION: This guy wants you to know he is thinking about you and is craving reassurance that he’s on your mind too. which is why he doesn’t translate his thoughts into English. YOUR MOVE: Don’t let the fact that he won’t give you an answer stop you from moving forward or getting what you want. then shoot one back. Try “what do you have in mind?” to make him tell you what he wants.COM Mark Wallis/Alamy HIS GO-TO TEXTS: Anything but a straight-up yes or no: “sounds like an option” or “maybe” TRANSLATION: He has zero interest in trying to come up with plans for the two of you or even attempting to make a decision. COSMOPOLITAN. YOUR MOVE: Play coy. He’s trying to show you how funny he is (or thinks he is). so try “what’s up.” “what’s up?” “talk to me. LES PARROTT. he wants to see if you’re savvy enough to know what he’s referencing.E. PHD. a man’s thumb-typed messages can range from cryptic to total nonsense. Translate them here. YOUR MOVE: Besides impressing you. YOUR MOVE: His ego needs a little stroking. SOURCES: DEBRA GOLDSTEIN AND OLIVIA BANIUSZEWICZ. No time? Just send “i love lamp” (Anchorman). When he types one to you. Along the lines of “last nit u tuk it 2 krzy” or “: \ ?” TRANSLATION: He feels like the two of you can practically read each other’s minds.” . KRISTINA GRISH. HIS GO-TO TEXTS: A string of characters that are even more maddening because you can almost figure them out. xo.O. like “night is a very dark time for me” (Blades of Glory) or “break yo’self fool” (Superbad) TRANSLATION: Guys compete with one another to memorize the most lines from their favorite movies. HIS GO-TO TEXTS: Loaded questions like “what are you up to tonight?” and “you made plans with the girls this weekend. So Google the quote he sent to find out where it’s from. right?” TRANSLATION: He wants to feel out your response before putting his neck on the line.” This isn’t the key to clear communication. sexy?” to boost his mojo while matching his mellow approach.Love&Lust What His Texts Really Mean Whether he is in a mad rush or assumes you’re a freaking mind reader. BY KORIN MILLER HIS GO-TO TEXTS: A few words that communicate nada but make you feel obligated to respond. give me a call or I’ll just decide. AUTHOR OF THE JOY OF TEXT.


COM (Couple) CHRIS CLINTON. and a couple have flat-out suggested that we hook up. They don’t necessarily think ahead enough to realize that if you slept together. Last week. Next time one of them tries to put the tonic in platonic. his ego won’t be bruised and you’ll keep your dude friend. but I decided to deal with it by watching what he’d been watching and then mimicking it in bed. I want to keep my friends. You can send a clear message that you’re not interested in hooking up as long as you’re careful of their feelings. I discovered that he’s still looking at that kind of porn! Why. my relationships with my platonic guy friends have changed. Haven’t you ever thought of someone else when you’re on your own? 144 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 COSMOPOLITAN. I caught my husband looking at porn on our computer. not have flings. and you can’t just assume you’ve reached it without having a talk. I think my weave is caught on your weave. guys can be extremely shortsighted when it comes to sex. So no matter how great your sex life is. it would at least alter and possibly damage a friendship that they value. Jonathan Small Ask Him Anything “Uh-oh.” wishes you were a porn star. because I just discovered that he slept with someone else. but I don’t agree. hot chick is suddenly single after being off-limits for years. and since then. He claims it wasn’t cheating because we aren’t in a relationship..” Try your best to shrug it off and even laugh about it. A QUESTION: I recently broke up with my boyfriend of six years. It bothered me. just tell him something like “Dude. That way. that is not sex with you and sex with himself are two completely different things. They’re all flirting with me a lot more. I think you gave him a free pass to fool around with other chicks. however.…) I think their behavior actually proves that they’re good friends: They found you attractive before you were single.Love&Lust I’ve been dating a guy for several months. It’s like a murderer getting off on a technicality. even if it is just in their heads. You never actually talked about being a committed couple. It was clear that we weren’t seeing other people… or so I thought. yet they didn’t make a move because you had a boyfriend. QUESTION: A few months ago. But for your husband. What do you think? Q Advice from our guy guru. Guys generally watch dirty movies to fantasize and experience sexual variety. (Male model) Stockbyte/Getty Images. so he was able to justify doing whatever he wanted—after all.and avoid saying anything about how you see him more like a friend or brother. All they’re able to process is that a cool. Is that sleazy? Of course. Why get mad and force him to lie about it? I want to commend you for being so open to trying new things in bed. he’ll still be compelled to spend some alone time at awesomeracks . Look.. he’d never agreed that you were together. does he still need to do that? ANSWER: He’s not watching porn because he . when I’m doing (almost) everything that those women do. But if they started behaving like this the minute I became single. But becoming monogamous is a milestone. (Talk about blue balls. Good luck working it out. were they ever really my friends to begin with? ANSWER: Six years would be an awfully long time to hang around if they’d only wanted to do you.

What’s the deal?” About the only reason to be concerned about his porn intake would be if it appeared to be taking the place of his having sex with you. send him a text explaining that you had a lot of fun both that night and the next morning and you’d be up for seeing him again. he could be very busy. So keep being open-minded about sex. He may agree and get in touch…or he may never respond. QUESTION: My boyfriend and I got engaged a couple of months ago. and he probably doesn’t. but it’s easy for a guy to see how consumed you and others are with decisions like that and then start feeling like he’s the least important thing in his own wedding. . Instead. Regardless. my fiancé’s sex drive has plunged. Just don’t say anything about it having been out of character—he doesn’t care. He might appreciate the gesture.. finally. I’m doing most of the work. And after chatting. unappealing. nights like that turn into something more. he may still be uneasy with how much it’s costing someone…like his future in-laws. so what’s the deal? ANSWER: Most engaged guys are way more fearful of the wedding than they are of being married. we exchanged numbers. Should I let him know how out of character that was for me? ANSWER: Welcome to the wonderful world of hooking up with strangers! Sometimes. The next morning. so I feel like I should be the one stressed out and not in the mood. and you treated yourself to a brand-new experience. For instance. look at the reduced amount of sex right now as an IOU that you’ll cash in on your honeymoon. And P QUESTION: After a wild OOKU night out with friends. I’m worried that he’s writing me off as a slut. and I’ve noticed that as our wedding planning has gotten more intense. But hell. He could have a girlfriend. he hasn’t called. I woke up mortified. And dudes aren’t real fond of being totally out of control. But try not to get upset about his doing it alone. he could have written you off. or yes. Or it may be that he assumes it’s impossible to take things from hammered hookup to first-ish date. even if he’s not paying a dime for the ceremony. Ask your guy to be more involved in the planning and see how he reacts. it sounds like he’s just being a normal guy. but one reason they’re called one-night stands is because making them anything more is so potentially awkward. Plus. his sex drive has gone down. you gave it your best shot.. but he ended up being supernice and putting me at ease. I have no clue why he hasn’t called. But right now. Thing is. he could be uninterested. N COSMOPOLITAN. not how much you’re looking forward to being a bride. your fiancé may say he doesn’t care about the flowers. H HELP I went home with a guy I’d just met—something I’d never done before. in part because planning is a gigantic effort that they typically have next to no control over. Make sure he knows how much you’re looking forward to being his wife.and in many cases. then I say contact him. if you really felt a connection with him. and offer to watch porn with him if you feel like it.COM/ASKHIM Check out previous Q&As or submit your own guy problem. He’s not getting cold feet in any other way.“As our wedding planning has intensified.

it was for you? Maybe a friend set you up with a guy who wasn’t your type and now you’re in love or a coworker talked you—the queen of takeout—into going to her cooking class and you loved it. That Y Don’t ou If there’s one thing you know better than anybody. in Ohio. All this potentially life-altering info is out there—your hidden assets and weaknesses. COSMOPOLITAN. subconscious standards for your dream guy. no. in fact.. underutilized talents.” says Allen McConnell. BY MOLLY TRIFFIN T Have you ever signed on for something you didn’t think you’d be crazy about and then discovered that. Like most people. author of Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You. The techniques here will help you uncover what people around you could tell you.COM 146 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 . Lewis endowed professor of psychology at Miami University. if you only knew how to ask..” explains Sam Gosling. “They see the big picture. Others can step back more easily.. right? Um. since they don’t have as much of a stake in the outcome as you do and they aren’t distracted by the internal emotions that can bog you down. PhD. You’re even thinking of working in a restaurant.. It’s weird how that happens. it’s yourself.but what’s even weirder is that someone else knew what was a good fit for you all along. Even more shocking is who can tell you the truth. “We’re so wrapped up in ourselves that it’s hard to get a clear view of who we are in certain respects. you’re probably full of blind spots about everything from which career is ideal for you to how you really feel about your guy.Secrets Y our Friends Know About Y ou.

maybe your mom remembers how you insisted on tying your shoes by yourself with no help when you were a little kid—a sign of how independent and ambitious you were from the very start. Senior fashion editor: Rebecca Hessel. wild—all these point to prominent qualities friends saw in you. Funny. but since writing comes so naturally to you. you might not realize that you’re more skilled than other people are. halter top: Bebe. PLUMB YOUR PAST } What memories did they have of you? Which traits of yours did they comment on? It can also help to skim through old Facebook posts. director of the Personality and Self-Knowledge Lab at Washington University. says Simine Vazire. “We each have an idea of who we are and who we want to be.” Gosling says. Manicure: Kim Chiu for Mark Edward Inc. “For example.” Gosling explains.You. you might be a very talented writer. Pay close attention to any adjectives used to describe you. (From left) tank top: Nation. Want to Know What People Really Think of You? Download the Honesty Box Facebook app. so your first move should be to look backward and see what people have said about you in the past. you gave the bartender specific instructions about how to prepare your dirty martini and he liked that you were take-charge rather than passive and knew exactly what you wanted. “We are often in the dark about what our strengths and weaknesses are when we are growing up because we’re simply not aware that there’s any other way to be. For example. Hair: Jamal Hodges at Creative Management. That information is golden. { If a person says something about you that takes you aback or doesn’t jibe with how you think of yourself. It lets friends send you anonymous messages. in Saint Louis. stylish. EMMET MALMSTRÕM. Open up your high school yearbook. Makeup: Jordy Poon. You assume everyone writes like you do.” Use people’s memories too. T-shirt: Alternative Apparel. and read over the messages friends wrote you. “While this is LISTEN FOR SURPRISES } MARCH 2010 / COSMOPOLITAN 147 . PhD. They might bring up moments you’d forgotten about or remember the details differently than you do. the things that really stuck out about you. Even Better { Your innate strengths and weaknesses have likely been there all along. so they’re more likely to be frank about their opinions. Or your husband might bring up how on your first date with him. A great trick: Ask some of your close friends or family members to tell you their favorite story about you. don’t get pissed about it—get curious. and both will clue you in to what they think is essentially you.

“I’m thinking of switching my major to forensic science/joining an improv group/going on safari for my honeymoon. Take a step back by looking at photos as if you’re one of your friends viewing you. you mirror each other’s movements. Or engage their imaginations by asking if they could picture you YOUR LOVE LIFE Spot Relationship Truths Before Your Friends Do Weird as it sounds. But there are ways to access that info yourself— these tips will get you started. If you’re telling a friend how excited you are about your plan to move to the West Coast. so they should answer honestly. CHECK OUT OLD E-MAILS.” Vazire says. Consider how close you appear: if you look like you’re really into each other or if there’s a sense of ambivalence. Another thing friends observe is how you communicate— whether your dialogue is natural and fun or strained. too. they have clearer judgment because they’re less invested. The details Maybe you’re afraid it’ll sound bad.essential to help guide us toward our goals. Are you surprised?” It’s a neutral question. probe the person for more details about her statement. it can also close us down to other options that don’t fit in with the picture we’ve created. While she might not necessarily know what’s best for you—and it’s definitely crucial to listen to your gut first and foremost—her reaction is a piece of information suggesting you might want to evaluate more carefully whether this is indeed the right decision. { One reason it’s so tricky to figure out how others see you is that they’re often too polite to give you straightforward feedback. According to researcher Christopher Agnew. Another way to go about it is to float “trial balloons” by pals when you’re considering making a change and gauge their responses. Your you omit when talking to others about your man point to potential red flags. It’s tricky to be objective about your love life. It might be the case that a more freespirited. “READ” PICTURES OF THE TWO OF YOU. SOURCE: SIMINE VAZIRE.” McConnell warns.COM . PhD. so think about how you and your man differ from couples you know: Do you make more or less physical contact? Do you smile and laugh as much as they do? DECODE YOUR OWN BODY LANGUAGE. when there’s a mismatch in how you and another person feel about something that’s happening in your life. Get a sense of it by going through past e-mails and G-chats. Pay attention. even though you usually go for the sporty type. maybe over drinks after work. you might miss out on some incredible opportunities. Say a friend mentions that she thinks you’d be a great match with an artsy guy she knows. Signs you’re solid: Your feet turn toward his. PHD reason friends can read 148 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 COSMOPOLITAN. One your relationship so well is that they observe how you interact physically. A few to try: “Who do you think should play me in a movie?” “Which celebrity could you most see me dating?” “What song reminds you of me?” Bring up the question nonchalantly. Ask her why she believes you would be a good fit. “People probably won’t tell you the whole truth if you ask them flat-out what they think your best and worst traits are or whether they think you’re on the right career path. but her facial expression or tone of voice seems a bit doubtful or even worried. sensitive dude would actually be a better complement to you than the frat-tastic guys you’ve been dating up until now. NOTICE WHAT YOU EDIT OUT. you use a tight grip when holding hands. department head and professor of psychological sciences at Purdue University.” So you have to find a clever way to get at their honest opinions.” That naturally occurring tunnel vision can lead you to gloss over observations that contradict the vision you have of yourself. So the next time a comment someone makes surprises you. CONDUCT A COVERT POLL } “They’ll tell you what they think you want to hear. Haven’t had sex in a month? Arguing more? friends see you juxtaposed with other twosomes. You can do the same. “She is probably picking up on a vibe that you don’t notice you’re giving off. a study found that your friends are better at predicting whether your relationship will last than you are. as though it’s a funny thing that just popped into your head. The key is to casually ask friends and family members offbeat questions that will reveal who they believe you really are without their feeling that they’re dissecting your personality. But if you don’t look outside the tunnel. “that’s a sign she might have a different point of view.” Vazire points out. but it’s key to look at these when assessing your bond. COMPARE YOURSELF TO THE JONESES.

though. Because in the end. jeans: Levi’s. probe for details. and then reconsider the situation. So find a balance between the “trees” you can see and the “forest” others might be able to discern. For instance. If your boy- CONNECT THE DOTS } friend mentions that you’re a great public speaker after seeing you give a toast at your sister’s wedding. then you’re probably onto something.The next time a comment surprises you. doing something different: “Could you see me dating a football player?” or “Could you imagine me working in the fashion world?” You’ll learn a lot from their reactions—if they hesitate or seem taken aback. having a fuller picture of the real you—both the good and the bad stuff—will guide you toward your most perfect job. watch for patterns in how people describe you. Be sure to take some time to pinpoint what feels right to you about a particular decision or change before seeking out other opinions. MARCH 2010 / COSMOPOLITAN 149 . aunt.. But if your boyfriend. Vazire adds. it’s a tip-off that they don’t associate those qualities with you. McConnell stresses. Necklace: Forever 21. and don’t freak out if some of the secrets that you uncover are negative. If she has some great insight about you. Also. or family. coworkers. him. the greatest guy for you.. look out for loaded words—superlatives like always and never. “Whenever someone uses emphatic language while talking about you. Just remember to be open to what you discover about yourself. Are you the one friends call when they’re having a crisis or the one who finds out about the drama after it’s already resolved? Does your boss ever ask you to spearhead a last-minute project or is a coworker usually put in charge? Assessing what people turn to you for versus what they cut you out of says something about your talents (like that you’re a good listener or coolheaded under pressure) and things that you need to work on (being more empathetic. and the future. and you don’t want to follow their advice blindly while ignoring your own instincts. N and your most kick-ass life. Once you’re sure of that. and an acquaintance you just met five minutes ago all tell you the same exact thing. then you should listen a little more carefully. Of course. get input from friends. But if they’re truly enthusiastic about this potential new venture. Stay attuned to some seemingly insignificant clues that can pop up at random times. the people in your life aren’t infallible.” Vazire notes. it sheds light on a strong personality trait they see in you. It can be helpful to think about the role you play in people’s lives as well. { EMMET MALMSTRÕM. Yo u d o n ’t always have to solicit big statements to get great might want to listen up. that’s certainly nice to know. juggling multiple tasks).

