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by delight! Readers

We Asked. You shAred. | There are thousands of helpful and entertaining resources

available online and on television. So many that it would be impossible for our editors to discover them all on their own. That’s why delight! magazine is built with the help of its readers. The delight! reader community is continually interacting to share ideas and opinions about their favorite TV shows, apps and websites. Visit Facebook.com/delightmag to join in on the conversation today!

Tell us about a TV show that you tune into for advice, inspiration or encouragement.

The Amazing Race feeds my travel itch—it gives me fabulous new places to add to my travel list, new adventures to try, and inspires me to get out and experience the world. One of these days I’ll finally audition for the show!

Tricia Ostermann
It may not be one of the common shows, but I tune into Awkward for my inspiration. It’s a show on MTV that showcases a girl who has a lot of misfortunes happen in her life. However, the show tells me that no matter who I am right now, who I choose to be in the future, or whom I choose to love, I will be wonderful and unique.

Emily Henderson
Home by Novogratz on HGTV inspires me to tackle art and decorating projects. I like their creative “I’m not afraid to try anything” approach to design. And I love how they blend vintage with modern in their clients’ homes.

taken to heart.

Amanda Kosloski

Sheryl Becker


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Illustrations by Aaron Drath

As odd as this may seem, I often turn to Castle for inspiration. There is something about it, whether there is a moral at the end of the episode, or it’s a reprieve from the day I’ve had. A large part of it is the amazing work that actors and actresses do outside of the show. With Stana Katic and Seamus Dever and the Alternative Travel Project, Seamus and Jon Huertas’ work for animals, and Nathan Fillion’s Kids Need to Read, I know that I am watching and supporting people who are truly inspirational. Castle is about family values, finding justice for those who have no voice, and finding your true love. Although it is fiction at face value, underneath, there is so much more that can be

Jake Marshall
The show that inspires me is The Biggest Loser. Since I started watching I committed myself to living a healthy life. The contestants struggle and have a lot more weight to lose than I do. I know that if they can do it, then so can I. I’ve lost just over 20 pounds and have The Biggest Loser and the contestants to partly thank for that. I’m a huge fan of the show and the influence that it has had on so many people.

Tell us about a site or app that helps you organize your everyday life.

I use AP mobile to get up-to-the-minute news alerts pushed to my phone. It also updates with top world news, sports, entertainment, and local. It’s like having the daily newspaper in my pocket.

Shaun Pitts
I’ve lately been using Get It Done Task List. This is on the Android Market and it’s free. I like it because you can make a task list and check off what you’ve done. Even make a list for the future. It’s neat because you can have it on a daily list or even tag it as a group list, such as “to do before the baby comes.” It’s helped me keep my appointments and even helped me at the grocery store to not forget items I was really wanting.

Jennifer Woosley
We use iCal to manage our schedules, and I use Echofon because I tweet a lot. Echofon makes it easy to manage my tweets and see who is tweeting me. There is also a great website called LazyShoutOut.com where you can build a list with Twitter and it helps you create one long Friday Follow to show appreciation for your friends and followers.

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pr i

Andrea Workman
I use the iBank application on my Mac to plan out my long-term financial goals. It is a very userfriendly program, especially since it is for Apple computers! I highly recommend it!

Gregorio Joe
There are a bunch of apps that I use to organize my daily activities. For example, The Weather Channel application lets me “predict” the weather for any given day. As a result, I know what to wear and to plan my traveling time accordingly for traffic jams or subway delays. NYSubView Pro helps to keep tabs on NYC mass transit system. Reminders lets me input anything I need to get done during the day, and will remind me about it.

vault ze


i z e va

Klaus Olivet
I use all Google has to offer to organize my life. All of my events are on Google Calender, all of my documents are on Google Docs, all of my music is Google Music, all of my bookmarks are in Google Bookmarks, all of my pictures are on Picasa, and of course all of my email goes to Gmail. Not only do I use the Web versions of each, but I also have each of the corresponding apps on my iPhone so that my life is synced no matter where I am!

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Shows, Sites & Apps Worth Sharing

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editors’ picks

by emily Morehart

Find out how you can win a book or DVD from SparkPeople or a Blue Zones book signed by the author!

