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We are so(ware development and IT outsourcing company with experienced professionals ready and commi;ed to provide you IT services to turn yourIDEAS TO REALITY.Our mission is to make every part of our business simple for the customers, yet provide them an eecKve and Focal Excellence service. Yet, we have vision to be the number one player in Indian IT Industry.Our values determine how we treat our people, clients, and partners. They dene who we are and how we do our jobs. It also helps us to work together in the most eecKve way. Our values are: - Integrity - Competence - Client Forever - Commi;ed - Added Value


G.Vijayan Co -Founder & CEO Vijayan is the Co - founder and Chief ExecuKve Ocer for Blue Genie Technologies Private Limited. Vijayan is serving as CEO since the division's incepKon in 2010. Vijayan is a proven leader whose entrepreneurial spirit has led him to successfully create and sustain high level of compeKKon and market uctuaKons. Vijayan has experience in so(ware services spans more than 6 years with specializaKon in enterprise applicaKon development, web applicaKon development, quality management, cloud compuKng and mobile applicaKon development. Vijayan insists on ge_ng things done within the shortest possible Kme frame and opines that everything is achievable if we put our heart and soul into it. A mulK-talented entrepreneur, Vijayan leads by example and believes that, with sincere and relentless hard work, Sky is not the limit, lets tear it apart and nd new markets. N.N. Sangesh - Chief OperaBons Ocer Sangesh is a member of our board of directors since Sep 2010 and Chief OperaKons Ocer (COO) of Blue Genie Technologies. Sangesh has completed his Master of Management & Systems from Madurai Kamaraj University Madurai, Tamilnadu, India and has done Master of Human Resource Management from Annamalai University Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu, India. He is ambiKous to grow with Blue Genie Technologies in all its endeavors and missions. Sangesh, an highly talented, self moKvated and having organized approach to all the acKviKes right from project management, client management to man power management. Other than business, Search Engine MarkeKng is one of Sangesh's strong fortes. His passion for new web start-ups, emerging web trends and latest technologies, makes him a versaKle web user to whom the web is an exclusive way of connecKng to people and markeKng services. His social networking capabiliKes are unparalleled and he belongs to the clan of new-age COOs who have a powerful and prolic web presence.

Business During last few years handheld devices have been rened to search an extent that in terms of processor RAM and storage they are capable of handling more resource intensive applicaKons. OS of handheld devices have been improved to handheld more and more handing applicaKons in a mulKtasking environment, thats why majority of average users are gradually spending more and more Kmes on handheld devices rather than PCs and laptops. This rapidly growing market shares of handheld devices has compared businesses across the world to concentrate on this segment and adapt their business applicaKons to run on dierent types of handheld devices.

What can Blue Genie Technologies Can Do? We have an experienced team of mobile applicaKon developers with exposure to dierent plaiorms and applicaKons on dierent skills and complexiKes. For dierent kinds of plaiorms please check the followings:-

Android iPhone Blackberry Symbian Windows Mobile

The diversity of powerful mobile devices in the marketplace poses a signicant challenge for businesses wanKng to create custom mobile apps. Each compeKng device type iOS, Android, Windows Mobile requires a dierent set of tools and programming skills. Each supported plaiorm will mulKply the cost and complexity of developing, debugging, tesKng, and deploying custom mobile applicaKons. When it comes Kme to update the mobile applicaKon, you can count on even modest design changes turning into signicant development projects. Businesses looking for cross-plaiorm mobile business soluKons o(en turn rst to browser-based apps, because a mobile browser represents the lowest common denominator among dierent mobile devices with dierent operaKng systems.

App Market Place Growth If youre trying to decide where to but your development budget, now is the Kme to invest in an applicaKon for your exisKng or new business that is based on an app. The chart below shows the expected growth in applicaKon marketplace revenue in the next few years.

App sales in billions

App revenue, in $billions

29.5 21.6






The app marketplace growth shows that a whole new channel is available for your business to grow into. Capitalize your app development expenses now and create a lasKng revenue stream through the app stores!

Structure Model for Developing Mobile ApplicaBon Blue Genie Technologies have been building interacKve soluKons for a decade. This experience has taught us how to get things done right the rst Kme. Heres how our process works:

1. You Have an Idea for an App if youre reading this you have an idea that is probably keeping you up at night. Maybe it is a way to dierenKate your business from your compeKtors, maybe its a novel game, maybe its something that no one has done yet. Taking your idea into the second stage or our app development process is where the feasibility of the app works itself out.