Take Charge of the Office Bitch The only thing she’ll be talking to is your hand.. Outsmart a Competitive Colleague Claim her turf. 4. genius at work. Move Past a Mistake Get on the boss’s side— even when you’ve screwed up big-time.. 5. 2. Ace a Meeting Project corner-office confidence. an inch at a time. 6. . 3.1. Make Anyone Say Yes Never get turned down again. Shut Up an Annoying Coworker Shhh.

author of the new book You Say More Than You Think: A Seven-Day Plan for Using the New Body Language to Get What You Want. but can you [pause] work my shift?” That brief silence subtly frames it as a subliminal command. Give up? It’s about how you move. necklace: Soo Ihn Kim. Manicure: Deanna Blackwell for Mark Edward Inc. lay your arm across her desk. You’ll exude confidence since you’re literally looking down your nose.” TAKE CHARGE OF THE OFFICE BITCH HOW TO DO IT: Address her straight on (tilting your head suggests you’re looking for approval). FEDERIZO. so you messed up. Driver. Makeup: Jenni Shaw for Creative Management. appear more engaged and on top of things.You. pause for a few seconds before you say the key word. signaling a “heartfelt” appeal. Even Better NOEL J. 6 TRICKS FOR 2 GETTING YOUR W AT 3 AY WORK Use this genius advice from body-language-guru extraordinaire Janine Driver and your peskiest job woes will suddenly disappear. aim it at her as you say something neutral. palm-down hand gesture to show that you are the one in control and aren’t buying her BS. It’s not even about what you say. To seal the deal. MAKE ANYONE SAY YES HOW TO DO IT: To get a coworker to agree to a favor. This psychological device prompts him to associate the two of you in his mind. this will not happen again. Use a dismissive.and it has nothing to do with how many hours you log in or how many projects you take on. and do a gesture known as the handgun steeple (you interlace all your fingers. shoes: Steve Madden. a technique police officers use during questioning to persuade a person to do as they ask. such as “I know we’re all busy. and lift your chin about 2 inches. Then hold something that you know he likes in the hand nearest to him—maybe the type of coffee he drinks or the brand of pen he uses.” says body-language expert Janine Driver. This is a nonconfrontational stance that triggers him subconsciously to want to get past your screwup. divulges the moves that give you an edge. which form the barrel of the “gun”).. Hair: Jennifer Brent for Kerastase at Kramer + Kramer. You want to take up space in her territory. Senior fashion editor: Rebecca Hessel. Sit on the first third of your seat. (it will immediately make him feel more connected to you). Emphasize the point by saying. “Going forward. SHUT UP AN ANNOYING COWORKER HOW TO DO IT: Continue to look at what you’re doing as she’s talking. NYC. such as “I’ve got so much work to do. Then touch your hand over your heart as you finish the request.. signaling that you don’t want to speak. except for your pointers. Touching her turf asserts you as the alpha coworker and conveys that you can—and will—get what you want. Shirt: Theory. watch: Cartier. who trained lawenforcement officers to read body language for more than a decade. prompting her to say yes. N MARCH 2010 / COSMOPOLITAN 151 . By Mina Azodi There’s one thing people never tell you about getting ahead on the job.” 4 5 MOVE PAST A MISTAKE HOW TO DO IT: Okay. You can actually use body language to make things go your way without anyone realizing it. Keep your supervisor from freaking by standing 2 feet to one side of him when you confess. If she doesn’t get it. Rest the barrel against your lips. which makes him subconsciously more likely to agree with what you’re saying. which makes you 1 ACE A MEETING HOW TO DO IT: Choose a seat close to your boss 6 OUTSMART A COMPETITIVE COLLEAGUE HOW TO DO IT: As you’re talking. “Subtle shifts in how you carry yourself can send subliminal messages to others. gesture with one palm up. skirt: DKNY Jeans.

Anytime you end up with more s than blanks. the answer is yes.You. put a check next to the statements that apply to your life—never mind if a few seem odd. Even Better The Cosmo Checklists You’re minutes away from solving life’s mysteries. experts say they point toward surprising truths. For each question. BY ROBIN HILMANTEL AND JESSICA KNOLL .

. You two pretty much never get into fights. Your boyfriend is one of her least favorite people. he has always been able to eat whatever he wants without gaining weight. he touches his face a lot. yours is a new restaurant. PHD. SOURCES: PETER ANDERSEN. you don’t freak—you find a way to fix it. He gets all TMI when you ask him about his day. LINDSEY POLLAK. even though you don’t know each other all that well. DAVID GIVENS. AUTHOR OF SNOOP: WHAT YOUR STUFF SAYS ABOUT YOU. like “How was the movie last night?” You get on the computer after him and notice that the history is cleared. PHD. IS YOUR SEX LIFE BETTER THAN YOUR FRIEND’S? Her boyfriend hates PDA. with tons of Facebook friends. AUTHOR OF GIRL ON TOP MARCH 2010 / COSMOPOLITAN 153 . You’re not wearing all black. PHD. PHD. PRESIDENT AND FOUNDER OF HARVEY BROOKER’S WEIGHT-LOSS PROGRAM FOR MEN. He was single for at least one year at some point during his 20s. He won’t drink water unless it’s the only beverage available. When you spot a cute guy. especially the area around his mouth. or the insides of her arms toward him. You have candles. she says you look great. while you pick it up for special occasions. FINANCIAL EDITOR FOR TODAY AND AUTHOR OF THE DIFFERENCE. He never cringes or eyerolls when you give him directions on a project. You are financially independent. even on gloomy days. She pulls you into meetings even if they don’t concern your work. AUTHOR OF THE COMPLETE IDIOT’S GUIDE TO BODY LANGUAGE. AUTHOR OF HOW TO BEHAVE. During the day. She acts like you’re besties. COAUTHOR OF THE REAL REASONS MEN COMMIT. leans to one side. HARVEY BROOKER. but she still asks for your help on a special project. SUSAN SHAPIRO BARASH. He keeps his fingernails neatly trimmed. it’s always someone else’s fault. you played competitive sports or were on the debate team. COAUTHOR OF ALL THE GOOD ONES AREN’T TAKEN. He is spontaneous and doesn’t carry an umbrella. DOES YOUR APARTMENT SCREAM SINGLE? Your fridge is littered with photos of girlfriends. COAUTHOR OF TELL ME NO LIES. every inch of your bed is covered with throw pillows. You keep condoms in your medicine cabinet but not your bedside table. He’s been to a friend’s wedding within the last year. Your shoes flaunt some toe cleavage. Their go-to date night is the movies. WILL HE LOOK LIKE K-FED IN 5 YEARS? He has bad posture— hunches over. She touches herself a lot when she’s around him. AUTHOR OF MEAN GIRLS GROWN UP. PHD. She usually points her wrists. In high school. You use your oven for shoe storage. JOEL BLOCK.” She’s always buying new lingerie. So far. pointing in his direction. LOU PAGET. You frequently check your e-mail and make a mental note to respond later. AUTHOR OF TOXIC FRIENDS. IS HE HIDING SOMETHING? He looks up when he answers a simple question. and lotions in your bathroom…all unused. DOES YOUR BOSS LIKE YOU? You feel swamped. CAROLINE TIGER. He used to be all about morning sex. PHD. you don’t turn on an autoreply. DO YOUR E-MAILS ANNOY PEOPLE? “Thanks!” is your standard sign-off. When he’s telling you something. You fiddle with your drink. her palms.. He has the longest DVR list of anyone you know. DO YOU HAVE BUY-ME-A-DRINKABILITY? When talking to your friends. like skydiving and roller-coaster rides. She says a party is going to be lame but then goes to it without you. they already know a lot about you. He has different things for lunch every day. In most photos of you. She tells you people have been talking about you. PHD. NICOLE WILLIAMS. She writes on your Wall so much that you almost feel Facebook-stalked. Her boss knows your name and says hi to you. She spends the vast majority of her time doing stuff with him. When you go on vacation. When you get a flat tire. JEAN CHATZKY. He has an office job. You position yourself with your back to the bartender. DAVID MALOSH WILL YOU BE RICH ONE DAY? You’re drawn to risky adventures. WILL YOUR OFFICE CRUSH BE GOOD IN BED? He fixes paper jams. AUTHOR OF GETTING FROM COLLEGE TO CAREER. You get lots of e-mails from her with the subject line “Last Night. Your friends are used to seeing the words No Subject next to your name. ELLYN BADER. She touches you with the palm of her hand (as opposed to with her fingers or not at all). Most of your e-mails are addressed to four or more recipients. His mom e-mails or calls you directly. Your friends’ parents absolutely love you. since he’s handy. SAM GOSLING. He is not superopinionated about divorce. her voice is deeper than it is when she talks to him. you arrange your stance so that one foot is in front of the other. When something goes wrong for him.IS HIS FEMALE FRIEND INTO HIM? She sometimes picks fights with him. AUTHOR OF LOVE SIGNALS. You’ve tried multiple hairstyles in the past three years. etc. you’re sporting a huge grin. You rarely use greetings or sign-offs because the recipient can see who it’s from anyway. She says you can ask her questions if you’re confused about something. and now he only wants it at night. When you meet her friends. He’s thoughtful enough to remember office birthdays. DEBBIE MAGIDS. She contacts you about work issues when you’re on vacation. IS YOUR FRIEND SECRETLY JEALOUS OF YOU? When you try on a dress you think looks heinous. she hasn’t. You’re the queen of social networking. When she talks to you. DOES HE WANT TO PUT A RING ON IT? He asks your opinion on how to approach his boss about a promotion or when to ask for time off. you gesture and laugh a lot. She still brings up your promotion after you’ve stopped talking about it. AUTHOR OF THE GREAT LOVER PLAYBOOK. bath gels. Your kitchen is stocked with breakfast goodies but no dinner stuff. CHERYL DELLASEGA.

AUGUSTINE KPOSOWA. a site that alerts you when your favorite brands go on sale. but it gets at a truth that has intensified since the recession: People are working harder and spending less on breaks like happy hour. the study looked at the worst-case scenario. triggering a shopper’s high. PHD for two weeks will reduce your level of stress hormones. and the weekend won’t feel so far off. Wednesdays can really suck the life out of you…literally. N Make Wednesday Would You Rather Day with your guy. N Sign up for ShopItToMe. Exchange texts like “Would you rather I kiss your thigh or your neck?” Anticipating each other’s texts will make the day speed by and give you great ammo for a hot hookup later. Bumper-to-bumper traffic isn’t so bad when you’re blasting your fave songs. PhD. “It’s the tipping point. But if you tweak your routine in some key ways. they do call it. SOURCE: JOURNAL OF PROTEOME RESEARCH 154 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 COSMOPOLITAN. but trying new things—even simply a different deli—will spark an adrenaline rush that helps to fuel a good mood. well. It’s a small change. You’ll score cute stuff for cheap. the study author and professor at the University of California at Riverside. good cocktail of oxytocin and dopamine into your system.” Okay. which amps excitement. “Stress from Monday and Tuesday weighs people down.Y Even Better ou. N Buy an inexpensive flower to put on your desk. hump day. After all. BY MINA AZODI Somebody please hand this girl a Cosmo. Certain colors can improve your mood—including yellow. It’ll be a visual reminder of the good times you have comCHOCOLATE Rx ing your way Eating an ounce in less than 72 and a half of dark hours. uh. it’s not when you think!). even if it’s N Create a Wednesday a. But it doesn’t take a lot of time or money to get your week (and mood) back on track. N Sprinkle some cinnamon in your morning coffee. N Have a quickie in the morning.COM Workbook Stock/Getty Images There’s no doubt about it: Mondays are tough. Not only will it dress up your java. A recent study found that most suicides occur midweek.m. chocolate a day . Learn to Love the Suckiest Day of the Week New research has pinpointed the crappiest 24 hours (no. Try these tactics for quick relief. Or plan the details of another event—an upcoming concert or vacation. and online window-shopping taps in to your brain’s reward center. so you get that feel- SOURCES: DALE ATKINS. like a daisy or a rose. PHD. and red. but a study found that the scent also can decrease anxiety and stimulate the part of your brain tasked with keeping you alert. and the weekend can still feel very far away. AUTHOR OF SANITY SAVERS: TIPS FOR WOMEN TO LIVE A BALANCED LIFE. which makes for less. which boosts happiness. Just imagining yourself lounging on a beach is an instant mental holiday. N Change your desktop background to a fun pic from a recent day off (just right-click a cute photo from one of your friends’ Facebook albums to save it to your computer). playlist for your commute. you might actually start to look forward to it. But according to new research. happiness. N Schedule your Saturday plans now. Choose to have the info sent to you on Wednesdays. N Nix the brown bag and make this your lunching-out day.” says Augustine Kposowa.


The trick is to learn what your body is trying to tell you and what kind of fix your system truly needs.COM JAMES WESTMAN. they skipped breakfast) taste salty and sweet foods better. Then plan to better manage your fatigue next time. Food stylist: Susan Ottaviano for Halley Resources. is an almost instant reward. you’re actually less likely to savor the taste of your food or respond to feelings of fullness.g. those kinds of things require free time. especially if you get it by speed-eating through the fridge or racing out to the nearest drive-through. which may explain why you sometimes want to chow down on cheese or meat right after clocking time on the treadmill. Instead.. which is in short supply on tense days.and a sweet snack often delivers an instant boost. Thing is. . SOURCE: BMC NEUROSCIENCE You’re Stressed It’s human nature to crave a reward for hard work. It can help in two ways: Some experts claim that chewing is calming... and you’ll sidestep those calories that you wouldn’t have even enjoyed anyway. Plate and fork: Fishs Eddy. by either getting to bed half an hour earlier or taking a power nap. Instead of inhaling hundreds of caloWHY REAL HUNGER IS BEST People who are calorie-deprived (e.and constantly misreading that cue and chowing down can pack on extra pounds. You’re Exhausted Ever notice that you’re desperate for sugary and carb-loaded foods after a bad (or short) night of sleep? That’s because when you’re dragging. a 20-minute gym routine or a brisk walk. on the other hand.. Scarfing all that junk won’t really satisfy you. There’s a better way to satisfy your postworkout urges. wake yourself up when you’re feeling beat with a quick burst of exercise—for example. Even Better at your job—you start fantasizing about getting some sweet payback for your extra effort. you need to finish a big project 156 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 COSMOPOLITAN.You. make sure it’s really your appetite talking and not something else entirely. But that craving doesn’t mean you have to eat a mega meal. When you’re stressed. You Worked Out Exercising depletes your body’s protein. your body craves a jolt of energy. since sugar-energy highs are followed by rapid energy plunges. but indulging in something sweet and junky will actually make you feel more tired. the human brain has a tendency to fire off a “I need to eat” message in response to emotions and situations that have nothing to do with appetite.. So pop in a piece of gum instead. Prop stylist: Nancy Sotomayor. But while you might want to get a luxe massage or blow off work and hang with friends. These tips will help you avoid loads of calories in the easiest way possible. It’s such a natural way to pamper yourself that nutritionists say many women subconsciously start to associate feeling overwhelmed or overworked with a trip to the vending machine or a plate of fries. Curb Cravings Without Eating a Thing Before insane urges force you to eat more than you’d like. Combination locks and napkin: Gracious Home. not only does your body not need the calories. though. Food. So when you’re under a lot of pressure— for example. BY ZOË RUDERMAN Do you ever find yourself reaching for a high-calorie food when you shouldn’t even be hungry? Turns out.


Nutritionists say we tend to choose food over things like watching TV or going online because those types of activities seem like a waste of time and “real” procrastination. You’re Near Other Noshers You feel full after a satisfying dinner. but then you show up at a friend’s party and start grazing. ice cream. Think of how many times your mom said “Here. If you can’t get out of the house or away from your desk and you start fantasizing about chips. we’re often placated by our parents and teachers with yummy treats. So rather than reaching for a cupcake. solid sustenance. hey. it’s something to do—something fun and pleasurable to boot. satisfy your protein need by drinking a glass of nonfat milk. the explanation is probably dehydration. well. that lingering hunger will probably fade. a girl’s gotta eat. It’ll entertain you and keep your hands N too busy to reach for food. reach for your cell phone or your laptop and call a friend or cruise Facebook. MD. But what you really need when you’re feeling blue is emotional comfort from someone close to you. AUTHOR OF THE PARK AVENUE NUTRITIONIST’S PLAN . do something competitive. JANA KLAUER. If you ate recently but are suddenly jonesing for some Food is such a natural way to pamper yourself that many women subconsciously associate feeling stressed with a trip to the vending machine. It also helps to get energetic: Experts say connecting with other people and getting out of your apartment and doing something—even if it’s just window-shopping with friends—have been shown to banish bad-mood hunger. You’re Bumming As kids. The environmental cues (food spread out on a table. AUTHOR OF THE FLEXITARIAN DIET. like playing a video or online game. have a cookie” to stop your crying. At least you won’t have to feel guilty about being unproductive and overeating. RD. That’s why nutritionists say the first thing to do when you’re craving food is drink water. Guzzle it down.You. so our bodies often confuse the need to drink with the need to eat. which may be why we connect those same foods (often sweets) with getting out of a funk. or [insert your poison here]. You’re Thirsty Hunger and thirst fire off nearly identical messages in the brain. SOURCES: DAWN JACKSON BLATNER. and wait about 10 minutes. Eight ounces has just 86 calories but enough protein to quell your urges till it’s time for lunch or dinner. Stop kidding yourself and either give in to goofing off or buckle down and get it done. You’re Procrastinating Women often eat to delay making a tough decision or to put off an unwanted task.. Even Better ries (and negating the hard work you put in at the gym). So keep your hands and mouth otherwise engaged—for instance. You’re Bored We migrate to the kitchen when we have nothing to do because. by grabbing a seltzer or just chatting and flirting (all that talking will ensure your mouth stays busy).. whereas eating doesn’t since. people’s mouths munching) and our innate human desire to mimic others are making you think you’re hungry when you aren’t.