Be A Better You! | We all feel it—the amazing sensation of hope and

Simply log on to our digital edition at delight-today.com and flip to this page.

motivation that comes along with welcoming a new year. We wipe the slate clean, set goals for a better tomorrow, and kick our old bad habits to the curb. But what happens when that motivational feeling starts to dissipate? Look no further than the many helpful resources available for free online! Check out some of the delight! Editors’ faves to help you stay on the track to self-improvement.

Win It!

Be Happier Website: BlueZones.com | Best-selling author Dan Buettner, National Geographic, and a team of the world’s top scientists collaborated to find the five parts of the world where people live the longest with the highest level of well-being (called Blue Zones). Years of research have resulted in methods to measure longevity and happiness and the ability to now teach others to improve their vitality. By studying these five regions, BlueZones.com provides cross-cultural tips for living better, plus the tools needed to apply those tips to your own lifestyle. BlueZones.com doesn’t just hand out advice, the site and its resources can also help you identify problematic habits, and provide solutions that, if integrated correctly, add years to your life.

Editors’ Tip: Take the True Happiness Test to find out how happy you really are. Get recommendations of changes you can make now, to improve your level of bliss.

podcast: oprah radio | Go to Oprah.com and click “Radio” to find audio reels of Oprah’s favorite experts speaking words of enlightenment pertaining to all topics of life from Health to Relationships to Money. Click the “Spiritual” tab to get endless options of podcasts from meditation and health experts divulging on methods to be present, centered, and spiritually well. Plus, listen in on insightful Q&A sessions of Oprah with best-selling author and spiritual leader Eckhart Tolle.

Be present

Be More productive
Blog: Lifehacker.com | It’s true. Those who know better, do better. Lifehacker shares all the tricks of the trade to make life a little easier by supplying readers with daily postings providing know-how on all facets of life like “How to fit a workout into your daily routine” or “How to detect fake online reviews”. While the blog is well-rounded, there is a more prominent focus on technology. As we continuously adapt to new gadgets, sites and apps, Lifehacker adds insightful troubleshooting tips, work-arounds, and just plain sensible facts to keep in your back pocket for when stressful hiccups inhibit your day.

Be HeaLtHier

Photos © 2011 Thinkstock.com

Website: sparkpeople.com | This supportive and motivational online community can help you reach weight-loss and fitness goals. The tools and resources available are endless—including customizable “trackers” for fitness and nutrition, low-calorie recipes, email newsletters, and the SparkPeople community. Over 11 million people have joined to share stories, offer tips and provide inspiration for others. There is a lot of material up for grabs on SparkPeople, but don’t be intimidated. Upon signing up, you can use the site as you wish, and concentrate solely on the content that’s right for you.

Editors’ Tip: Subscribe to Lifehacker and get daily updates straight to your inbox, or follow Lifehacker on Facebook and Twitter.

Editors’ Tip: Always on the go? There’s a free SparkPeople mobile app available for Apple, Android and Blackberry. Manage your account, continue tracking goals, and find healthy recipes from your mobile device! 5


By GreG Archer

(the secret side of)

Famous for her steely resolve, what lies beneath the surface of America’s celebrated health and wellness queen may surprise you.

Jillian Michaels has a secret that she wants to confess. “Most people wouldn’t figure this …” Michaels begins with trepidation, “but I’m sensitive—like, really sensitive.” How can this be? Is this the same Jillian whose celebrity soared on NBC’s The Biggest Loser because of her unapologetically fierce personal training methods? The same woman who spawned nearly a dozen bestselling take-charge-of-your-life

health books? The creature that once went face to face with an exhausted overweight man on national television and screamed: “No! No! You don’t need anything … except to do the thing you are capable of and that is not even a fraction of what you are bringing today!”? It is. And Michaels delivers the candid admission with such a genuine vulnerability, it’s enough to make you drop the dumbbells. >>>

Photos Courtesy K-Swiss.


