what is diff between search record and add search record.

what is diff bet prompt table and translate table. In whic table the translate values get stored . what is diff types of records. what is diff between subrecord and nomal record. what is diff between page and subpage and secondary page. how can u call secondary page. how can u override search record for a same component. what are diff type of menu and difference bet them. what are events associated with menu. what are events associated with comp,comp record,record,record fields. what is diff between rowinsert and rowinit and when they will triggered. what is diff bet field edit and field change and when peoplecode associated with it get called? what is component and what it contains? what is diff between view and dynamic view what is query view? what is diff between temporary table and derived work record? what is sql table? how many long field we can have in record and what are its disadvantages? what are diff type of fields we have? what is size of date time field? where we can have error and warning mesages in which event and why? how to call secondary page? what are levels? what are scrolls and how we can have acces to it write peoplecode for that? what is messagebox and its purpose? what app package and what is its purpose? how u can call app package? how many packages we can have in one package ? what is event associated with app class in app package? what is diff between collection and properties what is deferred procesing mode and when u will use? what are different actions associated with the components and difference bet the m? Component processing logic which evente will trigger from start to end ? what is setid and when it is used what is record group id and when it is used when save edit ,save pre ,savepost and workflow event get called when row delte and row insert will get called ?

CI ques what is Ci and its purpose? Validation in CI how it perform? what are methods of Ci? Can we have user created metod in CI? how u wil handle error in CI? what are keys generated in Ci? For what purpose we have getkeys,fidkeys etc.what is use of that keys? what are collections in Ci and for what purpose it is used? how many component we have in a CI? how u can call Ci? how exception handling is done in CI? app engine ques

EFFDT (SETID. EFFDT."") sqr what is sqr? what are main building block of sqr? what is diff between load look up array and array in sqr and when it is used and why? what are procedures in sqr? how to create sqr and how to run it? how to call procedure of another sqr from sqr? what is main section of sqr and what are sqc's in sqr name some of them with pur pose? what is diff bet sqr and app engine and when u will use sqr and when u will use app engine answer with examples? IB Read genral about IB its usage service operation? SELECT SELECT SELECT SELECT * * * * FROM FROM FROM FROM PS_JOB :-->EMPLID.EMPL_RCD PS_POSITION_DATA :-->POSITION_NBR. JOBCODE.do until? without main u r app engine works?if no why ? how u can call app engine from one app engine? how can u call one section from another section? what are steps in appe ngine? can u directly call section of another app engien from the appengine? what is diff between %selectinit and %select and when it is get used ? mutual exclusive condition in AE and reason.step .Read restart logic full and for what purpoise it is used? Trace app engine how u will do ? what is diff bet state rec and derived rec and temp rec in terms of app engine a nd use of it in app engine? how to call app engine through peoplecode? when u will restart appengine and from where? what is used of temporary rec in app engine and how many instance we can have of it in app engine? Can we have app engine without state rec? What is use of state rec and what fields u required in that rec? What is section . How to call app engine from another app engine.action in App engine? what are diff action in app engine? what are event associated with peoplecode action in app engine? what is diff between all actions in app engine? when u will use do while. EFFSEQ PS_EMPLOYEES :-->EEMPLID. EMPL_RCD. EFFDT) .do select. JOBCODE. call appengine using call section or by callAppengine(Appengine name. EFFDT PS_JOBCODE_TBL SETID.do when .

employment & personal data). . EMPL_R CD.JOB_JR . EFFSEQ Personal _data==SELECT * FROM PS_PERSONAL_DATA WHERE EMPLID=063680 --(EMPLID is keys) Employment _data==SELECT * FROM PS_EMPLOYEES WHERE EMPLID=063680 --(EMPLID. EMPL_RCD is keys) Job _data==SELECT * FROM PS_JOB WHERE EMPLID=063680 --(EMPLID. you will see a blue link to "Hierarchy Joint". You will see (in the tables hierarchy) JOB is a gran dson. Just above the list. EMPL_RCD Job data . EFFDT. EFFSEQ is keys) For 8.Key: EMPLID. and PERSON is a father. and select JO B. EMPLOYMENT is a son.Key: EMPLID.Bsic Hr data in peoplesoft:-----> functional questions The basic HR data for employees is: Personal data . EFFDT. You will now see a list of all fields in JOB.8 the three above records break out as follows: For PERSONAL_DATA NAMES ADDRESSES PERSONAL_PHONE PERS_DATA_EFFDT PERSON PERS_NID For EMPLOYMENT .EMPLOYMENT For JOB . EMPL_RCD. (In my note I referred to the m as job.JOB .COMPENSATION Go to Reporting Tools > Query > Query Manager. Click on "Hierarchy Joint". create a new query. on the right hand side.Key: EMPLID Employment data .

if you want to see only those from one of the EMPLOYMENT rows.e. EFFDT. For example. you can define a group of common job codes that are shared between several business units. the EMPLID would be enoug h. Just add a new key. if you want to see all the 'sons' of a row in PERSON. you will see that PERSON has only one key "EMPLID". Since this is time based information. 2)As of Date::-> The last date for which a report or process includes data. But. Each business unit that shares the job codes is assigned the same setID for that record group. if you want to see all 'grandsons' of PERSON. This date also determines when you can view and change the information. 6) <* delivered tables:--> SELECT * FROM PS_JOB :-->EMPLID. the date tha t an action begins. you have to look for all occurrences of that "EMPLID" in the EMPLOYMENT record. EFFSEQ. 5)User ID An ID that represents the person who generates a transaction. 4)SetId:-->An ID that represents a set of control table information. or TableSet s. what happens when there are multiple rows with the same EMPLID. Pages or panels and batch processes that use the information use the current row. EMPL_RCD. But. EMPL_RCD & EFFDT? No problem. namely. This is where EMPL_RCD enters the scene. EFFSEQ . ( An individual only has ONE row of data in PERSON). 3)Effective Date:->The date on which a table row becomes effective. since there can be multiple rows of JOB history. The goal is to minimize redundant data and system maintenance tasks. Since an individual can have more than one row of data in EMPLOYMENT (i. Now. And. to close out a ledger on June 30. you indicate that all of the tables in the record group are shared between that business unit and any other business unit that also assigns that setID to that record group. multi ple jobs) you need another field as a key to make each row unique. 1)What is Business Unit? Ans1)An ID that represents a high-level organization of business information. you have to use both keys. TableSets enable you to share control table information and processing options among business units. When you assign a setID to a record group in a business unit.If you look at the fields. the effective date for th e ledger closing would be July 1. it makes a lot of sense to have EFFDT as t he new key. Yo u can use a business unit to define regional or departmental units within a larger organization. you need (a gain) another field as a key. Finally. For example.


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