Nouns followed by Prepositions >) Acquaintance with : I have no acquaintance with Maria.

>) Affection for : Raman has a strong affection for that poor girl. >) Apology for : She offered him an apology for her conduct. >) Aptitude for : The Marwaris have great aptitude for business. >) Assurance of : Mr.Desai gave us no assurance of his support. >) Blame for : Advani accepted blame for the accident. >) Candidate for : Raman is a candidate for the post. >) Capacity for : Aftab has no capacity for mastering facts. >) Care of : Take care of your health. >) Cause for : There is no cause for anxiety. >) Cause of : She is the cause of the whole trouble. >) Charge of : A charge of murder was laid at his door. >) Claim on : I have every claim on you. >) Claim to : He set up a claim to the throne. >) Complaint against : Why don't you lodge a complaint against your noisy neighbours? >) Confidence in : I hope she will justify my confidence in her. >) Control over : Miss Helen has no control over her class. >) Disgrace to : She is a disgrace to her family. >) Duty to : We owe a duty to our country. >) Excuse for : He has no excuse for remaining absent. >) Fondness for : His fondness for her is natural. >) Freedom from : Health means freedom from care. >) Grief at : He felt grief at the death of his son. >) Hatred for : Her hatred for him was very great. >) Heir to : The prince is heir to the throne. >) Influence with : I have no influence with the Magistrate. >) Interest in : I have no interest in music. >) Invitation to : She has sent us an invitation to dinner. >) Leniency to : You have shown undue leniency to her. >) Leisure for : I have no leisure for amusement. >) Limit to : There is no limit to his ambition. >) Longing for : Her longing for her son is great. >) Match for : Peter is no match for Abraham. >) Need of : Raman is always in need of money. >) Neglect of : He is blamed for neglect of duty. >) Obedience to : I praise her obedience to her husband. >) Objection to : I have no objection to your going there. >) Peace with : I am always at peace with my neighbours. >) Pity for : The king felt pity for the poor. >) Prejudice against : He has a prejudice against Hakims. >) Pride in : Her great pride in her wealth is foolish. >) Progress in : Jack had made no progress in her studies. >) Quarrel with : I know nothing of his quarrel with her. >) Regard for : I have a great regard for him. >) Remedy for : Quinine is a remedy for malaria. >) Reputation for : Ghafoor has a reputation for honesty. >) Respect for : The young have no respect for old age. >) Slave to : A drunked is a slave to drink. >) Slave of : You musn't make a slave of your servant girl.

>) Busy with : Jack is busy with his lessons.>) Subscription to : What is your subscription to the Famine Relief Fund? >) Sympathy for : All the people felt great sympathy for her in her troubles. >) Engaged to : Shiela is engaged to Harry. >) Afflicted with : The old man is afflicted with gout. >) Desirous of : Raman is desirous of going abroad.50 train be convenient for you? >) Courteous to : She is courteous to all. >) Blind to : Rashida is blind to her own faults. >) Adjacent to : The hotel is adjacent to the Post Office. >) Disgusted with : I am disgusted with her conduct. >) Convenient for : Will the 4. >) Astonished at : All were astonished at her disobedience. >) Appropriate to : The Prime Minister made a stirring speech appropriate to the occasion. >) Accused of : Ghulam was accused of theft. >) Different from : His religious views are different from hers. >) (The) Victim of : She is the victim of her own foolishness. >) Contrary to : The boys acted contrary to my instructions. >) Dependent on : She is dependent on her parents. . about : He is anxious for(about) her safety. >) Annoyed at : Raman was annoyed at her behaviour. >) Blessed with : May you always be blessed with good health. >) Afraid of : Don't be afraid of telling the truth. >) Contented with : She is contented with her lot. >) Sympathy with : I have no sympathy with her foolish views. >) Eligible for : He is not eligible for promotion. >) Bent on : Joseph is bent on mischief. >) Blind in : The carpenter is blind in the right eye. >) Beneficial to : Fresh air and good food are beneficial to the health. >) Taste for : Kamala has no taste for music. >) Confident of : Peter is confident of success. >) Amazed at : I was amazed at her impudence. >) Acquainted with : Are you acquainted with her? >) Acquitted of : The thief was acquitted of her charge. >) Traitor to : He is a traitor to his country. >) Addicted of : Tom is addicted to gambling. >) Angry with : The teacher was very angry with us. >) Bound for : The ship is bound for England. >) Ashamed of : Mary is ashamed of her conduct. >) Anxious for. >) Deficient in : She is deficient in common sense. >) Due to : The accident was due to careless driving. >) Careful about : She is very careful about her dress. >) Backward in : John is backward in his studies. She is very anxious about her son's health. >) capable of : She is capable of improvement. >) Conscious of : Shakuntala is conscious of her faults. >) Averse to : Pratap is averse to regular work. >) Born of : Gandhiji was born of rich parents. >) Deaf to : He was deaf to all her entreaties. >) Charged with : The beggar was charged with theft.