You, Even Better Fit in 6 Minutes

Shrink Y Waist our
Bye-bye, love handles. Hello, tight curves! These moves erase side pudge fast—so your bod will be smokin’ in that bandage dress.
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(1) Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width, hands on hips, abs pulled in. (2) Keeping your stomach tight, shift your torso to the left, pause for a second, and then shift to the right. Only your upper body should move, not your hips. This is one rep. Do 25, and work up to as many as you can.

(1) Sit on the edge of a chair with your left leg crossed. Lift 3 inches off the seat and hold for a few seconds. Pop up your left hip slightly; the right side of your waist will tighten. (2) Extend your left leg. Hold for a second or two, and return to start. That’s one rep. Do 25, and repeat on the other side. 1

TURN U THE VOL P These ex UME inspired bercises are listen to m y dance, so do them. usic as you M the beat w oving to the isolati ill make on more natu s feel ral.



(1) Start in a basic isolation with your upper body to the left, abs tight. (2) Shift your torso to the right, lowering your chest about 45 degrees. It’s easy to let your stomach hang here, so pull it in. Shift back to start— that’s one rep. Do at least 25; switch sides.


(1) Stand on your left leg, right hand on your hip, left hand on a chair. (2) Raise your right leg 45 degrees, knee bent. The right side of your waist will contract. (3) Step out 3 feet with your right leg so it’s 45 degrees diagonally behind you. Tighten your abs and lean your torso to the left—the right side will tighten.



CHRIS ECKERT/STUDIO D. Senior fashion editor: Rebecca Hessel. Hair: Elisa Flowers at Bernstein and Andriulli for Sebastian Hair. Makeup: Katrina Bailey. Manicure: Deana Blackwell for Mark Edward Inc. Top: Elisabetta Rogiani; shorts: lululemon; sneakers: Asics. (Anderson) Gary Gershoff/Getty Images for Baby Buggy.

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(Couple) DREW AND DEREK RIKER. Senior fashion editor: Rebecca Hessel. Hair: Marco Testa. Makeup: Thora for Kate Ryan Inc. using MAC Cosmetics. Manicure: Deanna Blackwell for Mark Edward Inc. (On her) blazer: BB Dakota; shirt: Banana Republic; jeans: Levi’s; bag: Cynthia Rowley. (On him) jacket: Topman; jeans: Current Elliott. (Flip video recorder) courtesy of Flip Video. (Pie chart, french fries, and wallet) (Earrings) JESUS AYALA/STUDIO D. (Trench coat and dress) DAVID LAWRENCE. (Rain boot) DAVID COOK.

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He’ll likely move on to another machine while you finish.COM JAMES WESTMAN. SOURCE: JENNIFER WIDER. reducing the number of times his and the H1N1 vaccine may leave you lax about hand washing and. And don’t assume you’re safe because flu season is almost over. Food stylist: Susan Ottaviano for Halley Resources. Swine flu. BY ZOË RUDERMAN We always knew that being a little bit bitchy helps you get ahead. AUTHOR OF THE DOCTOR’S COMPLETE COLLEGE GIRLS’ HEALTH GUIDE Alternating Reps on Gym Equipment If a fellow gym-goer asks to share the chest-press machine with you. I think I feel something coming on. Colds and flus thrive in offices thanks to those decisions. and fungi—could end up on you. Of course. Letting Someone Sip Your Drink Saliva is a big-time germ conductor. cut it in two. helped along by the closed windows and a lack of circulation. say that you’re almost done and he can have it to himself in a few. “Oh. wet peck on the cheek can leave you with germs on your face. Prop stylist: Nancy Sotomayor. but sometimes. . may stage a comeback this month. Avoid a face-to-face meeting by telling her that you’re chained to your desk waiting for an important call and you’d prefer to discuss things on the phone. and pull back before there’s any skin-on-skin contact. So make sure to wash up or use hand sanitizer afterward…and before you touch your face (always keep a FALSE minibottle in CONFIDENCE Getting a flu shot your bag). oral herpes. and I don’t want to make you sick. which those under 25 are particularly susceptible to. True.the cosmohealth report Is Being Too Nice Making Y ou Sick? Certain polite habits could land you in flu hell. It’s more about substituting a different kind of etiquette for the following practices. MD 164 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 COSMOPOLITAN. Germ-tini with a twist.” Meeting With a Sick Coworker Why a walking incubator with a hacking cough decides not only to come to work but also to hold a meeting. JENNIFER WIDER. a handshake just can’t be avoided. I’ll totally wolf down the whole thing!” No germs are exchanged. coming right up Shaking Someone’s Hand Hands are notorious germ conveyers. air kiss. rather than every time you two alternate. put one half on a separate plate. Kissing Hello Exchanging a quick. viruses. but it turns out. therefore. It’s time to ditch the niceties and stay healthy. and joke “If we don’t split it. like giving a sick friend a sip of your drink. N SOURCES: ETIQUETTE EXPERT MELISSA LEONARD. you save a few calories. When someone goes for a smooch.COM. more likely to spread germs. sweat and other funk from his skin— which may be crawling with bacteria.) Sharing Dessert If a pal asks to sample your confection. we’re not advocating being downright rude. you come off as supergenerous. ESTABLISHYOUR SELFNY. or swine flu. so avoid a potential microbe-fest on the rim of your glass by saying. lean in. you could catch something because of the proximity of your faces. (And you’ll only have to wipe down the machine once. but the odds are lower than if you’d actually made a mouth-tocheek connection. MD. we’ll never understand. it can keep you healthy too. and hey. can leave you with a cold. Doctors say that certain nice-girl behaviors. which can then enter your system via your nostrils or mouth.



it makes sense that you may be able to wash STDcausing bacteria or viruses out of your vagina before they have a chance to infect you. Ibuprofen can stop production of these chemicals. This should prevent cramp-causing chemicals from being released. It takes only a second or two for germs to glom on to the skin and/or body fluids inside and around your vagina. B Y E ST H E R CR A I N Gyno News Body Benefits of Getting It On In case you need a bona fide health reason to hit the sheets. ‘‘Can washing after sex lower my STD risk? In theory. The satisfied younger women studied had sex an average of 13 times a month. Q&A (Female model and couple) TAMARA SCHLESINGER. be proactive and take two antiinflammatory painkillers. Your best bet for staying STD-free energetic and were psychologically healthier than women who weren’t so thrilled with their lust life. can make stomach trouble less likely. Ease the bloating that makes breast tissue sensitive this time of the month by avoiding caffeine and salty foods—both cause your system to retain water. such as ibuprofen.cosmogyno Stop putting your life on pause once a month. so aim for at least three times a week if you want to boost your mental health and make a difference in your day-to-day outlook. OB-GYN IN SAN JOSE. SOURCE: RAE CHERNG. Diarrhea and/or gas. upping your odds of a UTI. Digestive discomfort during the first days are the result of the same body chemicals that cause cramps. tender breasts. ‘‘ MARCH 2010 / COSMOPOLITAN 167 . But it won’t work. (Condoms) Taxi/Getty Images. A supersupportive bra also will help minimize tenderness. an ob-gyn in Philadelphia. the same way you wash your hands to reduce your odds of picking up cold bugs. every four to six hours. such as bananas and rice. and bland foods. The only way to reduce your STD risk substantially (but not completely) is always to use condoms. CALIFORNIA Booty: An amazing mood booster HEALTH HINT Resist the urge to hold in your urine: That allows bacteria to multiply. allowing them to enter your system and trigger an infection. says Udele Tagoe. a recent study found that women of all ages who described themselves as sexually satisfied felt more No More Period Pain Fast solutions to the misery your flow brings Killer cramps. When you sense your period is imminent. Achy.

“The amount of yohimbine in them is weak.yourbody BREAST CHECK B Y E ST H E R C RAI N What Your Body Reveals When Breasts Don’t Match The scoop on three common variations One breast is bigger than the other. because the muscle on that side gets more toned. It depends on where the areola rests on each breast—for example. WOMEN’S HEALTH SPECIALIST AND COSMO RADIO HEALTH EXPERT These thin. (Male model) CHRIS CLINTON. a dermatologist in Palm Beach. weblike red lines are blood vessels that have enlarged due to pressure in your legs—say. but Heels this high aren’t worth the side effects. left. from excessive standing or walking around in high heels. This is usually the case whether you notice it or not. plus irritability and insomnia. but there have been reports of heart and liver problems. Florida. Even if your girls are the same cup size. “Are products that enhance a guy’s performance safe?” if you don’t like the way they look. This could happen if your workouts favor one side of your body.COM (Signs) Photographer’s Choice/Getty Images. Prevent them by wearing compression stockings and limiting the amount of time you spend on your feet and in heels. These OTC pills and capsules are classified as supplements—so the FDA doesn’t require them to undergo the testing that drugs do. SOURCE: JENNIFER WIDER. Be concerned if one breast suddenly grows larger. In this case. or right.” Warn your guy of the dangers. Each breast has a different shape.” says urologist Sheldon Marks. they will likely hang differently. if the areola sits higher. and it’s not unheard of or abnormal for one breast to be up to half a cup larger than the other. (Illustration) ANDERS WENNGREN. men’s health expert on WebMD. check in with your MD. “They usually contain an herb called yohimbine. and tell him there’s no proof these concoctions actually improve satisfaction. 15% of pregnancies occur because it wasn’t. SOURCE: PLANNED PARENTHOOD His and Hers Herbal meds can mess up his health. . and the breast above it looks more prominent. MD. They may not be. If your size difference makes you feel self-conscious. HEALTTHNG BOOS BIIT HA Be sure the condom is put on correctly: Each year. explains Leonid Trost. see your doc. Again. Your nipples point in different directions. One might point up while the other points down. wear a padded bra so your breasts appear to be more even. it may angle the nipple upward. Spider Veins on Your Legs Your set isn’t supposed to be symmetrical. if one suddenly looks different from the other. a dermatologist can shrink them via an injectable solution or fade them with laser therapy. The veins are harmless. COSMOPOLITAN.



And while prosecutors have now charged a suspect with Michelle’s murder. allowing the forensic experts Cosmo consulted to piece together some of the steps that led to an arrest. from left) New York Post/splashnews.” says Dr. is one of their own. 24-year-old Michelle Lee. some details have leaked out or are in the public record. skin. the medical examiner and members of the Crime Scene Unit first would have collected evidence at the scene. beyond the grisliness of the crime. as it happened. and goes right to sleep without seeing her As with any violent crime. he hasn’t been convicted. fiber. one of the most important pieces of evidence found in Michelle’s room was as low-tech as it gets: diary entries mentioning a relationship with a man named Gary McGurk. “She’s dead in the bed!” The Crime Scene Unit of the New York City Police Department arrives to comb for clues and soon realizes there’s another reason. But the New York Daily News reported that. the case had not gone to trial. By Matthew Malone intent of throwing them off the trail. explains Michael Baden. she peeks into her roommate’s room to say hello and finds a horrific scene: Michelle’s lifeless body. Her torso has been burned with a steam iron. a forensic student himself. A kitchen knife sticks out from her neck. splashnews. Detectives pulled him in for questioning. John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan. The next morning. computer. MARCH 2010 / COSMOPOLITAN 171 . that ultimately. That means much of the evidence uncovered at the crime scene and in interrogations has been closely guarded by the NYPD. bound to the bedpost by her hands. McGurk sat in the interview room It’s a story line straight out of a CSI episode: Last April 26. and cell phone—which can help identify potential suspects and a motive for the crime—were surely collected. That would involve photographing the scene and covering Mi- (Opposite page) David White/Alamy. because at press time. screaming. and on the evening of April 28. may have used insider tactics to throw off detectives investigating the brutal murder of Michelle Lee (right). where Michelle was a rookie criminologist analyzing evidence in narcotics cases. investigators wondered whether it was extreme to the point of being staged by the killer. The scene of Michelle’s death was disturbing. apartment building from a weekend that their investigation of this homicide will be far from routine: The victim. a career now cut short by an unknown killer. She had started with the NYPD nine months earlier and was just reaching the goal she named in her high school yearbook: to work in forensics. Baden. with all the electronics involved. a young woman comes home to her Queens. in fact. It was one of many indications that this murder investigation would be one in which insider forensic knowledge would come into play—knowledge that came very close to sending detectives in the wrong direction. (This page. The woman reportedly runs from the apartment and down the building’s three flights of stairs. A forensic expert says Gary McGurk (left). Personal items like a diary. New York. with the Anatomy of a Crime Scene The full story of the investigation has not yet been told. former New York City chief medical examiner and host of HBO’s Autopsy documentary series. Michelle. leaving any knots intact (they may contain fibers and skin cells). even to hardened homicide detectives—so twisted. and blood that might be caught under her fingernails during a struggle. naked. chelle’s hands with bags to preserve trace evidence—things like hair. “Crime-scene investigation nowadays. However. Investigators also would have covered and later swabbed the kitchen knife used to murder Michelle for DNA and cut the material used to tie her to the bedpost. heads upstairs.Michelle Lee was a young forensic specialist hoping to solve crimes like the ones you see on prime-time police dramas…never thinking it would be her body in the middle of a murder scene. Here’s how real-life investigators found the clues that led to her alleged killer. Michelle and her roommate both worked in the NYPD Crime Laboratory. a 23-year-old student at Lee’s alma mater. MD. goes beyond the four walls of the room.

with the knife in the neck—investigators are taught to think of this as a sexual offense. says Geberth. and they dated for a short time.” says Geberth. MAKING SLIPUPS MORE LIKELY.” Just as interrogators always hope. Face-to-Face With the Cops Vernon Geberth. “It was more physical than anything else. She’d be on top and choke me. he does to cover up involvement in the crime. who described her as “very talented. making slipups more likely. male-dominated profession. But then McGurk began to describe a different side of Michelle. And she excelled in that world: Her academic performance earned her the recognition of the John Jay faculty and of New York City police commissioner Ray Kelly. Here. training designed to give insight into the mind of a murderer.and that. “It’s done by a clever offender. biting. says Geberth. even the cost of a boat ride—but his account became fuzzy at the approximate time of Michelle’s death.000 murder cases. I received a call on my cell phone from her. McGurk seemed to become more comfortable and his stories started ranging further afield. Although it was after 2 a. he said they walked the block as she told him she couldn’t repay him yet. “We had disagreements of a sexual nature: dress up. he had gone to Michelle’s street late that night to collect $500 she owed him. They remembered Michelle as a caring.” McGurk said Michelle helped him out when she could. and reality shows on Bravo. according to Geberth. even while working in a tough.. The investigators started. when he saw her jogging at the John Jay gym. McGurk had a bag and passport. or to draw attention away from the most likely suspect.m. Irish-born and scruffily good-looking. was planting an alternate explanation of the crime: that an unknown sexual sadist had killed her during kinky sex gone wrong. Everything he does. Based on his experience studying murder scenes. light bondage. former commanding officer of the NYPD’s Bronx Homicide Task Force who is now a consultant on homicide investigations and has worked on more than 8. Michelle longed to own a pug and was self-assured enough to wear “Barbie pink” nail polish. we did the asphyxiation. The way the victim’s body was presented—nude. McGurk talked about his family life. One time. His overall impression: “He is a manipulator with everyone.. but the relationship didn’t pan out. We decided never to do that again. HIS STORIES RANGED FURTHER AFIELD. Michelle got very angry. and she said she had company and said good night and walked off. subway lines. JUST AS INTERROGATORS ALWAYS HOPE. I’d be on top and choke her.COM Danny Ludici/New York Daily News Tales of Rough and Kinky Sex said. . and responsible friend who loved food—mac and cheese with ketchup was a favorite—window-shopping.of the NYPD’s 108th precinct and gave a long statement. Geberth has found that when the body is staged in a sexual way. then he explained how Michelle had caught his eye in the fall of 2004. and that comes through in the interview. evaluated McGurk’s statement for Cosmo. he said. including exact times. “At 3:56 a. says Geberth. to express anger toward the victim by demeaning her.. who created a Facebook memorial page after her death. Forensic experts familiar with the case say that McGurk’s statement to police reveals telltale signs of that training and suggest he tried using his knowledge to outsmart his interrogators. Much of McGurk’s description of Michelle was fairly consistent with the picture painted of her by her many friends.” said McGurk. AS MCGURK RELAXED. loving. spanking. but he went too far and his vagueness about the end of the evening was a red flag.” McGurk 172 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 COSMOPOLITAN.” When arrested.. as they usually do. According to McGurk. That shows a perpetrator with knowledge of law enforcement. McGurk was close to earning a degree in forensic psychology. She forgot to tap my wrist to stop choking her. lending him money when he was out of work (he claimed to have lent her money as well) and worrying about him when he developed health problems. some of which was later made public. “I had very few disagreements with Michelle. That convinces him that the crime scene was probably staged. to make the suspect open up.” McGurk went on to describe the night of the murder in careful detail— his date with his then-girlfriend.m.” he told investigators. Geberth feels. Sometimes when we did the bondage. He asked her out. “I got to her apartment door. is when the forensic-psychology student’s knowhow really began to kick in. furry handcuffs. “It turned into friends with benefits. he was trying to appear helpful and cooperative. Here. it’s for one of three reasons: to satisfy the killer’s deviant fantasy. “The third scenario is the most insidious.” What McGurk was doing. by asking nonthreatening questions.