GoinG The DisTance:
“I do anything from mixed martial arts training to kettle bells to yoga to a 30-minute jog,” Michaels tells us of her own workout regime. “I try to get four to five, 30- to 40-minute sessions of intense training in a week’s time.”
Jillian Michaels lends her expert health and wellness advice to a live audience on The Doctors with panel members Dr. Drew Orden, Dr. Jim sears, Dr. lisa Masterson and Dr. Travis stork. “as a kid, they used to call me ‘little sarah Bernhardt’—that dramatic actress from way back,” she goes on. “i have a real sensitive disposition. i am real careful with the information and the people i surround myself with. i cannot watch the news—it will have me crying. i have to turn it off. “But you have to ‘walk the walk’ [for people],” Michaels adds of how she pulls herself up from an occasionally loose emotional bootstrap. “i have to set an example, and actually doing what i say i’m going to do, really, is a tool i use to keep myself on track.” and so it goes with america’s favorite health and wellness ruler. she is as tender as she is tough. she’s also back in the spotlight in a new medium. having benefited from a robust tenure on The Biggest Loser (she announced her departure from the show in December 2010) and Losing It With Jillian, Michaels now co-hosts the syndicated daytime sensation The Doctors. she’s also sharpening her health correspondent duties on the feel-good blitzkrieg that is Dr. Phil. “i’m loving the daytime format because it allows you to have a direct conversation with the viewer at home,” she beams of the change in venues. “all the doctors [on the show] are incredibly confident and likable. The information is easily digestible.” Wherever you place Michaels, though— on daytime, primetime, the bookshelves, the Wii game (yes, there is one), the fitness app (ditto)—her impact is vast. Few individuals connect in the unique way she can. “at the end of the day, when i scream and i yell, i have reasons for what i do when i do it,” she notes. “i’m not putting polyps on my vocal chords for nothing. i care.” even fewer people strike such a resilient chord with millions of viewers, readers and fitness enthusiasts. “i think it’s because i was an overweight kid and i felt inherently disempowered,” Michaels attempts to dissect why she does what she does. “i wasn’t morbidly obese—50 pounds overweight, five feet tall at 12 years old. i think it was partly learned behavior. My father had struggled with weight his entire life and i had learned to associate food with comfort, stability, security. i had told myself it was something i could control and count on. and at that age, you really don’t have the foresight to realize the long-term consequences. it’s just something you do, like 8 coming home from school and ordering a pizza. it becomes that thing in your control … until you’re overweight and in this [emotional] ‘thing’ you have to untangle.” Born and raised in los angeles, things shifted dramatically for Michaels after her mother enrolled her in a martial arts class at the age of 13. There, she discovered that fitness and “feeling strong” could transform one’s health and act as a powerful springboard from which to leap from to explore new ways of being— an entry point for happiness. Those realizations opened her mind (wide) and generated a hunger to understand more—about fitness, self-realization, selfactualization. a decade later she had swiftly become one of the top personal trainers in l.a. and beyond. “i want to feel as if i made an impact, and seeing my life turn 180 degrees with this type of [fitness] work, it became my passion to help other people transform their lives so they could live their happiest and healthiest life in the same way. “i think we’re busy,” she continues. “i think we’re all overwhelmed. i think we’re on autopilot to a certain extent when it comes to various things in our lives that we try to shut out or forget. We turn to food as a coping mechanism. The key is really awareness, information and motivation. With those three things, you can accomplish anything.” a little gratitude doesn’t hurt either. Michaels, now in her thirties, says she practices that as often as she can. “i focus my energy on—and i know this sounds so cheesy but i had to work on it— all the love and cooperation in the world,” she admits. “Because there’s a lot of pain in the world; a lot of hate. But there’s also a lot of love and cooperation. Knowing this, it’s a personal choice of what you choose to focus on and where you put your energy and attention. and that choice is going to make all the difference in the quality of your life.” something about that admission just makes Michaels laugh. “although,” she reflects, “i’ve been learning lately that no matter how much i think i worked on myself, there’s always more work to do. it’s unbelievable. every single time i think i really turned a corner, resolved childhood or family issues, or something … there is always more.”

But what about you? Take note of Michaels’Rate it! tips: 1. Count

Go to Kids-in-mind.com to make smart decisions on family-friendly programming. calories and eat clean.

Michaels says, “You don’t need to not eat, or cleanse or fad diet. Just count your calories and eat clean. It’s common sense.”

2. Exercise.
“Do the thing you love and do it whenever you can fit it in— whether it’s rollerblading, basketball, a weekend softball team, even a spin class. Do what you love.”

3. Motivation.
“Identify the ‘why.’ Why is it that you want to change your body, your life? Grilled chicken may not be fun, but skinny jeans … that’s fun. You have to think about the rewards of the healthy behavior that might not be enjoyable at the moment. Gain some perspective.”
TUNE IN: The Doctors Check your local listings TWEET: Twitter.com/JillianMichaels LOG ON: JillianMichaels.com

Photos © 2011 Thinkstock. CBS Television Distribution/Stage 29 Productions.