2. App Strategy This is where a tradiKonal business plan meets mobile development. How are you going to make money? Is this a paid app? Is the app going to leverage an exisKng service or product? These are quesKons that are o(en not easy to answer but are criKcal to fully work through. 3. App Architecture This is where tradiKonal white boarding comes in. Think wireframe or storyboards. We walk through the app on paper to make sure everyone gets it before the serious development gets underway. 4. App Personality / Design / IllustraKon Are you designing a kids game app, an app targeted at investors, at collectors, at teachers, whos the target audience. The quesKons that are answered in step 2 the business planning stage start to get a look and feel. s app designers and illustrators work out the look which is translated into the images for the iphone and droid devices. The resoluKon on iPhones and Android devices is signicantly dierent thus we ensure that the apps do not look like they were designed for the wrong plaiorm. This is criKcal for the users rst impression of an app! 5. App Development This is where the heavy hi_ng takes place. The Apple SDK and Android SDK along with Google AnalyKcs for mobile devices and the various ancillary code sets are what we dream about. We want your app to perform perfectly from the rst day of launch and not crash devises! This is easier said than done when youre dealing with massive code sets, perhaps dozens of APIs, and complex usability issues. Blue Genies mobile Quality Assurance (QA) team works through these issues so that your devices early adopters are not guinea pigs. Our goal is a top notch app from download number 1. 6. Mobile App Website Companion Its important to have a companion website for your mobile app. If you already have a tradiKonal website it may include creaKng a landing page dedicated to displaying the mobile app. If you dont FruiKon can create a new website to showcase your app and eld support quesKons. 7. App Release Its go Kme! Blue Genie Technologies submits the app to the iPhone or Android marketplace(s) respecKvely. The apps get launched and tracking beings.

Strength of Blue Genie Technologies Has: Strong Backing from an expert IT outsourcing company Reliable and Proven leadership by Successful Corporate Accessibility of latest tools, modern technology and state-of-art facility CreaKve team with prociency on diverse mobile plaiorm developments 2 years of vast industry experience, exposure and experKse Located at one of the preferred and resource rich desKnaKon, India

We understand that pre-requisite of the mobile app development industry is InnovaKon. And therefore our mobile app developers exploit their creaKvity to develop and deliver contemporary, cu_ng-edge and custom mobile app soluKons. We believe competency is equally crucial as is creaKvity. Our mobile applicaKon developers are conversant and well versed with various mobile plaiorm developments like iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, Symbian. Mobile means On the Go. We develop mobile applicaKons which can be used on the go and for almost every acKvity you do play, trade, travel, shop, exercise and much more you can think of. We have developed mobile phone applicaKons for diverse demands News, Games, UKlity, References, Lifestyle, Sports, Weather, etc. We dont develop dierent mobile apps, we just enjoy exploring creaKve skills. Culture at Blue Genie Technologies, India: We believe in working together in a collaboraKve manner and thereby we try our level best to create a kind of working environment that can give ulKmate saKsfacKon to our stas and our clients. We absolutely believe in the fact that, perfect output comes with best given input therefore we try to fulll our stas expectaKons to the opKmum. The associaKng factors that we truly believe on can be enlisted as follows: InnovaBon is our Key Ingredient To maintain the uniqueness in the present market the only necessary quality is CreaKvity. One need to come up with new ideas and concepts then only one will have the market value. We understand this completely and therefore we support creaKvity and structure soluKon with the touch of innovaKon. Also, we believe in equality and therefore we at OpenXcell support a non- hierarchical, informal and open door culture so that we can grow together. ConBnuous Learning and Development Learning should be nonstop and it should be updated regularly, this is what we are based on! At Blue Genie Technologies, people not only develop their professional skills but also they develop personally. We nourish our organizaKons culture in order to realize our own potenKal. We oer our stas a dynamic working environment by oering them the opportuniKes through which they can learn, get trained and can develop new ideas that ulKmately inuence employees saKsfacKon, producKvity and career development.

Team Work Growing singly is not possible in a real working environment therefore at Blue Genie Technologies, we believe in sharing knowledge, team work and upgrading the performance sporadically. In order to moKvate the sta we ensure that they are ge_ng boosted for their selected eld of work and also we make sure that they interact with each other properly in order to build up the strong team spirit bonding. This helps us in achieving the quality product on Kme. Pure Meritocracy We strongly support talents and we are biased to it. Blue Genie has always catered intellect and supported hard and smart work. Our intelligence gets reected by our work. DedicaKon, passion, focus and integrity are key ingredients for our success in the business world. We believe in taking challenges and thereby we survive in this cut throat compeKKon based market. Our fast tracking growth factor helps every employee in coping up with various rapid advancements.

INFRASTRUCTURE We, at Blue Genie Technologies, believe that infrastructure is one of most important driver for successful service delivery. We consistently work on reliability, security and scalability factors to ensure service delivery remains world-class and uninterrupted. Technology Infrastructure: Reliability at Blue Genie Technologies: Blue Genie Tech has setup up automated procedure to take daily backup of workstaKon and server data onto data servers. When it comes to reliable internet backbone, we have 2 dedicated internet connecKons for our development team and 1 addiKonal for business development team to communicate without interrupKon with clients. We are reliably equipped to communicate using VOIP, telephone lines, instant messaging and email servicing. In case of power outage (which is rare), we have back generators which can keep all systems up and running for 3 days. All so(wares used at Blue Genie Tech from operaKng system are Open source.