Some of McGurk’s words to detectives about Michelle seem. a thread from his sweater is found near the victim. Luminol spray illuminates bloodstains the naked eye can’t see.. He responded with a statement that seems calculated to demonstrate that his ethics were far from those of a murderer. “If I were to have done this to Michelle.TRUE BLOOD Bloodstain patterns— including the size. “I get angry when people who don’t know her try to act as if they do. A stabbing often produces “blood castoff” on the wall as blood flies off the blade when the attacker flings his arm back between blows. During high school. DIRECTOR OF THE CENTER FOR CRIMINAL SCIENCE. “He couldn’t wait to show them the cell phone. much less perpetrate it.” Waiting for the Verdict It’s still unknown whether investigators have identified a clear motive—the $500 McGurk said Michelle owed him hardly seemed enough—but motive isn’t necessary for a conviction if the physical evidence is strong. magnified many times). so they let him go. A mistlike bloodstain (drops 1 mm or smaller) tells investigators the victim may have been shot. Pretrial. DIRECTOR OF FORENSIC SCIENCE TRAINING. someone who could barely tolerate the brutality he saw as a forensics student.A. PHD. McGurk was working to present himself as someone with a moral base.’s office won’t disclose details of what was found. JOHN JAY COLLEGE OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE (Blood patterns) ANDERS WENNGREN. conducting more inter- IF THE FIBER FITS. an indictment at this point wasn’t possible.” he said. Meanwhile. (Fiber-match images) courtesy of the Center for Modern Forensic Practice. Large droplets (at least 4 mm) often indicate that the victim was hit at a relatively low speed and force. Many questions remain that may or may not be answered at trial. “You know nothing.. INDIANA TECH.” he told them. So investigators went to work over the next four weeks. No one else. he had considered becoming a priest. Instead. analyzing evidence from the bedroom (in a lab in the building where Michelle had worked). When they arrived. for instance. Police brought him back to the 108th precinct.I knew Michelle N like no one else. “The pictures turn your stomach. most likely by the attacker’s fist. he allegedly tampered with blood evidence and Michelle’s BlackBerry and altered the condition and position of her body after death— possibly in the way Geberth described in his speculative scenario.. In an attempt to cover up the crime. like a baseball bat. HUNDERSMARCK. and position of the droplets—reveal crucial clues at the scene of a violent crime. the D.” says Geberth. Medium-size blood droplets of 1 to 4 mm suggest that the victim was attacked with a blunt object.. to suggest there is much more yet to be revealed. police arrested McGurk at his mother’s home in Woodside.. he said. I panic at needles.. and looking at phone records. —NIKI MARIE EVANS SOURCES: STEVEN F. I would deserve to be put away. He is charged with striking Michelle with a blunt instrument and stabbing her with the knife. when detectives are at liberty to detail how the evidence convinced them of his guilt and of his duplicity in tampering with the evidence. a detective asked McGurk if he’d like to say anything else. even in the absence of bullet fragments. PHD. shape. “Whatever happened to Michelle. “It’s too much to handle.…If I did it.m. JOHN JAY COLLEGE OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE MARCH 2010 / COSMOPOLITAN 173 . SOURCE: PETER DIACZUK. in retrospect. Queens. whether it was an accident or on purpose does not matter. but the evidence convinced a grand jury in Queens County Supreme Court to hand down a six-count indictment against Gary McGurk on May 21. this time as an accused murderer (he pleaded not guilty).…I find crime-scene photos and cadavers disturbing. he was leaving the house with a bag of clothes and a passport. I would not only embarrass myself but I would also embarrass my family. A mismatch (left) can be used in his defense.” he added to detectives. LAWRENCE KOBILINSKY.” Because police had yet to process the evidence.” he said of crime-scene photos. Once the indictment was issued. look—check my phone. can implicate a suspect if.” As they concluded the interview at 1:45 a. views. CENTER FOR MODERN FORENSIC PRACTICE. possibly because he had called his phone with hers to throw them off. John Jay College of Criminal Justice. he wound up at John Jay studying crime and criminals—work he found upsetting. CHAIRMAN OF THE DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCES. A fiber match (above right.

Need to Know .

WOMEN AND SHOES: A LOVE STORY JAMES WESTMAN/STUDIO D. “Shoes were a measure of class.” says Suzanne Ferriss. Stilettos are undoubtedly foxy. buying a pair of shoes has always had near-supernatural effects—like instantly updatFirst there was Cinderella. “The area PhD. exactly? “When a woman wears them. only the wealthy wore high ology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy.” similar to taking a drug. not Jimmy Choo. “The dopamine heels—everyone else had practical footwear to do manual increases until you swipe your debit card. MD.” says Lindstrom. “ShopSexual Heeling pers rationalize shoes as a practical buy—something they Now go even higher—to stilettos—and another element can wear multiple times a week—so they hold on to that rears its head: sex. collecting The average gions share neural crosstalk. says Lindbutt lifts. professor of anthropology when you try on any kind of apparel. # them regularly. than hell—but that doesn’t BY MINA AZODI fully explain how footwear is beating the odds in sales.” And we thought similar to the satisfaction a stamp collector but wears only 4 of it was just our lust for high style talking. that is. that may associate feet with sex. “The neurotransmitat Rutgers University. whether women realize they perceive Love.. Trust A Higher Power science to have the answer: Turns out. the high labor. “They’re like sculpwith the feet. even when the going gets tough.” strom. N gets when he acquires a rare find.” says Ferriss. Shoes’ mood-altering a primal mating pose called lordosis. but pleasurable feeling longer. why. But recently.Long before spiked heels with exotic names (Louboutin. Acbrain’s prefrontal cortex termed the collecting spot.. “Her traits also come from another brain reaction. SOURCE: CONSUMER REPORTS NATIONAL RESEARCH CENTER MARCH 2010 / COSMOPOLITAN 175 .” says Martin Lindstrom. we’re wired to associate height with First of all. we still have a bit of that mind-set ingrained in us. Yes. “and then flatlines. we got proof of exactly how crazy: While sales of most things have plummeted thanks to the recession. status because you’re taller when you wear them.” says Fisher. “High heels can literally raise your ter dopamine is released. Buying new footwear stimulates an area of the But there’s more to it than how hot your ass looks. Just Your 1 of the brain that communicates with the think of how they’re often stored artfully on Obsession genitals is right next to the area that deals shoe trees and shelves. and guilt starts creeping in. high heels. “These retures.” says Fisher.” says Dr. editor of Footnotes: On Shoes.except. anyone?) became objects of desire. she assumes But it’s not just dopamine at work. we’ve always been All those wonderful feelings are intensified when you choose wired for shoe lust. “Shoes cording to Daniel Amen. our minds are structured in a way them that way or not. a brandHeels carry historical significance as well.” Usually. author of The Brain in are a collector’s item.” when the item you’re purchasing is a pair of shoes. ing an outfit from last year or We explain the fascinating reasons why footwear is seducing our just making you feel hotter imaginations—and emptying our wallets—more than ever. PhD. In previous centuries. then there was Carrie Bradshaw. adding to their ing expert for Fortune 100 companies and author of Buyappeal.” says Helen Fisher. there’s some serious mood-boosting going on power.but again. it’s biology. chicks have been shoe-crazy. providing a feel-good high. Stylist: Nancy Sotomayor. As a result. which may be each type provides a mini-adrenaline rush woman owns 19 pairs of shoes why shoes can be erotic. Amen. footwear sales have gone up compared to the same period last year. at work.. Happy Feet “Like most animals.. and her back arches.

Need to Know About 40 percent of employees have an office romance at some point in their careers.COM . 176 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 COSMOPOLITAN.

he invited me to his house to swim in his pool. Maybe we should have been stressed about our situation—Charles’s boss even asked him if anything was going on between us. it was just friendly: We’d get coffee and talk about how we were coping. with both of us being married. (On him) jacket and pants: DKNY. It means “One nail drives out another.. at work and outside it. but he hustled me out. bead bracelet: Ettika. and maybe that made the break simpler. chatting on my bed for three hours before he nervously asked if he could kiss me. Charles was looking for another job. for Make Up For Ever. After a few months. We asked three women to spill the true stories of their secret work affairs. I was 35. so I felt protected (yes. At first. Hair: Conrad Dornan for Shu Uemura Art of Hair. felt low. and we didn’t worry. I said..and More I was 27 and working in public relations when I met my new department head. but at that point.” And that’s how I think about Charles and me—we helped each other get through something difficult. At that point. there would be no complications. He and I still talk. Nobody at work had a clue—though we did have some close calls. and I was friends with the entire management team. We’d been working together for about a year when. There’s a saying in Spanish: Un clavo saca a otro clavo. As told to Hillary Quinn A Late-Night Swim. and yet lots of people keep doing it. I followed Charles in and tried to push him into a stall. Was I wrong. and Charles and I leaned on each other for support. the whole staff went to happy hour nearby. He was 10 years older than me and married. figuring that. at an out-of-town conference.. Craving intimacy. Charles had just left the firm.. Having sex with a superior? Recent highprofile cases make it sound like a bad idea. I was going through a painful breakup with my boyfriend of almost four years. his wife moved out. gold bangle: Lia Sophia. and I drunkenly decided I wanted to have sex in the bar bathroom. We ended up in bed. The stakes. (On her) top: Theory. We ended up in my room.. that was naive). We also had no delusions about being anything but a rebound.. That’s when things went from nice to hot. Charles and I would have been horribly embarrassed. Charles (all names have been changed). Five months after it began. It was nice. Makeup: Thora at Kate Ryan Inc. My marriage had never been great.but I think it was also time for it to be over. Senior fashion editor: Rebecca Hessel.. One night. David started rubbing the small of my back as we talked alone at a bar. my husband and I hadn’t had sex for two years. He denied it. ‘‘Business’’ Out of Town I started reporting to David when I was promoted to the marketing department at my medical-device firm. I flirted with David. “What took you so long?” MARCH 2010 / COSMOPOLITAN 177 . I ended the affair.‘‘WHY I SLEPT WITH MY BOSS’’ ROBERT WHITMAN. shoes: Velvet Angels. he was a couple of years older. and we were both married. My feelings were hurt—until I crashed into a colleague on his way to the bathroom.but a few weeks after we met. Manicure: Deana Blackwell for Mark Edward Inc. We wanted different things in life.. And that’s all we were ever meant to be. skirt: Catherine Malandrino. and he helped me look for my next job. including the most important part: what came of it.

although our company didn’t forbid it. That made me feel like he didn’t take me seriously as a professional.) Now we have been together for three years and are talking about getting married. and I hope I find someone who inspires me like David did. belt: Burberry. As a consultant. I ended the romantic relationship.COM 178 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 ROBERT WHITMAN. yet I was able to separate it from our personal life. PRESIDENT OF CAREER SOLVERS At work. I wasn’t. I lost 60 pounds. COAUTHOR OF OFFICE MATE: THE EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK FOR FINDING—AND MANAGING—ROMANCE ON THE JOB. Soon after. I even asked for a transfer (I was denied).Exhibit A: What not to do at the office Work-Affair Playbook Sure.but they’re seriously risky. Then one night. The Lunch That Didn’t End It started with lunch. And yet. I also blossomed. He took each staffer out to lunch individually. After N all. Jim once yelled at me (and others) over an issue I thought he was wrong about. I left the firm. BARBARA SAFANI. To discourage suspicion in the office. DON’T: Use your work e-mail or company-issued mobile device to send non-work-related messages or texts to each other. I was happy the way things were. “I knew it all along!” He then punched a hole in the kitchen door. it’s underlings who can be at risk of being fired. but in reality. we wrote dirty e-mails to each other…but we only slept together every few months on business trips. where you have to be nice to everyone all the time. let’s just say I stopped sleeping at a hotel after that. She never wrote back. in part due to his kids. It felt awful. I quit my job and wrote a Facebook message to David’s wife. Then everything blew up. HELAINE OLEN. We were both single. I’m not so sure. he’s potentially opening himself up to sexualharassment charges. and…well. (Yeah. we went back to his apartment. adventures we want to have.. I think he’ll be a great husband. conducting your relationship openly in your workplace could lead to charges of favoritism. So even with the pain and drama. That was the last straw. but some people said they knew all along. So before you act. and I was nervous—it seemed like a job interview. we’d go to great restaurants. was promoted twice.COM. Our relationship evolved too: Instead of going to bars. my life changed for the better. At work. I was only in a few days a week—commuting from 100 miles away and staying at a hotel. We were both careful not to bring our relationship to work. I was actually afraid for my safety. but more like a couple. while my husband put me under virtual house arrest and secretly installed keystroke-tracking software on my computer. Do I regret anything? Yes: getting caught. as though he’d been the victim of a seductress. he was a great boss! COSMOPOLITAN. all we did was talk. DO: Proceed with caution. But it ended up feeling like a date. “I cannot believe you’re fucking him!” he screamed. We kept it secret. Then I found out that David and my husband were in touch to try to work through the situation “like men”…and that David was blaming me for everything. we felt coworkers would think I was being favored. telling her the truth but also that David loved her and his kids and didn’t want to lose them. We were still passionate. I was thrilled. though David later said they’re trying to work it out. I was a 31-yearold human-resources consultant for a hotel chain. that was okay. About a week later. . DON’T: Assume your boss would take the heat if things go badly. (On him) shirt: John Varvatos. PRESIDENT-ELECT OF THE HUMAN RESOURCES ASSOCIATION OF NEW YORK. And remember: Although a survey found that three-quarters of companies do not have a formal policy. Even if there’s no rule against dating. For three months. —LAUREN OTIS SOURCES: JENNIFER LOFTUS. Sure. 80 percent of the HR professionals polled said supervisors and subordinates should not date. and was the most creative I’d ever been. DO: Behave professionally.. opened a bottle of wine. on-the-job relationships may be common. consider the rules. My husband read our e-mails and confronted me in a rage. he’d often disagree with me during discussions among coworkers. He immediately felt like more than a boss. We made each other laugh because we are both very sarcastic—an unusual trait in the hospitality industry. We started going out to bars and restaurants weekly and talking about everything: travel. Our one-hour lunch lasted three. But I’m planning on divorcing my husband. and we moved in together. More than half of employees in a survey said PDA between dating coworkers should be prohibited. friends and families. There were gasps. over the course of the next two years. and Jim was the new 34-year-old general manager. nothing changed. it even made him more attractive. Believe me. guys. he let it slip to coworkers that we are a couple. Read the employee handbook to find out your firm’s dating policies. Though leaving our spouses was never on the table. POLL BY THE SOCIETY FOR HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT AND CAREERJOURNAL. (On her) bra: Jenna Leigh. The affair helped me regain my self-esteem. Jim passed me in the hall and asked if I wanted to get a drink after work. After two years.


Become a Legendary Flirt Warning: These tips could cause your guy.Flaunt your inner Marilyn. BY KORIN MILLER 50to Ways . and total strangers suddenly to do whatever you say. your friends.

” Plus. look her up and down and say “That is such a great outfit. you’ve flirted like a demon on dates.m.and pay more attention to you in class.” 2 Gyno rushing through your visit? After looking at pics of her kids on her office wall. Winning someone over in a matter of seconds doesn’t have to involve using your boobs (although there’s a time and place for that too). 5 Act all innocent and shy when the adorable UPS guy happens to catch you still in your short silk robe at 10 a. but it also helps you get what you want—anywhere. your boss. the intern. no matter who you’re looking to lure in.” says relationship expert Susan Campbell. sexy. 3 When a relative gives a sappy toast at a family event. “It lets them know you still find them as appealing as ever. and undeniably fun ways to flirt.Fun and Fearless Of course.. but it doesn’t always have to be—it comes in many forms. you make them feel appreciated and admired. catch your new sister-in-law’s eye and wink. 1 Try this professional yet intimate gesture when you’re introduced to your man’s boss: Take his hand.” says Campbell. even your dog—should be on the receiving end of your irresistible charms.” She will love the chance to show off. anyplace. your best friend or long-term boyfriend. and use your free one to cover his as you shake.. ask how she MARCH 2010 / COSMOPOLITAN 181 . 8 Lean on the counter at the dry-cleaners so that the cashier can see your statement necklace slip into your cleavage. working your mojo cements the bond you already have with. “When you flirt with someone. so we pulled together a list of spunky. women. say. FLIRT (Monroe) Bettmann/Corbis. anytime. Why? Spreading the lighthearted love not only provides a serious ego boost when people have a positive response. kids—heck. 7 Ask your rubberlimbed yoga teacher to demonstrate an advanced asana that you’ve “always wanted to see done by a pro. but you’re seriously missing out if you’re not working your magic on everyone in your life. (Necklace) JESUS AYALA/STUDIO D. Men. 6 Frequently gush over your neighbor’s gorgeous flower boxes or garden and she’ll be more willing to water your plants while you’re away on a two-week vacation. silly. PhD. 4 Before you ask the salesclerk at your favorite store to grab you five different sizes. author of Truth in Dating. “Flirting can be sexual. and that makes them more receptive to you and willing to help you in any way they can. on a Saturday. TO GET USEFUL PEOPLE ON YOUR SIDE successfully manages to juggle a family with her amazing career.