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Movie finds

by Donald Liebenson

Watch it!

What’s New On Demand
By Donald Liebenson
The Ides of March
An all-too-timely story of political skullduggery and Machiavellian gamesmanship, March is based on the play Farragut North, in which the character governor and presidential candidate Mike Morris is not seen on stage. That wouldn’t do for the movie, especially since George Clooney portrays Morris, the most charismatic “change” politician Hollywood has fielded since Robert Redford in The Candidate. Ryan Gosling costars as Stephen Meyers, a true believer and the master architect of Morris’ campaign. Meyers makes the mistake of receiving an overture from a rival campaign manager (Paul Giamatti). From here, March goes out like a lion, as Meyers runs afoul of his mentor (Philip Seymour Hoffman) and finds himself campaigning for his professional life. Evan Rachel Wood costars as Molly, an intern who becomes Meyers’ lover, but also has a connection to Morris. Marisa Tomei is a hardball New York Times reporter, and Jeffrey Wright is a senator who holds Morris’ political future in his hands, but at what price? It’s not exactly front page news that politics is tainted by corruption, but it is refreshing that the political campaign Clooney and company so incisively dissect is a Democratic, and not a Republican, race. Rated R.

See the trailers. Click the tag with your mobile device ...

Photos: The Guard ©2011 Boyle Film Productions Limited 2011 and UK Film Council. All Rights Reserved. Ides Of March ©2011 Ides Film Holdings, LLC. All Rights Reserved. MONEYBALL ©2011 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Real Steel ©DreamWorks II Distribution Co., LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The Guard

Lethal Weapon got much of its juice from the question of whether Mel Gibson’s Martin Riggs was just reckless or suicidal. The Guard turns on whether Sgt. Gerry Boyle (Brendan Gleeson), an Irish county constable, is really dumb or really smart. That’s what American FBI agent Wendell Everett (Don Cheadle) can’t figure out. The unlikely partners are investigating a murder that puts them on the case of a quartet of vicious drug smugglers headed their way. Until then, Boyle keeps Everett off balance with decidedly un-PC comments and some astute police work. Boyle could be a plus-sized Columbo, if Columbo drank on the job, fraternized with prostitutes and purloined pharmaceuticals from corpses. But as does Everett, we can’t help but become invested in the debauched lug. The Guard was written and directed by John Michael McDonagh, whose brother Martin was responsible for the great In Bruges, which also starred Gleeson. It’s cut from the same cloth, putting a profanely funny spin on the done-to-death buddy comedy. Gleeson and Cheadle share chemistry that begs for a sequel. Rated R.


Oscar-winning writers Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network) and Steven Zaillian (Schindler’s List) are the MVPs of this adaptation of Michael Lewis’ bestseller that chronicles how Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane’s use of stats subverted conventional baseball wisdom. Read the book for how this played out in real life. Sorkin and Zaillian put some extra spin on the ball, with smart and snappy dialogue. The scene in which Beane and an assistant recruit a washed-up catcher to play first base is the stuff of which Oscar clips are made. Brad Pitt hits it out of the park as Beane, a once-hot prospect, but major league bust, who hates to lose. He hires Peter Brand (Jonah Hill in his most mature performance to date), a statscruncher, to help him find undervalued players other teams overlook. Moneyball scores by avoiding underdog sports movie clichés. You can look it up: while the A’s did put together an improbable 20-game winning streak in 2002, the team did not advance to the World Series. But the drama that unfolds off the field, as Beane and Brand defy the team’s old school manager Art Howe (Philip Seymour Hoffman), and field a team of misfits who initially fail to mesh, is equally thrilling to watch. Rated PG-13.

Real Steel

The box office champ for two straight weeks, Real Steel rousingly works a crowd-pleasing combination of Richard Matheson’s short story, Steel. The setting is the not-so-distant future, where humans have been replaced in the boxing ring by robots. Hugh Jackman stars as Charlie, a former pugilist who now manages a fighting machine that, like him, has seen better days. In debt $20,000 to a vicious promoter, the desperate Charlie gives up custody of a son he never knew (Dakota Goyo) for $100,000, but not before he agrees to care for the boy for three months while the boy’s aunt and uncle (Hope Davis, James Rebhorn) are away. That’s just enough time for redemption and some heavyweight father-son bonding as the estranged pair discover and restore a discarded robot named Atom and enter him in bouts. It all comes down to the climactic showdown between Atom and a high-tech terror named Zeus, thrillingly staged by director Shawn Levy (with assistance from consultant Sugar Ray Leonard). Real Steel is the real deal that plays rock-em, sock-em with the emotions. Rated PG-13.



