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Moise Nicoara National College What does it mean to be a student in the Moise Nicoara National College?

The Moise Nicoara high school is one of the best high schools in Romania, standing out by the students intense participation in both the national and international Olympiads. These results could not have been possible if the teachers wouldnt be so devoted to the subjects they teach. The extracurricular activities give the students the possibility to concentrate their efforts on the subjects they are passionate about. Although the students life in Moise Nicoara gives them many satisfactions, it is not lacking in sacrifices: a busy schedule (seven hours every day), the teachers expectations, giving up fun activities for school activities. Still, these sacrifices are accepted by any student that wants to learn, anywhere in the world. As a student in the Moise Nicoara National College, I feel like an European student. Ive liked this college since I came here, in 5th grade. Back then I thought it was huge and I got lost in the first days. Its a special, tough and beautiful life at the same time. We have the possibility to study in a competitive environment, with the best teachers in the county. Apart from the school activities, we have the possibility to participate in many other very interesting activities. The teachers understand our passions and they let us do what we enjoy, the help and advise us. Although many people from outside of the school think that were being terrorized by the teachers and that we study too much, I believe that only the ones who really are part of the community within this high school can know what it really means to be a student at Moise Nicoara: first of all, to be good among the good ones and to have the possibility to accomplish something. The satisfactions and successes obtained are completely worth the effort we make. To be a student at the Moise Nicoara National College means to have an extra chance in life. I think that, until now, every experience I had in this institution left its mark on my personality. Even my relationship with the teachers meant a lot to me. They havent existed for no reason in my life. A part of me was a part of their experience. Each of them meant something. Even if I appreciated some of them more than others, I think that all of them have the accomplishment that they tried to leave something within me, something that would last more than one semester, and something that would last a lifetime. I hope that, over the years, Ill be glad that I graduated this high school, that I spent my student life in a high school that tried to offer me what was better for my future. I hope that the high school life will evolve into a human life The Moise Nicoara high school is the place where, first of all, learned how to look at the world, where I learned to enjoy life. Its more that the building you step into daily to learn, its the place where the teachers become not only our guides but also our friends and, sometimes, even your parents. Everyone who is inclined to the humanist subjects should go through this high school because, apart from the fact

that theyll learn everything a high school graduate needs to know, theyll also learn what life means. Even more, theyll come to analyze their existence, ask themselves questions and find answers.