>) Loyal to : The princes were loyal to the Government. >) Familiar with : I am not familiar with her tricks. >) Preferable to : Health is preferable to wealth. >) Familiar to : Her name seems quite familiar to me. >) Proud of : He is proud of his wealth. >) Married to : Sheila was married to Raman. >) Quick at : This boy is quick at inventing excuses. >) Full of : This book is full of mistakes. >) Occupied by : This house is occupied by his fiance. >) Lame in : The beggar was lame in the left leg. >) Ill with : Manorama is ill with fever. >) Guilty of : The beggar was found guilty of theft. >) Intent to : He was intent on winning a scholarship. >) Overwhelmed with : She was overwhelmed with grief. >) Open to : She is not open to conviction. >) Glad of : I am glad of your success. >) Free from : No one is free from faults. >) Occupied in : He is occupied in translating a French novel. >) Fond of : Girls are fond of dolls. >) Occupied with : He is just now occupied with the translation of a French novel. >) Proficient in : John is proficient in Mathematics. >) Greedy for : Arsalan is greedy of gain/honours. >) Good at : She is good at : She was offended with her husband at his remarks. >) Fit for : Saqlan is fit for the job.>) Equal to : Sikander was equal to the occasion. >) Indifferent to : They are indifferent to their own business. >) Jealous of : He is jealous of his friend's success. >) Interested in : Why are you interested in Maria? >) Introduced to : I was introduced to the Collector. >) Offended with. >) Good for : This medicine is good for headache. >) Negligent in : He was negligent in his work. >) Negligent of : He was negligent of his duties. >) Reduced to : The prince was reduced to poverty. >) Partial to : We are all partial to our friends. >) Lost to : Tom is lost to all sense of shame. >) Related to : Is she related to you? . >) Reconciled with : Ultimately she became reconciled with her husband. >) Famous for : He is famous for his learning. >) Injurious to : Alcohol is injurious to health. >) Infested with : This house is infested with rats. >) Obedient to : Aftab is obedient to his parents. >) False to : Abraham proved false to his friends. >) Essential to : Health is essential to happiness. >) Honest in : Sami is not honest in his dealings. >) Faithful to : The dog is very faithful to his master. >) Popular with : Mr George is popular with his neighbours. >) Owing to : Owing to his careless driving. >) Hopeful of : Is she hopeful of success? >) Ignorant of : The Headmaster is ignorant of facts. >) Obliged to : I am obliged to her for kindness.we had a bad accident. >) Peculiar to : This is a custom peculiar to the Japanese.

3. >) Act from : She acted from fear. >) Arrive at(a place) : We arrived at the station at ten. >) Sensitive to : She is sensitive to praise and blame.please. >) Aim at : All of us aim at excellence. >) Acquit of : The judge acquitted him of theft. >) Similar to : Their customs are similar to ours. >) Sympathetic to : She is sympathetic to(towards) suffers. >) Abstain from : Abstain from evil and do good. >) Abound with :The hut abounded with vermin. >) Worthy of : He is worthy of our reverence and esteem. >) Steeped in : Mahmud is steeped in vice and poverty. . >) Accede to : The Principal acceded to my request. >) Serviceable to : This umbrella will be serviceable to you in the rainy season.>) Repentant of : Mary is repentant of her folly. >) Sick of : I am sick of being blamed for everything that goes wrong. >) Apologize to (a person) : I apologize to her for my mistake. >) Attend upon : Sheila has many servants attending upon her. >) Agree with (a persom) : Sami does not agree with me. >) Useful for : Salt is useful for many purposes.VERBS FOLLOWED BY PREPOSITION >) Abide by : You must abide by your promise. I did not agree with her on this point. >) Avenge on : He avenged himself on his enemies. >) Thankful for : We ought to be thankful to God for His small mercies. >) Weak in : My daughter is weak in Mathematics. >) Short of : Jack is always short of money. >) Vexed at : He was vexed at his failure. >) Appeal to(a person): We appealed to her for help. >) True to : Abraham is true to his friends. >) Suited to : His speech was suited to the occasion. >) Tired of : Everyone is tired of doing nothing. >) Admit of : You conduct admits of no excuse.slow at accounts. >) Versed in : He is well versed in Mathematics. >) Attend to : Attend to your lessons.slow to make up one's mind. Slow to anger. >) Respectful to : Good boys are respectful to all. >) Sure of : Are you sure of your facts? Can we be sure of his honesty? >) Suspicious of : The policeman became increasingly suspicious of his movements. >) Avail of : You should avail yourself of every opportunity to practise speaking english. >) Vain of : She is vain of her beauty. >) Abound in : Vermin abounded in the hut. >) Agree to ( a proposal) : I agree to your offer of marriage. >) Sorry for : The Headmaster was sorry for his mistake. >) Shocked at : All of us were shocked at the news of his death. >) Appoint to(a person) : Jack was appointed to the vacant post. >) Satisfied with : I am satisfied with her conduct. >) Slow of : Slow of hearing .