by V.S. Woschnick

Clicking Coupons
Surf your way to savings at retailmenot.com. IT used To be that saving some cash meant spending a lot of time scouring weekend sale flyers and clipping cents-off coupons. Now, you can stop the clipping and get clicking at RetailMeNot.com, a discount site offering access to online and offline savings for more than 130,000 stores. Want to know if your favorite retailers are included as RetailMeNot merchants? It’s easy to find out—and even easier to save big bucks on necessities and luxuries.

GettinG started
You don’t have to be a member of the retailMenot community to access the deals, but you may want to be. as part of the crew, you can share insights with other like-minded bargain hunters, join in the live chats, recommend coupons, and earn points towards site prizes and giveaways. registering using the homepage link is super-simple, and takes about 10 seconds. Members and non-members alike have access to information as valuable as the site’s coupon savings. don’t look past the site’s bottom navigation bar. there you’ll find the retailMenot “insider” that links you to trends, spends, Learns, Features, social media channels and all things current. “Offers” provides a general list of holidays and special occasions that provides quick-hit searches of specifically themed good buys.

livingRichwithCoupons.com experts offer practical advice for couponing newbies. Among their top “couponing commandments” are: • Do Not Copy: This is a very big no-no! Copying coupons is against the law and is considered fraud. (In most cases, you can legally print two per computer. If you need more, see if friends or family members will print out coupons for you.) • Use The Coupon As Intended: Be sure to only use the coupon as stated on its face. If the coupon is for $1 off one can of Maxwell House International Delight Coffee, don’t try to use it on Maxwell House Regular Coffee. Also, pay attention to the size restrictions on the coupon. If none exist or it states “on any,” you can use it for any product size, including trial- or travel-size. • One Per Purchase: A lot of consumers and cashiers think that this means you may only use one coupon per shopping trip, but it really means that you can use one coupon per item purchased (i.e., using four $1 coupons on one purchase of four boxes of Cheerios). One coupon per transaction, however, is exactly that. One coupon per store visit. • Coupon Value: Pay close attention to the value of the coupon. If it states $1/1, you can use it to take $1.00 off one product; $1/2 equates to taking $1 off two products, purchased together in one transaction.


Try the interactive version of delight! at delight-today.com

Watch for ExtrEmE SavingS
tLc brings big deals to the small screen with Extreme Couponing. this weekly show follows savvy shoppers as they plan and plot their way to unbelievable savings. Witness amazing shopping skills and shocking stockpiles of merchandise, as everyday people go to extremes in pursuit of extraordinary buys!


To watch a clip from TLC’s Extreme Couponing, simply log on

to our digital edition at delight-today.com and flip to this page.

navigating thE SitE
Coupon Codes: Click on this tab and take a look at the “Today’s Top Coupons” section for all of the latest and greatest. You can also browse a particular store for Featured and Active Coupons. The site automatically tracks the success rate of each code tried and sections out the less reliable contributions. To use the codes, simply click the “Coupon Code” box to copy the code and open the corresponding merchant site. Shop your heart out, and paste the code into the applicable field on the checkout form. Printable CouPons: use the handy “Categories” section, under this tab, to find printable coupons for grocery plus everyday household and health needs. While you’ll find many offers that are good nationally, you’ll also have access to an interactive map of your area that allows you to search for deals by location. Search: Use the homepage’s search box to find the store you want and voilà!, a thumbnail of its website comes up (sometimes along with its affiliates or similar recommended sites). click on the thumbnail, and the savings are as good as yours. Power Tools: with iGoogle Gadget or Mac Dashboard widget delivering scrolling lists of daily deals, you’ll harness the full power of the retailMeNot. com site. Download these and other add-ons from the “Power Tools” list on the homepage to get heads-up coupon notifications, then get shopping!

Editor’s Note: While the site does feature a “Grocery Coupons” tab, we found that the “Printable Coupons” tab actaully contained a larger variety of grocery item discounts.

Photos and Illustrations © 2011 courtesy of RetailMeNot.com; TLC; Thinkstock



by Chris Mann

Meet The Gallaghers
Showtime’s hit dramedy Shameless has real character.