(Lautner) Jordan Strauss/Getty Images. give him a playful smile. “I heard there would be tons of cute guys here. detailing the top 10 reasons she kicks ass. I’ve only seen one.” 17 Get the indie-music guy hanging near the jukebox to help you pick out a song. and run your fingers through your hair. and moan “Oh.. (Rose) SVEND LINDBAEK. and ask the guy sitting beside you what his favorite team is so you’ll “know who to root for. 31 Call your dad from Home Depot to ask his advice on your DIY project.” 21 26 Write an e-mail to your BFF out of the blue. your pecs are so hard. and ask him to give you some tips. 11 Encourage your stylist to audition for Bravo’s Shear Genius—because she would clearly win. TO PICK UP HOT GUYS (OR JUST MAKE YOURSELF FEEL SEXY) TO REWARD YOUR CREW FOR BEING SO GOOD TO YOU 14 Check out a cutie on the subway for two seconds. 13 Get the overworked intern’s advice on where to take a friend for cocktails because “a cool girl like you must know all the in places.” Walk up to that Taylor Lautner look-alike standing alone at a party.” Next time. stare into the eyes of the barista who made it. I felt like I was falling into a wall. . 10 Send your best friend’s mom a written thank-you note for the great advice she gave you last week.COM (Drinks. 30 When your male 22 Hit up a sports bar. SVEND LINDBAEK. laugh and say “You are hilarious!” loudly enough for everyone to hear. “I know hilarious people like you will appreciate this. yeah. did that hottie sitting a few feet away catch you? Send your grandma 2 dozen of her favorite flower. 18 Ask the motorcycle dude next to you to tell the story behind his “awesome” tattoo. look away. 12 E-mail your cubemates a funny story with a note that reads. cross your legs.” 25 Step off the dance floor and quickly adjust one of your thigh-high stockings. 27 Treat your pooch to an at-home doggy massage every a.” fall against a man’s chest.” 19 Recruit a hot stranger to do a karaoke duet with you because you have a feeling he’s a “crowd pleaser. from left) JESUS AYALA/STUDIO D. and say “Damn. 29 Tell your big sis she’s a total MILF. like you. 28 Let your little cousin win at Guitar Hero. and say. 20 Comment on a guy’s outfit with something like “It takes a lot of balls for a man to wear pink—I’m into that.” 24 Tell the guy running on the treadmill at the gym how impressed you are by his grueling workout. then glance back at him through lowered lashes. 23 Ask the hot Best Buy salesman to help you pick the perfect birthday present for your guy friend since he’s a “sexy tech genius.m.. just ’cause. So far. 16 “Trip. 33 182 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 COSMOPOLITAN. Uh-oh.” 32 Talk up your shy friend in front of the guy she’s crushing on.” friend shares a funny story. watch your drink appear before everyone else’s.FLIRT FLIRT 9 Take a sip of your mocha latte.that is sooo good. 15 Sitting in a room full of guys? Turn sideways in your chair. arch your back.

= Flushed Cheeks 41 When you’re at the movies. AUTHOR OF LUCKY IN LOVE AND FOUNDER OF SCHOOLOFFLIRTING. warming sensation down there. 39 Use your tongue to get that last crumb off your lips while eating dinner with him. Sexually charged interactions trigger the release of the sweat gland–stimulating hormone norepinephrine.. like ManEater and Fashionista.” Below-the-Belt Boost The oxytocin flood doesn’t just affect your breasts. = Tingling Tatas 35 Ask your mom if she has lost weight.” 46 47 Study his face. (Pepper) Image Source/Getty Images. strong man for this. 36 Next time you need advice. pair of silk boxers to pamper his package since it’s been working “extrahard” lately. and let him follow you up a long flight of a flood of the intimacy hormone oxytocin gets your heart pumping.” As you flirt. Here’s what happens to your bod.Brag about that time your animal-loving brother rescued a stray puppy while you’re out together with family friends. making you feel momentarily weak. SOURCE: GENERAL INTERNIST HOLLY PHILLIPS 38 Gift him with a (Dog) istockphoto. 43 Ask him to lift that bulky box off the top shelf because “I need a big. game-winning moves afterward. it also causes you to feel a tingly. Cozy up to a dude you dig and you’re likely to get palm puddles. WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND/ HUBBY TO MAKE HIM FEEL LIKE A STUD Weak Knees Feeling like you’re going to topple over when you chat up a hottie is totally normal. EVE MARX. SUSAN RABIN. making the twins swell with blood and become extrasensitive in the process. AUTHOR OF TRUTH IN DATING. lightly trace your fingers up and down his forearm. FLIRT 45 Cheer him on at his pickup football or soccer match. and recap his smooth. = = 44 Roll over in bed and lay your hand on his biceps.COM MARCH 2010 / COSMOPOLITAN 183 . 48 Grab his ass on your way into a restaurant. SOURCES: SUSAN CAMPBELL. The pleasure neurotransmitter dopamine rushes through your body. tell your girls “You guys will know exactly how I should deal with this..” 42 Slip into your fishnets while giving him the eye. Sit in the kitchen and watch him make his famous five-alarmfire chili because it’s “better than anything on the Food Network. Give it a gentle squeeze and say “Wow. and remark on how much he looks like [insert hot male celeb he kindasorta resembles here]. Blushing is an autoresponse to the adrenaline rush you get from making a move…and a dead giveaway that you’re into someone. PHD. 34 Anatomy of a Flirt 40 Send him a PG-13 TwitPic showing you naked from your armpits up with a message that reads “You can see the rest tonight.. = Sweaty Palms 37 Give everyone in your inner circle a flattering nickname.” That rush you feel when you’re charming a guy’s pants off? It isn’t just mental. 49 Get him to teach you his expert poker 50 Wear a very short skirt. AUTHOR OF READ MY HIPS. tricks. then take on other couples.

he’s obsessively checking his scores on the computer. Not to mention.COM Courtesy of subject (5) .” —Charlotte. I thought it was cute. but it got old really fast!” —Amy. making the What Up sign whenever he beats me at something. 23 Bad Sign “One of my guy’s most annoying habits is making a W then a U with his hands. Why do you care about a game that’s not even real. but my boyfriend totally ruined this photo—and a bunch of others—because he thinks it’s funny to jump in the background every time I try to get a cute picture with my friends.Funand Fearless Bitch It Snap Out of It “Not only does he look like a creeper. 24 What a Pig “Meet my new roommate.” —Ali. all he wants to do is play dress-up with my little sister.” —Niki. Getting along with my family is one thing. 18 Ball and Chain “I’m dating a fantasy-baseball addict. They found each other at a flea market. 22 184 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 COSMOPOLITAN. but getting decked out in a fireman costume is another. Halloween was months ago. when I’m naked over here?” —Whitney. 21 Extinguish This “Whenever my boyfriend comes over. and my boyfriend ‘just had’ to bring him home. He spends hours ‘studying’ for the draft and even makes spreadsheets with the players’ info. At first. When I wake up at his house.

‘Why don’t you bring home a nice boy for a change?’” —Claudia. EXPOSED On the Rocks “I always feel the urge to kick my guy out of the living room while my shows are on because he’s constantly crunching on ice. 28 Say Cheesy “We’ve been together for six years. SPECIAL EDITION: YOUR GUY. Ugh. 22 Courtesy of subject (6) COSMOPOLITAN. he came back to the dinner table with his boxers peeking out. and I reminded him that if he went to the bathroom to make sure he zipped up. The closest I’ve come to getting a normal picture of him is when he’s passed out asleep. He is in his 30s but acts like he’s 5. My fiancé thinks they are some beautiful pieces of artwork!” —Dana. Sure enough. 34 Frequent Flasher “My boyfriend has the annoying habit of not zipping up his fly.Out! Head Case “My picture frames were demoted to a box in the closet to make room for these sports caps in our bedroom. but sometimes they drive us freakin’ crazy. I just want to relax and watch television in peace!” —Heather. Check out what these chicks have to put up with.COM/BITCH-IT-OUT Annoyed beyond belief? Log on to share your pet peeve (and photos). my husband continues to clip his toenails in the shower and then the nails stick to the walls. 25 Nailed for Being Nasty “Even though I’ve asked him to stop a million times. We were on the way to a family gathering. and I don’t have a single shot of my husband where he isn’t striking a stupid pose or making an ugly face.” —Nicole. It is by far the most disgusting thing ever!” —Virginia. 29 We love men. MARCH 2010 / COSMOPOLITAN 185 . My grandma whispered.

bauergriffinonline. Soul Brother/FilmMagic. By Ky Henderson COSMONEWS exier s sexy vs. .com. from top) Majo Grossi/Getty Images. Hilary Duff and Jessica Szohr go at it on Gossip Girl. they’d simply compare what they think is hot to… what they think is even hotter. sloppy burger once in a while Sienna Miller Sienna Miller Chicks wearing bikinis Chicks wearing half of a bikini Telling us how much you want us when we get home from the bar Showing us how much you want us in the bathroom of the bar Revealing dresses with ultrahelpful easy-access zippers Ashley Greene Revealing dresses Ashley Greene 186 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 COSMOPOLITAN. So if they took over.COM (Left to right. Todd Williams on/ (2). © Paramount/cour Staying healthy and looking good tesy of Everett chevrolet. skanky Eva Longoria Parker gets a peck from a pal.Funand Fearless If Guys Edited Cosmo Dudes don’t really get skanky. 5-inch stilettos Not complaining that your feet hurt wenn. Kissing a friend hello Frenching a friend hello A new Camaro… …That doubles as an intergalactic laser-shooting robot Eating a big.

Funand Fearless

WADLEY. Senior fashion editor: Rebecca Hessel. Hair: Carlos Vera for Makeup: Jillian Chaitin for Nars. Manicure: Kim Chiu for Mark Edward Inc. Tank top: Ogle. This is a professional model.

‘‘The Naughtiest Thing I’ve Ever Done’’
After months of dealing with a mooching coworker, this girl jumped at the chance to call her out in front of the whole staff.
I was psyched when I landed and over. I hated the extra work but my first job as a marketing assis- was reluctant to create tension by telltant at a small academic publishing ing her off and worried I’d seem like house. I said yes to everything and a snitch if I complained to Steve, our viewed even sucky tasks like filing as hard-to-please boss. Maggie no doubt learning experiences. All my cowork- realized this and was taking full advaners were great…except Maggie (all tage of a naive newcomer like me. names have been changed). She was In the beginning, Maggie was at my level but obviously didn’t have a sweet and friendly when asking for grip on her responsibilities. Even help. But as time went on, she would though I was the newbie, Maggie con- occasionally toss the nice act aside stantly asked me to help her with easy and practically bark orders. I began stuff, from printing out mailing labels to suspect I was dealing with a serito transferring phone calls. ously shady character. So when she Now that I think about it, the way confided that she was trying to move she dressed revealed a lot about her. to a different department, I volunAt first glance, her outfits came off as teered to help her any way I could, professional and trendy, but when just to get rid of her. you looked closer, there was always I couldn’t believe it, but three something off—the cut would be months later, she was still there. The wrong or she’d be wearing three dif- even bigger shocker: She’d been ferent shades of black. promoted! Armed Unfortunately, in those with a new title, first few months, I was Maggie doubled her GLUTTONS FOR PUNISHMENT too blinded by new-job requests. I continNearly 50 percent nerves to notice. ued to play along of people who Before long, Maggie but knew I couldn’t are the target of workplace hostility had turned me into her take much more. have no plans to personal tech support and Finally, after she leave their job. tutor—I explained basic had the nerve to sit SOURCE: KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY STUDY procedures to her over across a conference
“Do I look like your damn assistant?”

table from me and pass off my ideas as her own, I decided to take action. Right before our next company-wide meeting, Maggie came over to my desk to grab her notes, which I had, of course, agreed to organize into talking points. That’s when I slipped her an outline of my project instead. In the meeting, she cluelessly started reading it out loud. It wasn’t until Steve interrupted her to ask why she was talking about my assignment that the penny dropped. Maggie just stared at me, slack-jawed. Several other people were nodding and smirking—guess I wasn’t the only one who knew what a nut Maggie was. I shrugged and said, “She must have grabbed my notes instead of the ones I wrote up for her.” Steve called Maggie into his office for a “chat,” and I was ushered in 30 minutes later. The result? She kept her promotion but had to stay in the department she hated. And I was promoted after my review three months later, thanks to my excellent ideas. I felt bad about hanging Maggie out to dry, but I learned a valuable lesson in the process: Give credit N where it’s due...or else.



Funand Fearless

Are Y ou There, Chelsea?
Hilarious author, comic, and Cosmo columnist Chelsea Handler will spout off on anything from one-night stands to her love of vodka. So who better to address the trendiest topics right now?

There’s no holding her back.

Spring Break
I never took part in spring break. I refused to attend those ridiculous beach outings in college. I mean, I also refused to go to college, but still, I’m sure I could have wandered down to Florida in March and obtained a good venereal disease had I wanted to. I’m also certain that I would have excelled at beer pong.

On-Set Romances
If you’re going to sleep with your costar in a movie, I think it’s important that you divorce your current spouse first. See: Tori Spelling. See also: LeAnn Rimes. I’m pretty sure that the Lifetime network alone is responsible for several broken marriages. I know some people say it’s impossible to work with somebody that closely every single day and not fall in love…or at least pork them. I disagree. See: Chuy. But I do understand that it happens. See: Angelina Jolie. Or see: Sienna Miller.

fan of their music, and I think they’re odd-looking. But in a world full of young stars like Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears, maybe I should give these boys a break. At least none of them have ever gone crazy and shaved their head, gotten arrested, or flashed their vagina. Perhaps these guys are good role models for kids. Not the kids who ever want to be cool or have sex, but the other kind.

Dating Two Men
I’ve never understood how anybody has the time to date two guys at once. I barely have the patience for one. I also own a dog, so I feel completely overwhelmed. Dealing with someone in constant need of attention and who waits at the door for me when I get home can be exhausting. Not to mention when the dog is there too. If you can’t find what you need in one man, maybe you should just be alone. If there’s one lesson we all should have learned from Carrie Prejean, it’s that it is okay to do things by yourself.

Brad and Angelina

The Jonas Brothers
I’ve never been silent about my feelings on the Jonas Brothers. I find them annoying. I can’t take seriously one person who wears anything representing their commitment to remaining a virgin, let alone three. I also am not a

Despite the rumors, Brad and Angelina are not going to split up. I do believe that they’re completely miserable, but it doesn’t matter. They have too many children to turn back now. Guys Who Frequent Maybe they got a good return policy Strip Clubs on the adopted ones in case things It’s fine if they go from time to time, didn’t work out, but they’d still have a but not regularly. Nobody likes the handful of biological kids, which are smell of strawberry lotion and girls much more difficult to ditch. Fire named after cars that much. If your stations usually stop taking them after boyfriend’s excuse is that he’s attendthey reach preschool ing a bachelor party, let age. I also assume that him go. If your boyCHECK OUT Brad is terrified of leavfriend’s excuse is that HER SHOW ing Angelina. Nobody it’s Tuesday, you may Watch Chelsea dish the latest wants to piss off a have a problem. The gossip and woman who once wore only exception to that interview tons somebody else’s blood rule: if he is, in fact, a of celebs on her show, Chelsea around her neck and stripper. In that case, Lately. It airs dry-humped her he’s just showing good weeknights at 11 on E! N brother. work ethic.


Christopher Kilkus/Contour by Getty Images


Fashion and Beauty Now 8 Must-Try Trends The latest styles are a lot like you: sometimes sweet and playful. PHOTOGRAPHS BY MARC BAPTISTE 1 THE WHITE TRENCH This classic staple in an updated color adds Bond Girl allure to any outfit. 192 COSMOPOLITAN . sometimes bold and badass.

2A (This page) dress. dog collar. $38. shoes. Marc Jacobs. Siman Tu. earrings. and leash. bracelets (from top).LINGERIEINSPIRED DRESS Delicate lace and figuretracing lines are a killer datenight combo. Vita Fede. Mulberry. $195. ring. $60. $215. Banana Republic. Alex Monroe. Preen by Thornton Bregazzi. bag. $325. Greene. La Cinopelca . $88. bracelet. $588 (Opposite page) trench coat. bag. MM Couture by Miss Me. Ted Rossi. $525. $135. C. $198. Tory Burch. dress.

