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jac | Modern persian language around confidence + Team to speak, understand and write modern persian {progress quickly beyond the basics “explore the language in depth also available in a Book/CD package taxa Modern persian Fee) narguess farzad ‘Do you want to caver the basies then progress fast? Do you want to communicate in a range of situations? © Do you want to lear Modern Persian in depth? "Modern Persian starts withthe basics but moves at an energetic ace to give you a good level of understanding, speaking and writing. You vil have ots of opportunty to practice the kind of language you wil need to be abe to communicate with ‘confidence and understand Modern Persian utr, Bom in kan, Narguess Farzad was educated in Tehran and the Univers of London, where she now teaches Persian language ‘and iterature at the Schoo! of Oriental and Atcan Stuch. «Visit wara.books. mograw-hil/com to 888 our complete range of books. Cover @ © Arthur ThévenarvCorbis & Dome inthe Tomb of Moshtagh-All Shah, Kerman, an the leader in self-learning with more than 500 titles, covering all subjects be where you want to be with teach yourself us $16.95 /can $26.05 i i i yourself modern persian narguess farzad Fer over 80 yoo, more than 50 milo people have amt over becs re teach yoursetl sy th eeressive eau. be whore you vert to be vith teach yourself Foc Ur ene ce coat ule 199 Men Pt, n,n, 214458. ‘ha ly 25 er rx 135 G4 Ls py 0800-1700, tay 1 ns main vena eo We Forshee canter Cte Sens, OBS, Bk, OF ‘SoneRSSTUSR mone tana fa se 808 a rec mp ere rt sgpempente teeters rtetrems rere ‘os, ti, ies comuteg gettin ashen hh any Catan Penton ar loge ea bt te om Be freon ba Livy Cons Cty Cd anh Fret stn 20 Henao, $8 Eon Rl, Lod. 3, Fret ton S20 sil Conan Ts een pba 20, ‘etme your ne egos mat Ho Hen Co © 2008 rant Farad In ren, Aaa ay ete de UK ony, ied yaoi Coda foray sean cane, [ac poopy nese rayon sera ars seen, weapon [rte ae tte rts nh Cyaan ge Li Ft hee aun eens reg as ereucin| ay eo! a oprah [Sg ey Ln 0 ese Cae anon WIT LP ns Areva peng ee Une Ss oie 178, a art ‘Fike pals ay beeen wet ay om ans Fd tatorrste Se otha ee wits paren he ase Pipies"eGha Bata fr Madde Egueton. sition of Hosar Hen ‘Eden Roe anon Hb at 8 Wes Rg, Behn, Seeing eee es ite ioeenamie eee eerste Saeco esr Hsin le sper a new nwa ard yal poet ad ‘drow oud gor sunt The gag aa manag pecs ‘Set Setamexenomenine fecaeuy ang lognsionamear 199 876 ar sd Boe ane 207 006 ‘ntrodution iting and pronuneation 28 ‘eetings and meting people ‘esting pel, saying goodbye and 20d ight, saying thankyou, youre welome' and ‘pase saying Gays of the weak, monte an seasons sumbers sing and wring carina an cial numbers and uaying ‘nouns, forming plural, sing ‘hs, “tat ese’ and those grammar reference unit whore are you trom? what do you de saying where you ae from, aking how someone i, ging basic ‘personal ntermation sang your atonal and occupation {amily nds and oer people ving more persona information using panouns, describing characteris using adjective, essing aml elatonstps and associations w a8 $]U9]U09; 5)