To view a clip from Shameless,

simply log on to our digital edition at delight-today.com and flip to this page.

Here’s tHe story of a man named frank. He’s a falldown-drunk with six kids to care for on his own. The Brady Bunch it ain’t. In fact, Showtime’s hit dramedy Shameless is about as far removed as television gets from squeaky-clean, functional family hijinks. But brutal honesty and refreshingly real humor—driven home by a top-notch ensemble cast led by Emmy-winning actor William H. Macy—have made this darkly comic and lascivious look at a povertystricken brood coping with a mostly-AWOL patriarch (and totally absentee matriarch) intoxicatingly charming to critics and audiences alike. More than 1.16 million viewers made last March’s season-one finale, the network’s highest-rated season ender for a freshman series in 10 years. Adapted from a successful British series of the same name, Shameless is “not My Name is Earl or Roseanne,” series producer John Wells (ER, West Wing) says of this tragically funny drama. “It’s got a much graver level of poverty attached to it. It’s not blue collar; it’s no collar.” Five of the Gallagher family’s six siblings go to great lengths to put food on the table, pay utilities, replace a worn-out water heater and keep toddler Liam freshly diapered. Meanwhile, their father Frank uses his uncanny ability to scam the government out of disability payments and even a dead aunt’s social security checks to cover his $700-a-month bar tab. Season two sees eldest child and stand-in parent Fiona juggling a nightclub job while overseeing a makeshift daycare run by younger siblings Debbie and Carl. Will their morally bankrupt, boozehound dad dry out long enough to redeem himself—or will he just keep raiding their fridge and redeeming their recyclables? Frank’s indiscretions and irresponsibility have at least served to show his children how not to be. And yet, deep down, (most of) his kids can’t stop loving him. Aside from all the struggles and dysfunction the Gallaghers endure, they are still a family. They work together to stay together – no matter what hilarious (and sometimes heartbreaking) shameless acts they need to commit.
“No-collar” chicago
“Nobody’s saying our neighborhood is the garden of Eden … but it’s been a home to me and my kids,” Frank introduces. Set in the cold, harsh milieu of the working class Windy city, Shameless serves up the sobering reality of seedy bars, neighborhood ruffians and an all-too-frequent police presence that dot the gritty landscape. While the two-story house filled with dilapidated furniture and chaotic messiness exudes poverty, it’s home to the gallaghers. it’s the setting for spaghetti dinners, family movie nights, and periodic sibling spats.

Tune In:
Season 2 Premiere Sunday, January 8, 9/8 pm C Editor’s Note: Though Shameless is about family, it’s not a family show. Due to graphic language and content, Shameless is rated MA (Mature) and is intended for an adult audience. Viewer discretion is advised.


ian: Unlike Frank, this ambitious

LiP: This sarcastic and witty

genius has a lot of heart. As the oldest brother, Lip is protective and loyal. He’s willing to take a beating for his brother Ian, and throw a few punches for his girlfriend Karen. SHAmeLeSS AcTS: Doing schoolwork for cash. He sells term papers, assignments and even poses as other students to take their SAT’s.

teen can hold a job. Struggling with his identity, Ian is a closeted gay teen looking for answers in all the wrong places. He also wrestles with the emotions of finding out he has a different father than his siblings. SHAmeLeSS AcTS: An affair with his married boss keeps him in new sneakers while booty calls with the neighborhood bully keep him from getting beat downs.

Frank: Alcoholism is just

Debbie: Debs is a re-

Photos and Illustrations © 2011 courtesy of SHOWTIME; Thinkstock

sponsible adult trapped in the body of a loving tween girl. She has a natural and genuine love for children, which comes in handy when running her own daycare. SHAmeLeSS AcTS: Stealing hair dryers from hotels to provide heat for the house and keeping Steve’s identity a secret in exchange for baking supplies.

one of Frank’s many faults. He’s also a lazy, delusional narcissist who’s constantly spewing politically charged rants at anyone who will listen. In his mind, he’s a perpetual victim. SHAmeLeSS AcTS: He’ll do anything to get money or avoid paying debt—taking out credit cards in all his kids’ names, faking his own death to evade debt, and even trading his toddler to a group of thugs as collateral.

Fiona: The inverse of her

dad, 21-year-old Fiona has become a surrogate for her parentless siblings. While she barely tolerates Frank, she’s willing to help him when he needs a hand. Loyalty and responsibility are Fiona’s hallmarks. She’s a strong independent caretaker, who doesn’t like to accept help. SHAmeLeSS AcTS: Flirting with utility workers to get the power turned back on and working low wage jobs where she’s the attention of disrespectful men.

