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The Magic & Psychology of Numbers

Compiled by viki©

“Unless the inevitable, irresistible progress of science is accompanied by progress in

civilization and moral awareness, mankind will rapidly approach self destruction”
Max Planck

Numbers can be significantly complex, at times, as well as simple and predictable at other
times. Numbers can be the order within the chaos magically mathematical in its vain intent,
to provide meaning. Numbers can be random or grouped together and is evident across
nature. The human factor incorporated numbers into theories of predictability and created
artful meaning within a complex chaotic universe. In order to understand the working of
numbers we have to see numbers within all, its whole, context.
Numerology has an analytical awareness, a life of its own, across all spectrums we know it
exists, on this world and beyond to the outer reaches of space. Humanity breathed life into
theories in an attempt to justify and unlock the secretsand to understand the mystic
existence of natural phenomena. Numbers brought an aspect of value, to measure this world
and universe, which are magically alive thanks to the human influence that gave it a magical
psychological feel. Without numbers science would have no meaning and the world would
most likely have remained a mystery in its entire splendour and we would probably still have
been within the Stone Age. We can now measure the exact distance between two places
and objects the limit of which are no longer confined to the planet we inhabit. We can
quantify how much energy is required to do and complete a task. We can establish how
much fuel a tank holds and what the cost would be to cover the distance with this amount of
fuel and how long it would take travelling at a certain speed.
The correct dietary requirements of a person can be established by looking at specific
factors such as length, age and lifestyle including measuring the nutrients contained within
food. The total surface of a floor space can accurately be calculated which enables a
carpenter to ascertain the correct amount of tiles and the cost, including the labour. Secrets
that the universe holds are revealing themselves within mathematical equations. Designed
by exceptional men who invented theories to prove and counter prove the testimonies of
existence. Formulas calculate the profits and losses of trade. Within the pages of this book
the magic of numbers will be revealed, from a mathematical point of view and how this have
influences science and resulted into the formulation of theories, how this added value and
includes the people factor behind the scenes and at the end it will become quite clear that
everything exists within numbers, and rely on numbers to exist.
There is a certain aspect to numbers that motivates and creates challenges. Applied
sciences are more and more becoming inseparable from our existence, mathematics forms
the building blocks from which theories are build, mathematics exist in a world of numbers.
One of the areas of influence that contributed to the growth of man are within the trade and
commerce which resulted in the growth of wealth and ultimately for nations to move forward.
The most competitive of nature remains trade.
But in order to understand the one it cannot be separated from another we must carefully
examine each aspect of influence from the true origins. We thus have to look at the whole
painting and examine each detail on the canvas.
In the end we must establish how this will influence the motivational aspect and how this will
be measured in context, how applied moral awareness can be used to progress aggressively
and in itself contribute to the most important aspect of civilizations, which remains the up
liftmen of man. Progress is not by chance but the probability of which lies within a structure
that can be influenced and controlled.