Infrastructure at Blue Genie Technologies: Our oce is 2000 sq. ( spacious enough to comfortably accommodate our 75 employees and all required infrastructure. All workstaKons, servers and communicaKon channels are centrally managed from dedicated infrastructure room. One conference room for internal meeKng and conference with client across the world. Fully equipped in-house training room with LCD projector. A cafeteria for employees and guest.

Security at Blue Genie Technologies: All workstaKons and servers are protected by both hardware and so(ware rewalls which are automaKcally updated. Daily scanning of all workstaKons and servers. All communicaKon or data interchange from workstaKons are controlled and properly logged to ensure highest level of protecKon for clients data and intellectual property. No access to any electronic devices with prior and post authorizaKon. Review access records regularly and follow-up on cards that are not used on a frequent basis.

How We Work Our TechnologyWe deliver the best of breed soluKon from mature and proven technology.Blue Genies creaKve development teams have experienced in developing soluKon using various plaiorm such as Java, ObjecKve C,Android, PHP,Perl and Python. Databases such as MySQL, SQLite deployed on top of superb applicaKon server and operaKng system that have been successfully integrated in our soluKon to meet our clients needs.Our SkillsWe oer wide range soluKons starKng from so(ware products, web soluKons. Blue Genie competently help its clients to fulll their business needs including consultaKon, design, development, tesKng, implementaKon, training, and maintenance.Open SourcesTo opKmize our soluKon and maximize our clients interest, many Kmes we found part of the soluKon in Open Sources. With plenty of best soluKon in Open Sources and equal the opportunity in acquiring the best result in the world, Blue Genie chooses to incorporate Open Sources as one of our competency.

Services We oer a wide range of services at aordable rates to reach your targeted audience and share your valuable informaKon focusing on retaining your customers. Our services includes iphone ApplicaKons development, Android ApplicaKons development, Web applicaKon development, Website designing, ApplicaKon development. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with our high-quality services.

Our Products JobsKq.comThis is not, yet another job portal compared to the exisKng ones. We dont call it as a job search portal; since the portal does not emphasize on job search and it does not have any service called resume access.Blue Genie has innovaKve services to bridge the gap between the jobseeker and therecruiters. Blue Genie would give birth to a new business and revenue model and would be a major threat to many exisKng job portals. Blue Genie has invested precious Kme in making the business model very simple and would like its users to be LAZIER than before.It has a global service model which will serve excellent opKons for job-seekers andemployers in fullling their requirements. Its not a portal with junks of adverKsements; its a portal having exible services that any recruiter can opt for.The full potenKal of the internet is sKll not unleashed let it be the top search engine site or the top portal, Blue Genie has recognized the core area which not only be disrupKve but also be revoluKonizing. Internet being the buzzword for every individual, it has not reached any new level. Blue Genie will give a new meaning and purpose for the internet in the near future. The internet being a medium for many markeKng and promoKonal acKvity, sKll the strategy of markeKng in internet has not changed. There is more than just markeKng over internet probably the TV and small screen have to lose revenue in adverKsement. When it comes to it is ready with ground breaking services creaKng its own pool of market and generaKng more business opportunity for the stang consultancy and for home run recruitment consultant. It becomes easy for the company to recruit from any geographical locaKon without the presence of its branch. as it was stated above that it is not a job search portal, which would be the start of new trend in the internet. The portals services, revenue model, the approach to the market and the level of customer saKsfacKon all are unique and none matching the exisKng. Future Projects- Carpooling - Social networking - Mobile applicaKons - Online GreeKngs

IniBaBves [Open Source Community - India] One negaKve result for our failure is our academic separaKon between the science and humaniKes. We are not producing enough INNOVATORS that is the core problem. We need to produce innovators. Everyone has the capacity to innovate; it just requires some understanding about how things work and the eect on humans. The process of innovaKon in parKcular we need to take risks. Young minds have been behind most successful innovaKons. We need to start from there that is encouraging students to innovate. Successful innovators did not achieve everything at over night, they have failed mulKple Kmes. We must teach students to accept failures, tolerate failures, and enjoy failures. A learning environment should be created where a student project might fail but not the student itself. Internet and computers being the buzzword, its our responsibility to encourage students to innovate, create products beyond Geographics. was formed to promote open source technologies among students and to encourage students to innovate in the led of IT using open source technologies. As a part of promoKng open source has sponsored and conducted events.

Conducted State level Intercollegiate Fest Beats on March 10, 2010 at Yadava Colllege - Madurai. Organized an Open Source Conference GO OS 2010 on August 14, 2010 at Raja Muthiah Mandram - Madurai. Seminar on Cloud CompuKng and its applicaKons was conducted on September 14, 2010 at KLN College of IT - Madurai.

Corporate Oce Blue Genie Technologies Pvt, Ltd. #168, A.K.Towers, 3rd Floor, Near Millenium Mall, 80 Feet Road, K.K.Nagar, Madurai - 625020