CarL: He’s only eight, but Liam: The youngest

Gallagher—even though his relation is questionable … He’s just along for the ride.

this troublemaker has a long rap sheet at his elementary school. Observing his older brothers has made him eager to do things most children don’t know about yet. He’s also ready with a wooden bat if anyone is thinking about messing with his family. SHAmeLeSS AcTS: melting action figures in the microwave, torturing animals and slamming kids’ arms in the lockers at school.

tured Fiona’s heart—and not because he throws money at her. Debbie knows Steve’s really a rich kid named Jimmy who’s living a double life. Not that he’s all bad. He has a soft spot for the Gallagher kids, making them breakfast, giving them money, and even bailing them out of jail. SHAmeLeSS AcTS: Stealing cars and bribing cops.

Steve: This looker cap-


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by Greg Archer

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Mighty Men rule tv this Month | Gambling, criminals


and vampires create different chills in January with this gutsy male-dominated lineup. You won’t be bored this month. At the top of the list—award shows: the People’s Choice Awards (Jan. 11 on CBS), Critics’ Choice Movie Awards (Jan. 12 on VH1), the Miss America Pageant (Jan. 14 on CBS), The Golden Globes (Jan. 15/NBC) and the Screen Actors Guild Awards (Jan. 29 on TNT and TBS). In between, American Idol (Fox) is back. Take a look at some of our other top contenders:

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› The Increasingly Poor

Decisions of Todd Margaret

one of the most refreshing yet lesser-known comedies to debut last year, Margaret owes its genius to creator/writer/ star David Cross (Arrested Development). Cross is brilliant here playing a befuddled albeit well-intentioned corporate nobody who somehow slides his way into a senior sales spot in the london branch of his corporation. the product being sold: an energy drink dubbed thunder Muscle. Will Arnet costars as Cross’ blinders-on boss, but all eyes will be on Mad Men’s Jon hamm—seemingly everywhere these days—who’s tapped to guest star this season. now that was a good decision. Watch: Premieres Friday, Jan. 6, 10:30/9:30 pm C, IFC

› Alcatraz

Could this be the post-Lost fix everybody has been waiting for? From Lost and Fringe titan JJ Abrams, comes this robust tale, dripping with backstory. lost alum Jorge garcia costars as a comic book geek recruited to help a beleaguered detective (series star sarah Jones) unravel a modern-day Alcatraz-related mystery with ties to her family. A prisoner, presumed dead, is actually alive and cleverly wreaking havoc on the streets of san Francisco. And he hasn’t aged at all since his time in Alcatraz. But watch the mystery to deepen—other crimes are committed by inmates who vanished from Alcatraz decades earlier. nice twist. We’re in. Watch: Premieres Monday, Jan. 16, 8/7 pm C, Fox

› Luck

let’s hope hBo has it because it would be criminal to mess this one up. the premise: horse racing and the eclectic characters involved—from owners and jockeys to gamblers and inside execs. But the best news is the headliners: Dustin hoffman, Dennis Farina, richard Kind, Jason gedrick, Jill hennessy and—what’s this?—nick nolte. like Boardwalk Empire before it, expect to see the gritty side of a world few know about. however it plays out, no doubt hoffman will command the screen. he plays gambler Ace Bernstein—weathered, tough and just released from incarceration. We’re thinking his newfound interest in horse racing may not be the best form of therapy but it will make for good drama. nolte morphs into a knowledgeable horse trainer hoping to change his luck. Played right, these two actors could generate some of the finest acting moments television has seen in some time. Watch: Premieres Sunday, Jan. 29, 9/8 pm C, HBO

› Bizarre Foods America With Andrew Zimmern

the famous foodie/jetsetter switches gears in an endeavor that marks the first time an entire season is dedicated to exploring the American culinary scene. opening scenes find Zimmern feasting on foods in Minneapolis and st. Paul, Minnesota—look for deep-fried snapping turtle to wind up on the plate. More Midwestern comforts follow, but note how well Zimmern shines whenever he’s interacting with locals. this is an original eat-your-way-throughAmerica romp. Watch: Premieres Monday, Jan. 23, 10/9 pm C Travel Channel