>) Boast of : She boasts of being the best actress in the town. >) Beat against : The waves beat against the rocks. >) Blame for : He blamed his teacher for his failure. >) Convict of : The judge convicted him of theft.with : He deposited all his money in State bank of India.Anger may be compared to fire. >) Beware of : Beware of false friends. >) Compare to: (to show resemblance). >) Buy for. >) Comply with : We always complied with his : The committee consists of ten members. >) Confide in : The king confided in his ministers. >) Differ from : This cloth differ from that. We have nothing to complain of (about). >) Break into : The thieves broke into his house at night.10 each.Compare the character of Mohan with that of Ali. >) Call on : We called on Miss Hill yesterday. >) Derive from : Can pleasure be derived from bad actions? >) Despair of : Taqi never despaired of success. >) Buy from : He bought this watch from Grandleys. He never complains of not having enough money. . >) Complain of : She complained to me of his rudeness. >) Consist of. >) Bear with : You must bear with my weakness. >) Die of : Seema died of typhoid. >) Deposit in. >) Confide to : Confide your secrets to : He bought them for/at Rs. >) Call to : Jill called to her father for help. They bravely defended their country against enemies. >) Congratulate on : I congratulated her on her success. >) Deal with : Deal fairly with everyone. >) Compare with : (to show difference) . >) Bestow on : The Queen bestowed high honour on her. >) Deprive of : Slaves are deprived of their freedom. He deposited all the documents with his lawyer. We are averse from takiing action.against : I defended her from all blame. >) Deal in : He deals in Japanese goods. >) Die by : He died by his own hand. >) Charge with : We charged her with theft.>) Averse to. >) Brood over : Do not brood over past grievances. >) Call for : Your conduct calls for punishment. >) Care for : I do not care for her opinion. >) Cure of : The medicine cured him of his disease. >) Compete with : I compete with Harry for the first prize. >) Differ with : I differ with you on this subject.500 from me. >) Come across : I came across this in a curio shop. The happiness of a country consists in the freedom of its citizens.from : He is averse to hard work. >) Defend from. >) Believe in : I do not believe in her honesty. >) Beg of : We all begged pardon of her. >) Borrow from : Rahman borrowed Rs. >) Confer on : She conferred a favour on us.

>) Dispose of : She has disposed of all her property. >) Inform of. >) Grumble at : He is always grumbling at his low pay. >) Inquire into : The police are inquiring into the matter. . >) Fly into : Seeing me. >) Hear about. >) Get out of : I have not yet been able to get out of debt.into : Wool is imported from Australia into India. >) Export from : Cotton goods are exported from India . >) Impute to : Do not impute motives to her action.upon : He entered into negotiations with a business firm.from : Have you heard about his dismissal? I've never heard of her. >) Dream of : She dreamt of becoming a queen one day. >) Import from. >) Impress on : I impressed on her the value of cleanliness. >) Fall under : He fell under the displeasure of the king. >) Feed on : The cow feeds on grass. >) Fly at : The dog flew at the beggar. >) Guard against : We must guard against vices. She grieved over her husband's death.over : Don't grieve much for the dead. >) Get over : He got over(recovered from ) his illness .against : Have you informed her of your intended departure? *) She has informed the police against the neighbour who is a smuggler. How often do you hear from your sister? >) Hide from : I will not hide the truth from my parents. >) Fight for : They were fighting for their independence.>) Disagree with : I disagree with you on this point. >) Furnish with : They furnished the library with books [or] They furnished books to her. >) Dissuade from : Afzal dissuade her from going there. >) Infer from : Am I to infer from your remarks that you think I am a liar? >) Infest with : Warehouses were infested with rats. >) Fall upon : The robbers fell upon the merchant. >) Fight with or against : Great Britian fought against(or with) Germany in two wars. >) Distinguish from : Distinguish truth from falsehood. >) Enter into. >) Grieve about : Don't grieve much about your misfortunes >) Grieve for.of. >) Get at : get at (find out) the facts. >) Feel for : We all felt for her in her troubles. >) Explain to : Explain this question to me. *) Sami has entered upon a new acreer >) Exchange for : He exchanged the cow for the horse.she flew into a rage. >) Grieve at : They grieved at the news of my failure. >) End in : The scheme ended in failure. >) Inquire of : I inquired of her why she had insulted her hsuband. >) Hinder from : What hindered you from coming here? >) Hope for : We always hope for better times. >) Get to : In the evening they got to their journey's end. >) Get on : He is sure to get on (make a progress) in life.