$14.Transparent panels turn an LBD into an innocent yet provocative peep show. 3 CLEAR CUTOUTS Dress and bracelets. 194 COSMOPOLITAN / MONTH 200X . Swipe on a silver-tone lipstick. such as MAC’s Metal Maven. Michael Kors BEAUTY TIP: Frosted lips plus peekaboo plastic equals steaming hot.

bag. sunglasses. Sisco Family Jewels. Chinese Laundry. $59. (on left wrist) tigereye bracelet. Michael Kors. The Frye Company. shorts. $24. tank top. MARCH 2010 / COSMOPOLITAN 195 .Crew. $95. $40. $49.50. CC Skye. $60 4 UTILITARIAN BASICS Snag a cool safari jacket. J.50.V. Roxy. Ray-Ban. $88.Jacket. $28. $139. $328. and brass bracelet. belt. Banana Republic. boots. and rock it with rolled-up shorts and boots. New York & Company. beaded bracelet. $68.95. watch with leather band. earrings. A. Max. (on right wrist) leather wrap bracelet. $140. Max Mara.

Bebe. $300. two parts femme fatale. Melanie Auld Designs. $395. Ranjana Khan . (on left wrist) bracelet. skirt. (on right wrist) bracelet. earrings. $195. Zimmermann. $220. $385. Ranjana Khan. and ring.CHIC 5 DANCER The ballerina look is one part feminine. Bodysuit. $69.

bag. necklace. Lydell NYC.80.Jacket. Loft. shoes. Ann Taylor. $195. $45 NEUTRAL 6 THE NEW Revive beige separates by pairing them with superlight pink. $8. $28. belt. $398. Forever 21. Charlotte Ronson. $298. camisole. Elie Tahari. Mulberry. pants. MARCH 2010 / COSMOPOLITAN 197 .

. Nail-polish decals. $400. Nicole Miller Collection. Robert Lee Morris. ring. booties. Alexis Bittar. Dolce & Gabbana. nix drying time. $6. Fashion director: Michelle McCool Hair: Jason Murillo for Garren NY at Atelier Management Makeup: Renee Garnes for Lancôme at Artists by Next Manicure: Tatyana Molot at Artists by Next Illustrations by Claudia Domingues for Alice + Olivia See page 234 for shopping information.A techno print gives fembot sex appeal to a dangerously tight dress.99 (in sheer shades). like Sally Hansen 14 Day Nail Shield. DETAILS 7 GRAPHIC Dress. bracelet. $175 BEAUTY TIP: Eyecatching rings and bangles call for flawless tips.

(on right wrist) leather and silver bracelets. $335. $75. and belt. $645.WEST GEAR Ride ’em. 8 WILD- Shirt. $88 MONTH 200X / COSMOPOLITAN MARCH 2010 199 . Ginette_NY. Waxing Poetic. Sisco Family Jewels. (on left wrist) bracelet. Cynthia Desser. necklace. $395. $55 each. bra. cowgirl! Frills and denim will rope him in every time. brown bracelet with polka dots. $195. D&G. skirt. $395.

.The Hot Hues for Spring This season’s deliciously delicate shades are perfect for a lazy afternoon spent sipping cocktails and torturing the pool boy. KATIE CASSIDY shows you how it’s done. Melrose Place’s resident man magnet. PHOTOGRAPHS BY KENNETH WILLARDT .

necklace. Kara Ross. DANNIJO MARCH 2010 / COSMOPOLITAN 201 . $220. $88. $275 (bottom). $238 each (top and middle). bracelets.MELLOW YELLOW Cardigan. Ann Taylor.

$238. sunglasses. $368. Alexis Bittar. Tibi. necklace. $325. Gucci. $60 each BEAUTY TIP: Don’t forget protection when flaunting skin outdoors. bracelet (on left wrist). Casadei. Keep it gorgeous with Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Moisturizing Lotion With SPF 30. Ben-Amun by Isaac Manevitz. $295. and shorts. $195. shoes. $155.SPLASH OF COLOR Bustier. bracelets (on right wrist). $7. middle). and bracelet (on right wrist. 202 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 .

ring (on left hand). necklace. $410. House of Lavande. $280. $548 . $48.PINK LADY Dress. Dsquared. ring (on right hand). Diane von Furstenberg. shoes. CC Skye. Ann Taylor.

Giuseppe Zanotti Design. skirt. $425. Beverly Hills. California Makeup: Christy Coleman at the Wall Group Manicure: April Foreman at the Wall Group See page 234 for shopping information. DKNY Jeans. Cynthia Steffe. . Jenny Redken at Cush Salon.MINT CONDITION Top. earrings. Joanna Laura Constantine. bracelets. shoes. $59. $115 for set of 12 Senior fashion editor: Heather Pfaff Hair: Jason Stanton for cloutieragency. $120. $680.

$63. DANNIJO. Ann Taylor.GOING FOR GOLD Dress. necklace. $340 each (top and bottom). just past your outer corners. bracelets. $225 BEAUTY TIP: Add drama to daytime cocktails by extending Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner in Blackest Black. $128. $250 (middle). MARCH 2010 / COSMOPOLITAN 205 . Nancy Gonzalez. $10. Kenneth Jay Lane. Lulu*s. clutch. ring.

. uneven brows. Pre-applied strips let you take off an even amount of hair on either side. Massachusetts. Rinse. sprinkle on powder to give wax a better grip. and pull off the wax. First. Massage it onto skin for a minute. suggests dermatologist Elissa Lunder. going the opposite way. apply a glycolic acid–rich cream Wednesday. To keep those top layers dewy.” says Dr. Jk[iZWo SCORE SMOOTH SKIN L TACKLING THIS TASK TODAY… Lets your skin recover from any sensitivity by Saturday and appear totally flawless and touchable. Apply them in the direction of hair growth. BY LEAH WYAR CedZWo DEFUZZ YOUR LADY PARTS L TACKLING THIS TASK TODAY… Gives your irritated.” on page 208) until they’re as long as a grain of rice. or two exfoliation steps in a row. trim them (see “Your OhSo-Hot Tool Kit. then leave it on like a mask for another minute. just-waxed bikini area plenty of time to heal. Next. founder of Shobha hair-removal salon in NYC. L GET-SEXY SECRETS: Achieve complexion perfection with a double slough. Thursday. and pat skin dry.I[noXo IWjkhZWo Got big plans for the steamiest night of the week? If you wait until the last minute. of Wellesley. Tidy remaining hairs by trimming. and Friday nights. ideal for shaping a landing strip. “This loosens the bonds that hold dull. and wax the sides of your bikini area only (not your lady bits). L GET-SEXY SECRETS: Long hairs can get tangled in the wax. hold the skin taut. do a task or two a day and you’ll walk out the door looking gorge. so you’ll be bump-free on your big night. then lather up with a cleanser made with glycolic or salicylic acid (both are chemical exfoliators). Rinse. dead skin cells together. Lunder. Instead. rub a physical exfoliator (code for gritty) into wet skin for about 60 seconds. upping your wince risk. and dull skin. you could end up with bikini-line bumps. Skip the Brazilian (ouch!). says Shobha Tummala.

A. PHOTOGRAPHS BY GREG BROOM . Not sure a hair should go? Hide it with concealer to get a prepluck preview. pencil in your brows darker than usual (line up inner brows with the sides of your nostrils.” says L. brow expert Kristie Streicher. Knowing you have oodles of time prevents reckless plucking (like the kind you do 60 seconds before a hot date). pulling in the direction of growth. L GET-SEXY SECRETS: Pros are best at major shape changes..M[Zd[iZWo CREATE AMAZING ARCHES L TACKLING THIS TASK TODAY… Can head off botched brows. and step back from the mirror. then follow your natural arch). Take off makeup. but cleanups are doable at home..and easiest after a shower. and have one last look-see. so hairs are easier to remove. Like the shape? Tweeze outof-bounds hairs. First. “The steam softens the follicles.

celeb manicurist in L. Dress: Jay Godfrey. knees. $65—a mix of rose and peony— on top of damp. suggests Rachel Goodwin. $7. lotioned-up skin. sprays upside down. Blow-dry strands upside down. and CoverGirl Boundless Color in Megawatt Mauve. nixing nicks. use only a styling cream. Essie Nail Color in Shifting Power. Wait 15 seconds so the mist settles. Dry off.” says Jenna Hipp. bend at the waist and reach around. Get a feel for the sprayer’s speed on paper before using it. $18. L Spritz your favorite perfume on just-moisturized skin. SATURDAY Spray YSL Parisienne.and let the sometimessmelly chemical scent air out. and tease the crown area. and gently exfoliate all over with a loofah. When you’re comfortable. stand up and blow out small sections. L GET-SEXY SECRETS: Jump in the shower. 208 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 COSMOPOLITAN. which can lead to streaks. Let hair cool while you get dressed. O ekh E^#Ie#>ej JeebA_j All the primpers you’ll need to prep your little heart out MONDAY Pull skin taut when shortening hairs with the Gillette Venus Bikini Trimmer. and apply in circular motions. FRIDAY Soft shades. Use a big powder brush (ideal for the body). like your back.. When hair is halfway dry.” says Natalie Cupid. “Neutral colors camouflage mistakes.A.J^khiZWo BE A BRONZE GODDESS L TACKLING THIS TASK TODAY… Leaves you time to even out streaks. then hang out naked until you’re dry (about 10 minutes). Fragrance molecules will stick around until the wee hours of night. and hop back into the shower (it can be rinsed of any tanning residue). tugging at roots to create volume. then apply lotion to bony areas (like knuckles. spraying from your neck to butt. says NYC stylist Teddy Charles. L Tweeze new bikini-line hairs. a multitasker that protects wet hair from heat damage plus adds shine and smooths frizz. $5. IWjkhZWo MASTER THE FINISHING TOUCHES Do these last few steps in order to achieve the final megabombshell effect. $3. celebrity makeup artist for Chanel. To avoid buildup and flat hair. smooths strands. hide chips. WEDNESDAY One Tweezerman Slant Tweezer. apply brown shadow to lids. buff them with a wet loofah. which absorb more product. and blast them with heat from a blow-dryer. and dot petroleum jelly on top to create a sultry sheen. and wrists). $20. then apply a base coat and two coats of color. L For a total-sexpot twist to your usual makeup routine. If streaks show up. To tint your back. thanks to salicylic acid and a nubby buffing tool. . “They don’t require rubbing in. is all you’ll need for life— simply return it to the company when it needs sharpening. Finish with a thin layer of top coat. but apply conditioner to ends only so roots stay perky and fresh. smudge it out to the sides. $10. groom them with a trimmer. Now grab an aerosol spray. $5. L After you’re dressed. Pull skin taut so you don’t nick it.. L Set hair in large Velcro rollers. while sparkly formulas anchor lacquer to the nail. top off exposed self-tanned skin with bronzing powder. senior technician at NYC’s Sundara tanning salon. offers a double slough in one step. mist on using even horizontal strokes. winding them with a boar-bristle round brush. L GET-SEXY SECRETS: Wash your hair. like Estée Lauder Pure Color in Iced Rose. then take out the rollers. <h_ZWo PREP YOUR MANE AND GET YOUR MANI ON L TACKLING THESE TASKS TODAY… Saves you serious style time tomorrow and lets your scalp produce 24 hours’ worth of oil. which grounds hot air–induced flyaways. Holding the can 6 inches from skin. earrings: Kenneth Jay Lane.COM (Stills) JEFFREY WESTBROOK/STUDIO D. $8. If hairs are too long for your liking. clip up your hair. THURSDAY Sally Hansen Airbrush Sun for Body. file tips so they’re even. Push back cuticles. TUESDAY L’Oréal Paris Go 360° Clean Deep Exfoliating Scrub. Next up: nails. Sunsilk Hydra TLC 24/7 Creme. Nails get hours of drying time. ideal for tinting hard-toreach areas.69.

myshobha.Senior fashion editor: Rebecca Hessel Hair: Leon Gorman for Cutler NYC/Redken at See Management Makeup: Tracy Murphy for Lancôme Manicure: Myrdith LeonMcCormack at Ford Artists for m2m damorejon Waxer: Bimala for See page 234 for shopping information.  7d_dijWdjboikbjho cWa[kf[\\[Yj0 IckZ][oekhb_d[h$ MARCH 2010 / COSMOPOLITAN 209 .

Emma Watson .

The barrier prevents color from sticking to your porous pearly whites—plus. Next. What’s the deal? “Red shades can be packed with three times more pigment than paler shades. Trouble is. vice president of color research and development at Coty. it makes your grin extraglossy. rub a cotton swab across your teeth to remove any trace of pigment. (Zhang) Francois Durand/Getty Images. (Stills. throughout) JEFFREY WESTBROOK/STUDIO D. Their photos prove that no one—not even someone in the hands of a pro—is immune to beauty slipups. and rub it over your front teeth. Follow them and you’ll always be picture-perfect.” SOLUTION: Try this trick from celeb makeup artist Brett Freedman: Apply lipstick. “The stark contrast of red on white is simply more noticeable than pink or nude on white. Then dip the opposite end of the swab into petroleum jelly.” explains Alan Farer. and blot. (Momsen) Dave Allocca/startraksphoto . its rich pigment seems to have a magnetic pull toward teeth. That’s why our simple goof-proofing tips are so valuable.LITTLE THINGS THAT SPOIL YOUR LOOK (Watson) Jon Furniss/WireImage. Check out these A-list babes. MARCH 2010 / COSMOPOLITAN 211 . BY JESSICA WHITE Ziyi Zhang Taylor Momsen BEAUTY BLUNDER Lipstick-Tinted Teeth Bold crimson lip color has an all-eyes-on-you effect—the reason it’s so popular on the red carpet.


A Mismatched Face and Body

Jennifer Lopez

Victoria Beckham

Camilla Belle

Makeup That Makes Your Eyes Look Smaller

Part of the Maybelline Eye Studio shadow kit in Pink Passion, $10

A smoky eye is one of the sexiest night-out looks, but going too dark or being heavy-handed can create the illusion of less white space in your eyes, which slims them, says Maral Balian, makeup artist for Warren-Tricomi Salon in NYC. SOLUTION: Black isn’t the only way to sport a smoky set. “Gray, especially if it sparkles, has a just-as-sexy effect without narrowing the eye area,” says Balian. First, line your upper and lower lash lines with black liner, but keep the line thin—no thicker than a piece of angel-hair pasta. Now swipe gray shadow onto your lids and, using a thin eyeliner brush, apply it over the liner as well to brighten it. Smudge the color to diffuse any harsh edges. Finally, place a white, shimmery shadow in the inner corners and directly above your irises to make eyes pop.


Way-Shiny Skin
Brittany Snow

Even if you’re religious about self-tanning from head to toe, your face will inevitably look paler, as it’s washed and exfoliated more frequently than your body is, and that accelerates the fading process. SOLUTION: Avoid discoloration by using bronzer. “Those with pink undertones prevent orange-looking skin,” says makeup artist Rick DiCecca. We like Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Bronzing Blush, $32 (above). Apply it to your forehead, nose, and cheekbones and from your jawline to your neck. “Blending these key areas makes everything match,” says DiCecca.

Jessica Simpson

Celebs have sweltering lights to contend with. In real life, high restaurant temps or a sweaty night of dancing can leave you looking like a hot mess. SOLUTION: Head off slippery skin by adding these steps to your get-ready routine: Apply face primer to absorb slickness, then even out your complexion with an oil-free base, says celeb makeup artist Monika Blunder. Set everything with translucent powder. Rather than using powder to touch up later (layers of it can look cakey), use blotting paper—ingredients like rice nix oil sans residue. Press a sheet against skin so you don’t rub off your makeup.



(Belle) Amy Graves/WireImage. (Snow) Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage. (Lopez) Steve Granitz/WireImage. (Beckham) Todd Williamson/WireImage. (Simpson) Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage.


Rings Around the Eyes
What’s worse than sleep-deprived raccoon eyes? Reverse raccoon eyes, or those surrounded with concealer that is too light or chalky. Not cute. CoverGirl & Olay SOLUTION: Be sure your concealer is no more than one shade Simply Ageless lighter than your foundation or skin tone, suggests celeb Concealer, $11 makeup artist Molly Stern. Also, check the ingredients list to make sure the formula doesn’t contain zinc, which can create a white residue that’s supervisible in pictures taken with a flash. Once you’ve chosen a winner, follow Stern’s foolproof color-matching method: Apply concealer to well-moisturized skin (doing so prevents cakiness). Press it on with one finger, which warms and melts the formula, then top it with a thin layer of foundation so it matches the rest of your skin. Set everything in place with translucent powder.

(McCord) Brad Barket/Getty Images. (Eve) David Livingston/WireImage. (Meester) John Parra/WireImage for Victoria’s Secret. (Diaz) Kevin Winter/Getty Images (2).


Chips All Over Your Tips
AnnaLynne McCord Eve


Bedhead Brows
Of course, groomed arches are important. But even a perfect shape can look out of whack when hairs aren’t combed into place, says Rachel Gangemi, brow specialist at Valery Joseph Salon in NYC. SOLUTION: Using a lash brush (like the one at right) or clean mascara wand, brush brows in an up-and-out direction, until they look uniform. Dot on a little water to tame stubborn hairs that stick out. Finally, spritz the brush with hair spray (or use a brow gel) to hold hairs in place. FYI: This should be the last step of your routine—applying makeup afterward can mess up your work.

