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Association receives Google Grant Association members participate in Turing Church workshop President Cannon interviews with Hank Pellissier Association finances go public



A quarterly review of the Mormon Transhumanist Association

Transfigurist Quarterly
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Lincoln Cannon interviews with IEET
Association President discusses “Mormonsim and Politics” with Hank Pellissier of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technology

Project Managers Wanted
Volunteer to lead an Association project!
Did you know that the Association has its own bookstore and clothing store? Have you heard about our Rosetta@Home project (you can help fight diseases like HIV and Malaria by donating your computer’s downtime)? What other Association projects are in the works?

In this interview, Lincoln and Hank discussed socio-political positions of the Utah-based religion. The context of two Mormon candidates for President provided much to discuss! *the Association does not endorse any political
candidate or party

Have you wanted to get more involved - Association Journal (in need of a with the Association, but didn’t know Project Manager) what to do? Now is your opportunity to transhumanism-themed make a difference! Below is profiles (in need of a Project Manager) a list of current Association projects, which you can Did you know you -Rosetta@Home - Bryant check out in greater detail at Smith voting members can http://community. transfig-Transfigurist Quarterly contribute to the Several - Brad Carmack of these exciting projects - need a creative, enthusiastic Brent Allsop community page? project manager to make them happen! Did you know you voting members can contribute to the com-Bookstore - (in need of a Project Manmunity page? Over the last few days, ager) many members added or modified the -Clothing store- Nathan Hadfield “projects “ page on the community sec(needs a co-program manager) tion of the Association website. See a - Annual Association Awards (in need project you like? Don’t see a project of a Project Manager) you’d like to see? Join the collaboration - Monthly video discussion group on and make it happen! google+ - David Foster



Finding An Agent That’s Right For You
On December 11, 2011, the Mormon Transhumanist Association received an email from Google for Nonprofits: “ " Grants Enrollment has been approved!" " he Google Grants program helps non-profit organizations advertise “ T on Google. “Google AdWords ads appear when users search on Google and when you click on one of the ads, you are brought to the website being advertised." Free advertising up to $10,000/month: thanks Google! “

MTA financial report is available to the public!
Association treasurer Karl Hale made the Association’s financial reports available to the public ( about/finances/). If you are interested in understanding more about what decisions drive our spending or have input regarding those decisions, please contact admin

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Association Conference!
When: April 6, 2012 Where: SLC Public Library, Utah What: The Mormon Transhumanist Association Conference 2012 will be the first conference focused explicitly on both Mormonism and Transhumanism. Speakers will include Lincoln Cannon, President, and Chris Bradford, Vice President. Other members of the association and invited speakers will also present: membership in the association is not required to attend. Submit your Mor(3) Brent Allsop (4) Lincoln Cannon Two additional Association members attended. The Workshop explored “transhumanist spirituality and ‘Religion 2.0’, the convergence of science and religion, highly imaginative future science and technologies for resurrection, emerging science and technologies for immortality, social and memetic engineering.” Visit 12/13/turing-church-online-work shop-2-videos/ to watch the workshop for yourself! The presentations were excellent, the technical implementation novel, and the participants engaging.

Four Association members present at Turing Church Street West 5432 Any Online Workshop 2 Townsville, State 54321
December 11, 2011 OpenQwaq (3D virtual world) ByEAL E STATE R Brad Carmack

On the morning and afternoon of Sunday, 11 December, approximately 30 attendees participated via avatar in the Turing Church Online Workshop 2. The pictures show how the speakeravatar stands at the podium with his presentation on the main screen and webcam feed projected on the side (I’m the aqua blue avatar in the middle of the third row in the picture at right). Members could chat privately or via group as well as communicate via microphone in this fully interactive workshop. The four Association members who spoke: (1) Giulio Prisco (2) Mike Perry

monism, Transhumanism, or Transfigurism paper to by January 31st, 2012!