>) Part with : He parted with all his wealth. >) Object to : She objects to my going there. >) Lay before : Peter laid all the facts before her. They mourned over the child's death. >) Originate in : The fight originated in a foolish quarrel. >) Lament for : Do not lament for the dead. >) Jeer at : Never jeer at a deafeated enemy.but pressed on. >) Learn of : I am sorry to learn of her illness. Who has been meddling with my papers? >) Meet with : I met with many obstacles .over : Do not mourn for the dead. >) Join in. >) Level with : The enemy levelled the city with the ground.>) Insist on : He insisted on my leaving the place at once. >) Look after : The shepherd looked after his sheep. >) Mix with : Oil will not mix with water. >) Kick against : Do not kick against authority. >) Murmur against : We must not murmur against new taxes. >) Laugh at : We all laughed at her bad manners. Live within your means. >) Murmur at : We all murmur at injustice.please. >) Look at : A cat may look at a king. >) Leap at : He leapt at the opportunity. >) Jest about : Don't jest about serious things.with : Don't meddle in my affairs. >) Interfere in. >) Introduce to : Mary introduced me to Sheila. >) Jump to : The Superintendent jumped to the conclusion that the prisoner had escaped from the jail. . >) Keep from : Keep away from wine. >) Knock at : He knocked at every door for money. >) Labour for : All his life he laboured for the public good. Mix up the salt with the pepper. >) Live within .to : Join the point C to the point D. >) Listen to : Don't listen to that foolish fellow. He interfered with her in her private affairs. >) Invite to : I have invited Rashida also to dinner. >) Keep to : Keep to the point. >) Mourn for. Don't meddle in politics. >) Lead to : This road leads to Poona. >) Lay under : I have laid her under deep obligation by helping her in distress. >) Lean to : This judge seems to lean to his side. >) Occur to : It did not occur to me to search his pockets. >) Lay to : We laid this sin to her charge. >) Lack in : He is lacking in experience. >) Live by : Live by honest labour. >) Meddle in.with : Please don't interfere in my business. Why doesn't he join in the conversation? May I join in the game? >) Jump at : Parveen jumped at the office at once. >) Land at : We landed at Bombay. Somebody is knocking at the door (on the window). >) Kick at : Atif kicked at my offer.

>) Partake of : We partook of the feast spread before us. We all rejoiced over the victory. >) Shudder at : I shudder at her act of cruelty. >) Play at : The children were playing at keeping shop. >) Save from : He saved her from drowning. >) Preserve from : May God preserve you from all harm. >) Perish with : They perished with cold and hunger. >) Provide against : A wise man provides against a rainy day. >) Prevail upon : We prevailed upon her to come to the meeting. >) Seek for : All of us seek for happiness. >) Provide with : You must provide your children with food and clothes. >) Search for : We searched for the lost watch everywhere. >) Relieve of : The medicine relieved me of my pain. >) Rule over : The king ruled over a vast empire. >) Send for : They sent for the doctor. >) Rely on : Do not rely on her support. Have you nothing to repent of? >) Resolve on : She resolves on going there. .He parted with(or from) his old parents with tears. >) Present with : We presented her with a watch. >) Persevere in : Mary persevered in her studies. >) Present at : We presented the cheque at the bank. >) Reward with : I rewarded her with a watch for saving my child from drowning. >) Reconcile to : You must reconcile yourself to a life of hardship and poverty. >) Pass for : Robert passed for a learned man. >) Provide for : He died without providing for his widow. >) Play on : Smile played on her lips. >) Pine for : She pined for the lost child. The Mayor presides over the City Council. >) Rejoice at. >) Remind of : He reminded me of my promise. >) Prevail over : We pervailed over(=gained victory over) our enemies. >) Prevent from : She prevented me from coming here. >) Protect from : God will protect you from all harm. >) Protect against : Protect these tender plants against the weather.over : We all rejoiced at her success. >) Prohibit from : You are prohibited from entering the class. >) Quarrel with : Do not quarrel with your friends over a trifle. >) Repent of : He repents of the mistake he has made. >) Present to : We presented a watch to her. >) Rest with : It rests with her to take action against him. >) Preside at. >) Prefer to : I prefer milk to tea. >) Protest against : You must protest against injustice. >) Play with : Don't play with fireworks. >) Persist in : Raman persists in annoying his sister.over : The prime Minister presides at meetings of the Cabinet. He was relieved of his post. >) Revenge on : He revenged himself on his enemy for the murder of his brother. >) Press upon : Don't press your opinions upon her. >) Profit by : A wise man profits by the mistakes of others. >) Refrain from : She refrained from shedding tears. >) Recover from : He has just recovered from illness. >) Show over : MOhan showed her over his new house.