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› Celeb To Watch

Sam WitWer

Being Human Premieres Monday, Jan. 16, 9/8 pm C, Syfy
Oh, to play a vampire in an era when they are so revered. (True Blood, Twilight and The Vampire Diaries.) it just makes Sam Witwer, the mesmerizing fangster on the breakout hit Being Human, all the more eager to please. Witwer is one part of this winning american reboot of the smash British drama about an unlikely troika of roommates—a ghost (meaghan rath), a werewolf (Sam Huntington), and a vamp. Look for Witwer’s aidan to battle even darker inner demons in the new season. in the meantime, delight! caught up with the actor and sank our creative teeth right into him: d!: What do you enjoy about playing Aidan? SW: “that he’s not the same guy from time period to time period; not the same man from the ’50s in New York to the ’70s or who he was in the ’30s. i like that he’s a man of conscience. and we see where that gets him.” d!: What drew you to acting? SW: “it’s one of those things … i watched movies so much. my parents took me to Hollywood when i was little and i became fascinated with people who made television. i think that had an indelible impact on me from an early age. When i was in high school i didn’t think i was going to be an actor … i thought, ‘well, maybe i’ll justs be a rock star.’ [Laughs] But my parents forced me to audition.” d!: Who have been your biggest influences? SW: “alfred Hitchcock was one. But a lot of other directors, really. it’s interesting. i sort of approach my job from a storyteller’s point of view. i mean, actors are given lines but it’s your job to figure out how best to tell the story within the confines of the script. it’s a little bit of a puzzle. it’s much more than just saying lines though.”
Photos © 2011 courtesy of IFC; FOX; SyFy; Thinkstock

d!: Your character, Aidan, has lived a long time and is full of knowledge, but what has been some of the best advice you’ve been given about life? SW: “Be happy. Don’t wait. there’s this thing … ‘i’ll be happy when i get the career’ or ‘once i accomplish this.’ Just allow happiness in.”



by Mike Dojc

FINDING SERENITY | When it comes to spiritual actualization, an extended stay at a Zen monastery will calibrate your Chi, but there are far more convenient ways to achieve mind/body harmony and meditative bliss. Roll out your yoga mat and relax. Whether it’s diaphragmatic breathing or downward dog that clears your head, we’ve got all your stress alleviating and consciousness-expanding bases covered.


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Primary function: Choose from over 140 poses to build your own tailor-made yoga class. delightful feature: This app is packed to the gills with useful customization options. When you are crafting a routine, you choose positions from an elegantly illustrated list but if you’re ever stuck on an appropriate transition, you can hit the “Suggested” tab for advice on what could go next. Practice Builder also allows you to adjust the time or breath duration of each individual pose and you can even tweak the audio cues that are played during each position to suit your needs. Feel more limber listening to Adele during warrior II? Whatever makes you happy— this is YOUR class after all—and the app allows you to bring in music from your library to create your own yoga soundtrack. Once you’ve concocted a stellar routine you can share it with friends, family and fellow practitioners. This app is best for: Experienced yogis seeking to personalize their practice and less bendy beginners just looking to string together a few of their favorite poses en route to a snooze inducing savasana (a pose of total relaxation).
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Primary function: Track, monitor, and manage your daily stresses to achieve cognitive clarity with this app developed by a team of leading psychologists. delightful feature: The weekly and monthly Stress Tracker charts and generates invaluable insight based on your input. The app also contains a wealth of easily accessible expert advice to help users cope with popular stresses, everything from work woes to family issues. This app is best for: Hyper-scheduling Type-A personalities striving to seize control of their hectic lives.

Primary function: Voice-guided meditation to aid in deep relaxation. Created by Richard and Mary Maddux, the husband-wife team behind the Meditation Oasis podcast, the timed sessions act as a healing balm, melting away anxiety and everyday stresses. delightful feature: You can play tranquil music or nature sounds in the background during sessions to heighten the restfulness of the experience. This app is best for: Stressed out workaholics intent on reaping restorative benefits and finding inner peace.

Primary function: Still your mind by building and tending to an idyllic virtual Japanese rock garden. delightful feature: While sand and a rake are all you really need in your Zen oasis, over 100 beautifully photographed seashells, plants and rocks are at your disposal. Just pinch them with your fingers to play with their scale or rotate them. This app is best for: Fans of Wabi-Sabi, the Japanese philosophy/aesthetic of imperfect and incomplete beauty. Your garden is never finished.


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