Leighton Meester Anastasia Mini Duo Brush #7, $18, and Clear Brow Gel, $21

Like jewelry, nail polish accessorizes your look...and you wouldn’t wear a nicked-up gemCameron stone ring, would you? Diaz We’re not suggesting you have to be manicure-perfect all the time (who has the cash for that?), but if you are going out and plan on holding a glass of wine all night or are meeting a slew of new people and will be shaking hands with them, take two seconds to touch up. SOLUTION: The easiest way to fix chips is with a nail-polish pen (it’s filled with lacquer) in a shade that matches the polish on your fingers. “One drop will give you enough polish to conceal the mistake,” explains celebrity manicurist Elle. (We like Sally Hansen Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Color Pen, $8.) Let polish dry for 60 seconds, then skip the timely application of a top coat and instead apply cuticle oil over nails to add shine. It’s also smart to store a packet of nail-polish-remover wipes in your wallet—in cases of major mess-ups, bare nails are better.

See page 234 for shopping information.



cosmo life
Adios, flyaways!


(Model) KIM MYERS ROBERTSON. (Extraspicy Bloody Mary) (Mimosa) excerpted from Tiny Bubbles: Fizzy Cocktails for Every Occasion Using Champagne, Prosecco, and Other Sparkling Wines, by Kate Simon. Photographs by Sheri Giblin. Published by Chronicle Books. © 2008. (Lips) courtesy of

Chill With Him
A new study just emerged that found watching television is one of Americans’ favorite ways to veg out. Coincidentally, Netflix has simultaneously added a ton of TV shows to its Instant Stream feature (no need to wait around for the DVDs). This Sunday, invite him over to cuddle up and watch episodes of your favorite show—think Lost or 30 Rock. Whip up some popcorn or grab some pretzels, and relish the last few hours of your weekend by just lounging.

Brunch Beverage OUT IN

Extraspicy Bloody Mary


Pamper Your Hair
The weather is finally warmer—time to undo all the damage the cold air did to your hair. Saturday a.m., try this recipe to boost shine: Mash together 1 avocado, 1 T olive oil, 1 T apple-cider vinegar, and 1 T brown sugar. Work in, and leave on for 5 minutes before rinsing. Or try Aveeno Nourish + Shine Shampoo and Conditioner ($7).

Rock Out With Friends

There’s a new game from XBox that’s perfect for weekends when you’re craving something low-key. Invite pals over, grab some beer and good frozen pizzas (think DiGiorno), and try Lips ($60, It comes with mikes and lets you do karaoke to cool current songs. But this isn’t just a sing-along. It also rates how well you keep up. So plan to get your Lady GaGa on.

When your weekend is packed full of errands, do something nice for yourself for each thing you get done—like swing by a cute café for a latte.

Relaxation Pointer


he’ll watch it just to keep you around. (Male model) apix..m. For every shot made. suggests you get creative with the game H-O-R-S-E. When you spot a hunk whose umbrella you’d like to get under. 216 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 COSMOPOLITAN. Then offer to buy him a drink to thank him for his chivalry. SOURCE: GEORGE WEINBERG. Hot Date Together Play With Him March Madness starts on the 16th. Good thing he isn’t a sore loser. He DVRs your favorite show. like give a steamy Even though he doesn’t love it. Approach him and ask if he’d escort you to your car so that you don’t get drenched.m. so make a Saturday a. Then I get stuck with the whole dinner tab that evening. (Couple) Taxi/Getty Images. He asks how you like your coffee. (Illustrations) JAMES LANUZA. bring your tiniest travel umbrella. so be crafty by tossing the ball under a leg or backward. AUTHOR OF WHY MEN WON’T COMMIT —Kevin. Translation: He hopes you leave it at his place and come back for it later. the other has to do something sexy.cosmo life weekend 3 Signs He Wants to Spend More Time With You BY JESSICA KNOLL Y and Him ou Tap In to Your Guy’s Weekend Brain “She shops all day with her friends and blows her money on a pair of shoes or a bag.. The next time you’re running errands in sucky weather. We suggest you ditch the word H-O-R-S-E for B-A-L-L-S (as in basketballs).COM . Tara VanDerveer. stash yours in your purse. head coach of women’s basketball at Stanford University.” HIS PET PEEVE He says it’s too hot for your sweater.. He’s hoping you’ll stick around longer in the PHD. date at a basketball court. 29 Fun. Each player has to replicate the other’s shot and make it to avoid getting a letter. Fearless Way to Meet a Guy (Bag) JESUS AYALA/STUDIO D.


com. making the room seem larger. use touches of light colors everywhere else ( 4-inch border around the rectangle. artwork. Also. etc. but flowers die. If you want the display to be really your place cosmo life BY BETHANY HEITMAN Your Decorating Dilemmas— Solved Eric Cohler. and my blanket gets all bunched up in it. you can just bleach it). Colorful candles are always a good idea too. Q: I can’t afford a headboard for my bed. it helps it recede. Then. How can I modernize it? A: Shop for a simple slipcover—you can find really inexpensive ones now. paint a 3.) to make the area feel alive and Images Q: I have a duvet cover. Choose a color that complements your bedding. Choose a color that goes with the room or opt for white (it’s actually the easiest color to care for: If it gets dirty. Secure them to all four sides of the comforter before slipping it inside the duvet cover. 218 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 redcover. COSMOPOLITAN. vases. and fill it with sand or moss balls. How can I keep it smooth? A: You can find weighted clips at stores . How do I lose the dorm look? A: Paint a headboard! It is cheap and takes no time at all. What lasts? A: Buy a large glass vase (they’re cheap at Pier 1 and Ikea). Q: I like the look of a centerpiece on my dining table or coffee table. and paint a large rectangle right above where your bed sits. Q: I have a bunch of photos I want to display. comes to the rescue. pick frames that have mats in them. Then buy the same frame in different sizes. Any suggestions on how? A: Order varying sizes of prints on a Website like Shutterfly.COM Q: What’s a simple way to make my puny space appear bigger? A: Most people stay away from darkcolored paint. an interior designer in New York City who can make any room look great. Then dress it up with unique pillows. and hang them in groups. You can also set out one or a stack of pretty photo albums on a coffee table—they’re fun for guests to flip through. with a contrasting color. but if you use a deep hue on only your ceiling or one wall. ugly couch. like Bed Bath and Beyond. Q: My parents gave me their old.


(Lee) PETER MURDOCK. and serve with mango chutney. and secure with a toothpick. and bake until bacon is crisp. Serve with mustard or duck sauce. Place skewers on prepared baking sheet. Arrange on a tray for guests to nibble on throughout the evening. whip up a few tasty hors d’oeuvres. for serving ⁄3 cup Dijon mustard 2 cups seasoned bread crumbs ¾ teaspoon kosher salt ¼ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper Honey mustard or duck sauce. Place on baking sheet. That’s it. skinless chicken breasts. Wine-Tasting Tips L Assign friends to bring white. Drain on a paper towel. California. Argentina…). cosmo life Devils on Horseback Everyone will love the salty-sweet combo of the bacon and the dates! 24 pecans 24 pitted dates 8 slices bacon (don’t use thick-cut). Wrap each date with a piece of bacon. for serving Skewers 1 Gruyère (or your fave firm cheese) Blue (like Roquefort) Grapes Sliced apples Dried fruit (like apricots and figs) Nuts Crackers and crusty bread Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Goat cheese (chop a handful of fresh herbs. L Nothing ruins nice wine like drinking it out of a plastic cup. and roll the goat cheese in it) Brie 220 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 COSMOPOLITAN.COM LARA ROBBY/STUDIO D. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. and pepper. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Just gather your crew. Just pick a region (Tuscany. rosé. In a shallow dish. . cut into strips The Perfect Cheese Plate Choose a variety of cheeses with a range of textures and flavors. As the hostess. serve these bites (they go perfectly with any vino). Thread chicken pieces onto skewers. and red so you don’t end up with too many bottles of one variety. Dredge each chicken skewer in bread-crumb mixture until evenly coated. working the skewer in and out of the meat. and spray with nonstick cooking spray. and have fun sipping and sampling. Stores like Ikea or a restaurant-supply store should have some as inexpensive as a dollar or two. about 8 to 10 minutes. 1½ pounds boneless. Brush chicken with Dijon mustard. Dijon Chicken Satay Meat on a stick: This makes eating onehanded so much easier. salt. really fun way to entertain. but a wine tasting can be a nofuss. Food stylist: Susan this up An Easy Wine-Tasting Party You don’t have to be a wine snob. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. L Put out notepads and pens so guests can write down the names of their favorite wines. Prop stylist: Thom Driver for Halley Resources. and bake until cooked through. cut crosswise into thirds 1½ to 2 cups mango chutney. It may sound daunting. L Provide bottled water so that nobody gets tipsy. combine bread crumbs. so invest in a set of wineglasses. about 8 to 10 minutes. You will be stressfree and save a bundle on booze. Katie Lee and have each guest bring a bottle from that area. Insert a pecan into each date.


COM (Top to bottom. or fish has fewer than 300 calories. says Tanya Zuckerbrot. 222 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 COSMOPOLITAN. Metabolism Booster Because it requires more energy to digest. protein fires up your calorie-burning ability. 22 of those fat grams are the arteryclogging saturated kind. it’s less damaging. it has no real nutritional value. and only 7 of those fat grams are saturated. RD. Dorling Kindersley/Getty Images (2). this dessert has some calcium. SOURCE: JOURNAL OF CONSUMER RESEARCH A Weird Reason You May Overeat Fast Fact concoctions are Sweetened coffee sooo satisfying in cold weather. trimmed A regular hot cup of joe averages around 60 calories. founder of skinnyinthecity. one brownie is 130 calories fewer than the sundae. Yet when they went out to eat with a heavier friend. serving of skinless chicken. Lean Protein When young adults in a recent study dined out with a thin pal who chowed down.healthy sexy strong FOOD FIGHT Hot-Fudge Sundae cosmo life vs. they subconsciously ate heartily as well. Too bad it’s negated by the hefty calorie and fat counts. Flickr RF/Getty Images. partprotein. go with something that’s part-carb. Chocolate Brownie Calories: 540 Fat: 30 grams Thanks to the milk in the ice cream. . If you crave a treat. Still. A few ideas: peanut butter on whole-wheat crackers or Greek yogurt with fruit. A 3-oz. from left) StockFood/Getty Images. they were more likely to eat lighter. but they have about 240 calories each. SOURCE: CARVEL AND STARBUCKS NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION Q&A “What should I snack on after a workout?” If you’re sure you really are hungry (and you don’t just have exerciseinduced faux cravings). Calories: 410 Fat: 24 grams Gooey and chocolaty.


Your mysterious charm intoxicates guys (you’ll give them a smile but then wait for them to come to you). Dating tip: While grabbing coffee on the 31st. Love advice: The erotic Sun says to break out flavored lube to kick up foreplay a notch. 1983 Gemini (MAY 20–JUNE 20) The fun Moon wants you to host a cocktail party. The surprise factor makes your hookup so intense. Emily Blunt Feb. 21) Overwhelming Saturn jam-packs your nights. and go on the scariest rides. Push your undies to the side for sex—undressing takes too long.and what to watch out for. plan to go out of town near the 25th. Love advice: With impatient Uranus ruling. 23–SEPT. and have your way with him. so play it cool that night. Cancer Patient Saturn rules after the 21st. So have a pleasure party for one. then invite him to meet you at a local hot spot later that night. Dating tip: Radical Uranus calls for an unusual date on the 6th. Dating tip: Close to the 12th. the fortuitous Moon inspires a cute out-of-towner to ask you for directions. Dating tip: When a new guy asks you out. Strengths: Compassionate. mention that you love the Colts. and Taurus (APRIL 20–MAY 19) 224 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 COSMOPOLITAN. but the secluded Moon makes alone time a priority after the 15th.COM Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic You usually love to party. 18–MARCH 20) Pisces homemade guac. Love advice: Walk around in slinky lingerie under the gutsy Moon—he’ll pounce ASAP. Schedule a refreshing oxygen facial. Use a headband to bind his wrists above his head. invite a small group of people over for margaritas. then ask a mutual friend to tell him you’re into him. Love advice: Under spontaneous Mars. A cute guy will help you clean up. climb on top. 22) Brave Jupiter tempts you to take a trip. opportune Jupiter says to fake-spill your cup. Spin class will rev up your energy during this busy time. Find your G-spot. The adrenaline rush will put you both in an I-wanna-ripyour-clothes-off mood. Aries (MARCH 21–APRIL 19) Thanks to lucky Jupiter. and get rowdy on the dance floor. suspicious What makes you sexy: You’re the ideal blend of down-to-earth and girlie girl. stop by his place after girls’ night. let your guy in on the technique. When you see him near the 4th. Trust us. you’ll want to avoid the drama. A hottie who’s waiting for his buddy will ask you out. Love advice: Daring Venus says to up the kink. 23. Your birthday month: Speaking your mind is not your strong suit. Help him out. so rally pals at a favorite brunch place on the 7th and share the scoop. Later. (JUNE 21–JULY 22) With exciting Jupiter in play. 22–OCT. intuitive Weaknesses: Overly sensitive. a guy friend shows interest at a party. 22) . Dating tip: A friend brings her coworker to happy hour. Dating tip: Captivating Venus says to show up 20 minutes early to enjoy a solo drink before dinner with friends. and master the blended orgasm. so proceed with caution. Take advantage by plowing through your to-do list in a single day.Get a sneak peek at what to look forward to. mojitos. you want him bad. Love advice: Get into bed early on the 9th for a slowie inspired by languid Neptune. Bonus: Your positive energy attracts tons of men. Libra (SEPT. Leos love to be center stage. BIRTHDAY GIRL (FEB. a surprise is in store for you (think an unexpected visit from an old flame) near the 4th. Invite the guy you’re BY STACEY WOLF seeing to a theme park. You’ll feel so accomplished that rewarding yourself will be a no-brainer. sculpted ass. the inquisitive Moon advises you to look at his FB page. Love advice: Exotic Venus suggests going down on each other in the shower. Virgo (AUG. Play a hot movie in the background (try Celebrity—it has a Leonardo sex scene) to set a seductive tone. Dating tip: As sultry Venus circulates. If possible. Don’t leave without giving him your number—he’ll text you within 24 hours.. On the 20th. unrealistic. check out off-season destinations. but under the bold Sun near the 17th. His pics reveal a revolving door of girls. Taking an a. Probing Pluto uncovers a nasty secret within your social circle around then. artistic. you learn new info about your secret crush (like his fave sports team).. Being in control is so damn sexy. like Europe. you get great news at work—a promotion or an exciting project could come your way after the 7th. Dating tip: Thanks to strategic Mercury. Go to and pick out a new sex toy. Celebrate! Invite all your friends to a fun club. He digs a tease.m. Love advice: The titillating Sun coaxes you into some X-rated shopping together. and the romantic Moon creates chemistry. The icing on the cake? A sexy. call out a friend for a bitchy remark or tell your guy you crave oral. Leo (JULY 23–AUG. but don’t put workouts on the back burner or you’ll feel blah.