Dr. 3. >) Treat of : This book treats of every important subject. >) Yield to : Never yield to temptation. >) Submit to : We must all submit to God's will. >) Smile upon : Fortune seemed to smile upon him.against pickpockets. >) Succeed to : He succeeded to the throne at the age of ten.>) Side with : Aftab sided with us in the dispute. >) Smile at : I smiled at her foolish threat. He is intent on not use the Infinitive. The poor beggar is addicted to smoking. 15. >) Triumph over : Virtue always triumphs over vice. Insert suitable Prepositions in the following sentences :-1. He succeeded in achieving his aim. What are they talking about? Talking of travel. 10. 13. We hindered her from going there.about : I wonder at your stupidity. >) Supply with : He supplied the poor with food. Exercise 98. 4. 5. [Not:to go] 2. 1. We should refrain from doing well. >) Wonder at.Katju excels in writing good English. He is confident of winning. >) Warn against. >) Stick to : Stick to your point.have you been to Goa yet? >) Talk to : He was talking to his friend. The prince aims at helping poor. 14. Sami persisted in going there. Bimala had no excuse for remaining absent. I prohibited her from smoking in the kitchen. The prince was desirous of visiting India. >) Throw at : don't throw stones at birds. . We prevented her from selling her ornaments. 16. In such cases. >) Sympathize with : we sympathize with her in her troubles. 339. >) Wait for : We waited impatiently for the train. 8. I was wondering about that.1000 to the Flood Relief Fund. I insisted on her leaving this place at must be on equal terms. Abstain from speaking ill of others. >) Wait on : All her maids waited on her. >) Subscribe to : He subscribed Rs. He deals-------Japanese silk. >) Wrestle with : Wrestle bravely with difficulties. >) Talk of or about : All are talking about the strange event. 7. 12. 9. >) Treat with : If we are to treat with you. >) Trust in : Trust in God and do the right. >) Supply to : He supplied food to the poor. 6. 17.of : We warned her of the danger. 11. He is disqualified from holding any responsible post. Young boys and girls are fond of reading novels. Certain words require a Preposition followed by a Gerund or a Verbal Noun. >) Struggle against : She struggled against many difficulties.

I do not agree------your proposal. 24. Depend-----the word of your true friend. They arrived-----the railway station just-----time. 5. He was relieved------his post. The culprit is chaged ------murder. I pray you not to be angry-------me. 3. He is confined--------bed. Criminals are deprived ------their liberty. . Is it necessary-------you to answer all the questions? 21. 11. 30. 27. He was indifferent-----charms of beauty. 16. 18. 29. That young gentleman is engaged-------Miss Brown. He has no cause------complaint. Can pleasure be derived------actions that give pain to others? 9. 13. 10. One star differs-------another in glory. 28. 15. She has a passion ------reading novels. She is now married-------a rich merchant. The purse was full------of money. 20. 25. We waited----anxiety-----the news-----her safe arrival. 6. 22.2. He could not convince me-----the truth of his statement. 19. Temperature consists-----avoidance of excess. His style was deficient------easy and variety. He did not care---------his health. I have resigned myself-----my fate. I agreed------him----all points. I correspond-------her regularly. 7. Abstain-----evil and do good. 4. You must deal fairly------your fellowmen. 26. 23. 8. I felt the necessity------doint it. 17. I have reconciled myself --------my lot. 14. 12.