"Trust the Kitsune when the there is a mission to be done, but trust not the idle hands of the Kitsune" Natari Wisemane,
Kitsune mystic.

Personality: Kitsune differ according to age. Kitsune can live for centuries, however most dont ever reach that age. Kitsune, from the moment they can walk, adventure and discover new things. When their tail sprouts, they become instantly mischevious. They will play pranks, steal for the fun of it and try to discover secrets. As they grow older, they are compelled to want to adventure. They seek to discover more and learn more. Kitsune can live to be centuries old however most dont make it to that age. Their curiosity leads them into extreme danger and they likely die. Those whom survive, can live to sprout up to 9 tails. These are legendary kitsune whom all kitsune look up to and admire. Physical Description: Kitsune are fox-like humanoids. They can sprout up to 9 tails depending on their age. They are fairly light, agile and stand about 5 feet tall. Their movements appear to be gracefully smooth and move almost like ferrets. Kitsune are generally nocternal but will change sleeping patterns to fit into societies of others. Relations: Kitsune find all other races as easy prey to their tricks and mischieve. Most other races find Kitsune troublesome yet reliable. In dire situations, the kitsune make powerful and useful allies, however they will steal coin from your purse, read your secret journal and play pranks on you. Alignment: All kitsune young kitsune are chaotic. They are far too young to respect law or elders and therefore play up, steal and taunt the law. However, as they grow up, sprout more tails and become more wise, they are known to become more lawful and respectful of others. Kitsune Lands: Kitsune tend to like hilly areas. Their major cities exist underground in a network of confusing tunnels and caverns, making invasions difficult and troublesome. Never has a kitsune city been invaded.

Religion: Kitsune pray to many different gods, however most young dont care for them. They dont understand them and therefore dont care to be religious. Language: Kitsune mostly speak common and a few speak other languages however, the elders learn to speak the 'way of the wise' which is a series of humming yelps and yips to the untrained ear. This is the language in which they use to communicate to their chosen gods. Names: As young, the parents will take the young to an elder and have the elder delegate a name according to the personality detected by the elder. Male names: Noxic Bladeclaw, Warwick Goldmind, Trendor Sharpear Female names: Lianne Keeneye, Amastia Blossomtail. Racial Traits: - +2 Dexterity, - 2 constitution: Kitsune are graceful but frail. Kitsune are naturally better at stealth and throwing weapons. - Medium: As Medium creatures, Kitsune have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size. - Darkvision: Kitsune can see in the dark up to 60 feet. Darkvision is in black and white only, but is otherwise like normal sight. Kitsune function as normal with no light at all. - Weapon Proficiency: Kitsune can use fist weapons as they would a Martial Weapon. Using claws comes natural to them. - Kitsune are naturally keen and gain a +2 racial bonus to listen, search, and spot checks. A kitsune whom comes within 5 feet of a secret door, trap or creature, gets an auto search check as tho they were looking for it. Kitsune are prone to pranks and are therefore constantly on their toes. - Automatic Languages: Common. Bonus Languages: Elven, gnoll, draconic, demonic, goblin, orc and sylvan. Kitsune learn the languages of their friends, foe and prey. Favoured Class: Rogue. A multiclass Kitsune's rogue class doesnt not count when determining whether he/she takes XP point penalty for multiclassing. Kitsune are naturally stealthy and mischevious. - Kitsune can track by scent up to 30 feet. If the creature is upwind, then they may track up to twice and half for downwind. Double this for scents that are overpowering such as smoke or rotting corpses. The strongest scents can often impair this ability. The exact presence of the scent isnt

detected, only the rough direction. If the shifter is within 5 feet of the scent, he can pinpoint it however. (survival skill is dependant on this ability)

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