and let the coupling up begin. the creative Sun triggers your artsy side. pause. On the 3rd. Turn him on even more by tucking lacy panties into his pocket before work. move to the stairs.” Scorpio Taurus The macho Moon makes him crave guy time near the 15th. which you find romantic. Aquarius The Crab’s dependable nature wins your trust— no easy feat. as the intense Moon rules. oral.M.. 23–NOV. The move he’s craving: A tease. Dating tip: Although preppy guys are more your type. (Don’t forget to delete the evidence. He’ll want a distraction on the 17th. Your deep connection makes sex an intense. 1985 Leonardo DiCaprio Nov. The move he’s craving: Playful pain. The move he’s craving: A steamy view. He is MIA under the reclusive stars but will resurface on the 10th once energetic Mars rules. He’s determined to please you in bed. Text him at dinner “Let’s skip dessert. The move he’s craving: Neck action. Let him talk it out over burgers and beers on the 17th. but the stars say you’d be smart to save. 1974 Sagittarius (NOV. Dating tip: Playful Jupiter has you going on a fun double date with a coupled-up friend and her guy’s buddy on the 7th. Sagittarius . so tell him what gets you hot. 21) Capricorn (DEC. turn on the lights. Scorpio (OCT..and make out in the nearly empty theater. Have him pull over. 11. The move he’s craving: A sexy plan. then start again. Cook pasta at his place around the 14th. text an old booty call for a no-strings-attached hookup. Love advice: Suggestive Venus says to make a classic board game racy. Have an all-night sexathon to make up for lost time. so hold his gaze during missionary and moan his name.COM 226 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 (From left) Soul Brother/FilmMagic. laptop. Aquarius COSMOPOLITAN. Sign up for a pottery or photography class. COSMOPOLITAN. When he’s tempted to blow it on the 21st. and get it on in the backseat. 20–FEB. Dating tip: Under unexpected Uranus. Thanks to impulsive Uranus. The move he’s craving: Verbal passion. Bring him to the brink.” Passionate Uranus makes this stoic guy romantic on the 6th. He’s traditional (like giving you his jacket). The stars predict this will be a spicy match. Master the tricky art of sex against the wall. 20) The competitive Sun has you gunning for a new challenge. The stars say you’ll meet a cute do-gooder who’ll fall hard for your ambitious streak. Offer to take him to your fave sushi spot and give him an insider’s tour. The move he’s craving: A public tryst. like ride ATVs or take a hike. The move he’s craving: A challenge. Lightly spank him or pull his hair midaction.. Do something active. and wake him up with your lips. Lightly nibble all the way down to his collarbone. soulful experience. I just want you. He turns into a gym rat under the disciplined Sun after the 20th. Make a sextriathlon date near the 7th—start on the couch. Play hooky: Do brunch and a matinee. thanks to the insatiable Moon. Leo This outgoing guy prefers quiet nights under the mellow Moon. (JAN. 17) Pisces:Best Love Matches Cancer Scorpio Chace Crawford July 18. slip into the coat closet for a steamy kiss. Turning Him On Pisces The stars reveal how to tantalize your man based on his sign. Meet during lunch hour to squeeze in a quickie. 19) The 17th will be a big night—think a friend’s bachelorette party or an anniversary dinner with your man. Turn off his alarm. Capricorn Lucky Jupiter puts extra cash in his pockets. use your skills on your guy. but have your groups meet up later. and end in the shower. The move he’s craving: A. Love advice: Passionate Jupiter wants you to try this naughty idea with him: Have sex every day for the entire month. Virgo Gemini Guided by expansive Jupiter. Daring Jupiter urges you to sex up your look for the occasion. 21–JAN. He’s craving sensual sex.COM/ASTRO Find out what the stars have in store for you every day. Plan a girls’ night. In a few months. Take him out for a champagne toast. help him resist by proposing a free plan: naked night with you. One example: Join a charity group to raise money near the 16th. Eamonn McCormack/WireImage. Aries He’s lusting after you near the 16th. experimental Uranus says to flirt back when a hipster hits on you. Coat him in edible body paint or take XXX pics together. and get busy. a hot friend of a friend moves to your town before the 9th. like a summer beach rental. The move he’s craving: Extra stimulation. Open the blinds. Have a treadmill contest: The one who runs the farthest in half an hour gets to order the other one around in bed afterward. Libra He’s chained to his desk.) Dating tip: You’re horny. The move he’s craving: Stop-and-go action. Say the words he’s dying to hear: “I’m coming. 22–DEC.Midmonth. Analytical Mercury has him reevaluating his life plan—like if he should go back to school. Touch yourself during you-on-top sex. Love (or at least a hot tryst) is definitely in the air! Love advice: Under generous Jupiter. he’s up for anything near the 3rd. Cancer Steamy Venus has him all over you. Hold a small vibrator against the base of his penis. Buy a sheer top (a major spring trend) that’ll reveal a lacy cami underneath. For every wrong answer. The move he’s craving: On-the-go action. you’ll want to spend those funds on a cool experience. and TV and explore his untapped moan zones (turn to page 122). Hot tip: If you’re in a relationship.. and then head home to continue the celebration between the sheets. The lucky Moon brings you extra cash after the 18th. Since you’re all alone. so bring by a late dinner. wearing his button-down and nothing else. thanks to hardworking Mercury. It’ll draw you closer than dinner and a movie. give him a deep-tissue butt massage. he gets a career boost around the 5th. Love advice: Sexy Venus says to turn off your iPhone. remove an item of clothing.


she does a Google search of his name after he goes to bed. because in the morning. But she notices that Brett avoids talking about himself. But when sexy and mysterious Brett Hennessey checks in. When she turned around..The Limits of Lust Business is slow at Kirby Farrell’s newly opened B and B in Vermont. I saw the mesh on the porch and thought I could cover the door—” “You really didn’t have to do that. Not wanting to scare off her sexiest (and only) guest.” In the kitchen. From Here Comes Trouble.and then proves what an expert handyman he is in more ways than one. by Donna Kauffman. his expression tight. Brett was standing just inches from her. Kirby Farrell’s new B-and-B ski lodge opened to the warmest winter in Vermont’s history.. But I scratched my back on a nail that was sticking out of the wall.COM 228 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 ROBERT WHITMAN . but it seems obvious that it’s a private matter. “I came down to get water. The first night. and she felt her desire surge.. Not only that. Brett sticks around and even offers to help fix up the inn.” He turned around and pulled up his tee shirt to reveal a red line running across his broad.” she said. and Kirby feels serious chemistry. Fix-Up Kirby was drinking coffee in the kitchen when she heard someone swearing in the back of the B and B.. Brett held a roll of mesh in one hand and clutched his back with the other. muscular back.” “I know. those vacant bedrooms finally start to see some action. but Kirby can’t shake the feeling that she knows him from somewhere. “What are you doing?” she asked.. until the morning the gorgeous Brett Hennessey rolls up on his motorcycle and books a room. In his leather jacket and sexy tee. “Just trying to help out. Kirby took in the sight of his bare skin and swallowed hard.” he said. “Follow me. “How bad is it?” he asked. and she doesn’t have a single guest—that is. she resolves not to say anything. She realized for the first time how big and tall he was.. It turns out to be the right move. Brett helps Kirby cook dinner. She walked into the foyer and found Brett crouching on the other side of the now screenless porch door. Kirby opened a cabinet and grabbed the first-aid kit. Brett doesn’t exactly look like the outdoorsy type. Kirby wants to ask what had brought him to her tiny inn on the East Coast. She finds out that he’s a famous poker player from Vegas. “I have Band-Aids in the kitchen. They talk for hours. COSMOPOLITAN. Curious..

” she said. urging her to cross her Kirby held onto his shoulders. and Kirby felt the momentum build. Copyright © 2010. Kirby found herself again wondering about Brett. Published by Kensington Publishing Corp. Not wanting it to be Kirby gasped as Brett moved lower and closed his mouth over her bare breasts.” His green eyes blazed with sincerity. Her hips moved with him. His breath was hot against her neck. Kirby put her hands on his shoulders to stop him. Kirby gasped as he entered her.” she said. it was going N to hurt like hell when he left.” “I know I’ve been holding back. and Brett slowly peeled the now damp.” Brett’s voice was low and raspy. and he hurried off. forcing her to hold her gaze. As her racing pulse slowed. And she knew that if they kept this up. lifting her hips away from the wall so she could control the movement. He arched his hips and drove deeper into her. Kirby ran her fingers up and down Brett’s back as he undid the buttons on her shirt. “Very. As their breathing slowed. Slowly. He hiked her up further. His mouth moved slowly down her neck. and Kirby took the condom from Brett’s hand and rolled it on. and she cried out his name. and the sweet release hit them at the same time. but she couldn’t stop wondering what had driven him out of Vegas. Kirby felt her knees go weak.Brett took the kit and placed it on the counter.” Lust in the Kitchen Kirby nodded. He lifted his fingers to her chin. Brett flicked his tongue over the sheer material. Then slowly. “I’ll be right back. even for just a little longer. Brett said. Then she wrapped her arms around his neck and tilted her face to kiss him again. until her face was even with his. her head leaning back in ecstasy. Brett’s own low groan of appreciation as he tugged her pants down her hips had her splaying her palms flat against the wall to hold herself upright. Brett gripped her hips and pulled up her thighs. over yet. “Am I the only one thinking about this?” he asked. Kirby cried out. All that does is what I feel for you. and Kirby decided she didn’t care what his secret was. When he unbuttoned her pants. pressing her against the wall and burying himself deep inside her. His member was thick and erect. as he moved lower. and his fingers brushed hers. kissed her stomach. but when his fingers began to stroke her back.” Kirby replied. establishing an erotic rhythm that could drive her over the edge. grazing the outer sides of her breasts. Kirby reached out to help him open it. When he pushed off his pants. Brett leaned forward. He grinned and kissed her. Before unclasping her bra. “But what brought me here doesn’t matter. She wished she didn’t care. He took her mouth in his own. “Yes. She gasped as he closed his lips over her bare breasts and. Adapted from HERE COMES TROUBLE. “Hold on. Brett said. “Kirby. by Donna Kauffman. Then he settled beside her and drew her to his chest. flimsy fabric from her skin. It was exactly what she wanted to hear.” Kirby tightened her legs around him. ankles behind his back. taking her with him…and onto him. and their eyes locked. “You’re not. his stroke became more deliberate over the back of her hand. A few moments later. She pressed her body into his and kissed him deeply. on the floor. he returned with a condom. and he turned so he could lay her down on top of their discarded clothes Playing to Score Brett pushed his hands through her long blond hair then slid them down her shoulders. Kirby looked up. she felt her heart being squeezed. Kirby gripped Brett’s shoulders so hard. MARCH 2010 / COSMOPOLITAN 229 . “It’s okay?” Brett asked.” she moaned as his tongue found her. They found their rhythm. Their kiss was broken when Brett leaned back onto his hands. her fingers cramped. Kirby felt breathless. “but I barely know you. he slid down the wall. As if reading her mind. Kirby paused to marvel at his unbelievable physique.





com. yoox. for store locator. West Hollywood. 732-888-2127. MAC— DKNY Jeans Jrs. New York City. 8 MUST-TRY TRENDS PAGE 192: Banana Republic—banana PAGE 199: D&G— Bergdorf Goodman (shirt and skirt). Ted Rossi—tedrossi. Alexis Bittar—alexisbittar. 212-4319405.. Estée Lauder— Robert Lee Morris—The Robert Lee Morris Origins— 800-HBENDEL. L’Oréal Professionel—lorealprofessionel .com.I. Dolce & Gabbana—Select Dolce & Gabbana boutiques. Melanie Auld Designs—melanieauld Marc Fisher—Macy’s. 310-458-2724. New York City. Banana Republic—banana republic. Bebe—bebe . 212-354-9220. LaRocca—laroccaskincare. select Forever 21. Robert Lee Morris—Robert Lee Morris Gallery. PAGE 198: Nicole Miller Collection—nicole miller.P. MM Couture by Miss Me— Calif. American Rag. brokenenglishjewelry. New York City. J. Mulberry—Garmany. 323-297-0414.I. PAGE 195: Roxy—roxy. Mulberry—Tender. Ginette NY— Ginette NY stores. Menlo Park. Lydell NYC—lydellnyc. 917-365-4838. Bergdorf Goodman.— New York City. Alex Monroe—alex customer Alexis Bittar store. Ranjana Khan—Neiman Marcus (bracelet). elietahari. Marc Jacobs— Marc Jacobs boutiques nationwide. (cuff). Nic’s Sticks by GET A GORGEOUS HAIR HUE PAGES 110 TO 114: Streekers—streekers Chinese Laundry—514-279-6328.— DANNIJO—Bloomingdale’ Essie—essie. Coach—Coach stores. CARRIE UNDERWOOD IN LOVE PAGES 42 TO 46: Fendi—fendi. Diesel—Diesel stores nationwide. Victoria’s Secret—victoriassecret.C. CC Skye—ccskye. (shirt only). C. simantu. 234 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 Lancôme— Miami. Robert Lee Morris—Robert Lee Morris New York City.. Costume National—costumenational .C. N. Elie Tahari—Elie Tahari Collection dolcegabbana. Los Angeles. Forever INFORMATION TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE 14: Rebecca Taylor—Neiman Marcus. Zoomies store. and For Love 21 Max Mara— Max Mara Los Angeles. A. Ann Taylor— anntaylor.COM . 800-777-4524. O. PAGE 86: Elle—Select Kohl’s stores. SJP NYC— Department stores. Avon— avon. Greene—Broken English.V. 877-70-DGUSA. Saks Direct (ring).com (bra only).com for store locator. PAGE 193: Preen by Thornton Bregazzi— Curve stores. Avigal—amazon. NY & Company—nyandcompany.. stores. 212-9669685. Forever 21— forever21. Greene—Broken Old Navy—Old Navy stores. Los Angeles. BEAUTY Q&A PAGE 104: Nicole by O. New York City. Estée Lauder—esteelauder. The Frye Company— La Cinopelca—zoomiesnyc. Michael Kors—michaelkors. neimanmarcus.J. PAGE 197: Loft—loftonline. A. Siman Tu—Siman Tu Gallery. New York City. Sisco Family Jewels——Macy’s. Givenchy—givenchybeauty. WAKE UP SEXIER! PAGE 98: Kiehls— brokenenglishjewelry.462-4480. Givenchy— for store Ray-Ban—Sunglass for store 212-431-9405. 877-433-4373. Vita Fede—vitafede.P. customer service@simantu. Birmingham.P.. Tory Burch— HIS PICKS PAGE 94: Beyoncé Heat—Department stores.Crew—jcrew. Minn. PAGE 196: Zimmermann—Salon9 Showroom by special 212-237-327-4326. Clinique—clinique. 800-SUNGLAS. 310-360-8008. YSL—ysl . PAGE 90: Forever 21—Select Forever 21 and XXI Forever stores nationwide. Cusp. New York City. 248258-0212. Cosmedicine—cos medicine. sunglasshut. Chanel—chanel .— nicolebyopi . New York City. marcjacobs . New York City. THE PERFECT PINK FOR YOU PAGE 100: Dior—Dior beauty counters nationwide. FUN FEARLESS FASHION PAGE 79: Aryn K—Select Dillards. PAGE 194: Michael Kors—Select Michael Kors stores. 212-431-9405. D&G boutiques nationwide. New York City. Charlotte Ronson—Charlotte Ronson store.—Ulta stores. Ted Rossi— Henri Bendel. Fla. Max—avmax accessories. 800-979-9308 (skirt and belt only). PAGES 80 TO 81: Go Jane—800-UGOJANE. BEAUTY CHEAT SHEET PAGE 106: John Frieda—Drugstores nationwide. BEAUTY NEWS PAGE 93: Chanel—chanel. Calif. Red Bank. Gemma Redux— gemmaredux. Dior—Dior beauty counters cusp.

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” Get quizzed all the time by grinning guys? Yeah. and ask—don’t tell—if he’s sending off a digging-you vibe. author of Speak Easy. c Avoid him at work the next day since he clearly has a problem with you. So your man-reading skills aren’t skewed by insecurity or wishful thinking. author of What Men Say. Confident but Clueless You’re one fierce female. 4. a–1.. If you were a TV character. That means you’re probably less than perceptive in other stages of your relationships as well.” 7 TO 10 POINTS Blind-to-Love Babe You may display killer confidence in most areas of your life. Because you pay attention to the people around you and value their opinions. because you’ll talk to anyone. Explain his exact man moves. “Try smiling and see if he smiles back. c–2 COSMOPOLITAN. but when it comes to guys. To get a more accurate read. “Both are signs he likes you and what you’re saying.” Papadopoulos says. a–0. a–1. kinda-touchy shove. b–0. you pretty much radiate sex appeal. Man-Reading Mama Guy radars don’t get more precise than yours. 5. c Wish a guy would do something that romantic for you.” Papadopoulos says. 4 TO 6 POINTS b Friend him—it’ll only take a few posts to find out how he feels. you usually: a Think about how crazy it would be if a couple actually met through one of them.COM/QUIZ Log on to test yourself with more fun and insightful quizzes! 236 COSMOPOLITAN / MARCH 2010 SCORING: 1.COM . 0 TO 3 POINTS b Serena from Gossip Girl. You say: b “I doubt it” without so much as glancing over to check him out. he gives you a kinda-friendly. 3.. COSMOPOLITAN. c–0. c–2. c Jacqueline from The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Like her.but not you. “You’re projecting onto men how you view yourself rather than gauging how they really feel. use your girls as a gut check. b–1. him and every other guy here. PhD. but you also don’t suffer from an inflated ego. You: a Pull your girl aside afterward to tell her that her boyfriend totally crossed the line. b Keep an eye out for listings describing the outfit you wore that day. your mojo is missing. The fact that you’re grounded helps too.” says communication coach Cynthia Leeds Friedlander. A month after meeting your new male coworker. 4. a–0. Soon you’ll be able to tell without their help.. c–1. 2. 5. Also. you notice he’s Facebook friends with several of your coworkers. “You have a healthy self-esteem. 3. says Linda Papadopoulos. a–2. It’s a first-time offense. b Are sure he only did it because your friend told him he has to be nice to you. and while she’s in the bathroom. b–2. that’s what we thought. What Women Hear. b–2. b–0. you’re better at guessing what’s going on in their heads. you would be: a Rachel from Glee: talented and adorable but slightly misunderstood.Cosmo Quiz B Y ROB I N H I LM AN T EL Do You Know When a Guy’s Into You? a “Seriously? Sweet! I’ll do a drive-by the next time I hit the bar.. You’re grabbing a beer with your BFF when she says a hottie across the room is eyeing you. c “Yeah. c–1.” 2. You: a Hold strong. listen for lots of questions. While checking the Missed Connections on Craigslist (it’s a guilty pleasure!). It’s time to stop assuming that you aren’t sweatable and start tuning in to the signals men are sending. 1. c Let it slide.or your gorgeous smile. You’re hanging with a friend and her man. He’s no doubt smitten but trying to seem nonchalant. but assuming you bring every guy to his knees can backfire.

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